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Cabir says that they want to meet us today while Manik says that if he likes us than we will have an album of ours. Everyone backs him and says that we are the best band there is. Dhruv wants to go to college and Cabir asks the reason and Aliya tells that today he is going to propose to Nandini. Aliya mocks him while Muktii says that he understands hearts and flowers not your stupid jokes and they leave for college. Manik is about to leave when Cabir asks him if he is Okay with all of this, Manik asks what and Cabir says Dhruv and Nandini.
He tells him to not pretend as he knows that there is a lot happening between him and Nandini. Nandini has taken a shower when she remembers the time she got stuck in one with Manik. She sees her earring and thinks about Manik. The earring falls in

the sink and she leaves it there. Manik tries to say that what are you talking about while Cabir says that he knows and when he was dying in that car their romance was going on. Manik says that had a head injury but the doctor didn’t told me that you had gone insane as well.
Manik says that he is not Dhruv that he will go head over heels for a girl in just three months. Cabir says that what was he saw while Manik says that it was just physical attraction. Manik says that you know what I am talking about while Cabir says that you are trying really hard to let go of Nandini for Dhruv. Cabir says that I know what incomplete love’s pain is like so don’t do this. Manik says that it isn’t love and leaves. Cabir on the other hand says that Manik is in deep shit as he is in love.
Nandini comes to the college when Navya comes and meets her. Nandini says that you look so different and Navya says that everything is different about today. Nandini says that it is and says that I want to talk about last night. Navya also wants to talk but goes after Harshad but then stops and says that what I will say to him and goes back.
The Fab5 is welcomed to the college by huge chants; The manager from Q label comes and also meets the Fab5 and addresses the media. They ask of where the fifth member is while Manik makes up a lie saying that the fifth member has a hangover. The Manager leaves saying to Manik that I will meet you later. Navay says that this Fab5 ruined my day as it was mines and Harshad’s.
Shahid talks to Harshad about the Fab5 having everything while Harshad comes and says that dreams become nightmares quickly. Harshad comes and talks to Manik about Cabir having a hangover with medicine and during their talk Manik hugs Harshad. Manik says that I know you did all of this but I didn’t know that you were so stupid. He says that you confessed in on the microphone and Harshad gets scared. Manik says that there is no microphone and says that hitting Cabir was your worst mistake. Harshad leaves saying that we’ll see about that.
Muktii comes and asks Manik what was that about while Manik says that we are just using a different way. They leave to meet Mister Rana while Shahid comes to talk to Harshad about what just happened. Shahid talks about yesterday’s video and everything when he holds Shahid by the color. Nandini comes and stops him and warns him saying that this is broad daylight and things won’t go unseen. Shahid says that we still are one band while Harshad leaves without shaking hands.
The Fab5 signs the agreement and the manager says that you have impressed Mister Khurana but you will have to super impress him. Manik says that it won’t be a problem and he leaves wishing them luck. Manik leaves the room as well as he has to talk to Neunika and texts her. On the way he runs in to Nandini who is coming up. Nandini is talking on the phone while Manik thinks that she is talking to him. On leaving Manik says that you forgot your earrings and then says that forgot to what I just said.
Nandini is in the kitchen when Nandini comes and she says that I am making a pizza for him. Nandini comes and says that Harshad is not a nice guy. Navya says that Harshad is a nice a guy and that video is false when Nandini tells her the real play. Navya can’t believe it while Nandini confirms it. Navya says that what is wrong with it as Cabir always did this to people. Nandini tells Navya to what Harshad did last night while Navya wants to tell her story as well. Navya says that Harshad did nothing like this and goes to check her pizza.
Manik comes in Neunika’s office and she says that the thank you was unnecessary as the Q labels reached you themselves. Manik says that you always managed to surprise as I thought this was your plan to cover last night’s problem. Neunika says that she didn’t do anything with this as she has other matters to handle, Manik adds saying that it is the great thing about music as you don’t interfere in it. Neunika talks about keeping the album and controlling his friends on check and says that especially Cabir.
Manik says that why Cabir why don’t you control Harshad who created all of this. Neunika tells Manik to stay in his limits and Manik throws some things off the desk. She says that till the mess is cleaned you won’t leave the room. Manik sees the mobile and goes through the contact and sees a name Harry.

Precap: Nandini complains about people taking love as a game while Dhruv confesses his love to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. this ky2 is like or u can say same as boys over flower

  2. aigoo…. m starting to hate manik…. hs nt manly…y did he sacrifice hs love….

  3. I expectd more frm manik-cabir convo…though happy its nt hard to mislead ur buddy..cabir knows it already
    N wat d hell Harshad z doing with Navya…he loves mukti ryt???

    1. Me too…..

  4. I’m hopeful I think Manan ‘ll b 2gether soon ,afterall whats going btw neunika n harshad

  5. Oh noo..i expected more ….nothng went gud…waiting for manan..thnx sina

  6. I just hope to come back the romance again……

  7. OMG! wht wil be the reactn of nandini when druv confeses his felngs..wil she acept no….plz cabir u r d rgt persn to reunite manan…..felng tens…

  8. As nandini and manik made Cabir and raghav come together, cabir will also try to make nandini and manik come together again and I know it. SK guys keep watching and see how situations turn into fantasies..

  9. i think wen dhruv says about his love to nandu then later she wil understand that manik was sacrificing his love fr his best friend….!

  10. Without manan its Boring yar

  11. Manan's big fan

    Yr, only manik n nandu seems best togethr not wid druv.. Why can’t nandu feels manik love.. For her.. Hope for tomorrow’s episode, whn druv prpz her, she just undrstnd why manik did this all to her n they both re-united..

  12. wts going on yaar in kyy ??????????
    cha……………….. if nandu is brilliant she wud correlate dhruv confess with what manik said yesterday nite….. lets see wts gng to happen………..

  13. Excited foe tomorrow…. Manan plz b together its boring to watch kyy….

  14. i hope when dhrub cofess his love then nandu will understand that manik sacrifice his luv for dhrub

  15. Can’t wait to c wats gonna happen after dhruv proposes to nandu!!!! I think ters gonna be a clash between manik n dhruv tat will eventually affect their contract…

  16. Really,I’ve started watching KYY frm the epi when manan were locked in a room.Tabse mujhe iss jodi se pyaar ho gaya hain.Now iss halat pe na manik pe gussa araha hain na nandini pe,I just wanna slap dhruv.Ye idiot kuch zyadahi baat karta hain.

  17. me too sammine

  18. I get disappointed, I thought that Manik will tell the truth to Cabir. but, What is wrong with u Manik? please open up ur secret. And in tomorrow’s episode , i’m sure that Nandhini won’t accept Dhruv’s love…… LOVE U MANAN…….*:) happy

  19. If nandani says yes to dhuruv all fun will go from serial …he is sweet guy …he deserve a gal who wud love her …bt nt nandani…she nd manik shud be together bcoz dey love each other

  20. 2day epi was just stupid………………. i expected sumthng gud gonna happen but it all was destroyed…….. yaah manik do u think dat by sacrificing NANDU to dhruv , proves ur frndship.???
    its total shit………. follow ur heart manik…………. don’t LET GO nandu 4 anythng………..

  21. this is so boring serial now…without manan’s romance.i lost my intrst to watch dis all happng now..pls cme back with manan.

  22. this is so boring serial now…without manan’s romance.i lost my intrst to watch dis all happng now..pls cme back with manan.also cabir is a nice buddy..i love cabir now.

  23. Superb but some parts are extra awsomeee!!!

  24. Guys guys !!!!! A great news, hritwik dhanjani is coming to the show of kyy n most probably he will pair up mukti………….guys how was the news? Is it not fabulous. Plz reply ur opinion

    1. Hey guyzz!! juz chill this serials name is kaisi yeh yaariaan so it will show abt d bond of friendship ntt love of manan so manik is also doing the same for his frnd druv & thats wat frnds do. i knw dat manik luvs nandani but frm his point of view he his right but at the same time he should also think abt nandini

    2. dats a gr8 news kuhu!!!! god i m so exited

  25. Mini kyy is the indian version of boys over flowers . not like or same but it is !

  26. I don’t like this.. how can manik hide the truth from cabir… When manik asked cabir, cabir told the secret that he was a gay.. and now manik hides his secret.. this is not fair. Eventhough cabir knows dat manik is in love wid nandu, when cabir asked about it, manik should’ve told him.

  27. cabir please bring manan together.

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