Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dhruv says that she won’t come out if you honk while Manik says that what will do you then. Dhruv decides to ring the doorbell. Nandini is celebrating with her uncle and aunts when her aunt says that the cake is chocolate salted. The uncle says that this is an assault of the cake while the aunt says that it’s great cake and now Rishab can’t have it as he went to sleep. A door bell rings and Nandini thinks that is Manik , her uncle comes and he introduces himself to them and explains his purposes for coming. He apologizes that he interrupted their party while his aunt mocks him.
Dhruv decides to leave and his uncle says that he is intelligent boy to not eat the cake. Nandini decides to take the cake upstairs while Dhruv misses Manik as he is looking through the window. Nandini’s

uncle throws the cake through the window and hits Manik. On seeing Manik the aunt invites him in instantly. Dhruv stops Manik and asks what it is on his face, Manik says that it’s cake and will come after washing his face. The uncle asks of what he was doing at the window while the aunt tells him to go upstairs to the bathroom.
Nandini is looking at the empty jar while Manik opens the door. Nandini says that how is it that all I felt was wrong and how the fireflies were wrong. She says that Manik is right as I am a fool as it is nowhere in science that my mom’s fireflies theory exists. She cries saying that all of it is rubbish. Manik calls her name standing at the door and she touches him to make sure that he is real. She says that why can’t you leave me alone, why did you come to see if I did break or not. Manik says that it’s nothing like that and I just came to clean the cake.
Nandini brings him inside and while whipping the cake of his face she says that all of it was a lie. You spiked my drink, you don’t like the stars, you are not afraid of the dark. Nandini says that I did whatever you asked and says that I cleaned your face but don’t know how to clean your twisted mind. Manik stands up and as leaving he turns around and says that I have broken up with Aliya, I don’t like the darkness and I didn’t spike your drink. He says that to make to a lie believable some things are to be kept true but you won’t understand it.
Muktii is trying to calm Cabir’s mother down and says that you have to understand and some time will be taken. Muktii says that being gay is not wrong and it is natural and can’t be fixed. Cabir’s mother on the other hand says that it can be controlled and is determined to fix Cabir. Muktii says that Cabir is not sick and is the same Cabir that we all love. She says that it is exactly the reason and it’s time that I take the situation in my hand. Before Muktii can say anything she leaves. Manik comes and Dhruv asks why he took so much time, while Manik just sits in the car.
In the car he asks how he got the cake on his face while Manik says that if Nandini ever asked you about fireflies. Dhruv says that no she didn’t and asks if he met Nandini right now. He asks Manik if she said anything to him while Manik says that he met her aunt and she told him. Dhruv thanks Manik for asking this while Manik says that she doesn’t like them anymore. DHruv asks Manik if you are Okay as you said one thing and then the other. Manik says that he is Okay and they leave. Nandini is crying in her bed remembering Manik and then goes through the texts messages. She decides to delete them and so does Manik who is at the hospital.
The next day the Fab5 brings gifts for Cabir. Cabir asks that where is mom and Muktii says that was waiting all night and will come soon. Cabir says that you are all lying while Manik says that don’t you trust us. Cabir says that I do and that is why know that you are trying to cover it up as when I showed her the video, Aliya says that you showed her the video what were you thinking. Cabir says that he couldn’t talk so that’s why did it while Aliya says that if even it was girl even then she would have reacted, who shows a video of themselves kissing another person to their mom. Muktii says that give auntie some time and she will understand while Cabir says that he saw her face when he told her.
He asks of what of Raghav while Manik says that we forgot to ask. Cabir ask for his phone though Muktii stops him but he still demands for it. He reads the text from Raghav going away forever and just holds still. Dhruv sees the text as well and the phone is passed on to everyone. Manik says that finally Raghav doesn’t have the courage and if he doesn’t then why did he fall in love. On saying that he stops while Cabir says that I have friends like you so have nothing to worry about. Cabir gets a call and after answering it he just says OK and thank you.
Manik tells Cabir to stop building the suspense and tell them what happened. Cabir tells them that there musicana video has gone viral and has got 5 million hits. It was a call from Q labels by Mister Khurana and wants to record their first album; Cabir says that we are going to be famous. Aliya says that she knew that after a horrible night something awesome was going to happen. Cabir says that the world be prepare as we are coming.

Precap: Cabir asks Manik if he is Okay with this and tells Manik not to pretend when he asks what. Cabir says that I know that there is a lot going on between you and Nandini as when I was dying in the car there was romance going in between you two. Nandini complains and says that to them love is nothing to them while Dhruv confesses his love to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. daily itz getting more interesting ………to watch ….love the show <3

    1. can u tell me the background song played in episode79 when manik n nandhini deletes their phone messages??

    2. can anyone tell the background song played in episode 46 , when manik finds nandhini in his room??

  2. i just luv it

  3. wow suprb epi.. sona.. tnx for update…:) 🙂

  4. luv u cabir for alest remembering plz bring manan together tomorow epi will be awesome wanna c manik face when cabir asks him

  5. manik ko samajh na chaiye ki if he scrifice his lve for druve phir v kuch nahi hoga rmber nandu ke bro ko v sme attacks aate h nd i dont thk itna kuch bad v nandu druve ke feeling ko accept karengi.

  6. I’m soooooooooooo happy to know that cabir understood the chemistry btw manan

  7. i love both of u manan nd wtng fr twmr epi… Love you manik or parth

  8. am getting crazy abt the show nowadayzz…..lv u manik :*

  9. very gud cabir finally he got knw that there is some thng between manik and nandini plz bring them together

  10. the preview is amazinggg !!! 😀

  11. Chemistry between manik nandini is heart touching awesome..manik u r rocking..I’m getting exited when manik feels abt nandu..

  12. atlast ,cabir atleast found their relationship………………. so happieeeeeeeeee …….. let c wts gng 2 happen…

    1. We want manan back and get rid of that Dhruv.we ❤ cabir and multi also

  13. Its heading toward perfect direction…..love the drama….very very much…

  14. Oh ! Cabir , thank you yaar. Come on, don’t let Manik free, lock him by your questions and make him to confess his love with Nandhini. I Love u all guys in this serial (*except Harshad*). MANAN rocks.

  15. @soundarya y don’t u like harshad?

    1. i don’t like due to his cunning nature and his every attitude( whatever he does) , not only in this serial but also in splitsvilla 7.

  16. I hope nandhini will b smart enough to figure out dat manik is sacrificing his love for dhruv aft his proposal……. wat if nandu ask dhruv did manik know abt ur love 4 me dhruv say yes… and nandu thnks abt manik in this way..

  17. At last. I think manik is feeling guilty???

  18. At last. I think manik is feeling guilty??? You should manik??

  19. i think that Cabir might help to bring back Nandini and Manik togather , so they can become Manan

  20. i think that Cabir might help to bring back Nandini and Manik together , so they can become Manan

  21. I m soooo happy as manan will be together all credit vll b given to cabir n I also want tht nandu says no to dhruv

  22. Really day by day its rocking…….nd plz bring back manan

  23. Guys plz tell me in vich link I can watch yesterday epi,,,,I didnt its NT in youtube,,,,

    1. You can watch on sabserial.com. it will be updated as soon as the episode is out on TV.

  24. I love manikin and nandani pair and der romantic scence

  25. good precap looks interesting.

  26. its interesting..very very interesting………..luv this one…thanks for updating

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