Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harshad tells aryaman that he is wasting his precious time. Look Manik and Nandini are not together, he can be very dangerous for Fab5 and can destroy them. Mukti hears this all. Ambs comes there, Harshid and Aryaman stops discussion and begin the practice.
Amms come to Manik and Nandini she tells them that she was very angry that them but when saw you playing the sitar so beautiful I anger ran away. Ama apologize Nandini about Pandith. Ama convinces Nandini to play the sitar again,Manik tries to stop her but Ama she says that if you will take a breal you will not continue with the same flow so please play. Nandini plays the sitar but remembers Pandith and leaves the room.
Cabir was in the Ams office where he sees Ranjeev, and asks what he is doing here, he must be in class as well.

Ranjeev says he should also be in class. Cabir says he is always on a run like last time and have an argument, that he betrayed Cabir the last time as well. The servant comes to tell Ranjeev Amms is out, will he wait in the office. Cabir comes out of the office, Navya was there and asks if he was talking to Ranjeev. Cabir asks if she has gone mad. Navya asks does he know which office he was in, Cabir says he knows that, his hand hurt and he went to get oil. He scolds Navya to go away, Navya gets rid of her hand and goes annoying. He says it would be his pleasure, she won’t talk to him again. He was worried and distressed.
Nandini was in corridor, Manik follows and stops her. Amms comes behind and indulge in talking to servant. They try to hide, they come to Amms room. Nandini tells him it is Amms room, but Manik says she won’t come here. Manik tells Nandini not to worry about Pandit, Nandini says she gets worried because of him. Manik says she took Pandit’s name himself, she is finally overcoming it all. Nandini agrees.
Amms come to the room and asks what she is doing there. Nandini says she came to talk to her, Amms says she will first give Raama the money. Manik was hidden in the cupboard. Amms goes looking for her purse. Nandini tells her to sit as she will check her purse in dresser. Amms says she forgets everything these days, and gets up to check on the cupboard. Nandini shouts Amm’s name in panic with the purse, Amms smiles that her guess is always right. Nandini was right and she was wrong. Amms says to Nandini it isn’t wrong to do something wrong, and when there is a lesson it stops from repeating the mistake. Nandini asks if she is talking about Pandit. Amms says she is worried because of Nandini, she came to know about him. Nandini asks if Manik told her. Amms says yes. Nandini says Manik always finds something positive in even the negative things. She says without Manik she couldn’t have overcome this all. Amms tells Nandini not to worry, her music will return to her. Amms asks Nandini to give the money to Rama, Nandini says she needs to talk to her a lot. Amms says she isn’t going anywhere and is just here. Nandini goes praying, while Manik was there inside the cupboard. Amms calls angrily that Manik can come out now.

PRECAP: Amms asks Nandini if she lost something. Amms tells her that Manik was here but she sent him to Mumbai.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. ?pradishma?

    Amms is really being bad to manik once he beated his beSt buddy for nandani she thinks he is wrong I mean without knowing whole matter how can she do that

  2. Madhoshi

    I cant reapeat words again k
    who wants call or ignore it
    no need to reply me
    boring people get lost exciting people call

  3. greesh

    i hope amms wont send manik back to mumbai…she is able to understand manik n nandini

  4. ammy

    Jannatein agar yahin
    Tu dikhe kyon nahin
    Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan
    Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha
    Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan

    Humari adhoori kahaani
    Humari adhoori kahaani

  5. ammy

    Jo barse sapne boond boond
    Nainon ko moond moond
    Kaise main chaloon, dekh na sakoon
    Anjaane raastein

  6. meri kya galati ?

    Woh hmsafr ta to zaroor…
    Pr uske pas paisa nhi ta…
    Isiliye mjse hmnavai nhi hui ??

  7. kya zamana ?

    Ek admi ne zindgi se tng aakr kha
    …..is zindgi se to mout achi h
    Ekdm frista aya or bola ki…mai tumhy laine ayah on”
    Admi bola: Lo ab insaan mazak ve nai Kr skta

  8. ??

    Girl: Doctor sahib mairy boyfriend ko andar bhula lejeye
    Doctor: Trust me mai shareef admi ho….
    Girl: Nahi Doctor Sahib, apki nurse bahir akeli h… owr mera boyfriend shareef nai h

  9. ??

    Husband to wife: Did you have any bf before our marriage?
    Wife remained silent for sm time…
    Husband: mai es khamoshi ko kya samjhon??
    Wife: Abe gin ne tu dey..:)

  10. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    mohtarim hazraat agar aapko humare bhaijaan kahin bhi nazar ? aaye to humari aap se ilteja hai meherbaani karke 100 (toll free)is num pe call karen

  11. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    mohtarim hazraat agar aapko humare bhaijaan kahin bhi nazar ? aaye to humari aap se ilteja hai meherbaani karke 100 (toll free)is num pe call ?☎?karen

  12. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    mohtarma @pradhishma ye sab ek mazaq hai humari aap se ilteja hai taang naa adayen

  13. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    par urdu humari pyari aur pasandida zaban hai… you know even varun dhawan is learning urdu for his next film

  14. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil… do lafzon me ye bayaan naa hopaye

  15. ??

    Gud gud I guess his nxt film wil b a mehfil e mazahiyaan ……he z learning Urdu lol haha haha ???

  16. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    stupid itz mazakhiya not mazahiya… stop talking about varun your fawad argh he is so stupid he should have married mahira..

  17. Nutz

    M f9 ricky, sorry fr da late reply, actually mom hd cm n i ws talkng wd her.
    Anyways,i hv 2 leave nw.
    Bye evry1.

  18. ??

    Chol rastae Shari tram line ar kobitae shue couplet
    Aha uttap Koto aundar tui thermometere maple
    Hiya toop toop jia nostal meethe kuashae bheja asteem
    Ami bhule jai kake chaitam ar tui kake bhalo bashti

  19. ??

    Amake Amar Moto thak te Dao
    Ami nijeke nijr Moto guchie nie6e
    Jeta 6ilo na 6ilo na seta na paowai thak
    Sob Pele nosto jibon

  20. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    priyo = dear
    bondhu = friends
    plz translate the other words rahat e jaan

  21. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    hmmm I am getting bore… yah I know you are biggest fan of sallu bhai… you know I am never wrong 😉 … rahat e jaan m getting bored do something

  22. ??

    Priyo = dear
    Bondhu = friend
    Para = locality/ colony / neighbourhood
    Chena = known
    Tram = a kinda train loking vehicle with wheels found here plying on road
    Chole = goes
    Jay = goes
    Ricksaw z ricksaw
    Means…. My dear frnd…the whole neighbour hood z sleeping …trams and ricksaw r speeding past my eyes

  23. ? ?

    Dehleez pe mere dil Ki
    Jo rkhe h tune kadam
    Tere naam pe maray zindgi
    Likh di maray humdum….

  24. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    rahat e jaan (music) cant we start fooling around?? mr. ricky you know me very well but… I am not ammy

  25. ? ?

    yim zar vanahas bardar
    karsana su yar boze
    ya tui khanjar ta mare
    na ta sani shabha roze

    mas dyutnam kalavalan
    chivaravnas akiy pyalan
    chum duri ruzith zalan
    karsana dava soze

  26. ? ?

    Hey Ricky
    I may b sentimental…
    Bt dnt b judgemental
    Wat if i m a stupid girl…
    Wat if i m a stupid girl……

  27. ? ?

    Hii sweeet grl….
    Sallu rukh Jana ya Jana hmse do batein krke chale jaana yeh mausam h divaana

  28. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    rahat e jaan you are banno? oh God I will kill you… hey sg I am your friend… well! guyz I am sara now tata I need to go so sry bhai u came aftr so mny days bt I need to go sry

  29. salmani khan (sallu's twin)

    lol selfie ?… hmmm bajrangi bhai jaan’s 1st song ok tata guyz bye

  30. ? ?

    Tere mere bich me kabhi Jo baat Ho koi
    Dhup me chipik chipik hi to raat Ho koi
    Puchuga may haule se haule se hi janunga
    Janunga may holay se tera har armaan?

  31. ? ?

    Oo shit I shouldn’t hv sung dat ” I m8 b sentemental…………..
    Srry haha i was banno sorry sorry

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