Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nandini walks out and searches for a way out, Manik come and stands with her and tells her to continue. He throws an ice cube down her shirt and she runs from the scene while Manik says that this did not go well. Manik follows Cabir’s advice and says that this time you have to win her heart this time. He comes singing a song trying to persuade Nandini while she keeps searching for a way out. When Nandini finds a way out he puts a piece of cloth on both of them.
Nandini puts her hand on Manik and is about to kiss when she realizes that he has a fever. She sees his hand and says that we have to go to the doctor. Manik says that we have to go so you have to talk to me and he says that how about we start you with accepting my apology. Nandini says that apology accepted and Manik asks if

we can get back to the way we were. Nandini says that we can’t and Manik asks why and Nandini says that she doesn’t trust him anymore and if a situation like this arises again than you would also leave me again.

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Manik says that you could have stopped me and you could have thought about it twice. Nandini says that it’s her fault that you lied and broke the trust. She than says that it’s her fault that she trusted and asks if they can leave. Manik stops her and says that is this is then end, Nandini replies saying that what never started has no end. Manik goes and unlocks the door and as Nandini walks out Manik gets a headache and faints. Nandini turns around and sees him on the floor, she thinks that Manik is acting and asks him to get up.
She then throws some water on him trying to get him back to consciousness when she realizes that Manik is actually sick. She puts a sheet on him and tells Manik to stay here and she will be back. She goes to the car and comes back with her phone and tries to call Dhruv. She keeps on nursing Manik when she gets a call from her aunt telling her that Rishab had an attack and she is in City Hospital. She than says that she has to be strong as this is no time to get week. She goes out and tries to stop someone for help when a cab stops and agrees to go to the City hospital.
Navya apologizes to Harshad as he is being taken in the cell when Harshad says that how did you even think that I would need someone like you. He says that only reason I ate that rotten pizza of yours so that you may help me on this day. She asks that you did not tie this thread around me when everyone was around and Harshad replies saying that I only did this so that I can have a back up. He tells Navya to get the hell out of here otherwise he will kill her. Navya can’t believe it when Muktii comes and holds Navya. Harshad says that how could I miss that it was you (Muktii) the whole time. Muktii says that even being so away you showed your real face to Navya. She leaves with Navya with Harshad frustrated and angry.
Manik is brought to the Hospital by Nandini and taken in the room. Nandini explains to the doctor about Manik’s condition. The doctor does the diagnosis and tells the assistants to take Manik to the emergency room. Aliya texts Manik and Muktii when Dhruv comes and asks that if they are jamming at her place today. Aliya says that you will be able to concentrate more at my place when Dhruv says that there is just you and me and so I was thinking… Muktii comes asks what happened and where Cabir is. She then gets the message from Cabir that he is going to meet his mom.
Nandini is with Manik who is being taken to the emergency room and let’s go of his hand as he enters the room. She remembers all the time he held his hand and cries.

Precap: The doctor comes and explains that Manik’s condition is very serious as the wound has become septic and the infection has reached the shoulder and they might have to cut it.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Idiot harshad! For u only manik now have to go through this state…guys i am just shivering n crying…what will happen now..god pls help manan..

  2. Rizwan

    Ohh gosh…hw could it happen wth manik…..i don’t wnt it…..nandiniiiiii do somethng …….hw could he play guitaar?????iam reallly sad……somehw save them pleaseeeeeee.nd ht u harshad the mostt…………..love u manik

  3. deepika

    heartbreaking episode!!! …tears overloaded in my eyes and still i cant come to the reality that it was just a serial ….:(

  4. I only wish dat nothing goes so wrong like memory loss…or else my situation will be as worst as nandinis….n harshad,,u have to pay a large amount for this..trust me on that!,u jerk!!

  5. Aisha

    Nandini u should accept manik apology …. He is in critikal condition .. Omg it was bad manik get well soon

  6. I just cant patch up myself saying that its just a sereal…oh god help me to control myself..my cousins r coming from USA tomorow..I cant go in front of them in such a sad mood..

  7. Maneet

    Hey ..wats tis.. Cant able to see manik in such condition…im cryin .. N wat tis operation… He has to recover frm these thingss.. Hope fr the best..

  8. Samyukta

    I don’t think manik’s hand will get amputated.
    But honestly I have no idea what’s gona happen. Whatever happens, I just hope Manik’s hand is okay and MaNan are together.

  9. retika

    Freezed for a while after knowing the ampute thing…no he is the hero..nothing should happen to him..Nandini should do something…oh god how will I sleep today….

  10. soundarya

    OMG !!!!! What is happening ya…??? it’s like an heart attack …….. But don’t worry Guys nothing will happen to our MANIK .,, He will get well soon & our Hottieee MANAN will be back again……..****MANAN Rockzzzzz****…………

  11. aradhya

    Hey guyss I am new here!!! N manan will confess to each other and tomorrow ky2 is gng to complete their 100 episodes! !!! Time for celebration guyss!!!! 🙂 😉 =) 😀 😛 ♡ ♥

  12. hi guyz………….
    im 2 upset wth 2mrw’s precap……
    dont worry guyz…. i thnk they will not operate his hand, instead some other alternate they wud do….
    As 2mrw is 100th epi MANAN will be back 2gthr and nandu wud confess her love to manik….

  13. ammy

    hiii guys ….it is nice 2 see u all after sooo many days. I am so tensed about maniks hand….i hope wat the doctors say will never happen …..happy 100th day kyy in advance.

    • i too feel the same way………….. but we cant predict it , as there are so many twist in this story………… sumthng fishy is gonna happen…???

  14. ammy

    I am fine….whenever i have my exams the worst things happen in kyy. 2mrw is 99th episode that means they will air kyy on sat 2

  15. ammy

    Since manik is the main lead , i 2 think dat nothing will happen 2 him. But if anything happens to him nd his hand, I promise I will kill harshad…

  16. qwert

    Cudnt watch today’s epi……sad…….btw ammy tmr is d 100th epi…hope it is gud…wat i feel is dat kyy always has a twist…frndz remember friday’s precap……soooo horrible.but monday’s epi wasnt just osm…….i feel d same shud happen….n plzz plzzz plzz noo memory loss n oll or it will notb diff.from daily soaps

  17. ammy

    my exams were vry good…..i will find him anyway nd will send him 2 hell so dat he never comes back…i am fine sara . thank u 4r asking

  18. ammy

    if there occcurs memory loss or hand loss, I will never watch kyy again…..enough of all this….patch up manan soon

  19. ammy

    but guys I cant help worrying abt manik….he should have gone 2 doctor….anyway gud n8 guys .Actually i am now struggling with physiography of india so bye …..see u people soon. lets hope 4r the best
    love u manan……

  20. ammy

    ooo I TOTALLY AGREE WID U…..navya has shown her courage…..well done girl…..nd harshad go wherever u like but dont mess wid fab5

  21. nisha agarwal

    acc. 2me i think dat maybe…..maybe this was all manik’s setup to make nandin confess her love…. as they had said in the spoilers…….hope it to be in dis way itself…..

  22. Samyukta

    Hey guys
    There is a poll going on for the hottest Jodi in indian television and MaNan is nominated in it
    All of u guys , pls vote for MaNan.

  23. Jaizz^.^

    I dont think parth will allow his hand to b cut in a show…for sure….i jus hope dis thing wont last too long…n manik wil get back consciousness tomorow…bt we can expect for an encounter btwn fab4(widout manik) n harshad so dat harshad cn taste temporary victory….bt am sure dis scene is jus fo bringing manan cloooooser n fo fab5 to knw dis in d most passionate way….n fo this nthng is betr dan a hospital drama…;-)

  24. redsky

    guys… its a new buddy here … being a fan of ky2 ,I got a simple question … woh jo new promo that is out… uspe manik alia dhruv n nandini all share there inner thoughts and doubts… nd manik says ” nandini ..maybe I should just let her go.. “…uspe jo background music hain … seemed quite familiar … as though its been taken from some song or sth… do you guys know yeh kaun sa gaana hai ..?? keo ki bolte parba.?? plz plz
    .. PLZZz… anyone,?? 🙁

  25. redsky

    oh .. niks .. u so sweet. … par sabhi ne ek question ko ignore kar diya .. so I felt a bit ignored . … 🙁 ….

  26. redsky

    🙂 ….
    so… would you mind answering my qus plz ..??? actually mujhe bhi nhi pata iss simple sa matter pein itna kyun soch rahi hoon ..

  27. aish

    ashwini akka maneet akka jenny mam eppadi irukkinga nan innaikku ennoda language exams finish panen enakku ippadhan ungaloda chat panna konjam time kidaichuchu pls enakaga pray pannikongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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