Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Navya calls Nandini who is with Manik on the other end of the corridor. On seeing Navya Manik quickly hides behind a post. Navya comes and Nandini asks about the plan, Navya says that Harshad will call you when you have to bring that Monster with you. ALiya comes and Manik grabs and hides her with him so that Navya can’t see. Nandini requests Navya to pray for her as she is scared, Navya agrees and goes to pray. Aliya also leaves when Nandini comes to them. Manik asks Nandini if she is nervous as he can cancel the plan. Nandini tells him to calm down as if something went wrong then Harshad will find out.
Aliya goes and distracts Harsad while Dhruv and Muktii do their job in the court. Nandini holds Manik’s phone and sees her picture. Manik tries to talk and then says that I am not

giving any explanation. Nandini says that she didn’t wanted any and he leaves.

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Cabir’s mother instructs the driver to work quickly otherwise they will get late. Their neighbor asks if everything is Okay while she asks hesitantly and says that she is going just nearby. While putting Cabir in the car he almost wakes up but she puts him in the back seat. Cabir asks her of where she is taking and she says that where everything will be Okay.
Dhruv messes with the circuitry of the machine while Muktii gets cut. They realize about the balls and area shocked to see them. They replace them and leave the room, while Muktii is bleeding on her finger. Later they come and tell that the plan is ready, and Manik tells everyone to get into position. Nandini says to Dhruv that tell your friend that we have to wait for Harshad’s message. Manik says to Dhruv that thanks for informing as I didn’t know that a smiley ball can also break hands and I should under a table. Nandin leaves on saying that I will wait for Harshad and everybody can do what they want.
Harshad is frustrated with ALiya when Navya comes to ask about how he is doing. He texts Nandini and they go in their places. Nandini coming down the stairs prays that everything goes well and no one gets hurt. Harshad comes to the door of the court and finds the poster out of place and sees blood drops on the floor. Manik tells Nandini that she has to be very careful, Nandini says that she knows. Manik says that just come to us if you find anything fishy. Nandini says that do you even know the meaning of promise.
Manik says that not now and you can’t get hurt for me. Nandini says that I am not doing this for you or the Fab5 but am doing this for my friend Navya. They argue and stand one and on the other end of the corner are Harshad and Navya listening to all of this. Cabir’s mother is taking him somewhere and cancels the call form Muktii. She says that his friend won’t leave him but I should remain strong for him no matter what.
Harshad sees the balls and says that do you think that you are so smart that you can trick me. He says that I feel sorry for you while Navya also says that she can’t believe her friend did this. Nadnini leaves and walks away when Manik says that he wants a break, a break from these fights. After several seconds Nandini says to him just for two minutes. Manik walks up and holds her hand in his and says to her to careful. He kisses her on the head and says all the best to her.
Cabir gets a call and tries to pick the phone but his mother cancels the call. Cabir then opens the door of the car and his mother comes out to close it, in the meanwhile Cabir texts everyone about him being taken away. Muktii leaves for Cabir while Manik tells Dhruv and Aliya to go with her. Manik says that he can take care of Harshad while ALiya says to him to be carefull as you guys lose your heads around each other. Manik goes to the court and sneaks up and sees Nandini with Harshad standing and watching them both.

Precap: Harshad calls Nandini and asks about the location of Manik. Nandini lies saying that he is coming while Harshad says that the plan is changed and tells Nandini to meet him.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. soundarya

    happy about today’s epi ,,,, but i too worried about NANDHINI. But i think that manik will save nandhini from that bledy harshad , and there comes a thight bond between MANIK & NANDHINI . All is well, that ends well. ******MANAN rockzzz…….********

  2. sreya

    2dy’s epi ws good…… Harshad z such a jerk i’m sure h wl hurt nandu…….. Btw whr’s evry1??????

  3. sreya

    Nandu wl get hurt……. Or manik wl rescue her……. Bt it’s cnfrm dat nw nandu z harshad’s target…….

  4. ammy

    Guys I 2 think Nandini will seriously get hurt in this whole chakkar……and the rest fab5 members went away 2…….I doubt whether manik will be able 2tackle the situation cause he knows nothing ant Harshad’s plan…….go 2 hell Harshad…

  5. ammy

    Arre my network was disturbing vry much Shreyadi nd dis episode has put me in a grt tension….and if I got Parths number then I would have called him a million times dat probably he would have gon mad…aisa na ho to hi achha hai…..welcm raj Laxmi 2 our fan clb…:-)

  6. anjum

    thanx sona…

    n hyee evry1 . it was nc epi.. nw m dying to watch on ytube… plz uploadfastttttttt…….:) 🙂

  7. ammy

    I thnk Nandini is Harshads primary target……he has already realized that if smthng happens 2 Nandu manik will automatically fall into his trap……..
    Hi anjum didi…..:-)

  8. ammy

    I was really disappointed 2see dat navya wnt against hr best frnd…..her stupidity is amounting to foolishness

  9. guys i really don’t want but i think nandu is going to behurt badly by dat jerk harshad and manik will not be able 2 save her and in tension will confess hjs love for nandu in front of fab 5. i wish dis happens but feel sorry for nandu ………… why she is always hurt in this tricky plans…………… can’t wait for 2morrow’s epi really very very very very very excited ……………………i think i can’t sleep 2day………………………………………

  10. ammy

    Yes kiara……Harshad can do anything…..nd I want dis Kabir problem 2solve quickly……..his mom is mad 2….

  11. ammy

    Neha I have cm back….its really glad 2 see dat so many new people r coming…..kyy is jst like a magnet….guys join us the ” kyy rockzzz” fan clb

  12. ammy

    Whatever happens I am sure evryone will soon come 2knw abt manik & Mandi is relationship…..2days kiss was sweet…

  13. soundarya

    i think that today many of our kyy’s fans …..sorry….kyy fan family i.e. our family members r missing…. is it so…..

  14. ammy

    My day was gud …. I was waiting eagerly fr 2days episode…..nw I am soo tensed abt 2mrw….bt I was more tensed when manan were on the verge of brkng up…

  15. i felt so bad dat tym….. . ( brk up ) and manik wud meet nandu atlast in her huse @ mrng 3.am na dat scene i luvd it …………… and felt bad for nandu 4 not aware wts going to happen next…… hw maink ran back and hugged nandu woow…..

  16. OMG!! What is happening? I didn’t even imagine that the story will go in such a direction….what will happen? Curious and exited but really afraid for next…stupid harshad! U will surely have to pay for it.!!..just hoping whatever happens is good..

  17. Yes neha…one day all da ships of da world will destroy but there is one ship which can never be destroyed..i.e..FRIENDSHIP..;-) what do u say guys?

  18. piyaa

    Am too woried for nanduu cant sleep :'( l hope manik will save hr
    Gud nt guyz .. al d best fr finals @ ananya

  19. Guys there is FB, E-MAIL, we can contact through all these…but the main point is that KYY should never come to a end…if it happens I dont think that my tears will ever stop…

  20. ammy

    Yeh ananya best of luck 4r ur exams…guys I missed ur chats……achha kal baat karenge…….see u 2mrw…….kyy fans hw abt writing letters 2 each other…actually I haven’t wrote any till now and I fnd writing letters so interesting……

  21. Anna

    How could harshad be so rude ??? & navya a totally stupid & irritating character from the very beginning of the show . Just hate harshad & navya both .

  22. soundarya

    Harshad & navya r the annoying persons in this serial, but they r the 1 to bring twist & turns in kyy. So , ***All Is Well***…..

  23. Everyone are a awesome actors in ky2…they act like very naturally,,,,v feel like they gng to really in a such case,,,,,,nd splly manan they are excellent actors I thnk people are watchng just for a wonderful chemistry between both Nandini nd manik……i thnk one day parth LL b a superstar defntly he LL get succed in his career…..bcz usually I watch all Hindi daily soaps bt I had never seen a guy like himmm……he LL act very naturaaly…..i just love manan…

  24. acordng to der supernatural acting,,, I LL giv ranking like dis…..manik,Nandini,cabir.mukthi,navya,Harshad,alia,nd dhruv,,,,,,am I bad guysss,,,,,

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