Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik is looking at a jar of fireflies and says that I don’t to what they have a connection to you but I know that they make you happy. Nandini is thinking about what Soha said and then calls Manik. She says that I am asking you this for the last time, are you going to sneak out of the party with Soha? Manik says that you are the one who told me do what I want and I will. She throws the phone down when Abhymanu comes and asks if there is another emergency.
She starts to explain and says that I just want to kill him. Abhymanu tells her to relax and says that I have a plan which will solve all your problems. He then gets a call from Muktii and starts to dance and she asks him if he will be his date tonight. Abhymanu faints and Muktii is says that I will take that as a yes while Nandini

tries to get him back to his feet.
Dhruv is playing the guitar thinking about ALiya while looking at the card she gifted him. He breaks the chord of the guitar but smiles and fixes it up. Cabir is sitting at a café thinking about his mother and the time he left home. He decides to call his mother but cancels the call and says that this is the first new year without mom. Navya is thinking about Harshad being free and is worried.

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Harshad comes and asks Aliya where she is going and she tells him about the party. Harshad says that I thought we were spending the New Year together and asks if he comes. Aliya says that we should wait for things to settle down as things get complicated when you are with the fab5. Harshad gets a call from Navya but doesn’t answer it. Navya then gets a call from Nandini inviting her to the party, Navya asks if the Fab5 is coming and says that I will come.
Soha is getting ready and says that Manik this is going to be the best date of your life. Abhymanu is doing some work for Nandini with Manik’s car. When Manik comes he sees the tires are flat and Abhymanu brings Manik in the cab. Nandini comes to the party with Navya and Soha takes Nandini away and asks how she is looking. She asks where Manik is and says that I will call him. Nandini says that don’t call him as you should make him look too desperate. Abhymanu brings Manik to a place and Manik says that the place looks quiet.
Manik comes in and there is no one at the house. The Fab5 comes and Soha asks if Manik has come with them. They say that he will come soon while Manik is standing in a house calling Soha. He finds a roll which says that waiting is the name of the game. Abhymanu calls Nandini and says that the job is done and Nandini thanks him. Navya is talking to her mother and says that I have work and will talk to you later. Muktii comes when Navya is calling Harshad, Muktii says that you are looking for Harshad as I thought that you had given up. Muktii asks why she is doing this while Navya says that something can’t be undone. Muktii asks of what happened and Navya leaves saying that I couldn’t stay away for much days and leaves.
Abhymanu comes and meets Muktii and she says that it took me time to recognize you. She says that I thought you ditched me while Abhymanu says that not for the six months. Muktii says that this is just for one night while Abhymanu says that I will make you like me as well. Muktii says that your sense of optimism is amazing while Abhymanu says that everything about me is amazing.
Manik is looking at the gifts and thinks that Soha has called him to the date directly. He says that Nandini should know about this while Nandini is looking for Navya. Cabir comes to her and asks where Manik is. Nandini is hassled and Cabir tells her to relax when she gets a call from Manik. She answers the call saying that I have reached Soha’s party. Nandini is also confused to what Manik is saying and Manik tells her that he can’t wait. Nandini cancels the call while Manik says that now you will come.
Abhymanu and Muktii come to the party and everyone is surprised to see them. Muktii says that meet my date while Nandini comes and asks Abhymanu to what he did. She says that you sent Manik to wrong place and you have actually taken him to Soha’s party. Abhymanu says that I have done it myself and you can check if you want. Nandini says that she can’t go now as I have forced Navya to come to the party. Abhymanu says that you can go as I will take care of her.
Nandini comes to the place and Manik hides immediately. Soha comes and Cabir asks to what is wrong and she says that Manik has yet not come. Cabir then gets a text from Manik about the update and he is also shocked. Manik throws flowers on Nandini and says that why are you here as I thought Soha was here. Manik says look what she did for me, he stops and asks where Soha is as uninvited people are here. Nandini says that this is not Soha’s party and Manik figures it out. He says that unless you have arranged this.

Precap: Manik is with Nandini while everyone is enjoying the party.

Update Credit to: Sona


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