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Harshad falls while Manik ties him up. Dhruv asks the man of who allowed him to come and goes to call the guards. Outside Cabir’s mom is standing and tells Dhruv that she called him and will not let her sun ruin his life. Aliya beats the man up and tells him to get out of here while Cabir asks of whom sent him. Dhruv explains while ALiya says that she still cares about you while Cabir is pissed. DHruv says to Aliya that you shouldn’t have done this while Cabir says that if Muktii or Manik were here the man would have been killed.
Manik puts Harshad in an empty tank and explains that he did the exact same as he did to Cabir. Manik says that it’s now your turn to suffer what Cabir felt. Manik says that when I heard Cabir that night, I ran to help him but here no one while save you

here. He says to Harshad that there has to be a difference between you and me and I should give you a chance which you didn’t give to Cabir. He brings out a dagger and throws it in saying that now you have to be able to bring yourself out of this and as leaving he leaves the tap on and the tank starts to fill.
Nandini asks Shahid where Harshad is and he mocks about him but doesn’t know. Nandini sees Manik cleaning his shoes while Manik comes to her and tells her to change her expression. Nandini says that since you are saying that you are not up to something has convinced that you are. Muktii is at the hospital and Aliya says that where were you. Muktii says that you don’t have to worry about me and it’s all sorted. Aliya says that you should have told me and I would have come with you.
Harshad is trying to get out while Navya is calling him. Her roommate asks of what happened and she says that I wasn’t able to talk to Harshad today. She tells him to take Harshad on date and then mocks her. Manik is playing his guitar while Nandini is looking for Harshad who is still stuck in the tank. Nandini comes to the point and sees Harshad’s phone and the blood on the wall. She goes out to the place and answers Navya’s call on Harshad’s phone.
Nandini then sees the leaking water and goes to check the tank. She tells Navya to come to the backyard and then remembers as Manik told her that he always had it covered. She looks for Dhruv but he is not there and Navya comes and they manage to bring him out. They ask Harshad of who did this and Harshad explains that Manik did it and he was about to die. The timer on Manik’s watch stops and he comes to check the tank, he sees that Harshad is not there and then sees a purse.
Manik comes and asks Nandini of she brought Harshad out of the tank. Nandini says that Dhruv wasn’t there while Manik says that I wanted to deal with him myself and you ruined the plan. He asks why she can’t leave him alone and Nandini says that playing with someone’s feeling is different but murdering is something else. Manik says that think what you want to think, Nandini replies saying that you have to stop this madness. Manik says that this madness can’t be stopped; Nandini says that you are losing this and need someone to help you.
Manik says that I need someone to save myself from you and your lectures. Nandini holds his arm and says that you know you are going on the wrong path and have to listen. Manik puts his hand on her mouth and says that I won’t listen as today Cabir is in the hospital because of him. Harshad is convinced and says to Navya that today I will file a case against Manik. He then sees Neunika and says that look what your son has done to me. He says that today no one can save him not even you.
Neunika gives him a paper and says that this is a restraining order for you and him as I need you two 100m away from each other. She says that I have had enough of this mess and I need to clean space up. Harshad comes home and show then letter to ALiya and ask if she know about this. Harshad says that you want to go in a relationship with someone who almost killed your brother. Aliya says that It is not as bad as at leats you are here while Cabir is in the hospital because of you.
The Fab5 are at the hospital with Cabir and Manik is pissed at the letter and says that now we have to stay away a 100m from him. Manik says that what are we going to do now when Dhruv comes in and says that I know a way. He says that we can’t go near Harshad but someone can help us. Nandini comes in and Dhruv says that she can help us bring Harshad down.

Precap: Manik gets a text saying that Nandini refused Dhruv. He stops Nandini and asks her the reason while she says that I don’t need to explain to you. She sits in the cab while Manik sits with her and says that till you explain I won’t leave.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I just hope..nandini says..the reason is none other than u!!! Just want to see a eye pleasing episode

  2. awww .. cmon navya yaar… dnt b blind.. nd manik soo smart.. u stil wanna knw d reason f nandu’s refusal to dhruv.. haha.. wat a joke.. nw manan patch up soon…. nd harshad stop being evil.. dsnt suit u..

  3. harshad should get that……he is a big jerk…. love u manan….

  4. please dont make it more twisted and unite manik and nandini. they are lovely together not dhruv plz….

  5. Stupid Harshad he deserves mooore I wish Manan will b back soon


  7. We want MaNan

  8. Todays epi was so intresting..wait to watch that on youtube.<3:-)

  9. I hope nandini will say dat she says no to dhruv bcoz d reason is u itself (manik)…love u manan..

  10. supr epi…

    tnx sona..:)

  11. Manan!!! We r eagerly waiting 2 see u back….plz be together fast..cant wait till 2mrrw…

  12. Wht nandini must be thinking when Manik asked hr y c didn’t accept dhruv’s proposal…he knows c loves him n c is nt d kind of gal who wud fake love for own interest lyk Harshad did n is still doin(Pity fr Navya)

  13. manik must be slept. How could he do this 2 harshad. Harshad is too innocent n fab5 is just makng his life hell. Now i hate u manik……..I thnk u all agree dt manik should be slept. plz reply

  14. Ooohooo…i missing somthig..
    The background music of romantic guitar while nandu and manik togather…
    its such a killarrrr music….i love it…

  15. harshad deseve this.tit for tat..but when manan will be together…waiting anxiously

  16. I hate u manik. U must be slept. Harshad is so innocent n fab5 is makng his life hell n now nandu is supportng them. Did she 4get dt harshad saved her brother rishab when he fell down in the swimng pool n also saved her from expelling from n now she is supportng fab5!!! How cheap nandu is!!! …plz every1 reply n give ur opinion if u really luv 2 see kyy

  17. Y nandani want to take destroy harshad nd if she wnt to destroy y did she save him?

  18. No wat she is doing is right..manik did less den wat he did with cabir…harshad deserved more

  19. Not that ,nandini doesnt want harshad dead but she wants to teach him a lesson so he would change

  20. Why is nandini is unable to understand why manik left her,hope she wil understand tomorrow atleast when manik asks her about dhruv

  21. what manik did with harsad is absulutly right he deservers more.i hope nandini will understand why manik left when he askes about dhrub

  22. not bad episode..harshad u deserve that and manik are u dump??..omg..he is so boring now

  23. Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls mke manan together………pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  24. I seriously hope that manik realizes his fault and gies back for nandu now that he knows that nandu has refused dhruve!!

  25. I wish tomorrow nandu will say
    … Manik the reason why I refused dhruve is u… U have taken away all my faith from love!!!!! I don’t believe in love anymore!!!

    N manik will be sad on hearing this and we can have some manan scenes !!

    Eagerly waiting for them to patch up!!!! 🙂

  26. yes….. its around 3 weeks dey broke up n nomore manan scenes….. its getting boring day by day…. i want dem to confesss der love soon….

    manik malhotra is d dumbest person ever….. cant he see nandini loves only him n nobody else….

    btw today aliya was very cute firstly as she hit dat baba n second whn she shouted on mukti dat she answers her calls…..

  27. Any one can tell me the music of guiter wgich manik is pllaying. ??? By the way hey manik why are you asking nandini about this. As you know the answere…

  28. Hey cool manik you what you want from nandini. Are you really going to stop nandinis lecturess

  29. i gaz nandini vl unite harshad n manik

  30. I love u manik.. Wat u did was exactly right.. Tit for Tat.,, plz bring manik n nandini together again.. It’s boring if they r far away … Waiting to c Manan together again..

  31. hey manik dont act stupid…… dont u konw y she refused dhruv???? her 1st and last luv is u nly men……… u want to hear dat word from nandu . is it ???

  32. Rithvik dhanjani is really coming in kaisi yeh yaariyan ?

    1. on what occasion.

  33. ya guys, be happy. He is comng

  34. i want manik 2 be dead. who wants the same? plz reply

  35. Kuhu: dude go n get a life.. no 1 out here I guess wants manik to die bcyz d serial is running n gaining trp juz cuz of manik … manik is d hrt of d show.. n the show is ranked no.1 youth show on the trp chrt is simply cuz of manik.. we want manan reunion soon.. bring thm bk soon


  37. I hope rithvik shud came fast and dhurvu shud also get gal fast so ..that manan will come together fast

  38. Itlwvggg

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