Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukti is trying to convince Naviya as to give the people a chance that they are able to do it. And they will know if they are capable to take care of Abir. While they are talking both of the them get up they say that they will stay with them even forever to prove that they can be good parents to Abir. Mukti receives a text and says that there is some urgent thing and she has to go to Space and leaves without telling Naviya even when she is asking while the representatives are playing with Abir and Naviya ask them that it is the time to start a new relation.
Aaliya and her boss are sitting and trying to select some designs but do not get any luck. Aaliya asks him about how will they do when there is no designs and models have also been rejected. The boss says that they will do it and

asks her t keep smiling by remembering his phlisophoy.
Manik is walking and after seeing Maddy calls him but Maddy doesnot listen. Manik stops him and asks him as to how he dared to sign the deal knowing that the song is of the fab5. Maddy says that he will perform on the song and no one can stop him. Manik gets angry and is about to fight with him. All of the members of fab5 are standing there and are getting angry at the attitude of Maddy. Manik and Maddy both get into a tussle and then Manik challenges him to sign the song on his own. Maddy says that they will get the free passes.
Maddy then leaves then Manik asks Dhruv to do something for him and they all go away.
Naviya is sitting with Salman and Sonam where she starts t cry on which Salman asks the reason for her cry and she says that she is way from her family and also the mother of a child on which Salman and Sonam says that she has to call her family and always keep smiling.
Nandhani is sittng on Manik’s back while he is doing pushups. Manik asks her to get off and gets angry but Nandhani smiles and says that she has to take a lot of pictures of him in the angry, happy, sad mood. Nandhani and Manik are having fun when her phone rings but Manik does not let her pick up and when she finally does it. Manik starts teasing her and does not let her talk to Aryaman. After that they agree that in their private moments they will not do anything all to which Nandhani also agrees.
Manik then asks her to promise something and after she has made it Manik asks her to dance where they both seem happy and they dance and dance.

Precap: a worker is sitting who after seeing Manik calls Maddy to tell him that his performance has been cancelled. Harshad then asks Maddy as to what will happen to him now. Manik is practicing in the jam room where Maddy also comes and they both have a face off.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ohhh v hav to wait till tomorrow for watch manik-maddy faceoff. Wow awesome MaNan scenes. Luv manan.

  2. Damn! Now maddy’ll be still more arrogant!! He’ll behave hard! He needed money! Otherwise who likes to mess wid fab 5?? He needed money n fr dat he’s doin al this..khair jaane do..yuvi has left d show so mera interest on d character maddy will gradually decrease! But now, i donno wt to do?! Maddy/manik?? I toh loved their verbal fight!! Supah happy!!!
    I feel somethin fishy in that couple who came to adopt abeer…
    N d promo… Yaar kuch bhi ho yeh harshad ko maar dalo!!! He’s a pain in the neck!!
    Supah happy dat i unbuddied u! Yayyiieeee!!

  3. Baatein yeh kabhi na tu bhool na… Kon tukhe gaane de raha!! Maddy..u gonna sing nt ur song! Its fab 5’s song!! Chuck it.. The scene was magical!! Baatein yeh kabhi na..MaNan..aryamann kinda depressed…loved it so damn much!! That ws just beautiful!! Tickling!! Aww..adorable!!!!!!! Manik’s wearing d same color vest i.e black color in this year diwali tym too!

  4. i love manan …………

  5. Poor Maddy!!! His face was worth watching in the precap I guess he came to kno who n what MANIK MALHOTRA is! He was showing attitude to him!

    Thank god!! u did that otherwise I was going to do that only ie: cleaning shit from my buddy list! Leave it I don’t wanna spoil my mood by talking to a f**king b*t*h!

  6. @prads u r perfect in ur own way n u don’t need to prove dat to world kyyrocks

  7. N plumpy mind ur tongue she just joked k yuvi k ganay mt start kro n u became harsh with her What’s this way of talking k u r not the admin of this page when did she say like this u post ur opinions she post hers so u shouldn’t HV a problem by it, if u can’t bear her angry words na then u also don’t say harsh words to her, I don’t wana be rude but tumhe us se ya kisi se bhi is trha baat krne ka haq nh hai, koi tumhe ESA kehta tum bhi vohi feel krti if u hurt any1 then u will also get hurt in return either the person herself will take revenge or either God will take his/her revenge, keep ur anger n harsh words aside n be polite else ur own karma will chase u today u said those words to her tomorrow same can happen with u this is a friendly advice for u n it’s useful if u don’t want to be hurt then don’t hurt others too….kyyrocks

    1. Yeah Plumpyyy, I think Sara is right. Everyone has equal rights to post on here.

  8. Hey Minnie mind your language and don’t show your damn attitude ….. its bettr if u behv with plumpyy……..
    if it had been the old kyy rockz family here they would have just kicked out girls lyk you who don’t knw hw to respct othrs……
    kyy s2 rockz

    1. Listen unknown u r no1 to say anything against any1 , first see who started n u better don’t interfere in the matters u don’t know about….the one who started first should also behave y ppl always blame the 2nd person…
      Kyy rocks

    2. Oh pls gal/boy who the heck are u to say me what to do n what not! Admim of this pg??on na then shut us if u don’t kno the matter and ppl lyk u toh don’t have any manners na! Whenever something is happening peeps lyk u love poking ur nose in b/w! Yeah ms stranger who don’t have guts to use ur real user name u are telling me this! Awww yeah I don’t have any damm interest bout OLD kyy family! And she started replying with abusive language so she got same in return..!though she’s so called elder than me but if she don’t kno how to talk with ppl younger then her so m sry even I don’t kno then how to talk with respect! And u think m scared of them….?? Don’t think so coz they are not goddddd of this pg who kick me out!
      Just watch urself first and don’t poke ur nose Mr/Ms whatever!
      Hope m making myself very clear!??

  9. I want the old kyy back yaar this kyy is kinda boring compared to s1

  10. Acha guyz i too kno sara is right! Yeah dont b shocked! Even i wanted to say d same that evry1 has equal rights to post their opinions! But i said dat in othr wrds! If some1 wud post their thoughts here pradi u just had to poke ur nose in it n lyk u dont lyk some stranger poking nose evn they might nt lyk it na!! N pradi wt u said na yest bout dat yuvi yuvi jaap.. I kno that’s kiddish.. I do dat jaap only to keep myslf strong! No other intentions at all!! I kno wt all i go thru wt i feel..so only yuvi helps me in keepin myslf strong! N i had nt brought yuvi or parth topic in b/w in sayin somethin to u xcept d reply of prithvian thingy! Y did u hav a prob in me always doin yuvi yuvi?? Evry damn person has a reason in evry action they do! Likewise i too had a reason for all that i did!! Oh god! I dont wanna fight wid u as i kno its just waste of my energy n hw dare u say somethin to my family huh?? It is forever get that!! Forever!! U too were a big shit on my buddy list n m happy too by wt i did!
    Anyways happy diwali! U wont lyk to spoil ur mood by me! Who wanna spoil too!?

  11. Sara i had said yest that i had come here to apologize to my rude reply to pradi!! Bt wen i came here i saw somethin else! U think im d admin of this pg! Im not a robot! Hw will i do so mny things?? I used to welcome ppl who came new only coz that reminded me of family n d way they used to behave n treat them as a part of their family!! N dat itslf led to thiz problem?? Wow! Ok bye to y’all.. Happy diwali!! Njoy in ur world whr ur happy..free of unwanted ppl..

  12. Now plz dont tell me to leave this pg!! I hav d rights to come here n no1 cn stop me frm comin here!
    KYY ROXZ FAMILY… Happy diwali my lovelies!!! Love ya all!! Miss u idiots!!

    1. Plumpyy ,can u plz stop saying all this shit!
      Please yaar! Nobody asked u to leave this page….then y r u saying all this??!!!
      It was ur mistake, so juz apologize n thatz it!
      Kyys2 rockkZ

    2. Why will u leave huh??? D fault was not yours so u can’t leave. I am supporting u. Ur frnds r wid u. So never think of that okay. Now don’t be sad. Just smile and ignore that comment which hurts u.

      1. Acha baba..i wont leave..nw relax nash:D bt i’ll come rarely.. Annual day on d way.. Uske baad toh sirf ek mantra hai “study study study”!! I’ll come here for kyy,u n d memories of my lovely family…love u nash… N m happy.. Ek idiot ne mujhe happy bana diya.. Frm more than 2 hrs i ws chattin wid her n mom ne kuch bola bhi nahi!! Stay happy bachha:D

  13. Sara..evn i dont wanna b rude… Bt i ws hurt by wt she said! I’ve gone thru mny things which no1 knows here! Ik hw it feels too! U donno wt’s happening in my screwed up life! U donno y i behave like dis! U donno dat d scariest thought too has entered my mind! U really donno me….. The real ME!

    1. Plumpyy…….no one knws each other well here! Tumhe nhi patah ki who I am…..nor do I knw who u r…
      V r juz figures over here who come to comment here daily n hence have a frndly chat!
      Who u r…..or wat problems u r suffering from…….nobody knws…..n I knw neither do u want us to knw! N no one here iz trying to hurt u! Itz juz that they want u to apologize coz the mistake was urs!
      Kyys2 rockkz

  14. Oh u tell me whatever!! U wanna scold me..ur allowed!! But NOT my family!! Dont!! Just dont utter shit to them!! They’ve not said anythin to u so u dont hav rights to speak bout them widout evn knowin them!! U kno me..nt really..bt a bit u kno me.. Utter shit to me but not them!! U kno somethin called prejudices?? I guess u dont! Widout evn knowin them u show ur attitude to them! Wow! That ws s1 n this is s2..i kno dat… But that’s my family gal…i wont keep my mouth shut wen it comes to frnz lyk them!!
    Whoever will talk in my support, thanks. But plz dont bring d old pg our family in it plz! Coz u kno she wont get wt v are! Wt’s our relationship! I’ve enough frnz wid me.. So its better to stay wid them rather than fighting wid some unwanted ppl! Njoy!

  15. Chup ho javo sab log B-) B-) B-)

  16. * 😎 😎 😎

  17. adele [?A VERY HAPPY B'DAY DOLL?]MaY u KeEp SmIliNg?

    Plumpyy…..prads…..now both stop!
    Plumpyy truely speaking it was ur fault dear…..prads juz said ki at least on niti’s b’day Donn speak bout yuvi…..v all knw u r a big fan of yuvi…….but as it was niti’s b’day so everything bout niti was going on…..so prads didn’t lyk it……n thatz y she told u ki at least aaj k dinn yuvi k gaane band karo…….n this way of telling is not at all rude na! First she told u nycly……n instead of u replying d same,insulted her….

    N so prads had to tell that….if u can’t bear her words…. Da same iz wid her na dear….
    So plz…..nxt tym onwards,na first try to understand wat da other person is trying to say……then act!

  18. Prads,calm down dear….itz not at all ur fault. U Donn need to give any explanation to anyone!!! So juz calm urself……!?
    Kyys2 rockkz

  19. Oh really so pls tell me what i said to ur so called family………. felt bad ???then feel coz I can’t help…u deserve Every bit of shit! And yeah show ur childish behavior somewhere else just cmt here bout kyy and go! And yeah I brought my frnds first so I brought ur fav family! And yeah if have something called sense then pls stop irritating by saying kya kya dukh beete hai aap pe! Just lyk a abla nari…lol ????oh sry I forgot u don’t have sense leave commonsense coz u are a bigg sample of stupidity!!! ???U love doing show off don’t u….just lyk a kindergarten kid!??oh sry baby ko bura laga na……..

    1. Prads! Ab baas bhi yaar! Kitna bologi usse??! Ussne tumhe rudely bola n tumne bhi bol diya……toh bass khatam!!
      Kyys2 rockkz

    2. Now juz bhool jaao sab kuch n enjoyy!! Vaise bhi mushkil se chuttiyan milti hain….ab ussne bhi tumhaara mood off raha toh how will u enjoy??!
      Ab chalo jaldi se mujhe apni cute si smile de do……??
      Kyys2 rockkzzzz

  20. Awesome Manan scenes… Hey guys what is this yar, plump chill na., hey guys today is very special day for me today is my birthday…

    1. Bt ur bday ws in 1st nov?!?!?! Then…………

    2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rads(if u don’t mind) may u get all d happiness of world in this day and enjoy this day. Best wishes for u.

  21. Oh damn! Anu..yaar i didnt feel bad on dat yuvi wala cmnt! N i had come here to apologize only! Bt wen she said dat i behave lyk an admin dat hit me! Nt d yuvi one! Acha chuck it all.. Minnie..pradi.. Sorry girl!! Sorry!! Really! I ws just feeling so trapped n suffocating by evrythin dat happened n some bad news.. Dat i came here to apologize n saw u sayin dat i behave lyk an admin n aftr dat i really hate f**kin short tempered character!! Dont blame any1!! Its all coz of my short tempered character!! I just feel like digging a grave fr myslf n goin der! Yeah! N i hate showin off!! I dont intend to do dat! If u felt dat m showin off sorry! N i kno i had brought ur frnz in b/w n u too fr d same reason had brought my family.. I felt bad on dat k u said they are not GODDD of this page… Ofcourse they aren’t bt d way u said dat hurt me! I kno u dont care bt u askd me so i answered! N 2day mornin wt i said too ws outta my frustrations as it ws a baddd mornin fr me… I always unnecessarily take my frustrations out at wrong time n wrong place only:P u dont need to say dat m kiddish! All say this infact i say it! I kno m kiddish n i love tp b! I’ll b want i wanna be! Not according to some1 else wish! Sorry again fr evrythin!! Even fr being a frnd!

  22. What? Rads u said ur bday is on nov 1!
    Suchish..who r u? U behave lyk my suhash bhai…d coolest guy here!! Oh god! Thnx fr makin me smile btw:)
    anu..atleast u didnt react harsh! Thnq! Look i wanted to apologize, she said i behave lyk an admin! The way she said sounded rude! If she had problm wid it she cud’ve said it way b4! I wud’ve rectified! Bt y she had to tell dat rudely?? Yuvi k gaane wala toh chod hi do! That was my bad mood.. N my neighbour met wid an accident n dat horrified me n ik no1 wanna hear it.. That ws just my frustration written in it! Rocky promise..i had made my mind to apologize to her in schl itslf!! I swear on dat!! Wt i said to her..or abused her.. Aftr dat wt abusive language did i use?? She has abused me more..look at it too na!! Y only me? Am i only the one in d war??
    November 10.. Last day shoot… Gonna miss uttu a lot!! That cutieeee smile!!!!! Aww..he has won mny hearts aftr comin on splitsvilla too!! So so cute uttu!!

  23. Anyways happy birthday rads!!!

  24. Pradi.. U dont wanna talk to me dont.. I too dont.. But plz dont speak nonsense! U said cmnt bout kyy n go? Y shud i obey u? U too do only dat na! Cmnt on kyy n go! Apply that on u too! Btw..sorry again… Atleast kisiko sukoon mil jaye…

  25. U dont need to say what i deserve n wt not! U dont hav any rights to say that! I’ll gain wt i deserve.. God’s der to decide that! U dont need to stress ur brain on it! N its nt so called family.. It is my family… A family which gave me love.. U wont undrstnd n ik u dont want to!
    I dont wanna fight! U say wt u wish to.. I’ll b in my world.. In my happiness…
    Dont let little stupid things break your happiness!! 😀

  26. @plumpy @prads whatever I wana say I already said, n plumpy if u know how it hurts so don’t hurt others here, sorry to bring myself in b/w u 2 as I don’t wana fi8 with any1…guys if u both can’t bear each other then stay miles away from each other…tum log ko sukoon chahye na ignore each other u both react like it didn’t happen forgive each other move on…mera kam tha tum log k mood thek krne ka solution btana Jo mene kaha krna hai kro nh krna to ek dusre se larro mat if it happens with u then u will regret it…baqi tumhari marzi tumhari life hai mai kia bolun kyyrocks

  27. Plump Noooo its 10 nov yar.. bydwe thanks alot…

  28. Oh ok rads… Wish u a vry prosperous birthday dear:) wish u a healthy life n safe diwali too:) wish u all d best even for ur board exams.. Do well haan:)
    dont forget bout kyy too..u wont too! Njoy ur day n d life ahead dear:)

  29. @sara i’ve already apologized.. Baki uski marzi.. Maaf kare ya na kare its her decision! Yaar i’ve said b4 only dat i dont wanna fight bt she ain’t stopping!! She’s just not stopping!!
    I-G-N-O-R-E IGNORE!!! waise bhi ignore krne k liye i gotta come here..which i wont! Hopefully! Which benefits me! Hey hey sara dont think im leavin coz of this fight..i’ve decided it a while ago bt following it! N pradi..thnx fr ur this advice..behave like m in 10th! Im gonna study…bt in times i kno to behave like a kindergarten kid… So..u can call me that too! Lol
    im happiieeeeeeeeeeee……… Starsfireflies i love u……….pagal tu mujhe hasane mein pro hai!!! No thanks! N a group of hilarious ppl infront of right now! Oops! Bye.. Im laughin! Acha if any of u think im showin off toh ur mistaken peepz! Main khud yeh show off se door hu! If u call this show off toh meri woh classmate ko dekhoge toh pata nai kya haal hoga!!! LMAO!!
    Waiting fr d epi… Nw maddy will get to kno what n who manik malhotra is! Fun on d wayyy

  30. @sara y shud only i bear d pain?? I was hurt first! Agn..nt d yuvi cmnt.. She shud’v undrstood wt i uttered dat tym i ws outta my mind! She shud hav undrstood dat i ws in some bad mood! I really kno hw it feels.. Otherwise i wud hav nt said all dat aftr i read her cmnt of dat admin thing AND of dat prithvian!! She says aditi iz better than me..okay..i say gio is better than her! Baki do toh..she’s far better than d othr 2 whom no1 knows xcept me..presently! Bt m sure iki bro is better than her!!

  31. Wow great if anyone wants to learn how to be double faced pls come here! First hurt someone then u will ask is it paining..!wow great!! Hats off to u and yeah my anu not lyk u who will behave harshly on every damm thing! Least been younger than u she has something called sense! Unlike u “I was just removing my frustration sorry” u are not only one in this whole world who have many problems! Everyone has many problems but what u did …u said everyone this happened with me n that! Just to gain sympathy or pity….. or what can u do everyone yesterday said u stop behaving lyk a kindergarten kid who loves showing off! But no……ITS MY GOT DAMM SHORT TEMPERED CHARACTER !even m short tempered but least I don’t behave immature lyk u!oh sry i didn’t realised to whom m saying! And what u lied that I replied more harshly..lyk srsly don’t make me open my mouth and tell everyone what what shit to said on my character! Don’t force me to say all that crap which u said to me! U n I very well kno tu deleted ur disgusting cmt on my character! But u didn’t realized that by saying all that shit u were defining ur character!
    U disgust me!
    It was pleasure being again with a fake frnd…. I forgot this thing when I was thinking u are a true frnd that ppl who smiles too much with u can sometimes even frown too much at ur back!
    And yeah pls don’t behave rudely with my frnds at my back coz of me! Which ik u won’t understand but then also!

  32. Wow great if anyone wants to learn how to be double faced pls come here! First hurt someone then u will ask is it paining..!wow great!! Hats off to u and yeah my anu not lyk u who will behave harshly on every damm thing! Least been younger than u she has something called sense! Unlike u “I was just removing my frustration sorry” u are not only one in this whole world who have many problems! Everyone has many problems but what u did …u said everyone this happened with me n that! Just to gain sympathy or pity….. or what can u do everyone yesterday said u stop behaving lyk a kindergarten kid who loves showing off! But no……ITS MY GOT DAMM SHORT TEMPERED CHARACTER !even m short tempered but least I don’t behave immature lyk u!oh sry i didn’t realised to whom m saying! And what u lied that I replied more harshly..lyk srsly don’t make me open my mouth and tell everyone what what shit to said on my character! Don’t force me to say all that crap which u said to me! U n I very well kno tu deleted ur disgusting cmt on my character! But u didn’t realized that by saying all that shit u were defining ur character!
    U disgust me!
    It was pleasure being again with a fake frnd who knows how to smile too much and also how to frown too much at their back! Hope u won’t be rude with anu and sara though ik I can’t expect nice behavior from u!

    1. Prads….wat did ya juz say??!!! She uttered more harsh words bout u??!! Srslly???!
      M really sorry sweetie! I was thinking till now that the comment that she wrote on niti’s b’day k dinn wala epi….n the things she wrote n which got posted,were d only things!! I was really unaware of her other side yaar!!
      Now, u r gonna tell me wat she told u! Yes! U r juz telling me wat all rubbish she said bout uu. Coz u knw wat sis, ur probs r mine too! N itz not only u who r gonna handle this…….till now I have been polite n had talked to her in a decent way……but now I need to knw. Whether u tell me on watsapp or u tell here……itz ur wish! But I juz wanna knw da whole thing.??
      Kyys2 rockkz

    2. anu agar voh ek cmt hota toh I would have ended that there only na but she crossed her limits so I said all that……. and ms TOSHNA or whatever what do u think of urself us will say anything to me in ur so called bad mood like really! For a sec I assume that ur mood was bad then how u could have uttered that (I don’t remember ur shitty words exactly coz I don’t keep shit in my head) that I don’t kno how to talk that only ik everything bout parth I have problem with everyone’s cmt, i think m the admin of this pg and I behave lyk one I always have prob with her baby nash, I always make issue, m just 13 and I don’t kno how to RESPECT OTHERS I don’t think only before speaking, I always utter shit I don’t have thing called common sense, then plumpyy said she was controlling her anger on me from many days I behaved harshly with her frnddddd she said “did I ever spoke rudely to ur frnds either I spoke nicely or I kept quite” I should not dare to speak bout prithvi I blo*dy don’t kno how others might feel coz of my words! I don’t the real her! That i don’t kno she is sweet but also she has a wild side and i should stop this n that! She said that except yuvi also there are other things in her head “then tell me who score good marks in exams” and what not on my character!! Now tell me whatever she said among which I didn’t wrote few things so can anyone tell me can all that crap can be a frustration??? Or I can say it can be what she actually thinks bout me and says on my back….! And later she wants me to understand her frustration.lyk srsly! Firstly she replied harsh and rudely then she’s expecting me to behave nicely!! Wow hats off to such girl!
      Hope really hope this gets posted
      Sara on that link cmt won’t come only tu deleted that! And yeah she said her nash is better she thinks before speaking unlike me!
      I don’t understand what I did to her that she said so much!

      1. such ppl r a waste of piece v better dont waste on precious words n tym on ppl like her kyy rocks

  33. Plumpy agar gussa aye to reply mt kro coz others can get hurt of ur anger n I didn’t asked to bear pain I was giving a friendly advice useful for u DAT don’t do sumthing to sum1 u don’t want to happen with urself tumhare gusse se tumhari frndship toot gai dats y I said so…n prads leave it yr Anu n I know how to stand up for ourselves if any1 says anything rude tumne he to sikhaya hai humein yani punchkin or vampire ko ? my physics paper went well alhamdolillah ? just maths exam left…kyyrocks

  34. Anuuuuu monster anuuuu hiiii ? shall v 3 talk on whtsapp in a group? lets hv fun Kyyrocks

  35. Please ladai khatam karo or please Manik face off me jeet jaye nhi to Manik Ki insert ho jayegi please please Manik hi jeete .vaise Maddy bhi achha hai per Manik meri pahli pasand h or vo kuch jyada hi attitude m rhta h . Please isme Kisi ko bura nhi lgna chahiye kyunki sabki pasand apni apni h,kisi ko Manik pasand h to kisi ko Maddy per ager Maddy ka pair muktti k sath hoto to muje achha lagta please Manik or Maddy ko apas m may ladao dono ko jaldi se dost bna do or vo muktti se pyar karne lage .please ese bhi ab Nandu k peache mat laga Dena .

  36. plumpy u leave or not dat doesnt matters today u abused prads later u can abuse me n anu also….kyyrocks

  37. Oh oh! What was that precap?? Like wt happened to manik?? Somethin related to d blast?? Or d night b4 10 yrs?? That meteor thingy?? The wiki says dhruv’s gonna die.. Bt wt happened to manik??!!! He saw towards d sky.. Then suddenly somethin happened! No more shocks plz! I’ve had enough shocks in 2 days!!

    1. Now I am earlier I felt bad and hurt coz I considered her as my frnd only….. but then i realized I should not a damm to those who don’t understand my worth… uk fake frnds lyk her are lyk a dog yeah..Buy a gift for a dog, and you’ll be amazed at the way it will dance and swerve its tail, but if don’t have anything to offer to it, it won’t even recognize your arrival; such are the attributes of fake friends.!

      1. little sister…ppl cum n go but true frnds r there 4 life n i wont betray u like she did, thats pinky promise.,,.kyyrocks

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