Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Nandhani secretly enters into Manik’s room and wakes him up and as soon as Manik wakes up she tells him to go back to sleep as she has to go to college. Nandhani leaves hurriedly without listeneing to Manik and as she is leaving Nyonika sees her and then angerly goes back. Manik gets up and gets happy to see all of the things Nandhani has brought for him.

Nandhani and Aryaman are in the collage and Nandhani asks Aryaman why when she was so tense he gave her a chance to be with Manik. Aryaman says that why does she have to justify every good thing .then Nandhani shows Aryaman the sachet of ketchup and tells him that it is the same sachet that was with the Sandwich she bought for him but Aryaman quickly changes the topic and forces Nandhani to leave that issue. The Nandhani says that

she saw him playing the tabbla and wants him to join Nayiya and herself in the treasure hunt Aryaman hearing this agrees. Nandhani shakes hand with Aryaman and leaves.

Nandhnai receives a call from Manik and he tells her that he is bored and wants Nandhani to be with him but she refuses and tells Manik to not step out of the room suddenly Aryaman comes asking when they would start the rehearsals but Nandhani tells him that she has not thought about it.

Nyonika comes and pulls Harshad and tells him that he is not useful as he was notable to keep Nandhani away from Manik then he tells her that his partner is working to make a gap between Manik and Harshad. Aryaman comes and listens to their conversation Nyonika sees him and asks why is he listing to their conversation then Harshad introduces them to each other

Manik is trying to contact his friends but they all suddenly come and start hitting him with balls.Aaliya hits Dhruv and then tell everyone why she hit him.

Manik finds Dhruv and asks what the matter with him is. Then Dhruv says that he hurt Aaliya even though she tried to help him every time he was in trouble. Nandhani comes and asks Manik that why is out of bed and is he okay and says to Dhruv that he is Manik’s friend so why did he let him come out of the room then Dhruv says that he told Manik to go back but he would not listen

Precap Cabir is saying to Aaliya that she should not have highlighted her personal life in front of everyone and that because of this the Fab5 would never be the same.

Update Credit to: Sona

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