Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nandini holds Manik by the color and Harshad watching is surprised and wonders what she is upto Manik also says that Harshad told you to become a friend not a girlfriend, Nandini backs up and Manik starts getting his back itch. Manik is surprised when he takes his shirt off and looks at Nandini who is smiling and comes close to her and screams Navay with all his throat and lungs. Nandini gets scared and as she picks a stick Manik says that Harshad is watching and so she stops. They start to walk again when Nandini stumbles and this time after reaching his hand out Manik says that Harshad is watching so she holds his hand.
Harshad is impressed with Nandini and Navya says that it is time for celebration and she gets a drink for him. Harshad walks for Nandini and Manik when Navya loses

her and starts to find him. In the hospital Muktii tells Cabir that she has to go to rehab when he makes jokes about the rehab. She leaves and Cabir says that mom I miss you and don’t know when will come home. His mother is standing by the door and comes in saying that what are you talking about and I will slap you for saying that I don’t like you anymore

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Dhruv and Aliya are in pursuit of Navya. Dhruv starts to watch and finally the two of them hide as Harshad and Navya are coming her way. Navya thinks that there is ghost here and when Harshad comes she starts to scream. He puts his hand over her mouth and tells her to keep quiet. Aliya and Dhruv come and tell Manik and Nandini about the situation. Manik says that you should be more careful when Nandini says that she has an idea.
Dhruv and Aliya are on a tree with Navya tied his stall to Harshad so that she can’t lose him. When the two of them come under Dhruv and Aliya throw a stick on Navya starts running wild thinking that it’s a ghost. Cabir’s mother tells him that you are my son and there is no way I won’t like you. She comes and kisses him and Cabir says that the fight didn’t hurt me much as you not being here. He says that somewhere I knew that you’ll accept me. Cabir’s mother then changes the topic and asks if he is tired by eating the food here. She says that I have made your favortire kheer for you and Cabir says that I will eat anything you will give me.
Manik and Nandini are walking in the jungle when Manik says that this plan is all bullshit and me and you can never be friends and let’s just call it off. Nandini starts to daze and fall saying that something has bitten me and becomes unconscious. Manik lifts her up and after a while Nandini says that I was just acting for the plan. Manik says that what didn’t you tell me before and Nandini says that I didn’t want to talk to you. Manik comes and says that are you crazy and never ever do that again. He says that don’t scare me like that and hugs her.
Nandini then pushes him back and they both start to stand still and Nandini remembers what Manik said to her. Nandini says to Manik that whatever you did was for Dhruv wasn’t it. Navya is worried about Nandini when Harshad says that I don’t know where they have vanished. Harshad sits down and asks if Navya has something to eat, she brings out several items from the basket. Harshad eats a samosa and spits it out by saying that its very spicy.
Dhruv and Aliya watching them are also hungry. Aliya says that she has two kitchens at home but only one chocolate now. She takes a chocolate out and they share it. Dhruv asks Aliya if they should be worried about Manik or not. She says that Manik always has something covered and will call us if the need arrives.
Nandini asks Manik if he did all of this for Dhruv while Manik ignores and keeps saying this about their location. Nandini screams and Manik tells her to keep quiet and Manik says that I don’t know anything about it. Nandini says that don’t know as if you don’t know as you did all of this for Dhruv. Manik says that you actually think this way and says that you have proven that you are stupid and are highly mistaken. Manik says that I have a class and tells her to stop thinking. He starts to walk and when looks back finds Nandini standing still.

Precap:Manik and Nanidni have a romantic dance by the fire.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  31. Manik asked Nandini come with him and she hold his hand bt scratched it. Nandini sat with Manik in the front seat of his car and told that she is doing so bcoz she had been told to become his friend. Otherwise she could have gone to Mumbai by walking

  32. nandani is very smart.When manik did not confess simply she did all that to make manik feel romantic n in that she became succesful

  33. todays epi was jst awesome guys… i jst lvd it.. n the best part was when druv try to console nandu n then aliya was leaving from there n that moment dhruv holds aliya’s hand.. the moment i saw that scene.. i jst went to the scene of kuch kuch hota h when srk console kajole n the other hand he stops rani by holding her hand….

    really frm the first day to till now everyday i jst found a new twist n trun which made me crzy to watch this epi…

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