Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik and Cabir run into each other and Cabir says that she is unbelievable while Manik says that I know. Manik is talking about Nandini while Cabir is talking about Soha. Cabir says that he thought that everything was about to die today but didn’t, Manik replies saying that if that would have happened than I would have snapped her neck. Cabir asks him of why he is getting so violent as she is the one who saved us. Manik says that where did Soha come from as I am talking about Nandini. Cabir says that where did Nandini come from as I am talking about Soha.
Cabir than says that you are the one who told me not to talk about her. Manik keeps on saying that she entered the music room and took my left hand guitar chord. Cabir stops him and says that you were going to play the right hand

guitar. Manik suddenly stops and says that I also had left ready. Cabir says that you are sure that Nandini stole your chord and she was sure that you were going to play the left hand guitar. He asks Manik that why is it over than, Manik stops and says that how can I forget and goes to the room to get the chord.
Aliya is in the washroom when Muktii comes and talks about Soha. Aliya says that she is really good while Muktii says that she is not that good. ALiya tells Muktii to not be jealous and then both of them get the message from the rehab as Aliya has synced her phone from Muktii’s. Muktii thanks her and says that if you ever need anything just ask me. Aliya says that the call was from Harshad and Muktii asks how he is. ALiya says that he is not Okay and the last time I met him it was like he is hell. Muktii says that whatever is happening to him is all because of his mistakes.
Aliya agrees with her and says that if someone understood their mistake and asks Muktii if she will ever be able to forgive him. Muktii says that you still believe him as he will never change. Aliya asks again if she can forgive him while Muktii says that no one of us can ever forgive Harshad. She leaves the washroom apologizing to Aliya.
Manik comes to the music room and finds Nandini with the chord. He says to her that you are the one who ended it so why do all of this. Nandini says that you didn’t understand anything except that I walked away from you. She says that stubbornness and anger is not the answer to every problem and this will end you one day. Manik says that let it be and clap the loudest when this happens but leave my hand to me. Nandini says that let what happen to your hand as what can I do, she strangles Manik’s hand and Neunika standing outside sees it. Nandini runs outside and bumps into Neunika, she apologizes and walks on.
Muktii is in the rehab and confesses her emotion. She is about to talk further when Abhymanu comes and says that look around you as there are so many people who care about you. He mocks her thinking that she is a victim and Muktii grabs her by the color when everyone stands up. She than says that this is what you do, Abhymanu replies saying that maybe I said too much as you sound hurt. Muktii says that she is not hurt and says that what you think as by doing all of this you hurt me. She says that in fact I feel much better now.
Abhymanu says that now you feel why don’t you give me a hug. Muktii pushes him back and leave the room. The consultant standing there says that I heard a lot of good things about you and now she won’t come back. Abhymanu tells him to not to worry as she will be back.
Manik is working on his arm when Neunika comes and helps him. He smiles and says that it’s a small thing and I don’t need help. Neunika scolds him and says that you still played the guitar, Manik keeps on working and she says that you are destroying your whole life just to get a petty chance of an album. Manik starts to laugh and says that you have no idea of how funny you are. She asks of what he meant and Manik says that you think everyone around you is an idiot. Manik says that I know and you know that you don’t give a damn if I live or die. Manik says that it’s because of my dad as if he found out he would strip you of all the property. Manik says that my love for music is more than my hatred for you otherwise I would have got my hand amputated. He picks his stuff and leaves the room.
Aliya and Dhruv are working on a song when Aliya throws a paper on Dhruv and he acts as if he is hurt. Aliya comes and he asks if she is better, she says that she can’t work and he tells her to take a break. He asks of what is bothering her and says that I know that it’s not the interview. Aliya says that I talked to Muktii about Harshad but she also declined. DHruv says that how can Muktii be your only hope and says that I will talk to everyone. Aliya asks him of why he is doing this and Dhruv replies saying for love. Aliya asks for the meaning and Dhruv says that maybe I have fallen in love with Harshad. He then laughs and says that I am going to do this for you, just to see you happy and you smile.
Nandini is walking in the corridor when Shahid comes and stops her. He gives her a drink and says that this is a gift from me to you as we are the only ones left. Nandini looks at Mani who is trying to play with this right hand and says finally. Shahid says that it’s cool than as we are a gang now as his drink falls on Manik who is walking by. Manik takes his drink and pours it on Shahid. Shahid leaves while Nandini comes up to Manik and pours her drink on him.
Manik wants to clean his face but can’t as his left hand is hurt. Nandini uses her tissue to clean his face and says that you never hear the full thing. She says that you listened on using your right hand but not the anger part. Manik tells her to take her hand off and he pushes her and throws the chord away. He says that don’t think I won’t do anything and don’t make me the way I was before I met you. He says that I don’t need your free advices and tells her to just don’t. He leaves and so does Nandini, Cabir comes and picks up the chord and says that what will happen of these two as they will eat each other and says that I must do something.

Precap: Nandini asks Cabir if Manik has sent him and he says No and Cabir says that I am not talking about the chord but am talking about an invisible chord. He says that Raghav always told me that we are not meant to be together and I should let it go. Cabir tells Nandini to not think about that Monster other it will come and haunt you.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. megha

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    1stly happy birthdy fairy
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  2. Auhona

    Guys, if soha is permanent and other things happen as we are guessing those to happen, i think soha wil pair up wid harshad…

  3. carron1112

    My day …….. went very bad…today the 23rd of December gets the award of the worst day of this year , it was that bad

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    I woke up 8 a.m in morning…from 6 p.m it is evening..so total time was 10hr. For me carron…

  6. carron1112

    Thanks bhai , so u enjoyed it uh ? Wow I was sad after that , I thought u were angry wid me well I am happy , fairy saved me actually

  7. carron1112

    Nobody is perfect in the world that’s what I think , everyone has their own weakness , n bhai I am flattened by ur words

  8. Auhona

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  68. Nutz

    Fairy i’ve already tried them n have read so much of jafar iqbal u can’t even imagine.
    Plz suggest apart frm those 3.plz na…

  69. V4 the attention of euphie in greek eu means gud n phemi means to speak.Euphemia is a saint who z a martyr of chalcedon (source:internet)

  70. Nutz

    Whose writngs fairy?
    I lyk jafar iqbal n anisul haq n only sum of humayun ahmed.
    I also lyk rokib hasan,ahsan habib, sottojit rai,anish das apu n biddot mitro.
    Can u plz suggest any1 else apart frm these?plz fairy.

  71. Nutz

    Tried them too,fairy.
    Rabindronath n shorottchondro are out of my understandng capability.i can’t fully understand their writings.any1 else?

  72. fairy

    Auhona, seriously l hv 2 send it 2 a mental hospital.
    Nutz, bivutibhushan is a nice writer. U can read am atir vepu.

  73. Nutz

    Neha di, my fav writer is J.K.Rowling.then there’s mark twain,charles dickens,jafar iqbal n rakib hasan. N sherlock holmes writer can’t remember his name.

  74. Nutz

    U’ve got to be kinding me fairy.am atir vepu was in our text book remember?n i tried da whole novel that is pother pachali two dys ago but didn’t lyk it as durga starved to death in the end.

  75. Auhona

    Wow neha di ! Parth is an architect! Now i am definately going to be an architect!! Thnx for ur wishes my swt di,..<3..

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    Neha di, l m fine.
    Auhona may b mr.bean is also an architect…. jst joking. I pray tht ur dream will come true…

  78. fairy

    Neha di, l m fine.
    Auhona may b mr.bean is also an architect…. jst joking. I pray tht ur dream will come true… u will b a gr8 architect

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    Thnx fairy,…and best wishes to neha di…n nutz we all are here…how can we leave u all of a suden?..:-)

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    Come on fairy! Wats there to mind! I was laughing reading it,..my frnd! And nutz, tu jo bhi ban ja, my bst wishes are always wid u:-)

  83. fairy

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