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Manik looks at Nandini and notices the earings and then says that I can’t believe this and this is a ridiculous idea to get her and is because of her we got a restraining order. Nandini says that you did that and If I wasn’t there then your friend Manik could have been for murder. She says that I am telling you that if you don’t stop then soon you will be behind bars. Aliya says that Manik went back and won’t let Harshad die while Manik says that we don’t need to give her any justification.
Manik says that I don’t her near us and any of our plans and drags her aside. Nandini wants to get her hand free from him when Dhruv asks them to calm down. He asks Manik of what his plan would be as they can’t let Harshad walk away like this. Dhruv says that we can’t do anything and

when he looks again Manik let’s Nandini go. Muktii says that why should we trust her as her best friend is dating Harshad. Nandini says that I want to stop Navya from breaking her heart when Cabir agrees and says that we should give her a chance.
Navya brings an entire lunch box for Harhsad while Shahid mocks her saying that you are acting more like a wife than a girlfriend. Harshad comes to the cafeteria and joins them. Shahid says that it is hint for him to leave and he does. Harhsad asks of what this is and Navya says that this is homemade food good for your health and you must eat it. She asks Harshad out but he leaves saying that he has some work to do and will come back.
Nandini asks the Fab5 of what they think and Dhruv says that he thinks that it’s good. Dhruv says that our idea will work and asks them of what they think. Manik says to Nandini that thanks for sharing such a shitty plan with us and wasting our time so now get out. Nandini goes to the door and says to DHruv that there are some people who are full of themselves and they miss the good things in life. She leaves and Dhruv says to Manik that why did you that as the plan was good. Manik says that of course you will side with her as you are in love with her. He says to the rest of them that don’t you think that it was a shitty plan.
Cabir disagrees and says that I think that the plan will work. Aliya says that we shouldn’t involve Nandini in all of this but Bhai would never see this coming. Muktii also agrees and Manik leaves saying that just don’t involve me in this and leaves. Muktii says that what is wrong with this girl as Manik always acts weird when she’s around. Cabir says that don’t worry about Manik as I will bring him back and says that lets go with the plan. He texts Manik about Nandini refusing Dhruv’s proposal.
Manik sees Nandini and stops her from entering the cab. He asks her of why she said no to Dhruv while Nandini says that it’s my life and why do you care. Manik says that you always smile when you see him and he is the nicest guy. He says that Dhruv stood up against Fab5 for you while Nandini says that don’t give me the explanation for my smile as I don’t need anything to explain to you. She gets in the car and so does Manik and says that I won’t leave till you give me an explanation.
The driver says that I am going out and when you stop fighting call me. Manik and Nandini keep on struggling in the car and Nandini keeps on landing on Manik again and again. Manik asks her again of why she said no to Dhruv when she goes in another cab. Manik gets out and gets another text from Cabir . The driver demands money from the Manik while Manik gives him the money and leaves. Manik comes to Cabir’s room and beats him up.
Cabir says that I am already broken and you are trying to break me. Manik says that you are living on my cost and Cabir says that I am tied to this bed and need something to do. He says that I am getting all the drama right now and I am enjoying all of this. He says that you are happy as Nandini said no but also sad as your friend was denied. He mocks Manik by poetic jokes and Manik puts a bandage on his mouth. Cabir takes to off and says that no matter how hard you try you can’t succeed and it is all up to fate.
Dhruv says ALiya that have you noticed Manik and Nandini as when they talk it feels like nobody exists. Aliya says that you are over thinking, Dhruv says that don’t you think that something has changed between them. Aliya says that I don’t know about them but you have changed as you don’t need me anymore and says that you didn’t tell me about the plan behind the plan. She takes out coffe and gets some on her hand when Dhruv cleans it up for her. She says it’s all right and says that I’ll get more coffee while Dhruv says that I’ll bring it.
Cabir says to Manik that you can’t change the fact or fate. Manik says that this fact and fates don’t suit you while Cabir says that this much responsibility doesn’t suit you. He says that you need to think about yourself and then mocks him. Manik says that where the rest are while Cabir says that they are carrying the plan out. Manik says that this is a ridiculous plan while Cabir says that it is a dangerous plan if Nandini did this on her own as Harshad is a dangerous man. Manik goes out and says that the plan is on. Nandini is writing something when Manik comes and agrees to the plan. Nandini says that you agreed and asks of what changed your mind.

Precap: Dhruv asks Manik of what he can tell him about Nandini. Manik says that you are asking that in general that if a girl says no than how you make her say yes and things like that. Dhruv says that he is specifically talking about Nandini, Manik asks the reason for his asking and Dhruv says that I think that you don’t tell me about her properly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. 1st.wow dhrulia superb jodi bt manan best

  2. Anagha Chandrababu

    Nice episode…..

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  4. Wu is incomplete totally,on 1st manik notice earring also notice dhruv and nandu smiling at each other and gets angry.then tell abt the plan being flop.and at dhruv alia scene it was nt simple as its shown,dhruv is close to alia while her hand in his mouth and both gets awkard.that scene indicates that dhruv alia is new jodi.alia thinks smthing and removes that and leave.

  5. No guys why u will stop watching,track is cming bck.just wait and watch manan destined to be together.

  6. Its nice episode but I think something is missing and that is manan!!!!

  7. Its nice episode but I think something is missing and that is manan!!!!
    I think now kyy team should bring manan back!!!!!

  8. todays epi was awasome luv u manan

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  19. You are a foreigner VIDHYA?????

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