Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Harshad is with Shahid and says to the waiter to bring the pizza which I had ordered half an hour ago. Shahid says that it’s like you don’t have any respect now Harshad and he tells him to shut up. The waiter brings the pizza and says that it was by madam. Harshda turns around and sees Navya while Shahid makes this announcement to everyone of Navya proposing to Harshad. Harshad picks the plate and goes to Navya,and brings her out. Muktii, Aliya and Nandini also come to the cafeteria.
Harshad says to Navya that I love this pizza as I much as I love happiness. He takes her hand and kisses her while everybody else there claps for them. Muktii leaves while Nandini gets worried. Nandini says that I have to stop Navya from destroying her life and goes to Neunika’s office. She explains

saying that it was Harshad who leaked the video and he is not good and he almost murdered Cabir. He asks Neunika to take actions against him while Manik stands up laughing. Neunika leaves saying that if it was for my meeting I would deal with you two properly.
Manik says to Nandini that do you think that Neunika would take action against Harshad, you are so naïve. Nandini says that when the video was leaked she protected Raghav while Manik says that the only thing Neunika cares about is herself and she was protecting her image. Manik says that it is her mother and says that where do you think I get my evil monster genes. Nandini says that you are so proud to be a monster right. Manik walks up to her and asks her what she thinks while she says that I don’t trust my judgments anymore and neither do I trust you. Manik also leaves saying that stay away from Harshad as he is my problem.
Aliya comes to the washroom searching for Muktii and tries to calm her down. Muktii accepts saying that I know he is lost forever while Aliya asks if you are Okay. Muktii says that for the first time you don’t need to worry about me and leaves. Nandini comes out of the office and Dhruv stops him, she at first acts rude but then apologizes as she was stressed.
Nandini then explains the scenario to Dhruv and says that when these things happen to a girl the light from her life are taken away and she can’t love anymore then or smile properly ever. Nandini says that in case of guys love is just a game. Dhruv on the other says to Nandini that I love you and says that in my dictionary you are love’s name and I want to see you smile every day. He asks her to say something while Nandini says that you said it all of a sudden and I don’t know what to say. Dhruv says that you can have the time as I was thinking about for many days.
She stops Dhruv for leaving and says that you are the sweetest person I have ever seen but can we just be friends. She says that you will always be my savior and asks Dhruv to say something and not just look down. She says that I am really glad that you told me all of that and asks him to smile as if you won’t I will be sad as well. She shakes his hand while Dhruv stands emotionless. She leaves saying that I have to look for Navya while Dhruv remembers the first time they shook hands.
Nandini also thinks about what Dhruv said and cries as she remembers Manik and to what he said. She says that how can I tell him, I can’t love as I don’t trust love anymore. She then wipes her tears and comes in a storage room. She hides behind some stuff while the person who enters is Manik looking for something. Manik throws things of and Nandini comes forward and is about to leave when she trips and Manik catches her. Her foot is stuck in the ropes and he helps her get it free while her tear falls on his hand. She then leaves the room, while Manik says that how can stop you tears. Nandini comes outside and says that I won’t cry for Manik. Manik says that Dhruv you better make her smile while Nandini wants to find Harshad to tell him to keep away from Navya.
Cabir asks DHruv of what happened, Dhruv says that he told her but she said no. Aliya says that she didn’t say no but said that she wants to be his friend forver. Aliya asks Dhruv the question about optimism while Dhruv says that it is half empty. Aliya says that you are a pessimist and need to be an optimist. Cabir cracks jokes again while Aliya tells him to make Nandini feel more comfortable so that she may answer easily. Cabir says that if she says no again you can propose to me and being a good friend I won’t say no. A man comes to the room wearing strange clothes like a magician while Cabir says that what this is.
Harshad comes to the backyard and says that is this woman out of her mind or what. He calls her saying that I am waiting for you here while Neunika says that I never texted you. Manik comes and beats up Harshad in the same way he did to Cabir.

Precap: Manik is playing the guitar while Nandini is looking for Harshad and nobody has seen him while Harshad is tied up and unconscious.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thats gud I liked the epsd thanks 4 updates

  2. jst awesome…

  3. day by day itz getting more twists in the drama …..today episode is good as always it does !!!

  4. Karma is a b*t*h 😉 Harshad will learn it the hard way 😀
    Waiting for Neunika’s reaction now..

  5. Good reactions from nandini.Harshadke saath jo hua thik hua.Still dhruv is sn idiot.Manik is also behaving like an idiot.

  6. dis show is gettin awesome day by day!I LOVE DIS SHOW N MANAN

  7. awsm show…I jst luv manan scenes…n parth is sooooo cute…i luv u parth

  8. Hoping fr manan back…..

  9. lv d epi… manik u did a fantastic job by beating up harshad.. nw he taught a lsn frm it..

    thnx sona 🙂

  10. Harshad deserves it

  11. yey….. nandu says nooo to dhruv.. now dhruv stay away from nandu.
    <3 manan forever <3

  12. gud epi…harshad desrv this

  13. Harshad is a nice guy. Manik you have not done good to him. Now I hate u manik. I hope you all agree. Plz reply

  14. Waiting for manan..dis serial is getting twist day by day..cant stop watch …thnks sona

  15. when manan will be together.& this MANIK DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THAT NANDINI ONLY LOVE HIM

  16. i think now nandini will join fab 5 to save navya from harshad.

  17. I just want to c manik n nandini back.. Hope to c it soon .,,

  18. Yeh Manik aur Nandini kab eksaath honge yaar.I can’t see them separated and in pain like this….

  19. Hey. Manik your attitude is great and superbbbbb.!!!!

  20. Nandhini will join hands with fab5 to destroy Harshad….it was in the promo. They show the promo evng during the advertisement before khy.

  21. Wats the relationship between harshad and neunika ..dat she can’t expel harshad..plz reply

  22. plzz tell druvy everything manki that nandu and u love each other

  23. I think when dhruv comes to know abt manik – nandu relationship he wud give up……… wt do u think guyz?????????????????/

  24. dhruv is so innocent i like him and is harshad really love navya.by the way hello .

  25. Hey kiddos.

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