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The Fab5 comes back stage and Muktii slaps Cabir and says that how could you hide something like this. Muktii says that why didn’t you tell us, didn’t you trust us enough. Cabir says that he is sorry and says that I trust you guys more than myself but didn’t know how you would react. He also says that I knew that Harshad had the video and had a choice between musicana and his secret. Cabir further includes that he chose to win as Fab5 always wins.
Muktii says that theses competitions come and go; you at least should have talked to us once. Manik says that you came to me last night and says that I should have been with you, while I was. Manik stops saying as he was with Nandini, Aliya apologizes and says that she can’t believe that it’s his brother. Dhruv comes and says that

we will get through this as we are Fab5. Muktii hugs Cabir and he apologizes. Muktii says that we are all drifting apart, and if this continues we will be torn apart by the world.
Muktii starts and says that we will tell our secrets and no questions. All of them reveal their secrets to one another but when it comes to Manik’s turn he thinks about her and Nandini and then says that he has nothing to say.
Shahid is happy at what happened and is enjoying while Navya says that she can’t understand this as she thought that Manik and Dhruv were together. Navya says that she feels like she has been shocked, while Harshad says that every student was until the time Neunika came on the stage and gave that shitty speech. Harshad says after losing I was tasting victory until that trusty came to help them. Nandini says that how can you say that you were looking forward for this, this means that you knew that something like this was going to happen.
Harshad holds her arm and says that I didn’t know and also didn’t know that you were going to mess with us on a big occasion. Navya comes in between and says that she got nervous while Harshad asks Nandini again that why did you go to meet Manik. Harshad scolds and scars her for things while Nandini apologizes and says that she takes full responsibility. She leaves the room while Harshad is still angry. Shahid comes back to sit and says that he didn’t mind losing today.
Raghav is packing his stuff when Neunika comes and he says thanks her for the help. Neunika scolds him saying that what were you thinking kissing a student and I had to give that speech to save Space. Neunika says that you knew that I will do this and I won’t let anything ruin it. Raghav says that he knows this and has resigned. Neunika says that you will leave this city so that this matter settles down. Raghav says that you can’t control me while Neunika says that I saved you when there was no one around and tells Raghav to follow her instructions.
The Fab5 are told to leave the rooms that it can be dismantled; they take some time from the man. Aliya asks where Manik is when Cabir says that he went after Harshad. Manik is looking for Harshad, while Nandini goes to get her pen from the room. Manik also comes looking for Harshad when he sees Nandini inside. The tent is dropped on them and they tumble over each other. Nandini throws Manik off herself but only their position change. Manik then helps her get up and he gets a call from Cabir and Manik says to him that his working is unforgiveable.
Nandini says that the word suits you and you Karma is chasing you. She keeps on scolding him and Manik says that I am not responsible for Cabir and says that you are. Manik says that you told Harshad everything and he told everyone. Nandini says that she didn’t do and doesn’t do things like this. Manik says that you are honest and stupid and anyone can make a fool out of you. Manik says that get out of here as I have to handle Harshad.
Nandini gets the puzzled solved about Harshad and Manik says that do you get it now. Nandini says that I got tricked but I don’t repeat my mistakes and leaves. Manik again gets a call from Aliya calling him back while Manik says that he has to sort something. Aliya and Muktii are getting dressed as they want to celebrate while the rest of them are tensed.
Cabir says that he doesn’t want to party while Aliya and Muktii are in the mood. Dhruv says to Cabir that if you don’t go then Harshad will get successful. Manik wishes that Harshad comes to the party while ALiya tries to calm Manik down. They Fab5 leave the room after taking a selfie. Nandini is trying to call Harshad and wonders if he actually did that.. Nandini says that this college is messed up and I am surrounded with liars.
The Fab5 come and everyone mocks them about the next video. Manik gets angry and says that who said this, he grabs a guy when someone else says it. Cabir tries to calm Manik down when Harshad comes and says that I said it. Harshad stands in front of him and says that here I am in front of you.

Precap: Raghav says to Cabir that I have realized that in life you don’t get everything and there are sacrifices sometimes. Cabir says to him then what is important while Raghav says that It is love and being open about it. Harshad comes and hits Cabir with a bat and he falls down.s

Update Credit to: Sona

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