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Nandini tells Dhruv that Manik and she were not together but they spotted Cabir at the same time. Manik looks down guiltily.
Nandini : I think I should go… (Nandini walks forward. Manik stops her)
Manik: I have called the Driver. He will drop her. I will tell him.
Dhruv: Manik…I will drop Nandini… Okay?
Manik: Dhruv… I am going out to buy the prescription medicines. You stay here with Cabir. Relax… I will show her the way to the Car (Dhruv and Nandini both looks unhappy. Nandini walks from there. Manik keeps his hand on Dhruv’s shoulder and tells him, “ Take Care… I will come fast” and walks from there).
Nandini is outside the Hospital trying to get a taxi. Manik follows her. He tells her that the Driver will drop her and asks her to get into

the Car. Nandini tries to hire a taxi. Manik tells her to stop acting stupid. He tells her that it is 3 AM and asks her to get into the Car. The taxi driver tells that he won’t put the meter. Nandini gets annoyed and shouts at him. Manik holds her hand and says, “Nandini, just come”.
Nandini : Don’t touch me Manik Malhotra… (She pushes his hand away. Manik’s injured hand gets hurt again and he holds his hand in pain. A security guard comes there running and asks Nandini what the problem is. Nandini and Manik stare at each other. Manik signals her to get into the Car. Nandini walks and gets into Manik’s car. Manik watches as the Car goes from there with Nandini).
Alya is sitting on the chair at the Hospital corridor. She is excited seeing Dhruv back.
Alya: You are back! Wonderful… Did you tell her? Tell me! (Dhruv nods no)
Dhruv : Could not say…
Alya: Oh… No problem… (Alya gives him a side hug) At least you tried… Next time for sure you will be able to tell her.
Dhruv : Yeah, I hope so!
Alya: Why hope? I told you… trust me!
Dhruv : By the way… Is there any news of Cabir?
Inside the Hospital room, Cabir is still awake. He looks at his Mom and keeps his hand on top of her hand. Cabir’s Mom leans forward and tells him, “Remember one thing son… there cannot be any such thing because of which your Mom leaves you. Tell me what is it? What is troubling you?” Cabir takes his mobile and gives it to her. The video clip of Raghav and Cabir is playing on the mobile. Cabir’s Mom is shocked seeing it and looks at Cabir. She gets u from the stool. Cabir tells her, “Mom, I am Gay!”.
Manik is back and is with Dhruv and Alya.
Manik: Guys! Our responsibility is still not over. What about Cabir’s Mom? How will we all tell her that Cabir is Gay? I mean… rather than her knowing from the outside world it’s better that we tell her.
Alya: Exactly! In fact, I think Aunty will take it well. She will understand. I think she would accept Cabir’s choice.
Dhruv : And… she is the coolest Mom we know… We will handle this… don’t worry!
Cabir’s Mom is still in a shocked state. Doctor comes into the room. He asks her to sit outside as the patient has to rest and he has to do the check up. Cabir’s Mom silently goes out of the room. She comes outside the room.
Manik: Aunty…What happened? You met Cabir? How is he doing? Is he fine?
Alya : Aunty… Please sit!
Dhruv: Aunty… Shall I bring coffee for you? (Cabir’s Mom is silent)
Manik: What happened? Everything is alright? Aunty… Why are you not telling anything? Cabir… he is fine? (Cabir’s Mom slaps Manik. Manik keeps his hand on his cheek and looks at her confused)
Cabir’s Mom: You call Cabir your friend? You all think of Cabir as your friend? If you really are his friends then you should have stopped him when he was going the wrong path. You should have made him understand instead of supporting him in all those things. You encouraged his abnormality?
Manik: Aunty… That’s not abnormality… It is natural.
Cabir’s Mom: Shut up! Just shut up Manik… (She walks from there)
Dhruv : I didn’t expect that Aunty will react like this. I felt that…
Alya: We were so wrong… we felt that Aunty is so open minded… but this… this is so scary… I am so worried about Cabir.
Manik: Yeah… me too!
Dhruv : But… How did she come to know?
Manik : God… Of course! Who else? Cabir! Idiot… Here also he wanted to be the first person to tell her.
Alya: Guys… I think he really needs us. Let’s go! (They walk to the ICU. A Nurse comes out of the ICU and says that she gave Cabir injection for sleep and asks them to wait outside only. They all walk back to where they were standing earlier)
Manik: Guys… Actually, I was just thinking about Aunty. She may be very stressed out and there is no one with her in this situation. I think she really needs someone. Maybe then she might calm down.
Dhruv: Correct! You are right… But who?
Alya: Mukti? Aunty is very fond of her. Mukti is driving the Car. She stops the Car suddenly. She is crying bitterly and takes a handful of anti depressant pills in her hand. She recalls Harshad kissing her and getting intimate with Navya. She lifts her hand to put the anti depressant pills in her mouth. Mukti’s phone rings. Mukti sees that the call is from Alya and cuts the call.
Alya : Not answering…
Dhruv: Wait… I will call
Manik: Wait Dhruv… I will try! (Manik calls her. Mukti’s sees the call from Manik and shouts, “What do you want? Let me die peacefully. Damn it! Just leave me alone…” She cuts the call).
Alya: I will try again… (Alya calls. Mukti is about to put the pills into her mouth but stops when the mobile rings. She picks up the call and talks angrily).
Mukti: What do you want?
Alya: Mukti…Where the hell are you? I have been trying you for so long…
Mukti: Why you care? (Aluya is confused hearing the tone of speech) Tell me what…
Alya: Mukti… Cabir is in hospital…
Mukti: What? What happened to Cabir?
Alya: Brother attacked him (Mukti leans back on the Car seat and cries silently) and Raghav in College. He is in bad state. He is in ICU.
Mukti: I am coming!
Alya: One minute… Manik… (Manik grabs the phone from Alya)
Manik: Hello Mukti… Okay listen! You do not need to come here (Mukti is crying).
Mukti: Cabir is alright?
Manik: Relax! Cabir is fine. It’s just that Cabir’s Mom came here. And somehow she got to know that Cabir is Gay. She was shocked. We all know that she likes you… (Mukti nods her head) Just try calming her down.
Mukti : Don’t worry Manik… I got it! And please keep me updated about Cabir.
Manik: Bye! (Mukti puts down the phone and cries. She looks at the pills in her hand and throw them out of the Car window. She then drives from there).
Harshad is sleeping. Navya is sleeping with her head on Harshad’s chest. She mutters, “Harshadji you know…I used to see this dream that I am in your arms and you mine. Don’t know when that day will come… when you will be close to me”. Harshad moves in his sleep and Navya snuggles to him closer. She suddenly opens her eyes and looks at Harshad. She sits upright and realizes that it’s not a dream but reality. Navya smiles. She finds her clothes and picks it up to wear them again.
Manik is sitting on a chair in the Hospital Corridor while Dhruv is walking to and fro. Alya’s mobile rings. She picks up the call from Mukti.
Mukti : I have reached here. Aunty is at home. She looks very stressed. But you don’t worry… I will handle…
Alya: Okay… yeah… Cool! (Alya cuts the call) It was Mukti’s phone. Aunty is at home.
Dhruv: Now it is all upto Mukti.
Alya: Finally, This long… dark night is coming to an end.
The nurse who bandaged Manik calls Alya. Alya goes to her. The Nurse holds Alya’s hand and takes her aside.
Manik: Buddy… Nandini… I mean… You should call Nandini. I mean… Has she reached home safely… whatever… all that. You should call her.
Dhruv: Of course Buddy… By now your Driver might have left her home (Manik laughs)
Manik: Dhruv… Don’t you know? (Manik gets up) We two… she will not sit on my Car.
Dhruv: What are you telling?
Manik: Her self respect and all…
Dhruv: But she told she will…
Manik: Look! I know her… She might have got down from the Car mid way. I am telling you. Just call her! Check it out!
The Nurse asks Alya if she is his sister.
Alya: What? Sister? Whose?
Nurse: That hottie out there.
Alya: Are you nuts?
Nurse: Then… what are you? His girlfriend?
Alya: No… just friend.
Nurse: Meaning…He is available.
Alya: Seriously ?(Alya is angry. The Nurse walks from there).
Manik and Dhruv are talking.
Dhruv: I am not comfortable calling this late at night. Can you call your Driver and confirm if she has reached or not?
Manik: Fine… Okay… I will call (Manik makes the call) Hello… Did you drop Madam?
Driver: Madam told me that she will take Taxi (Manik cuts the call)
Manik: See… I told you! She won’t listen to what I say. I told her… but no…
Dhruv: What?
Manik: I told you… I know her… (he says slowly again) I know her…
Dhruv: My battery is low… Look… The phone got off also. Buddy… Give your phone (Manik is reluctant). Please give…
Manik: Just like she didn’t sit in my Car… she won’t pick up my phone also. I am telling you. She won’t pick up! (Dhruv grabs the phone and makes the call. Nandini is at her door step when the phone rings. She looks at the caller id and sees Manik’s name. She says, “ What happened to him? Why is he even calling me? It has been too much for one day.I can’t take it any more. Forget him! You want to call? Keep calling! I won’t answer you. Monster Manik!” She cuts the call) She didn’t pick up the call, right?
Dhruv: I will try again… (Dhruv tries again but gets no response).
Manik: She will not pick up the call. She is just avoiding.
Dhruv: I agree! But what to do now?
Manik: Now… Now… Have to go home… Meaning… you have to go to her home… just to check whether she is alright. You should go!
Dhruv : You are right! Should go and see…
Manik: But how will you go? You have the Bike?
Dhruv: Oh No! I did not bring the bike today.
Manik: Okay… Then I will go with you… what say? Just to drop you and just for you…
Dhruv : Thank you Buddy!
Manik : Shut up! Come!

Nandini opens the door and gets into the house. The room is dark. Her Uncle and Aunty are sitting on a sofa. Nandini is about to climb the stairs up. Her uncle lights a lighter to get her attention. Nandini notices them both sitting with a serious expression on their faces.
Nandini : You people have not slept till now? I know … I am very late. One of my friends met with an accident. And I had to take him to the Hospital. But I am really sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt you guys. It won’t happen next time. Promise! (Nandini’s uncle lights the candles in the cake in front of them. The lights also are switched on. Nandini’s Aunt and Uncle both stands up and says, “Surprise!”. Nandini sees a Chocolate Cake in which it is written Always keep Smiling. She is happy seeing it). Wow Aunty… Cake… But what is the occasion? It’s not my Birthday!
Nandini’s Aunt: You fool… I know it is not your Birthday. This cake is to share your happiness of the Competition (Nandini’s face becomes dull).
Nandini: But… I lost in the Competition.
Nandini’s Uncle: You lose… that’s why your aunt wasted money on making this Cake.If you would have succeeded you would have been happy.
Nandini’s Aunt: What if you lost? But we will celebrate the happiness of losing. Because when we lose we understand how we can succeed . (Nandini hugs her Aunt)
Nandini: I love you. Thank you so much! (Nandini hugs her Uncle also and says Thanks).

Alya is sitting on a chair at the Hospital corridor. Dhruv and Manik goes near her.
Dhruv: Alya… Nandini is not lifting the phone and I am worried. I will have to go to her house and check. And Manik is driving me there. (Manik nods his head. Alya is not happy but nods in agreement).
Alya: Okay… I will wait here with Cabir… in case he needs something.
Dhruv : Thank you Alya… You are the best… (Dhruv walks from there. Manik goes near Alya and gives her a side hug)
Manik: I will see you… Thanks! And call me if you need anything (Alya nods. Manik goes from there. The Nurse says to Alya, “You both look like Brother and Sister” . Alya asks her to shut up).

Manik and Dhruv reaches Nandini’s House. Manik looks at Nandini’s room window.
Manik: The rooms lights are off.
Dhruv: How do you know? (Manik recalls Nandini standing at the window and signalling him to go from there. Without answering he presses the horn). What are you doing? She will not come out hearing your Car horn (Manik recalls Nandini coming out of the house and he hugging her. Dhruv looks at Manik. Manik recalls holding Nandini’s hands the night before the break up and their hug). Episode ends.

Precap : Nandini wipes the cake from Manik’s face.

Update Credit to: Anamika

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