Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harshad,Navya and Aliya and Dhruv both are searching for Manik and Nandini, the two of them on the other hand are in sitting together with Manik trying to start a fire. He looks at Nandini who is feeling cold and gives her his shirt, by throwing it on her. Nandini throws the shirt away while Manik says that animals don’t come that’s why I am doing this. Nandini says of course as you are not afraid of the dark, she comes and helps Manik in the fire and the two of them sit together near it. Nandini remembers when she bit Manik and holds his hand.
She puts her head on his shoulder while after a few seconds Manik stands up and walks a few steps away. He comes back and the two of them share a romantic dance by the fire. They are about to kiss when Manik stops. Aliya is laughing when Dhruv

tells her not to be loud as Harshad can hear us. Aliya says that for the reason we are here and the two of them are gone. Aliya says to Dhruv that Nandini will come back while DHruv says that I am certain she won’t and the both of them share their broken hearts.
Dhruv says to Aliya that you can’t be pathetic and she comes to kiss him on the cheek but he turns and the kiss turns other ways and both of them kiss and are late confused. Manik goes back when Nandini holds his arm and the two of them come close and Manik confesses his love to her. Nandini goes back and punches him and says that Manik our story ends today from the punch to the punch. He holds her back and Nandini blames him for all the pain she went through while Nandini says that you chose this for your best friend and where was my choice and I am like a toy to you. She says that you are so full of yourself and think that you know all. Nandini says that you thought all about yourself but not once about me.
Cabir is at his home and is enjoying the food. A bell rings and her mother goes to check, Muktii comes and hugs his mother and says that we all knew that you will come for him. She says that I read his message and came to meet him. His mother says that Cabir is leaving as he is hectic while Muktii says that I will wait for him. She then tells him to leave and when Muktii is about to leave she says that I came just now as you guys were with him all the time. On leaving Muktii says that tell Cabir to call me when he wakes up.
Aliya and DHruv are standing together when they hear Nandini crying and DHruv comes and asks her what’s wrong and where Manik is. He hugs her when ALiya is about to leave but Dhruv holds her hand. Manik comes and sees Dhruv and Nandini, Dhruv leaves Aliya’s hand while Manik snatches Nandini from Dhruv’s arms.

Precap: Manik tells Nandini to hold his hand and later in the car Nandini says that I am only to act as your friend.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona

    My apologizes to you all for the late update.

    1. No problem sona. It’s ok . We accept ur apologies. don’t worry.

  2. don’r wry sona .. its ok..

    smtyms it happened…;) 😉

    thankzz.. .bt by the way i already have seen todays,epi in ytube… 😉

  3. ohhh nandu…

  4. 2day epi was not bad………

  5. i jst the part of dhruv when he stops aliya by holding hr hand… to see that scene i rmbrd srk kajol n rani in k2h2 😉

    1. hey anjum ..could u plzz tell wat was written in d spoiler plzzzzzz….

  6. I happy aliya nd dhurv are cmng together.. So nw no interference in manan

  7. what is mandy doing? why cant she understand manik. can somebody tell me how to check spoilers??

  8. sorry nandu

  9. hot hot hot episode…..
    no harshad n navya in full episode tht was good….
    btw wht is cabir’s mom upto….?
    aliya n dhruv so cute…..
    manan were awesome… i lykd d punch….. nw manik vl run after nandini fr forgivenesss…..
    *****five star to todays episode

  10. it’s .k sona 4 the late update

  11. luv 2days episode.

  12. OMG, I really love today’s epi . What a romance, btw MANAN & DHRULIYA!!!!!!!!!!……………ummmmmmmmaaaaa.*** LOVE U ALL GUYS FOREVER***

  13. jst now saw the video, it was superb, happy to c manan romance back…….. hehhehe

  14. and i have many doubts by seeing the confusing expression of someones. ex: cabir’s mom & dhruv, while manik snatches nandu from dhruv’s arm and i don’t know why does dhruv look manik with a sort of anger in his eyes??????

  15. i jzz luvd dis show….nandu u r so pretty…and dhruv u r so cute……awesome episode …luv u guys…

  16. Hurray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manan is back Druliya z also gud

  17. Finally manan is back….I am sooo happy. And I really liked the way Dhruv hold alias hand and didn’t let her go….superb episode

    1. today’s epi was gud…finally manik confessed his luv for nandu..n dhruv n alia look so cute together luv manan

    2. today’s epi was gud…finally manik confessed his luv for nandu..n dhruv n alia look so cute together luv manan

  18. Hello everyone

  19. wating eagerly to watch 2day epi

  20. How was today’s epi .I didn’t watch

  21. It was good bt as I said navya was very irritating……the precap was good…..vandy,try to watch the episode at 10

  22. Luv u manik… Hope i could have u in my lyf as my best buddy…. Luv u manan…


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