Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Muktii says to Manik to swear on Fab5 to what he has just said. Cabir tries to protect Manik by saying that you are being ridiculous when Manik says that I swear on Fab5. Cabir signals Manik when Muktii says that what are you saying to him. Cabir acts saying that I was telling that Manik that don’t swear on us as I want to live a life. Manik says that me and Nandini are just trying to be friends and Muktii accepts it saying cool. Cabir walks towards the camera and says that I am already getting sick and I don’t want to die.
Later Manik is playing the piano when Soha comes and says that you really think that Harshad could be such a devil. Manik says that you have no idea to what he can do, Soha sits on the piano and then lays down on it. Manik says that I must say that you are beautiful,

Soha asks about Nandini when Manik says that can we not talk about her. Nandini then comes and wakes Soha up, Soha is shocked and says that where is Manik. Nandini asks if Manik was here when Soha says that why would he come here.

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Soha asks if the Fab5 should be performing as she is the manager. Nadnini says that I came to talk on that as the photo shoots waste their whole day. Nandini says that there is a deadling and if you are planning something than just consult me once. Soha says that the Fab5 are maybe giving you a hard time so leave them to me.
Navya is asking the principle to not to expel when he says that you had already left the college a month ago. He says that why this comeback drama and says that this is not a movie theatre and there are rules and this would not work. He tells her to leave when Navya says that this is her room. He says that you should have thought about it before and tells her to leave quietly otherwise there would be a drama.
Nandini is at the café and orders two sandwiches wondering if Navya would have eaten anything. Manik also comes to the café and sees her. Nandini walks up to him and asks, Manik says that he was looking for Soha and annoys her. Nandini continues to eat the sandwich when Manik says that are you still jealous as I hardly look at her. He says that we are just friends right and then takes her sandwich and starts to eat it. Nandini without saying anything asks for the sandwich when Manik says that in friendship food sharing is a must. Nandini says that no it’s not and tells Manik to be careful of Soha.
Manik says that what is this girl problem and why do you take all the feelings so strongly. Manik says that she is not that good but not that bad either. He says that she has not murdered anyone and this be careful and all. Manik says that I can handle it and continues to eat the sandwich. Nandini says that those are just intuitions and you just be careful of her. She takes the sandwich back and starts to eat it. Manik asks if they are intuitions are insecurity and glances at Nandini. Nandini on the other hand takes a piece of his face and says that I don’t need to insecure as I know you were looking for me not Soha. Manik asks if she is sure and Nadnini nods positively.
Manik rubs his hand on her and Nandini on seeing his hand punches him in the stomach. Manik tells her to relax as there is nothing on her face. Manik says that I was here to looking for you and runs off with the sandwich.

Navya is walking in the corridor when boys start to taunt her. Cabir comes and pushes them away and says that before I lose my temper leave. They mock Cabir as well when Manik comes and tells them to leave after scaring them. Nandini and Cabir both keep Navya calm and say that you will meet idiots like this all the time so you have to be strong. Navya tells about her being expelled when Manik says that what rubbish is that.
Abhymanu finds a chocolate bar in his locker when Muktii say that you won’t even thank me. Abhymanu asks her on how did she open the locker and Muktii says that you are not the only one who knows magic. He asks of why all of this and Muktii says that it is because I was rude in the afternoon. Abhymanu says that good you realized that and I won’t stop being a moron until you tell me why you did that. He gives her the chocolate and Muktii tells him a little about herself. Abhymanu says that step1 is completed as now you have accepted that you have a problem.
Abhymanu asks her to give him sometime so that he may change. He takes off his shirt and Muktii blushes and smiles away. Abhymanu mocks her saying that it’s a girl and asks her for dinner. Muktii smiles and goes away and so does Abhyanu. Manik is with at the office asking the principle of why Navya is being expelled. The Priniple argues with them and then says that it is a unanimous decision by the trusties and the staff.
Manik fails at to call neunika and then says to Navya that relax I will talk to her. Nandini tells Navya to relax as she can stay with her. Navya says that what will I tell your uncle and aunt. Nandini says that don’t worry about them and tomorrow you will be back in the college. Navya asks to what about the college and Nandini says that relax as we are your friends. Manik says that true that as Nandini is everyone’s friend.
They come out of the office when a worker comes and tells Navya for singing of a letter. Navya leaves saying that she will be back and Cabir leaves as well. Nandini asks Manik of what he has told Cabir about them. Manik takes her away and says that I have told everyone about us. Nandini gets scared and he says that I had to tell as the Fab5 can’t keep secrets from each other. Nandini asks of what he has said and Manik says that I told the truth. Manik slowly says that we are just trying to be friends. Nandini takes a sigh of relief while Manik laughs and taunts her again.

Precap: Manik takes the gift outside at Nandini’s house when something thrown by Soha explodes.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. soundarya

    superb epi…,,, except the stupid soha… and in the precap she again try to kill nandhu… oh god plz help me na,,, to calm down,,,, i’m losing my temper bcoz of her…

  2. Nutz plzzz stay cause my data won’t last till 10…..sanadi wish u bst of lck md a happy journey
    Who got injured Manik aur nandu

  3. soundarya

    nandhini got some gift ,,, in that it shows that it was presented by manik,,, she also thinks the same,,, but manik says that it was not presented by me & let me check it … this was seen by soha,, and she diverted manik by throwing some stone,,, that time the gift blast …( but i don’t know where manik came from ) DAN 🙂

  4. fairy

    hi guyz..gud eve….epsd was nc bt d precap was scary….
    sana..ll miss u..hv a safe n hppy jrny n plz try 2 cm here….

  5. soundarya

    Dan,, i’m fine ,, i fell too tired of our college function na ,, so i didn’t came here,, and ammy,, nisanth is fine…

  6. fairy

    act..sound evry1 z bg in home wid evry1’s wrk..no fun…so l cm here f fun n cht..l m sry…really vry sry…

  7. soundarya

    hai glisha,, coming with problems?? ( mean maths problems) But sry ya i’m not good in maths,, anyway let me try for once,,, tell the problem now ya

  8. the question is-A can complete a piece of work in24 days and C in18 days.After working together for 5 days, B falls sick. How long will A and C can complete the work?…plz sum1 help show me how to do this sum plzzzz….

  9. ok fairy….so now i m going to check it wid ur formula….i ll say u if its correct or not so plz wait 4 me fairy i ll be back after sum tym….thanx 4 d formula fairy….

  10. Nutz

    Glisha r u sure da information is correct n complete?
    B can complete da work in hw many days? Is dis info given in da quer?

  11. A can complete a piece of work in 24 days,B in 30 days and C in 18 days.After working together for 5 days, B falls sick. How long will A and C can complete the work?…this is d question

  12. Nutz

    Anu di i think dis math can be solved by unitary methods.n i don’t think glisha hs yet learnt set-function

  13. Nutz

    Glisha i’ve tried da math , even my ans is mixed fraction but sadly it doesn’t match wd ur ans 34/7

  14. Nutz

    Glisha it’s an easy math dear.
    Wait i’m typng,it’s gona take a lot of tym of type al dat.so wait..ok?

  15. Nutz

    In 24dys A completes 1 portion of da work.
    Therefore,in 1dy it com 1/24 prtn of work.
    Similarly in 1dy B does 1/30 n C does 1/18 prtn

  16. Nutz

    In 24dys A completes 1 portion of da work.
    Therefore,in 1dy it com 1/24 prtn of work.
    Similarly in 1dy B does 1/30 n C does 1/18 prtn

  17. Nutz

    Glisha i’m writing in very form,r u able to understand it? Shud i explain it more.
    Is it ok like this?

  18. Nutz

    Glisha i’m writing in very short form,r u able to understand it? Shud i explain it more.
    Is it ok like this?

  19. Nutz

    Therefore, in 1 dy A,B,C togethr wrks= 1/24+ 1/30+ 1/18= 47/360 portion of work
    so,in 5dys they wrkd=(47 into 5) / 360 portion of wrk

  20. fairy

    No no pritam…l read in clss 10…bt glisha ll nt undrstnd ur formula…..
    Nutz …ur formula is easy 2 undrstnd glisha

  21. Nutz

    Therefore aftr B levng work left= 1- 235/360 =125/360
    again,in 1dy A n C do 1/24+ 1/18 = 7/72 prtn of wrk

  22. carron1112

    e ah even I am in class 8 , is the question u asked in “direct n indirect variation ” lesson ?

  23. Nutz

    A n C togethr do 7/72 portin of wrk in 1 dy.
    Therefore, they do 1 portn of wrk in 1divd 7/72= 72/7 dys
    thrfr, they do 125/360 prtn of wrk in (72 into 125) divd by (7 into 360) dys = 25/7 dys or 3dys n 4/7 hrs

  24. Train wala sum…….wahi na Ki ek direction se train aati hai…..uske opp dir se bhi train aati hai…..phir ek station Mein meet karte hai…..

  25. Nutz

    Guys it’s so easy to do it in copy but while writing it in here, i’ve gn mad.
    Cudn’t find therefore sign,multiply or divide sign n each sentences seem so large in here

  26. carron1112

    Yeah there is tht kind of questions in “linear equations” n in this lesson also there is train questions

  27. Nutz

    U knw i generally like unitary method. But i seriously never liked dis chapter.train,bamboo, water container n tap…etc

  28. yes carron i also hate that train wala sum…i don’t know how to do it but i won’t ask u guyz this sum now becoz…i don’t want to give pressure to u all i ll do it in my tution 2morow…i couln’t hv ask u dis also but i got dis sum as a homework so hv to ask…

  29. Nutz

    This math can easily be solved using union n intersection.but glisha hasn’t learnt set-function methods yet so unitary method seemed da easiest way fr her

  30. Nutz

    No no glisha.
    In fact, i’m really glad dat u asked.
    It’s my pleasure.bcoz of u 2dy i feel maybe i can also be a gud elder sis n help my lil sis in her studies

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    Yes, vaishu…soha is dng too mch….l cn undrstnd tht she like manik…bt she also knws tht manik desn’t like her….

  41. vaishu

    but when manik explain to her he told dat he got stuck sum whr,,,y he doesn’t say dat he spent time wif da very important person of his life,,,,dats again a wrong signal

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    yea dan my fav gong yoo’s drama,,hvn’t seen it..u know every korean dramas i watch multiple times,dat much addicted ,,so i stopped for a while,,,

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    Guys but hw can kyy be an adaption of bof becuz as far as I saw they both r some wht different from each other

  45. vaishu

    yea carron..da plot entirely diff,but kyy started wif the style of BOF,,n some more BOF just 25 episodes..kyy beyond 100,,so da plots r not same any more

  46. vaishu

    my opinion ,,i love dat show carron,,original version besed on japanese ‘hana yori Dango’.but da acotrs r much more cuter than da japanese version

  47. carron1112

    K then bye guys I have only reached the 5th epi n in want 2 finish it fast soo eager to watch it u know …soo bye I am going 2 watch bof
    gud n8 anu..dan…vaishu
    Sleep tight n Dont let the bed bugs bite !!!
    Luv u ppl sweet dreams bye 🙂

  48. vaishu

    read it some whr,, 5 lies dat girl tell 1 im fine 2m not jealous 3 m over him 4 sure can b frenz 5 its okie,,,,,looks like our nadu is a big fat liar lol!!

  49. vaishu

    annu its bout,,,,Six students at Kirin High School have the dream of becoming K-pop idols. Each one of the students has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but they strive to debut with the support and guidance of each other. They also go through their love life and start to develop feelings for each other

  50. kyy rocks

    Gud mrng evry1….prev epi was superb new frndship of manik & nandini…remn n ints part-cabir ll be married to navya?

  51. MUST READ:- Guys utkarsh nd niti they are not dating each other. …so stop saying all this fake news as we all admins know that so now its your turn to understand it…
    They were best friend in utkarsh grp :- niti pulkit nd zain were there nd they are best friend ad they are having same vanity van…………. #utkarsh gupta fanpage…

  52. kyy rocks

    I think today too much links r posted so guys….sorry 4 doing this ….aaj ke liye bas itna hi enough hai….

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    Navya’s (Veebha Anand) pregnancy gets revealed to all in the college and principal expelled her from the college in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.Navya is shattered when Harshad refuses to accept her unborn baby.Nandini (Niti Tylor) supports Navya and confronts all students for Navya’s self respect.Nandini’s efforts to bring Navya back to the collegeNandini makes them aware about girl’s condition in the country and ask them to support Navya.Manik (Parth Samthaan) is ahppy to see Nandini’s new avatar and joins hands to support Navya.Manik promises Nandini that he will bring Navya back to the college with her all dignity.Manik and Nandini’s unspoken love-story once again take a turn durin navyas case

  94. remix queen

    see other pples opinion shud nt affect u…bt out of experience fallin fr a guy is nt rite or wrong bt fallin fr the rite guy is imp…first get to know the guy…coz pple change very fast or else u were too blind in the beginnin to see it

  95. i feel so wrong its not supposed to be but i cant control my feelings only thing i can control is not making my feelings known to anyone

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    Yes, laura…..dnt separate frm ur life…book cn teach u mny thng whch u cnt learn frm any othr thng…..l also read mny books…..u knw my bst frnd is book whch cnt hurt me…ha ha ha

  108. fairy

    Yes, laura…l knw ur parents pb…u hv 2 show thm tht their daughter cn do anythng whch ll mk thm proud….

  109. fairy