Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Manik is sitting in his car waiting him for Nandini and remembers the last few times he was here. He then gets frustrated and says that I should have come and this was crazy. Nandini sees through the window and comes down and says that it’s good you came as I need to talk to you. Manik says that I don’t want to talk and is about to start the engine when she pulls the keys out. Manik demands them back and comes out of his car to get them. He finally holds her arm in which the keys are and Nandini bites it and stands a few steps away. She throws the keys at his feet; Manik wants to talk but hesitates and finally leaves in his car. Nandini thinks if Manik knew about Dhruvs proposal or not.
Harshad is having drinks in his house when Aliya comes talking on the phone according to the plan

by tempting Harshad. Harshad stands up and leaves and Aliya comes to see where he went. He comes back and gives Aliya her favorite Milkshake. ALiya asks if everything is Okay and Harshad sits down with her and says that I missed those days when we used to spit our hearts out. Aliya agrees with him and says that if you apologize for anything then I will forgive everything about you. They start to argue and Harshad leaves without admitting his mistake. Aliya updates on Harshad taking the bait.

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Nandini is standing and wonders why Manik came. She then gets a call from Dhruv who asks her how she is. Nandini says that she is fine and asks why he asked. Dhruv says that he saw that she was acting weird in the hospital and was asking as a friend. Nandini says that you don’t need to worry about anything and Dhruv tells her to sleep tight and not to worry as he has her back. She then wants to asks about Manik but stops. Dhruv says that I know how you feel about Manik and you guys working together will help get things better. She then gets a text from Harshad coming to pick her up at 6 am.
The next morning Navya, Harshad and Nandini are going in the car when Harshad tells Navya again and again that we are on a mission not picnic. He then tells her to keep quiet for a bit, Nandini on the other hand texts Manik and others about Harshad. Manik is following them in her with Aliya and Dhruv behind. Harshad gives Nandini the jammer and she asks on how it works and as he shows her Nandini’s phone fell right near Harshad’s seat. He is about to see the messages but the car behind honks the horn saving Nandini. Later Manik explains the plan to Nandini about coming in front of Manik’s car and acting as if she lost Navya.
In the way Manik agrees to help her but sits down asking for apologizes first for calling him a monster. He scares her by describing different animals of the jungle and in the end Nandini apologizes to Manik and they leave. Aliya and Dhruv are hiding nearby and will follow Harshad and Navya, though Harshad is ALiya’s brother but she is not worried about him when Dhruv asks her. Muktii gets the text on the update and Cabir cracks joke on the situation and Cabir says that I wanted to hear him but says that I don’t know when I will go home back. Muktii gives him advice and Cabir asks where she brought such a heavy line.
Manik and Nandin are in the jungle when Nandini pushes Manik against a tree and asks why he came to her house last night. She says that do you think that I am dumb and Manik says that you are as Harshad is following them. Manik leaves saying that if he gives the answers to her the plan will get ruined. Nandini screams for Navya when Manik slightly calls her name as if almost a whisper. Harshad and Navya is are watching them from behind.
Manik and Nandini come to a point where Manik reaches out to her but she walks on. Manik reminds her that she is here to become his friend and then mocks her. She is about to leave when she comes back and puts her hands around him.

Precap: Manik and Nandini are standing by the fire where they hold each other and are about to kiss.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. superb episode…………….the precap was excellent. Hope Manik and Nandini come together again………excited for tomorrow. LOVE YOU MANAN

  2. Mansi

    Manan has to b back.. love them..watching dis serial only for them.. I don’t mind aaliyah n dhruv together atleast they’ll give manan some space..

  3. anjum..

    thanx sona 4 the update..

    n guys dn’t wry in near future dhruv will get to knw that manik n nandu both lv ech other vry mch n then he n aliya both will make a plan to realise manan of their lv..

    see the spoiler
    .i m so excited aftr reading d spoiler..:) 🙂

  4. pratzzz

    Nandini will doubt that Manik is hiding something from
    her and get an idea to know about his true feelings for
    Nandini will try to seduce Manik by using hot and
    romantic tricks.
    Manik will also be seen melting down on seeing Nandini.

  5. kyy

    Yes just now read the spoiler,its so exciting and good news for manan fans,they are going to confess their love before each other

    • sony heju

      hi anjum …could u plz tell me wat exactly was written in d spoiler coz m nt able 2 find it out…plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. swapna

    Guys plz any of u had watchd scene of the week of kyy if u watchd then plz telme vich movie sng dat was…..i juust want to knw….plz guys

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