Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini says to Manik that what his problem is and Manik says that we aren’t playing hide and seek anymore. Manik says that what did you thought that I didn’t know you were there while Nandini says that you were delirious and she was nowhere near him. Manik sits up and picks the guitar and is about to play it when Nandini holds his hand. She says that because of this action many people are worried for you and you just don’t understand. Manik says that he can’t understand, he can’t understand any of it and why does she comes back when she says that there is nothing between them.

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of KYY

Manik says that you are trying to stay away from me but can’t. Nandin says that you are asking me, you don’t care about anything. Manik answers to her that you care and Nandini agrees. She says that it’s not about you and me it’s us and we don’t work together. She says that look at your hand and our stubbornness caused us to come here. She says that we give only pain to one another while Manik says that what stupid logic is that. Nandini replies saying that it’s not as stupid as you walking away from me for Dhruv. Nandini says that she can’t do it anymore and because of her you almost lost your hand. She blames herself for all of this.

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Manik looks at his hand and says to her that you seriously think that we should stay away from each other. Nandini starts to leave when Manik calls her and says that if you walk out of here this time than I swear than I will never come after you. Nandini cries and comes running back into his arms. Nadini then let’s go and tells him to take rest as he has to get better. She backs up saying that we can’t be together and runs crying.
Aliya comes to meet Harshad and he is surprised to see her. Aliya gives him and sandwich and he eats the whole of it and thanks her. He then asks of how Manik is and ALiya says that he is discharged from the hospital today. In his heart Harshad says that If anything would have happened to Manik than Neunika would have killed me. He says to Aliya that I wish I could go back and amend my mistakes and this time I know that I have crossed my line. ALiya says that whatever you did was planned and wasn’t just anger. Harshad tries to justify himself and says that he knows that he did wrong to Manik and is ready to apologize to Manik. ALiya says that I can’t promise but I will try.
The doctor is leaving and asks Neunika to send the report every three days. He tells Manik to care of himself and asks Neunika to take care of him. Neunika asks Manik to come home while Manik tells her to stop pretending. When she reminds him that she is his mother Manik replies saying that you lost that job two years ago. Neunika leaves while Nandini aunt’s is there with Rishab and is surprised to see him. She comes running and asks how this happened and scolds Nandini for nit being with Manik even though she knew.
Manik and Nandini are about to say something when they stop. Manik than says that his mother is waiting outside. Manik than explains that it’s a clean cut and leaves saying that people are waiting. Nandini then gets scolded again by her aunt as she didn’t talk to Manik. Abhymanu comes and meets Nandini’s aunt and they don’t know him. He then brings a relation from somewhere and says that he is a fan of her. Her aunts pretend to recognize him and he invites himself to their house for dinner. Nandini’s uncle comes and wants them to hurry while Abhymanu offers to drop them. He asks of who he is but they leave without introduction.
Manik is about to leave with his mother when Muktii and Dhruv comes and he approaches their car. Neunika comes out and says that where are you going and he says that where he belongs. Neunika says that you need rest and Manik says that I can’t relax with you near me. He tells her to go to her office and goes to Muktii and DHruv. Neunika leaves and Muktii asks Manik of how he is, Manik says that he nevr felt better.
Later Abhymanu tells Nandini and the family to wait and goes to get the car. He is hit by Muktii and they apologize to him while he keeps on hitting on her. Nandini comes and Manik says that I want to leave as he doesn’t want this drama. Later the Fab5 has prepared a welcome for Manik and they keep on joking.
Nandini is in her bed thinking about Manik and so is Manik thinking about her. Nandini runs to the window thinking that it’s Manik but it isn’t. Maniki is on bench when Cabir comes and mocks him about being in love. He asks of what is happening with Manan and explains what the word stands for. Manik asks what is happening with auntie and Cabir says that he won’t answer. Manik and Cabir agree that they won’t talk to each other on these topics.

Precap: Nandini comes to the college and sees the Fab5 performing.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. soundarya

    oh !! Nandhini baby what is wrong with u ???? why r u staying away from Manik???? if u are 2gether there won’t arise any problem…. Please be together……****MANAN Rockzzzzz****…………..

  2. Sani

    I dont understand that why nandini is not accepting Manik’s apology. She is now being a stubborn and it really irritates.
    Just hope that tomorrow’s episode will a gud 1.

  3. Auhona

    Hi guys…i knew that this will happen…nandini, ab kuch zyada nahi ho raha?? But the bacground music was jst awsm when they hugged…anyways.. hi fairy,neha,suhash,ayana,soundr….

  4. retika

    Very boring…now they are actually streching it….Nandini is really pacaofying….there is no logic to her thoughts….not at all….even she can loose her importance to Manik also…her character had been so conservative and pathetic..Very non entertaining….had loads of expectations from today’s episode….Please don’t stretch it as chewing gum

  5. Auhona

    Guys it was awsm when cabir told ‘MANAN’…the most famous word for all of us…and the precap was hurtful…’alvidah’…nandini’s tears bought tears in my eyes…now 1 ques-‘AB KYA HOGA?’

  6. Auhona

    Ya…really had so many expectations…..MANAN, u r now crossing the limits…ab aur rona dhona achcha nahi lag raha…bt as the precap was hurtful, I think nxt epi. Will be smwhr good…as the precap always lies:-)

    • i have rad all ur comment guys yup ky2 serial is going on tooo much which hurts fans uffff do some gud changs ky2 whts this so worst today’s episode is
      wht is nandini upto

    • i have read all ur comment guys yup ky2 serial is going on tooo much which hurts fans uffff do some gud changs ky2 whts this so worst today’s episode is
      wht is nandini upto

  7. hi guys… i sooo knew it… but i thnk d old monster spot days vl cum nd it vl b funn…. if dey bring manan toghtr den it vl bcum boring… who all agree…?

  8. Auhona

    Seriously suhash! ‘harshad’? Isse toh Dhruv hi achcha hai yar….but no! Never! I just want MANAN,MANAN and MANAN:-)

  9. aisha

    Now its seems to b boring….phele around a week lga diya 4 dragging dat kidnapping and hospital scene ko..or mila kya manan fans ko… BABA JI KA THULLU….:( 🙁

  10. Auhona

    Ya devik, those small and romantic Manan scenes in clg…agr aisa ho toh bhi chalega…but duria isse zyada nahi barna chahie..

  11. fairy

    I m vry sad 4 manan. I feel like crying. Bt I think now we will c their fights again.And suhash how can u imagine nandini & harshad……

  12. Auhona

    Jo bhi ho.,.jst want Manan back..that also quickly…or else the story is getting really boring..:-(…aisa na ho ki KYY dekhna hi chor doo…

  13. sony heju

    hello everyne……………dnt u guys think d makers r smwhat potraying jab tak hai jaan storyline ,,,i mean nandini ka kehna ki woh donno sath main rahenge toh pain hi denge,,,similar katrina sacrifyzing 4 shahrukh

  14. Auhona

    Wow! Ammy is back, now the family seems to be full…wlcm back!…and sony perhaps ur right..agar KYY ne memry lost dikhaya,,then we wil get the proof:-)

  15. fairy

    May b manan will b 2gether on sme special day like new year or christmas….. don’t know…… Bt I m happy that kyy will not end soooo soon….

  16. Auhona

    Ya fairy i am also happy for da same reason…dhrv n rishab…manik n harshad…manik and neunica…so many secrets to unfold…itni jaldi khatam nahi hoga:-)

  17. Kajal

    And what about navya . She went back to patana.then navya….pregnant……..and will marry kabir. Then how its possible

  18. fairy

    U r right, daniela. Have any1 seen harshad in any serial b4 kyy? Actually, I have seen him. Thr he was vry innocent. Bt now….

  19. Kajal

    Guys what happened 2years back between manik and his mom. He hates her so much and may be when his father died,all the properties transfered to manik’s name. And that’s why……………

  20. fairy

    Daniela, I think Dhruv has many pb. He has attack pb, feelings pb & finally he doesn’t understnd anything. I liked him whn I 1st saw him bt day by day he is getting more ……… He can’t c the love 4 manan each other.

  21. ammy

    daniela can u guess wat is between harshad nd neunika? anyway i am vry happy dat now dhruv knw dat nandu has a spcl feeling for manik

  22. YEAH last finale i was waiting so eager to c the title winner , omg sum how he did not get dat…..then there was big fight again… hahahhaa

  23. ammy

    bt his greatest mistake was dat he broke apoorva’s heart…..I didnt watch SV regularly bt I hd never thought dat mayank & scarlett would win

  24. ammy

    he understands manik…..anyway who is the new one . Actually I at first didnt like alya….cause it was bcoz of her manan broke up
    now she is doing well

  25. ammy

    guys i thnk manan will reunite soon coz see neunika has stepped in…..she will be the nxt (nd the greatest) prob

  26. actually i c VAMPIER DIARIES, so i thought i should watch dizz and find any correlation btwn this 2… im not fan of this show… but i vill c dat if im in mood to watch fannah ammy

  27. Ye ky2 ka episode ko kya ho gaya Dino din boring hote ja raha hai kuch bhi inlog ke pas storyline nahi hai kya stretch karte ja rahe hain.bahut ho gaya yar Manan back naya dikho kuch dhruv & aliya’s sizzling chemistry & many more of mukti,cabir,harshad Aur navyaji to hamesha ke liye hi chali gayi lagata hai ky2 se but I hope jo bhi hota hai acche ki liye hi hota hai.gud ngt all of guys

  28. Auhona

    Hi guys…jst had the dinner….and I am also a big fan of horror stories……how many of u have seen the film ‘horor-story’?..its quite intrsting…

  29. Anna Afnaz

    Kyy is becoming a typical zee tv serial now because of nandu . She is totally irritating , remaining on crying since 2 months . Why doesn’t she go to hell ? Just don’t wanna see such a conservative , illogical character anymore .

  30. fairy

    Soundarya, in of parth’s intviw parth said that he has vry similar things like manik. Although thr r many dfrnt also…

  31. soundarya

    @ daniela ,, how it would be, if KYY telecasted in tamil translation ….. And this the wish of my clg frnds,,, they r also crazy abt this show,, i used to tell them every epi….. They r also a Big fan of MANAN…

  32. Auhona

    Oh guys really sorry…4got to tell…pls vote 4 parth in telly-express-face of the year 2014(male)…and niti for face of the yr 2014(female)…

  33. ruhi

    Suhash I read ur comments n I want 2 ask u something about here. In d comments with which girl u like 2 chat more. I hope u dont mind 4 d question.

  34. soundarya

    oh suhash , where have u learnt this speak to cover all girls???//Looks so smart…. Bulbul & soumita r so lucky…

  35. Auhona

    Love without seeing.!! Abhi toh shayad sirf mujhe ‘suru’ k bareme pata hai…dont worry, kal suba tak sabko pata chal jayega…jab tum logo k ye romantic chat parhenge…best of luck guys wid ur new relationship;-)

  36. Auhona

    Good nite evryone-ammy,suhash,ruhi, and all who commented today…c u all 2morow mrng …gud nite, have awsm drmz..bye;-)

  37. SUHASH

    Tune maari entry yr.dil m bajji ghanti yr.dong dong…dil mein bassi mere har ek saans hai tereliye…..dil cheer ke dekh tera hi nam hoga…

  38. sharmin

    hey guys sorry m late…i have news on ky2…fb pe dey showed a pic of mabikk goin to police stn n meeting harshad…pic ka heading was manik harshad faceoff…n tomm ke epi mein…cabir tells manik everytin bout his mom n manik tells cabir everytin bout nandini and cabir helps him to woo nandini..

  39. sharmin

    maniks plan is to go the soft way n make nandu realise she cant stay away frm him n she was nt responsible fr his hand n fr her to express her feelings…deyll b together soon…cabir helps them…

  40. sharmin

    missed u guys specially fairy…it took me 1 hr to read the 450 comments…lol…n suhash u shud b bollywood king…wat dialogues!!

  41. sharmin

    n wen it comes to harshad spoiler says its either aliya who helps him get out or navya comes bck which i doubt…nyways see ull tomm mrnin…gdnt

  42. fairy

    Gud mrng , guyz. Tnx Sharmin. Welcum, Riya. Congrats 2 our kyy new couple riya+suhash. Bt suhash,didn’t u miss megha?? If she will c then……. Bt Riya, don’t mind. I m giving u free advice. Suhash is totally mad.

  43. SUHASH

    Gd mng guyzz…fairy she is ruhi not riya..pyar mein pagal ho na zaruri hai na..tb toh hamara pyar…salim anarkali..jaisa hoga

  44. fairy

    Oh sry. I have done great mistake .suhash+ ruhi. Actully I was lost 2 read ur love chating. By d way, I thnk ,we have got a love guru named suhash. Wht a dialogue. Hats off 2 u. Yesterday u didn’t talk 2 me even once?.

  45. SUHASH

    Dil toh bachaa ha jii..thodi natkhat shararat toh karega..toh m kya kar sakta hun…fairy..yeh toh mera 14no.serial…kuch toh waiting m v hai..

  46. sharmin

    suhash is sacchi bollywood king of dis grp…lol…n fairy ur lucky to have ur bday on 25th…par i doubt manan willb together tab…deyll b together on new year i feel…did ull read my upar ka chat?? Manikk n harshad ki kya pic hai yaar

  47. SUHASH

    Sry sry BULBUL me mazzaq kar raha tha.,agar tmhe burra laga toh…pyar m dil pe mar de goli lele meri jaan…

  48. SUHASH

    Bulbul tmhe pata ha hum dono peheli baar jab ultrasound photo mein tb mujhe tmse pyar ho geya tha..jb hum dono paida hue tb tm mujhe prps ki thi..

  49. sharmin

    n disha pattani is parths gf…fb pe likha tha aise…dnt know whether its true or nt…bt seeing their pics together i think it is…

  50. SUHASH

    Humne faisala karliya bulbul…ki hum feb 14(valentines day)m shadi karenge…thik 9 month yaani ki Nov.14(childrens day)par hamara bacha hoga…woh childrens day manayega…

  51. ruhi

    I m sorry Suhash but jokes r getting very high. This is my last comment with this name.I will comment with another name. It is a public n I cant do like this. gud bye Suhash.

  52. SUHASH

    Plz attention guyz..i m not lk that…mein hamesha ladkiyon ka respect karta hun…par god ne hume ek v sister nahi diya…kajal,sharmin..fairy

  53. sharmin

    abse sab suhash ko suhash bhaiyya bulanyenge…n suhash plss dnt write stuff jisse kisiko gussa aaye…n ruhi suhash is toh full pagla…dnt worry bout his comments

  54. Kajal

    Suhash don’t be senti yaar…..we all r like brother & sister only. Don’t forget we all belong to”kyy rocks” family

  55. SUHASH

    Guyz i think …i cant leave u all…kyy rocking family…tum sbse bichhad ke mein jaunga kahan…tum sb toh mere blood,tissue..ho..tumhre bina mein pura ho paunga kaha…subhanalla,masallah,satsriyakaal…i never give up…

  56. Kajal

    And believe me ruhi will accept your sorry aftersometime as she is little upset now but will be fine after reading your funny cmds

  57. sharmin

    haha…welcome bck suhash…widout u ders no masti…ky2 family adhoora tha…the few mins u were gayab sab gayab the…

  58. kuhu

    welcome Suhash n dont feel guilty bcos she told dt she will comment with another name it means she will comment but u have 2 identify her.

  59. ammy

    ha mein toh bahut bar gayi hun……actually puri is the fav destination 4r bengalees…i visited puri earlier dis year 🙂

  60. ammy

    oohh!! beautiful city has beautiful girls….nd wat abt bengali food. And nxt time when u cm na inform me..

  61. saddahaqrox

    hi guyzzz
    im watching kyy right now….its my first ever epi of kyy…..
    n u know what
    its actually LOVELY
    I liked the manan hug……it was damn cute
    so yeah u guyz r right when u argue tht they r a cute couple!

  62. Auhona

    Thnx sadda.h.r….its good that u liked KYY…anyways guys cant wait…loosing all my patience…6:30 kab bajega yaar?!

  63. Auhona

    And after todays epi. , what will I do satday and sunday….”boring sat and sun,…without the cute MANAN”….poem bhi ho gaya;-)

  64. Madhumitha

    Guyzz y such a tom n jerry game..directors have many other plots lyk-mukbhi,navshad,dhrulya,nyonika,cabir’s mom,dhruv n rishab,that cabirs secret bro Rabir,chacha n chachi,abhi n chachi her chole,mukti.’s rehab,manik n harshad face off at bar…..etc
    Then y they r behind MaNan – hide n seek games….

  65. im frm salasar. have u heared abut balaji of salasar im frm there n u heared abut anjana mata at salasar. the temple of anjana mata is our

  66. SUHASH

    Ankh se gira ansu koi utha nai sakta,kismat me likha koi mita nahi sakta,dosto mein basti hai jaan hamari,aur hamari jaan ko humse koi chura nahi sakta…

  67. Auhona

    No suhash i am also going:-)…meet u in todays page which will b updated…till then bye;-)…to all..:-)

  68. sharmin

    very good…im proud of manikk…ab nandini will realise wat it means to b rejected…she deserves it…proud of u manik…

  69. sharmin

    i liked the abhimanyu part…n manikks angry young luk is awesome…although abhimanyu doesnt knw hw to act…

  70. sharmin

    now y is nandu goin behind manik?use toh door rehna tha naa…nandini n dhruv dono ek jaise hai…confused characters…

  71. sharmin

    no1 askd fr it…n aaj kuch khaas bhi nai tha…n i like the word remix update…haha…woh toh happens coz my hindi is nt that fluent…

  72. sharmin

    i feel by the time manan get together pple r gnna lose interest coz dey r jus draggin it…although the ignorin part dat manik is doin is damn good n he shud have done it quite sumtime bck…

  73. sharmin

    aajka epi didnt feel like a friday epi…no suspense notin…n thoda boring ho rha hai…although abhi guy is tryin to lighten things up with his silly acting

  74. sharmin

    m i da only 1 as of nw who saw…kuch bhi suhash u wete toh doin a countdown n u said u wud see wen i askd pehle…no ullu banaoing…lol

  75. sharmin

    haan for those who didnt see kuch khaas nai hua…fab5 gets a call frm khurana sayin deal cancelled so manik decides dat fab5 will go underground fr a week n den come bck with a bang…nandini is searchin n searchin…she goes to the mjsic room n doesnt find ny1 der…she sees manikks guutar n dreams bout hkm teachin her hw to play…fab 5 perform on alvida

  76. sharmin

    nandini keeps followin fab 5 to talk to manik bt he ignores her…her chachi sends chole abhi ke haath fr manik..he goes n gives manik tak he sees nandu n throws it in dustbin…abhi asks nandu dat ur cryin fr manik hes angry man wats goin on…n he asks nzndu go set him up with mukti…both go to the instrument to get instruments…manik ke liye rite handed guitar n nandu wants a veena watever…der dey come aamne saamne n it gets over

  77. sharmin

    precap mein manik gets call frm khurana ki aaj perform karna hai…he takes guitar n goes tb nandu tells herself ki manik shud nt perfrm it will hurt his hand again…n khatam…no suspdnse