Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Manik is rushing Cabir to the hospital and Nandini asks for a blanket. Manik says that he doesn’t sleep here while Nandini says that Cabir needs it as he is shivering. Manik is taking his jacket off when he almost hits a car. He calls Nandini forward to hold the staring wheel and she kisses Manik on the cheek due to the turn. Manik then tells her to keep the car steady and gives his jacket to cover Cabir up. Manik looks at Nandini through the mirror.
Dhruv drops Aliya home and when he says goodbye she refuses to accept that as because of her he danced with Nandini. Dhruv says that I owe you one and a simple bye is not enough for you. Aliya says that I know that and asks of what this is as she pulls a strand of hair from his coat. Dhruv gets lost by looking at it when Aliya wakes him

up. Dhruv says that he knows this and will keep it as a secret. Aliya says that one kiss can do while Dhruv says that are you crazy while Aliya says that you are so shy.
Aliya gets a call from Manik informing her about Cabir and tells her to bring her mother but not to make a panic. Nandini sees the name love on Aliya’s number and remembers when Manik said that Aliya and him broke up. Navya is crying in her bed and can’t accept to what she saw today. She says that if you were like this then what were you doing with me. She then deletes the photo of her and Harshad and says that I don’t know who to trust.
Navya’s roommate comes and asks of what happened and mocks Harshad. She says that your boy is famous now as his video is on the internet now. Navya tells her to go away and leave her alone she cries out saying that you made a fool out of my life. She cleans her tears and says that no one gave you the right to play with my life. Manik comes in the hospital holding Cabir and his hand is hurting as well and starts to bleed as it gets a cut.
Nandini rushes to him and asks if he is fine while Manik says that he is Okay. A doctor comes and asks of what happened while Nandini says that he fell and got injured due to the fall. The doctor realizes that this is a fight but Nandini says that Cabir doesn’t like fighting. Manik then backs Nandini up as he realizes to what is happening and then Cabir is rushed to the I.C.U.

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Shahid comes to Harshad’s house asking how he is while Harshad says that what you want. Shahid says that he just came to give him moral support and doesn’t care if he is gay. Shahid says that let’s drink and you will feel better. Harshad holds Shahid by the color and says that I am not gay and throws Shahid out. Harshad says that Cabir you shouldn’t have done this, I should have killed you. He sits down and remembers about the video. Harshad stops and says that the Fab5 has turned me into this and I was not like this.
He gets a knock on the door again and says that I will kill you. Navya comes in barging saying that I will kill you first, she stops him and says that I love you because I don’t have the fear of breaking a heart. She turns Harshad around and sees him crying and wipes his tears. Harshad says that you love me but trust that fake video. She stops Harshad again and he hugs her and then kisses her.

Manik drags Nandini aside and says that you are stupid to lie about Harshad. Nandini says that you are stupid as I lied for Cabir so that the doctor may attend him. Nandini says that you will never understand this and is about to leave when Manik holds her arm, he lets it go and says that it’s nice that you made a story. Manik says that if you can lie so nice than why do you say that you can’t lie while Nandini says that I learned it form you. Manik says that he never lied when Nandini reminds him of ALiya’s number as he told her that they broke up.Nandini sits on the chair leaving Manik feeling guilty, he also sits on the chair in the opposite row. The look at each other but doesn’t make eye contact.

Precap: Muktii comes and sees Harhsad and Navya together, she comes downstairs so that they may not see her but breaks some glass.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I can’t wait any more plz faaaaaast

  2. Loved the episode

  3. Nice episode. …

  4. cant wait nymre plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz;)

  5. Thanks sons… 🙂 I really hate harshad… Why is he spoiling the life of 2 girls..??

    1. Ya that’s correct I too hate him.. 🙁 🙁

      1. he is a devil….hate harshad too

  6. how is it??

  7. But I liked today’s epi… So nice we.. 🙂 🙂

  8. thanx sona.. m waiting 4 the rest update..:)

  9. Mke drive 2 fallen in love with aliya pls

  10. Hey not much is in wu,manik gets sad hearing that from nandini and tries to protest but doesn’t.nandu sits on chair,manik too.they sadly look at eachother. Precap:harshad and navya on bed hugging,mukti comes and see navya’s dupatta on stair.then she goes harshad’s room and sees them kiss.she shivers with pain and go down,she mistakely break a glass and harshad navya hears

  11. As per the boys over lovers…ddrama the lead actor refuses the heroin bcz of her mthr and he behavs like manik but heroin would nt stop loving him eeven though the other actr loves her truly….hope kyy will be like dat….shuld hav manan toghtr….but mank was thinkg folshly if a girl loves one boy when he betray then she wont go other guy easily …dat is the love logic..but am hapy to see manan in evry episde….

  12. God i m in love wit d chemistry of manan…. How cn any1 b soo cute d way he see her owww…..

  13. Where is the rest???

  14. Lov uuuuuuuuuuuuu Manik……………..

  15. Thank u soooo much sona……

  16. Thnx sona for updates I dnt even know hindi but I love this serial somuch

  17. Yaaa exactly i got it nw…….this show is almost like boys over flowers……..i agree vit u satya……..

  18. D way manik looks at nandu ..the way they closer …so adorable and cute …love manan

  19. Most boring and irritating couple..”harshad and navya”..agree??

    1. yes of course . they are the most most irritating couple( harshad & navya).

  20. This serial s based on boys over flower only with slight changes.. Thats it.. Live d serial

  21. This serial s based on boys over flower only with slight changes.. Thats it.. Love d serial

  22. Ya i agree.. Manan rocks… Sometimes Silence between them spokes…

  23. Was a rocking episode

  24. Please don’t focus more on navya and show good about manan.

  25. Wow nice episode….. bt Sooooooooooooo sad for manan..

  26. its too much now….. manan should b back now… n harshad shud b with mukti not navya….

  27. ya…but didnt understand why manik still kept aliyas name as love

  28. So. Finally nandini confesses her love by telling about aliya !!! Right guys

  29. todays episode was so irritating
    i cant see harshad with navya he just belongs to mukti and i love our cute couple manan … oh please just change the track man i want to see manan together and harshad mukti.Navya ki liye kisi aur ko doundo pls yaar just dont spoil the story.

  30. Seeing harshad’s tears, I got santy. I can’t see u crying. Don’t cry otherwise I will die. I luv u harshad from the bottom of my heart……:p

    1. dear do u really like dat harshad just c how he cheated mukti and now navya……….

  31. I want harshad n mukti back. They just rock 2gether. I luv all the characters of kyy. Parth, niti, veebha, Charlie, abhishek, ayaz n all others. I luv u guys. Really luv u

  32. Now Harshad is going to cheat navya badly.I’m not good in hindi bcoz iam a south Indian then alsoiam seeing this serial & reading written updates.love u manan

  33. awesome episode!! just waiting to see manan together.:>

  34. Hey guys…niti said on twitter dat as of now no manan scene…so really sad news for manan fans…n gud news for dhuri ….hop dey’ll b bck soon.. 🙁

    1. dear it’s nt dhuri it’s dhruni that’s dhruv and nandini

      1. Ya sory…it was by mistake…

  35. Loved d episode ….but it is jst ridiculous to c harsad and navya together……

  36. Kiara l really luv him

  37. The show is boring nowadays…one side raghav n cabir irritating story on the other hand navya n Harshad…Poor Navya trapped by Harshad….
    there is ot difference between this show n BOF..
    in BOF Heroin loves the second hero first after that ly fall for fist hero.
    First hero wont give up his love for second hero even if he knows abt the relation b/w second hero n the heroin.

    It will b good if this show also go on the same way!Loving to see manan together with love.

  38. I like abhi..but nt playing d negative role…i hate him as harshad..nd he is cheating on 2 girls life..mukti nd harshad is only nyc couple..bt nt lyk manan..manan is bst den evry couple..pls be 2gether fast..

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