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Harshad comes forward and says that did I say something wrong and everyone laughs at them. The Two of them into a fight and so does the rest of the Fab5, but they are outnumbered. Nandini and Navya also come to stop but come back due to the large number. Nandini goes to the storeroom and gets a speaker in order to stop them but no one listens. Navya then plays the sound of police and everyone stops. Nandini says that the police are outside and you are going to go to jail if this continues.
Manik and Harshad continue to fight when Aliya comes to stop them and after a few second so do Navya and Nandini. Nandini tells Manik to hit him so that Cabir’s news can come in the paper, on hearing this Manik lets go and Harshad leaves and so do the students. Later Nandini wants to talk Harshad

while Navya protects him without having an idea. Nandini tells Navya to stop and leaves to find Harshad

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After the fight Cabir apologizes to the Fab5 and says that because of himself you got into this. Manik holds Cabir by the color and says that don’t say sorry again. Manik says that who are you saying sorry to, and why are you saying it. Manik says that you stood up for the right and we are proud of you and we salute you. Muktii comes and says that lets end this emotional drama while Cabir says that I take back my apology. The Fab5 leave together and are welcomed to the party as the winners of musicana.
Neunika comes and says to Cabir that what are you doing here and tells him to leave. Manik comes in the way and says that do you want to say something, and then tell it to everyone. He brings the microphone and gives it to her. Neunika cheers the crowd up and says that I am proud of all you guys. She leaves while Cabir mocks her and Manik agrees with him.
Nandini comes when Dhruv sees her and so does Manik. Manik is about to go when he sees Dhruv and stops. Everyone is having drinks while Cabir is calling some and Muktii tells him to calm down. They talk about Raghav while Muktii says that he is Okay. Nandini finds Harshad and says that why didn’t you call, Harshad answers rudely to Nandini when she asks that why didn’t he answer the call and also says that the friendship ended.
He blames Nandini for protecting the Fab5 and agrees on saying that I leaked Cabir’s video. Nandini says that you are so selfish and ruined someone’s life. She says that I am such a fool and then leaves. Aliya tells Dhruv to go and talk to Nandini, Muktii also doesn’t like Nandini when Cabir asks for the answer from Manik. After a long pause Manik stands up and says that what Aliya is saying is right and tells Dhruv to go to Nandini.
Dhruv goes and stops Nandini while she wipes her tears. He tells her not to cry while looks at him. Dhruv says that the last time I managed very difficult and don’t know if I can make you laugh this time. Nandini says that everyone has changed and only you came to me in my worst times. Dhruv says that maybe I am you guardian angel. Muktii says to Aliya about Manik and her breaking up while ALiya says that she hasn’t lost hope.
The Fab5 are called on stage to start the party when Dhruv asks Nandini to join him. Manik goes with Aliya, and Raghav comes and says to Muktii that you have stolen my partner and says that can I have him back. The dance starts with Manik looking at Nandini almost the entire time. Manik then thinks that he is dancing with Nandini but actually it’s Aliya. Nandini leaves the stage and so does Manik. She says to the lord that why can’t he leave me alone and I don’t want to see his face. Manik then comes and stands in front of her.

Precap: Manik tells Nandini to go home, when they get into a fight and Manik holds her hand.Raghav and Cabir are going together when they are ambushed by Cabir and Harshad injures Cabir using a stick.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow!!!what a episode… But I wanted nandini and manik to dance together….anyways I m really exited to see what happens after manik.comes in front of nandini…I just want manan back quickly!! And hate that harshad…what is he up to now??……..however,,manan pls be together again..we r waiting to see u together:):)

  2. thanks sona.. 4 updating the superb epidode..;) 🙂

  3. i mean episode 😉 😉

  4. Thanks sona for the upadates.i love todays episode ..i want manan back..i thnk cabir know that manik loves her..he will reunite them.hope so…

  5. Hello every1

  6. oh!!!! manan please be together…..waiting for the tommorrow episode

  7. Want manan back..i just hate harshad,dhruv and rest of them..only want MANAN back..luv u..

  8. I m waiting to see the next episode wen manik stands front of her..!! Manan must be back soon.. luv u..:-) 🙂

  9. i really really want manan back….. please bring back your chemistry manan……… <3

  10. Harshad is a devil.let’s hope cabir will reunite manan .now we manan fans are upset while dhruni fans will cheerup by seeing the events

  11. A glad news for all parth fans,our hero parth samthan has joined twitter.we can follow him @ laghateparth

  12. wow!!today’s epi ws reali interesting hope manik n nandini knows how much ty like eachother .am so
    excited to know abt the next epi.

  13. awsm episode…..bt manan shud hv dancd 2gethr!!!! cravng 2 c manik nd nandini 2gethr……bt thn dhruv wl b hurt…oohhhhh!!!

  14. i am very excited to see next episode when manik stands front of nandini.want manan back together soon

  15. Manik is burning …. I like that …serves him right for hurting her so badly

    1. Correct

  16. God hope MaNan gets together in the oncoming episodes

  17. Wow!! it was superb..parth nd niti r d bst couple..vry exited to c d
    Nxt episode..manan pls be 2gether fast..love u manan..

  18. i knew manan will come back!

  19. next epi looks exited

  20. sorry i mean excited

  21. Manik is secreative ! Obscured

  22. Thnx sona 4 d updated.

  23. Yesterdays episode wss good.. And cabir knows tht manik likes nandini.. Hope he reunites them..

  24. Ugh this harshad I am so glad that nandini understood that he was using her. This was a good episode and I can’t wait to see manik and nandini have a romantic scene again!

  25. Hello vandita

  26. I luv u manik and nandu….i want manan back!!!!!!!!

  27. Awesomeeee!!!!!dance of manan on song isshq vala love,soo romantic …..

  28. Manik wat d hell r u plssss go wid ur nandu n take her n plsssss dont let dhruv to fit fr her coz its u fr nandu nd nandu fr u

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