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Manik comes and Nandini tells him to go away while Manik says that why did you come to the party then. Manik says that it was meant for us, the musicana winners so why were you there laughing and dancing. Nandini says that she doesn’t need to give him any explanation while Manik says to her to go home. Nandini pushes him against the wall and keeps on saying that what will you do, Manik holds her arm and then releases her saying that go home, while Nandini refuses again.
Navya is waiting for Harshad while Muktii is with Harshad who says that I want to be with you. Harshad is about to kiss Muktii when she slaps him and leaves. Raghav is dancing with Cabir when Harshad comes clapping on the stage. He mocks Cabir and says that the tape was a trailer while the picture remains. He mocks

Cabir on his relation while Cabir tells him to shut up, Harshad insists on telling him something when Cabir says that lets watch something on the bigger screen. Neunika also comes to the party while Cabir tells then to play the video.

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The video of Harshad dancing with a gay is played and Harshad leaves in anger. Aliya says that she can’t believe this but happened was that Cabir switched the drinks as Harshad tried to booz his. Cabir says that I had to do this so that he can shut up. Manik tells them to leave as he will take it from here. Neunika comes and says that you are all ridiculous and tells them to leave or they will be expelled. Manik tells her to relax while Neunika says that you will not save your friend this time. Manik says that lets talk tomorrow and says that I will pay you whatever you want.
Nandini tries to convince Navya that what she saw is wrong while she says that she is not a fool. Navya leaves by saying that I will call you when I need help. Nandini stands against the wall and remembers all the problems she went through today. Nandini sits and cries against the wall and says that this is the worst day of my life. Manik comes and sees her like this; he goes to talk to her but sops and walks away. He comes back and makes her aware of his presence; Nandini looks up wipes her tears and stands.
Manik says that look at you and someone said that you can’t be broken that easily, he asks that what happened now. Manik says that have I achieved the impossible while Nandini says that in your dreams. Manik stands next to her while she removes her hand as they touch each other. Manik asks Nandini that if you need a break.
Raghav and Cabir are walking when Cabir says that why did you resign. Raghav says that sometime you need to give sacrifices and now I feel free and this is amazing. The two of them are ambushed by student who throw powder in their faces and beat the two of them with bats. Harshad tells the boys to throw the two of them in some corner and they leave. Manik and Nandini hear the voices and come to look.
Raghav wakes up with scars and bruises everywhere and tries to wake up Cabir. Cabir is still unconscious while Raghav apologizes to him. Manik and Nandini come and see her tries to wake Cabir. Manik asks of what happened and is very angry while Nandini says that we have to take him to the hospital first. Manik goes to get the car and while Nandini asks Raghav if he is Okay. They leave while Raghav is still there as he says that he is Okay and tells them to leave. Raghav stands up and says that I love you and always have and says that I am really sorry.

Precap: Manik tells Aliya about Cabir while Muktii confesses her love to Harshad. He kisses her when Muktii comes and sees them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Its navya who confesses….not mukti

  2. I think navy a confesses her love to harshaddd

  3. Yup its navya and in precap its missing that nandini sees alia’s name saved as love in manik’s phone and gets tear in eyes.

    1. This is so hell not done … wat d hell is manik trying to prove to nandini? ??

  4. manik now jz stop ur drama and say nandini dat u love her……

  5. thanx sona..:) 🙂

  6. o god! manik can’t hide his emotion then why he is doing this…

  7. Oh my dhruv were r u buddy?

  8. Thanks sons… 🙂 🙂 manik should say nandini that he likes her…!! Please manik come on..!!

  9. Can anybody plz explain the startng sceen..aftr nadini refusd to go home…wht did manik whispers….plz tel frdz..

    1. she really loves to torture me …….

  10. Dude wat d hell???? Aliya name saved as love n maniks phone????? This is so not done! !!! Very unfair!!!! Very disappointed

    1. Yo or right

  11. Nandu plz stop misunderstanding him and manik plz stop hurting her. Manik listen to your heart not your ego. And remove that damn stupid caller ID as love for aliya!!!

    Anyways nice episode I wish they kiss each other again…

  12. He wispers….” Dis grl jus loves to torture me”…

  13. Hey guys

  14. hey amanda

  15. Had hai yr….ek din bhi 1saal ki tarah lag rha….i mean to say that ine dono ki luv story me jo drama create hua lag rha h kitne din ho gye h par show abhi tak 1 din pura ni hua….kab agein badega sub…mujse handle ni ho rha inka ladna n sadness n all

  16. Secrets secrets not secrets

  17. Secrets secrets n secrets. Suspenses r killing me. What is harshad’s secret dt manik was talking about….Plz everyone guess n tell me….Plz reply

  18. dis is nt true.the day when manik 1st hugg’d nandu at her house (cabir’s issue) before dat while in car ,he took his mob 2 call his frnd’s, dat day aliya’s num ws sav’d by her name on his mob…….nw hw can it change aftr so many days of break up…… (EPI 53 CHECK IT GUYS),,,

    1. Yes exactly.,.

  19. what yar stop the drama .

  20. MANIK and nandini will together save cabir

  21. Thankyou very much…..for the story


  23. Hey. Manik why the hell you are sticking with nandini ????? I thought that you didn’t love her!!!!!! Right !!!!!!!!! wwhhhhyyyy manik???? But i like the chemistry of manIK AND NANDINI. love you

  24. Manh whu the hell is dis neunika…!?! Is she manik’s mom…y do they stay together..nd whuevr is writin d update plz don mix up wid name…its a hell lota confusion

  25. what the hell are u doing manik? u know that nandini only luv u tum nandini ko refuse karoge toh iska matlab nandini again fall in love with dhruv.

  26. We known that Nandini will love Manik and Manik will love Nandini……… but i wish Nandini to fall for Dhruv… Dhruv is so cute

  27. why manik is doing dis he knows dat nandini loves him den how he can play with 3 lives…

  28. I heard dt hritwik is coming in kyy. Is it true? Plz reply…….

  29. actually the thing is nandini always accepted dhruv as her friend and she will never fall in love with him. But nandini has a different point of view when it is manik. She fell in love with him so does manik. But manik is so kind hearted about dhruv that he is sacrificing his love for him.. so sad.. so dhruni fans understand it and guys do u agree with me??

  30. Hi guys its me Niti I wish you all like our daily soap “Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan”. Do you?

    1. Wats gonna happen next?? R manan gonna b together? ?? Ths suspenses r killing us

    2. Wat will hppn next ,will manan be together….

    3. i want manan back….. wishing for manan epi soon…..manan chemistry is more romantic thn dhruni…..

    4. HEY I KNOW U R NOT D KAISI YEH YAARIAAN’S niti;;;;;;;;;;;

    5. Really….u r niti..

  31. Hey NITI.. I like these episode.. I also like the manan chemistry !!!

  32. Of course I like NITI TAYLOR .

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