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Nandini peaks through the wall wondering where Harshad and Navya are. Manik comes and stands behind her, he then mocks Harshad and says to Nandini that they are here. Nandini says that she can’t see them and Manik says that they are there and you have to trust me. Nandini replies saying that I don’t trust you neither do I believe you. Manik lifts her up and tells her to look and asks that if she believes him now. Nandini says that she doesn’t has to answer to him and Manik leaves.
She stops him and says that why did you wanted to know that I refused Dhruv. Manik tells her to shut up and Harshad and Navya come to look at them. He tells her that this is it and she starts to play the role of blaming him for hurting Harshad. Manik throws water over her and leaves. Harshad wants to

come but Navya stops her saying that there are police orders.
Later Navya tries to calm Nandini down and asks her why she did this. Nandini says that she always stands for the right reason and favors him for everything and thanks him. Harshad says that I should also thank you for yesterday and thanks her. Navya says that enough of this as now we are great friends and I will never forget this day. Nandini says that how should we teach Fab5 a lesson though Navya stops them but Harshad says that this is the right time. Nandini texts the Fab5 saying that Harshad has taken the bait.
Harshad tells Nandini the plan and says that you have to become friends with Manik and confirms that it will work. He says that it will work as even in the jungle Manik chose you over the guitar and I know how he thinks. Dhruv and Manik are together and Dhruv says that we have to talk. He asks Manik if he wants to tell him something about Nandini. Manik says that you are asking in general if a girl says no then how you change it to a yes. DHruv says that he is specifically talking about Nandini.
Manik asks of why you are asking and Dhruv says that I think that you don’t tell me about her the whole way. Manik sees Nandini and says to Dhruv that look there she is. Later in the room Nandini tells the plan to the Fab5 in Cabir’s room. ALiya asks why Harshad thinks that way does, Cabir says that your brother is intelligent and that is why we are making a plan for him. He then says that how should we make you guys in front of him.
Manik tells the plan and the two of them get into a conversation again. Dhruv tells Nandini to calm down and puts his hands on his shoulder. Dhruv says to her that your uncle and aunt that you are staying with Navya and they won’t say anything. Manik says that he is leaving as he is hungry while Cabir mocks him as he leaves. At the coffee stand Manik takes a stand and he says to her to leave. Nandini says that she just came here to tell that you that I agree with your plan. Nandini says that I agreed because Dhruv said so and Manik says that if you are like this than why did you say no to him.
Nandini leaves when Manik holds her back and says that Dhruv loves you. Manik says that I know him since childhood and he was never like this and never did this much for anybody. Manik says that the poor Dhruv never lied and then all of a sudden he did and that too was for you. He adds saying that he never dressed and never looked in the mirror and suddenly a makeover, because of you. He did all of this just because he loves you.
Nandini says that Manik you should never talk about love as it doesn’t suit you. Manik says that you should not tell me about this as I know that. Manik says that as much Dhruv did for you no one will ever do. He says that I would have never thought of the way he wanted to propose to you and brought 93 flowers for you and made all the décor for you only. Nandini says that what are you talking about as Dhruv talked to me about this in the college corridor.
Manik says that he isn’t talking about yesterday and is talking about the night of musicana’s opening. Nandini remembers and tells him to stop him and says that you used DHruv’s set up to accomplish your stupid mission. Nandini says that I never thought that you can be so low from that day I am ashamed and you disgust me. She leaves crying while Manik stands against the wall weeping as well.
Nandini cries as she is in her bed and remembers everything between herself and Manik. In anger she throws the pillow and then starts to cry. Manik texts her about the plan saying that the plan begins at 8. Manik loos through the phone and sees her photos. The both call each other and find the number busy, they try once again but the same happens.

Precap: Nandini says to Manik to get out of his car as she wants to talk to him. Manik says that he doesn’t wants to talk and is leaving. Nandini takes the keys out and bites him when he grabs her hand. He leaves while Nandini thinks if Manik knew about Dhruv’s proposal or not.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. fantastic epi …
    thanku sona .;) 🙂

  2. today episode was awesome ……:)

  3. epi was awesome… I like manan’s scene it was so touchy.
    love you manik…

  4. Really awesome epi i cud not watch it so thnx fr written updates luv manan chemistry they shud be bck those who agree wid me plz tell

  5. wheres yesterday’s episode…?? i didnt get it…. pls tell me….

  6. I agree..manan has to b back love them..watching dis serial only for them

  7. Really nandini should express the doubt she got in the recap with dhruv

    1. I can’t understand the precap . Can anyone please elaborate it to me……

  8. dhruv to bring manan closer when he gets 2 know abt der fellings for eachother n in this alya will also help dhruv as slowly alya n dhruv r falling in lov

  9. When manik leaves ,nandini will be thinking that weather he knows the truth before or after musicanas night that dhruv loves her as before she thought that manik used dhruvs decor

  10. I too cant understand the precap… someone pls explain. . .

  11. thanks for the precap explanation kyy

  12. Hey, guys, whats up and hey buddies, what u thnk mank is weeping«? I dont think there can b a resn to weeeeeep. !!! Am i rightl MANk??

  13. Hey u buddy. U are a foreigner VIDHYA????? From where are u coming. london

  14. Saturday’s episode was the best after manan’s breakup…….Nandini plz realize that Manik left u because
    of Dhruv ………..can’t wait 2 see them together. Love u MANAN

  15. Oh dear…. Both if them calling each other at the same time??? This just shows how similar they are… And how similar thoughts they get!!

    They are made for each other!!!
    I lives the expression both of them had…. When the phone bell went engaged!!!…wow!!!!!
    I just hope all these will bring manan back…. They rockkkk!!!!

    I guess Manik went to meet nandu at night… He was so restless to talk to her… 😉
    That was the precap….. Beautiful!!! 🙂

    1. I agree totally. Mana have similar thoughts.

      Love them soo much.

      1. @ruchi.. This message us a reply for ur message

  16. I hope precap will give nandini some good thought about manik.

  17. Manik dnt let yourself down by crying u r mons manik:p

  18. i really luvd sterday epi…….. but guyz, did u notice written uodate is not elaborate alwayz………. those who are not able to c the epi and don’t know hindi are depending on written update, so y cant u update if fully sona…. bt thnk u 4 the update, i dont blame that…….. becoz i vil depend on update nly…
    so reply if u feel the same guyz………………..

  19. yeah c’mon dhruv u shud nly bring MANAN pair 2gthr again………..

  20. Niti’s acting was awesome.. lyk… i really shivered wen she cald him manik malhotra…but seriously…. is that wat,she undrstud after maniks heartfelt dialogue?…i mean…if he can express so deeply his frends emotion.. hw can she even think that he wil use it against her….n also she s the 1 druv luvs rite n he can never do that to her…watever hapns she must knw that manik can compramise nythng other than his frendz…so hope that she gets this hint soon(fingers crossed )…i hope he comes back ..seeing the precap

  21. Will someone tell me whether they aired kyy today……….plzzzzzz

  22. Ghatiya show on television

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