Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik looks at the teddy bear while Soha thinks that Manik might get hurt and throws a stone. Manik goes to look who it is when the bear explodes. Manik is surprised and goes to Nandini while Soha leaves. He hugs her and when he lets her go Nandini says that how could Harshad do this. Manik says that you have no idea and says that for this I won’t spare him. He calls while his phone is off; Nandini tries to calm him while Manik says that no one is more important to me than you. He says that I can see you in pain and crying and for this you can’t stop me. He calls Aliya to ask about Harshad and she says that Harshad is out of town and is missing. Manik says that if he hasn’t done it than whom, Nandini asks him to cool down again and Manik says that your smile does that anyway.

smiles back and says to Manik that go home and I will make an excuse for you. Manik takes a step but comes back and kisses her in the head and leaves. Aliya is sitting when Dhruv comes from though she doesn’t notices him. ALiya says that I hate these stupid glasses after a few seconds Dhruv comes and asks about Harshad. ALiya tells him about the update and blames herself while Dhruv calms him down saying that the issue can’t be easy. Aliya blames herself when Dhruv tells her to stop it and says that Harshad did all of this without thinking about you. He says that when it is over he will come back. ALiya says that since childhood I have never felt so distant from him. Dhruv says that I am with you so don’t cry. She puts her head on his chest and cries while Dhruv hugs her as well. She gets up and He kisses her.
Navya is with Nandini and says that If Manik had helped me before I would have got a heart attack. Navya says that your love story is going great and you have completely changed him. Nandini says that we are going slow and have just become friends so that we don’t regret anything. Navya says that it is good as in my case while Nandini cheers him up and tells her to think positive.
The next day at the college Manik is looking for Nandini when she comes and says that were you looking for me. Manik says that I was looking for Cabir and when she asks again he promises her and Nandini walks away. Manik stops her and says that you don’t look fine and teases her again on the friends theory. Nandini says that what I meant was that we should be best friends and says that let’s not start our day on fight or the whole day would go bad. Manik says that I didn’t think that you believed in such superstitions. Nandini says that this is the point of being friends as we could get know eac other better.
Later Nandini is with the Principal’s office arguing about what Navya has done. The conversation goes on when Nandini says that I can prove it to you. The principle says that the results will prove you wrong and you will fail. Nandini brings the condition that if she is right than you will bring Navya back. Manik comes to Cabir and asks about where he was. Cabir doesn’t answers straightly and Manik says that wasit auty. Cabir starts to play the drums when Manik takes the sticks and asks him to tell it. Cabir doesn’t answer and Manik says that you are scaring me now.
Cabir says that I went for an interview and Manik says that you went in the morning for that. Manik asks why did he do that and Cabir says that I need a job that’s why. Manik says that why do you need a job as I am here. Cabir says that I am well and good and can’t take so much favors from you. Manik says that we are friends and when you have the money you can return it. Cabir says that how can he repay it if he has no money. Manik says that we are making an album and you need to stay focus. Cabir says that I will not get distracted but will get the job. The argue on when Manik and Cabir go to take breakfast.
Manik is talking with Nandini of the phone and both are coming on the stairs. They meet and Nandini talks about the Principle. Manik says that you went to him again while Nandini explains her plan to Manik. Manik disagrees with her plan and says that you are crazy as no one will accept.

Precap: Cabir is also amazed to what Nandini has proposed and later Nandini and Navya put up banners for the campaign.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. auhona

    hey guys!!! just came to read the update….wonderful epi…loved it!! i am going now…will come again if possible….hi and bye to neha di, princess,sara ,fairy and all you guys!! and advance gud n8!! 😉 …take care…. 🙂 … 😀

  2. sara

    upcoming story of kyy is soha blackmails nandu for manik. Soha nandu se kehngi ki agar tum manik k life se nai gayi to woh manik k music career destory kr dengi.

  3. kyy rocks

    Mast epi…today’s funny scene manik said nandu tumne subah subah pi li hai kya?..lol MaNan♡..precap is awesome

  4. remix queen

    hey guys m bck…sacchi epi was damn good..the way nandu cools dwn manik n the pee li hai dialogue…n sorry bt the dhrulya romance luks damn artificial…matlab door door se dey dnt luk like dey were kissin…n agar ache se dekhe toh he kisses her eyebrow instead of eyes…dat was so funny…n hw can manan n dhruliya do same same…first head den eyes n den watever…lol tha

  5. fairy

    No shar..nt d full epsd…
    Yes…whn dhruliya 1st kissed thn also nt seemed tht they were kissing…..it was looking like tht they wr hldng each othr’s head…lol

  6. remix queen

    haha yes fairy true…matlab dikh rha tha dey were nowhrclose to each others lips even…it was a lol moment…bhut hassi aayi

  7. remix queen

    i liked the fact dat cabir mukti showed their good side…thanks to dem dhrulya joined….whrs manik but…i loved maniks reaction today wen she said her idea…do u want me to tell now here? Hahaha jus awesome

  8. fairy

    Shar…directr trys a loot 2 gv sm romntc scene of dhrulia…bt they failed…….it hs bcm fuuny scene….ha ha

  9. Nutz

    I think da reason dis is parth n niti r far better actors, they make da characters alive n bring out da magic, dat’s even if they’re just starrng it bcums magical moment unlike dhruliya

  10. ammy

    hi hi 2 others……….speciallyu the nw ones……nyc to meetu …welcm 2 kyy family…..where r u all frm? r u students

  11. ammy

    gol matol principle…..he luks lyk a bhalomanush…………..his head is so gol……lyk a balloon………hehe

  12. Nutz

    Guys parth, niti, ayez, charlie n abhisekh r really talented actor-actress,they bring out their characters perfectly which touches da audience’s heart.
    I really lyk dem.
    Wat do u guys think?

  13. fairy

    Hv u seen d principle whn navya was talking abt harshad wid d mike……he was so angry and his face was so funny…ha ha ha ha

  14. ammy

    yaa…………………………even abhi has improved his acting skills…..guys i laughed 4r abt a min seeing manik nd nandus aunts convo yesterday……maniks exp ……………..priceless…………….

  15. ammy

    hmm…………………………………………………….lagta hai ki sirf humare ilava sab log busy hain………..guys help me……..whole day diff ghost of dead men have visited me………….2mrw dat exam.:-(

  16. Nutz

    Yaa ammy…
    Manik’s expressions r just too gud,remembr hw he was beggng nandu fr help,coz he didn’t want to eat bhindi pasta

  17. Nutz

    Guys, remembr manik was tellng chachi abut nandu’s nuska on hiccup jo chachi chacha k upar try kar sakte he.
    Oo…just luvd da whle part manik-nandu n chachi’s convo, was just too funny

  18. Nutz

    But wen is gona manik realize soha’s real intention??aftr nandu leavng his life fr da sake of his music career! So not done.
    Manik is so smart den why can’t he realize soha’s plans

  19. Nutz

    I hv decided dat i’ll try to cum everyday at 10:30.
    Dis tym only n if i get da chance i’ll try to cum at other tyms as wel along wd dis tym

  20. vaishu

    i think dat gilrs only hv them selves to blame if they get pregnant,a boy who get a gal pregnant r just being boys

  21. anonymous

    lagta hain san aa gaye hain……..hum chalte hain…………….ashirvaad aap logo ke liye…………………………………………………..

  22. vaishu

    nutz i feel merely expelling navya doesnot solve anything,,,but secret ballot??i dun think its a smart move either

  23. Nutz

    Vaishu i’m confused wheter i support nandu’s moves or not. At sum point of view, she’s dng da r8 thing to safe navya’s future but den again da way she’s dng it…i don’t knw if it’s da correct move

  24. naruto

    lalalalalal [email protected]????

  25. Nutz

    NARUTO can u see me??? Why r u not replyng to any one of comments,am i invisible to u? Plz don’t mind if i seem a bit rude,sorry

  26. fairy

    guyz wanted 2 talk wid all of u bt d supid n wrst wifi dnt want…uff……….l want 2 talk wid u allll…help me…

  27. vaishu

    nutz,,even m not sure how wud i react if any thing happn to our close ones, n nandu alone can’t solve this issue,,,she need a back up fr family members n guardians,,according to me whether pregnant or not have a right to stay in school and by throwing them out we are denying them that right as well as ruining their futures.

  28. Nutz

    Naruto i’m askng like this bcoz well u see i’m a big fan of Naruto Uzumaki,so wen i saw this usernam i kinda got curious.
    Plz tell us ur real name, it’s a small request frm dis new frnd.plz

  29. fairy

    guyz..2day l m nt able 2 talk wid u guyz..plz ll u all talk wid me 2mrw???if u all nt thn l ll nt spare u….ha ha sry sry jst jking…plz 4gv me..gv me prms….

  30. remix queen

    pular youth show on MTV, Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan(BBC Productions) has got an extension of airtime. The daily show currently beams from Monday to Sunday at the 6.30pm slot. Our sources inform that given its popularity, the channel has decided to air it for an hour from January end. A channel source on grounds of anonymity confirmed the development. Now coming to the channel’s other show Fanaah(BBC), which airs at 7pm on weekends, it will end. The show, as per sources, shot for its last episode yesterday.Yaariaanwill take its timeslot

  31. Nutz

    Maria, u’re really very sweet.
    Please, it’s a request, plz cum here n visit us again,it feels so nice to meet u.
    Plz cum here maria n laura,we’re al waiting fr u guys

  32. Nutz

    No laura, it’s true.
    We al knw hw swt u r.
    N maria, listend to u n took out her time to cum n meet us al bcoz of u,so it shws hw much caring n swt she is.
    So me n fairy r just sayng wat is da truth

  33. Nutz

    Guys, i’m so happy dat they’re gona shw kyy fr an hr but just wondering if i’ll be able to watch it dat long

  34. remix queen

    guys sbs ie that is saas bahu n saazish kaunse channel pe aata hai??tomm whole kyy team r doin a makar sankrati special so dey r showing the kite flying by fab5 n manan on sbs at 2 30…dnt know channel bt

  35. Euphie

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  36. Nutz

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  37. carron

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  50. Nutz

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    After solvng 1 or 2 sums, i’m cumng here n leavng

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    Dis has happend fr da first n hope fr da last tym in my whole schl life ever.
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    Didn’t realize wen i had fallen asleep on social science cls, woke up wen da bell rang n cls ws over..

  53. chudail

    Sst sab jagah mein same hai , Meine mere cousin ka book pada hai , par Vo teacher bhi Accha or intresting hona chahiye…..

  54. Vampire

    Nd hamlog ka aaisa ratna parta hai ki aagar book baand kar de toh pura book photocopy likh denge. Thats y i hate u sst.

  55. chudail

    Sammy my sst teacher is very funny, cool n intresting!! My maths teacher is also gud n I also get gud marks in maths but I sometime hate the subject

  56. Nutz

    Ooo…dis has happend fr da first tym,so it’s quite memorable to me.
    N of al clses i fell asleep on dis sub,it’s obvious coz dat sub is bit boring,sorry car but borng to me

  57. Nutz

    Haha sam, did u knw da teacher was standng right next to me on my right side,i was sittng in da 1st row,i was leaned downward,eyes n focus on da book n in dat state i fell asleep, teacher never realized thought i was lukng at book…haha

  58. chudail

    La la la la la lan ki, cry say h 8 grouty vr UK usn4 we 6,6
    8 tsbr2qntsbr2tsbr2frwnfp7i l gn the ball
    6P y tu 698 00. 0 plug 6 lif gs hey. LG. K h d ping y4a2e- %^&¥
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  59. chudail

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha u abh tu ki bf hrs 4y, u lor, 5 wht 6
    Jets gra the ball rolling on the way to get through the use of a few I l t y 5 45 to the devil.uh, then 5 jump to content university home. .770 to 9, I am a 0

  60. Vampire

    Dekho nutz chudail pagla gai.
    1st bench mein soona aasan hai. Teachers generally 1st bench wale ko nahi dekhte. Mein bhi 1st bench mein hi baath k soota hu.

  61. chudail

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    see !! I have given u 4 names !! Ha ha hs

  62. carron

    Sammy according 2 everyone mice r a nuisance n irritating creature ..so am I also like tht 🙁 is tht y u gave me tht name

  63. carron

    Chameleon changes colors ..It means tht a person who betrays ppl n changes colors n doesn’t have a original personality..This is my point of view wht abt urs

  64. Vampire, lizard, monkey, samosa, sammy.

    Mein wo naam esliya de raha tha kyuki wo bhi lizard ki tarah chota rahta hai..

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    Kya kar u mein aish hi hun …par koi baat nehi tum kya naam dengi mein accept karungi. .. 😀

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    N don’t knw abut laura

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    @ nutz nd fairy-which days r weekend in bangladesh & picnic ko bengali mn kya bola jata hai..plzzz ans this..

  75. fairy

    Kyy rocks..our holiday is friday n saterday…bt saterday sm plc hv nt holiday….n in bengali we call it picnic too if u want shuddh bangla thn it is ‘bonvojon’

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    I dnt knw aish…kyy rocks always cm in d mrng n gv us sm link n get vanished…again kr cm n ask sm qyes 2 us n get vanished again….kr dnt talk wid ppl if they ask anythng 2 him or her…..

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    Absolutely r8 fairy.
    Oo..so dat’s da matter. Fairy i’m sure dat if u promise us u’ll never again bcum a silent reader n sammy bro will forgive u

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    Oo..in da dream,der’s u, me, sam, carron, ammy n kyy

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    Plz wait, it’s long n it’s gna take tym

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  86. Nutz

    Ammy was chatting here wd us n den kyy came n introduced himself as parth samthaan.he said he’s been watchng us fr a long tym..n found dat ammy is a chatter-box n told her to say sumthing wise

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  88. fairy

    Kyy rocks plz say smthng…..arrey guyz…wht hv l dn……why u all r angry n upset wid me…
    Nutz..hv u found d reason why l wnt 2 b a silent reader…..4 ths reason…..

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    Kyy rocks wait plz..
    Plz don’t mind, we’re really glad to help n u can ask us anything anytime, it wud be our pleasure

  90. Nutz

    Fairy ur solution “be a silent reader” is not a gud idea though. sam,me n di were really tryng to make u talk wd us,dis place feels incomplete without u n ur talks,so plz don’t u dare to think abut bcumng a silent reader again fairx

  91. Nutz

    Shar sadly things don’t luk so gud to me.
    Kyy rocks left, sayng dat he won’t ask anythng fairy abut our country again n left.
    Fairy wants to bcum silent reader, she did bcum dat 2 dys ago n me,sam n anu di were tryng to persude her to chat wd us.since fairy wasn’t talkng, sam got a lil upset n dat’s fairy is lukng fr sam

  92. Nutz

    FAIRYYY !!!
    Have u gone out of ur mind? Don’t dare to even think abut leavng.

    Fairy plz just calm down n relax…please n u’re not gng anywhr plz

  93. fairy

    Guyz…l m telling 2 evry1 in 1 mnth whnevr l cm if my any cmnts or anythng hv hurt u..thn l m really sry …4gv me…my intntion is never 2 hurt any1……thr r lots of pb hv created 4 me….l m sry 4 tht……

  94. fairy

    Nutz..l ll try my best 2 cm here again …..l ll miss u all a loot…l ll never 4get my sweet frnd like u all……….
    Nutz…l ll try ofcrse…..

  95. Nutz

    Fairy dat n8 me,sam n di,we were tryng to make u talk wd us any way possible.
    Remember first i said we won’t let u leave, wen my stubbornes didn’t work, i startng requestng u.
    Likewise sam at first requestd u n wen dat didn’t work he threatend u dat if u don’t chat wd us nw, he won’t talk wd u again,he said it just lyk but didn’t mean it really

  96. fairy

    Suhash, sound, dan, niku, carru, ammy, megha, kuhu, nutz, auho, shar, sana, aish, kyy rocks,anu,love, pritam,laura, maria, nishanth,sam,choco pie,vaishu,n evry1 …l ll miss u..
    Sry if l miss any1…..

  97. fairy

    I knw nutz….l cn only gv ppl pb…nthng else……uff….l m so mch irritating…l hv 2 rectify my mistk in ths new year…n dnt wry nutz….l ll try my bst 2 cm here again 2 meet n talk wid u all……….hw cn l 4get u guyz…u ll were so clse 2 my heart………….. l ll cm again…l prms…bt l dnt knw whn…..

  98. kyy rocks

    mujhe aisa nahi bolna chaiyhe tha fairy.ko..fairy bahut upset ho gayi…..frnds mn ye sab hansi mazak chalte rahta hai….don’t mind fairy…..sorry…actually netw prob ke chalte late typing..mera tha…so..i want to talk to u fairy…plzzz don’t go…

  99. Nutz

    U knw kyy wat has actually happnd here 2day.
    In reality both u n fairy think dat da other person is upset whereas da other thinkng da same is feelng guilty.

  100. Nutz

    Kyy rocks fairy isn’t upset wd u at all n she’ll here again real soon.
    N she’ll be more den happy to talk wd u, so kyy no need to worry wen fairy returns, u two can talk n clear out al dis

  101. auhona

    hi and sry nutz i had gone….wat has hapnd to fairy??? fairy come on yaar!! you are the sweetest member of our family….pls na….come back..thers no fault of you in anything,,rather u are the one to solve all maters….come on frnd!! u cant leave us lyk this!!!

  102. Nutz

    Kyy rocks, u can ask us abut anything anytym abut our country, da more ques u ask da happier we wud be:-)

  103. Nutz

    Auho mere pyaari yaar, srry to inform u dis but fairy has already left.
    Don’t worry she’ll cum real soon.
    We just hv to wait patiently till den, we surely can do dis much fr our swtest frnd, r8 auho?

  104. kyy rocks

    @ nutz …mere chalte agar koi ye page chor dega to mujhe bahut hi kharab lagega…..fairy ko msg kar dena ki we r all frnds yaar….fairy ke bina ye kyy page…adhura hai…. i hope sab thik ho gaye jaldi hi…..main hamesha fairy se baat karunga ….

  105. Nutz

    Kyy rocks, i hv a favour to ask of u.
    It’s a small request yaar. Please please tell us ur real name. please

  106. auhona

    guys i have sent a msg to fairy regarding that we r missing her sooo much…hope that she comes back soon…

  107. Nutz

    Auho do me a favour.
    Plz mail fairy dat kyy rocks came n lukng fr her.tell here to cum here nw,urgently

  108. kyy rocks

    i m frm jamshedpur,jharkhand,india.i m b.tech st…guys..no secret…my 1st frnd is kuhu..i.e.all my intro…miss u lotssss…kuhu..

  109. Nutz

    Auho, i hv decided to give a fixed tym, so dat most of us can cum togethr n chat.
    Since yesterdy i’m invitng every1 i c to cum den.
    Hope every1 cum den n we can be 2gethr

  110. auhona

    cool nutzy!! my studies are going good…xm’s are from the begining of march….hoping to do well…:)

  111. remix queen

    hi nutz n auho…i left coz lately wenever i come pple r thinkin of goin…so the magic dat was der in the grp is lost sumwhr

  112. auhona

    To begin is the meaning of this 5 letters word…….erase 1st 2 letters and do painting works……..answer the quiz!!! very easy..

  113. auhona

    ok i am really feeling bored……i’l sleep at any moment….itne sare log hai dunia mein….koi toh aao……varna mai sachme so jaungi yar……………………………..z z z ……….z z z ….

  114. zarana

    huuuuuuuh……..ss ur a live saver yar….i was just dyeing!!! thnk u sooooooooooooooooooo much for coming ! 😀

  115. auhona

    hi sammy……..i am feeling scared and hungry now…..thnx a loooooooooooot for coming………mai almost mar gayi thi……

  116. auhona

    ya ss…..i went to coment on other page……so i changed the name for a while……sry for the trouble! 😉

  117. auhona

    sammy……just read out earlier coments…then ull get it that why fairy is not here,,,,,,i am really missing her sooooo much!!! fairy aa jao na!!!

  118. auhona

    guys i have to go now………..sry but no more breaks……study tym………see you guys soon!!! bye!! take care!!

  119. Vampire, lizard, monkey, samosa, sammy.

    Kabhi toh koi aa jaya karo mere aane pe..kya mein eetna darauna hu..

  120. qwert

    Only watched d last minute of d epi…..one thing dat i feel is dat der was no need of using d word s** instead nandu cud use physical relationship or something else…..it wud nt embarass ppl atleast as much as this does