Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with fab 5 sitting at the beach. They are preparing for a performance. Manik is sitting on the chair and is remembering he night when Nandini told him they couldn’t be together. He performs to the song Alvida with fab 5. Cabir takes a picture and is about to upload it to social networks but manik tells him not to and says that they should go under ground for some time so that they can prepare themselves for a return.

Nandini is at college and wonders where fab 5 have been for the previous week. She goes to the music room and she notices guitar on the chair. She attempts to play it however she is unable to. Just then she sees Manik and he comes over and he helps her fix the guitar. She then comes out of her dream and notices that no one is there. She hears people talk about a performance ffrom fab 5 and runs to see it.

Fab 5 are performing to Alvida again and everyone seems to be enjoying it. Nandini has tears in her eyes and manik notices. Manik tells the audience to watch the step because they is more coming from them soon. Manik notices nandini in the hallway when he is with Fab 5 and sees her going into a room. He follows her and she tries to ask him about his hand he walks off.

Abhi comes to Nandini and tells her Chachi has given chole for manik but Nandini keeps forgetting to bring them to the college and so today she has asked for him to bring them instead. He asks her where Manik is and she says she doesn’t know. She attempts to take the box of off him but he doesn’t let her. She then shows her where Manik is and goes with him.

Abhi comes into the room where fab 5 are and he bumps into Mukti. The guys get possessive and try to shoo him away. He tells them hes here to give manik the chole chachi had made for him. Manik takes the box and asks him to leave. He sees Nanduni hiding behind a pillar and goes and throws the chole in the bin.

Manik and nandini go to the instrument room to look for their respective instruments. Nandini notices manik and stands there shocked and he also sees her.

Precap: Nandini tells manik he cannot play the guitar due to his injured hand.

Update Credit to: lostatsea


  1. fairy

    Hi& gud mrng 2 my all the swt frndz. Tnx sona 4 the updt. We want manan 2gether soon. Hi, rajdhani express, megha, vaishu.

  2. vaishu

    one of the resent episode,script writer has made him said ‘these doctors are jerks’ ,,wat do u think guys? even in that scene coz of that Dr manik hand got cured,,

  3. fairy

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    l m ur sis, whr have u gone?? And wht is rajdhani express.??

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  16. fairy

    Bcs, may b harshad is not perfect 4 mukti. And d director want s abhi 2 help 2 reunite manan. May b ….tht’s why..

  17. Auhona

    Hi guys! Sry 4 cming late…lots of problm in net today…bt now i am here…so how is everyone doing??suhash,fairy,aswini and all…:-)

  18. SUHASH(rajdhani express)

    LUV n DEATH r two uninvited guest,when they come nobody knows it but both do the same work..one takes the HEART..and other one takes its BEATS..

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  27. vaishu

    yea suhash,pain is not love,,relationship wif manan,is da oni reason nantini walk away fr manik,,coz its too paniful,love itself doesn’t hurt,its growth dats hurts the ego that stings

  28. fairy

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    act i kinda enjoyed monster manik scenes b4 he has feelings for nantini,,,now reli irritating,n nantini crying all the time,,,i can’t stand:(

  42. fairy

    Suhash, don’t talk abt Ashwini. Sry bt l really afraid of her. U & me don’t suit 2 talk abt her… Ashwini l m not joking… lf u feel bad then l can’t do anythng.

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    Thanx god..u sent munmun …hi munmun…(imagination…suhash control there is a new girl)

  44. fairy

    Ashwini, if u feel bad then l m sry. Actually l have sme pb. I imagine ppl’s character without seeing her or him. Like vaishu. I had told her tht she is angry bt she is not. I knw u r vry gud & straight forward. U hvn’t do any harm 2 me.May b I was wrong.

  45. fairy

    Hi carron. And Megha most of d tme l used 2 read bengali novels…. sme r Bangladeshi writer…… u will not recognise them.

  46. carron1112

    Oh so u ppl were talking novels uh , i love divergent, hunger games , percy jackson and harry potter series

  47. fairy

    I have gone mad. Wht has happened to me.?. I m thnking the girl as a boy & thinking the boy as a girl. Sry carron. My head is aching.

  48. carron1112

    Yes sound I have stated but the main no.1 problem is that I am soo lazy to complete something I have started

  49. megha

    gud carron so whn u finished writing a book tell us(espicially me).we will read it..
    soundarya till nw my aim is 2 study wll n get a nice mark in the board exm thn i will think about other things

  50. megha

    as i m asking every one nw ur turn auhona do u read novels n ur fav. writer
    yes caron i read tht book .do any of u hve read the book of nicolas spark

  51. megha

    ha fairy ami porachi………..rabindranath ar boiu porachi…..ar onek nuton writer a boi….jodio ami basi english writer a boi pori

  52. carron1112

    Sound actually it’s a story about a girl n I am trying to include the difficulties she faces in india (the ill treating of girls) n many more things n dan today’s day was good but boring

  53. hi fair, carron, sound….
    actually had work till 6pm … so i ws nt able 2 cme…
    dhn guyz…
    neha i think still she has not come from her trip…

  54. carron1112

    I know it is not that good but I hate the way girls can’t walk alone safely in india nowadays, do u all agree with me guys

  55. soundarya

    wow that’s great carron,,, ***ALL THE BEST 4 YOUR FUTURE*** …. carron…… May God Bless You Dear anytime at anywhere ….

  56. carron1112

    Girls are not being treated fair !!! Every time u open newspaper u can only find news about girl being raped

  57. Auhona

    Ya megha i read novels…caron,i am also frm kolkata and ammy also…guys,i can also spk bengali…;-)…

  58. fairy

    Oh, gud megha. I have read also.I have many books of dfrnt language.
    Caron, carry on. I wish tht 1 day u will b a good & famous writer.

  59. Auhona

    Hi daniela and raisha!! Gud to c u…n megha, amio rabindranath er boi porechi…n caron I also agree wid u…

  60. soundarya

    Hai raisha… and of coz carron ,, they think that we r fit 4 nothing….. but we have to prove our strength and break their words…… come on girls let us ….. rock….

  61. carron1112

    Thank you soo much megha and auhona !!, u ppl have really given me so much of moral support and encouragement 2 write

  62. megha

    yeah soundarya thts the spirit we should have…………
    n auhona banglar modha amar fav.writer rabindranath …tumar

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    Fairy actually I am just in 8th now , so once I have completed my studies I will surely think about it

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  68. soundarya

    @ carron: 5 languages thats grt ,,, ya a writer should know more languages,,, and u my sis have started it….. and i swear carron definitely u will be a great writer……

  69. SUHASH(rajdhani express)

    If u salute ur work,u dont hv to salute anybody..if u pollute ur work u have to salute everybody…

  70. ammy

    well guys…the exams r knocking at the doors…well I fear I will not be able 2 chat with u guys 4r a long period…

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  73. ammy

    after kolkata, chennai was my fav…bt they didnt make it 2 finals….kerala blusters played well 2…it was so close

  74. ammy

    thnx fairy..well I have decided nt 2 go offline totally..maybe twice a week..chatting wid u guys is so addictive

  75. carron1112

    Thanks 4 ur advices bhai n sound I am trying to think about new films n kyy but actually thinking abt kyy is making me angry

  76. vaishu

    manik anger can oni b diluted wif love,,da moment he learned the value or respect of luv thr will b a happy ending!!

  77. carron1112

    K then guys bye, good night ,sweet dreams ,take care luv u all, see u all tmrw, bye all of u , I talked a lot today n thanks a lot 4 making me feel better bye bye πŸ˜€

  78. ammy

    uff guys suddenly my laptop stopped working and it started scanning files nd drives..disgusting….
    ami bhalo achi suhash da….nd see u say u cant speak bengali

  79. vaishu

    i used to watch korean dramas, n thisis my first indian drama started watching fr episode 11,,kinda like it,coz dun hv those family sentiments etc etc,,,

  80. ammy

    see suhash da I was online 4r only 5 mins nd my mother is telling me 2 switch off my laptop….I want 2 talk with u people bt see……anyway suhashda u like cricket?

  81. vaishu

    daniela iv seen,,,boys over flowers,dream high1 n 2, coffee prince,roof top prince,my girl friend is a 9 tail fox ,,,erm……ah shining inheritance

  82. ammy

    okk guys bye…my moms telling dat if i am online 4r 1 sec mr she will break my laptop….good n8
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  83. vaishu

    yea daneila iv seen them too,,good thing bout korean dramas few episodes oni,,once u got addicted u ll watch them again n again

  84. vaishu

    suhash,,to fight broken heart,,find happiness in da next best thing,,,,,next thing will b ur Exams mso study hard,,haha