Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani secretly enters into Manik’s room and wakes him up and as soon as Manik wakes up she tells him to go back to sleep as she has to go to college. Nandhani leaves hurriedly without listeneing to Manik and as she is leaving Nyonika sees her and then angerly goes back. Manik gets up and gets happy to see all of the things Nandhani has brought for him.

Nandhani and Aryaman are in the collage and Nandhani asks Aryaman why when she was so tense he gave her a chance to be with Manik. Aryaman says that why does she have to justify every good thing .then Nandhani shows Aryaman the sachet of ketchup and tells him that it is the same sachet that was with the Sandwich she bought for him but Aryaman quickly changes the topic and forces Nandhani to leave that issue. The Nandhani says that

she saw him playing the tabbla and wants him to join Nayiya and herself in the treasure hunt Aryaman hearing this agrees. Nandhani shakes hand with Aryaman and leaves.

Nandhnai receives a call from Manik and he tells her that he is bored and wants Nandhani to be with him but she refuses and tells Manik to not step out of the room suddenly Aryaman comes asking when they would start the rehearsals but Nandhani tells him that she has not thought about it.

Nyonika comes and pulls Harshad and tells him that he is not useful as he was notable to keep Nandhani away from Manik then he tells her that his partner is working to make a gap between Manik and Harshad. Aryaman comes and listens to their conversation Nyonika sees him and asks why is he listing to their conversation then Harshad introduces them to each other

Manik is trying to contact his friends but they all suddenly come and start hitting him with balls.Aaliya hits Dhruv and then tell everyone why she hit him.

Manik finds Dhruv and asks what the matter with him is. Then Dhruv says that he hurt Aaliya even though she tried to help him every time he was in trouble. Nandhani comes and asks Manik that why is out of bed and is he okay and says to Dhruv that he is Manik’s friend so why did he let him come out of the room then Dhruv says that he told Manik to go back but he would not listen

Precap Cabir is saying to Aaliya that she should not have highlighted her personal life in front of everyone and that because of this the Fab5 would never be the same.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Max

    hey frnds I hve a confession to make in front of my KYY family!!!! plzzzz all asssemble here!! Im waiting!!

  2. Max

    guyz listen 2 me k! A best has happnd in my life due to TU! 2day is d best day in my life! now my queen is with me!! This is what dreamt & tat only I got!!!! Im really very very very lucky!!!
    Im d most happiest in d world now!!!

  3. Max

    Im feeling 4 dis only I was born!!! Im so happy to spend time with my queen 4 d 1st time in my life!!! muahhh

  4. $

    Ha really u both r 2gether 🙂 🙂 wow aaj tho soild happiness ke boms fut rahe hai wowwwww !!!

  5. {☾♛☽}

    sorry frnds for dis public display of affection. Since our frndshp startd here max wantd our love also should start here so we are doing dis!
    sorry 4 d disturbance

    • ✨pradishma✨

      No need of sry yaar infact it was so sweet to see someone like this….. so happy….

  6. Shanaya sindh..

    Aj tmhra sb sey bhada din hn cngrts..nd b happy wth ur queen alwys forever ever ever.

  7. Max

    queen I nvr thought dis will happen 2 me darling. I was just a spoil brat flirt who nvr knw d word calld love. But u came like a strom in my life. U made me 2 stand upside down. U gve me a new feeling & new meaning 2 my life!!!! I was in search of something & I was feeling something is missing! NOW ITZ AN END TO ALL THIS. My search came 2 an end & now I feel complete dear.

  8. Plumpyyy

    Congrats max bro n queen!!!:)…
    C m here now…lyk seriously…r u both 2gther?? Tell me d TRUTH!! I kno u both r damn good frnz frm this site…

  9. {☾♛☽}

    @plumpyy Dis was all unexpected dear. i always wanted saurav to b my frnd but fate decided something else. Whn i got the feeling that i am going lose hm thn i realized my feeling

  10. {☾♛☽}

    yes max i also never thought this will happen to me. when i agreed 2 become ur frnd all were warning to stay away frm u and now….. huh this fate nobody can undrstnd

  11. Max

    nafrat paas aane nahi dete aur mohabatt door jaane nahi dete queen. bilkul aisa h tha humara pyaar! h naah?

  12. Plumpyyy

    Nope queen…as i dont hav my own mail id…
    I remember queen…whoever wanted to b frnds wid max bro…mny warned them…bt i had no issues wid max bro…n i still dont hav! Awwieee m so happy fr both my cute se frnz

  13. {☾♛☽}

    yes der is a saying sometimes the last person on earth u want 2 b with is d only person you can’t b without! huh all fate but i love this

  14. {☾♛☽}

    pata nahi. haan yeh zaroor bol sakti hu ki yeh mere liye bahut hi khoobsurat pal h!!

  15. Plumpyyy

    Max bro……wen did u confess ur feelings to queen??…n queen..same question goes fr u…

  16. Plumpyyy

    Whr r others?????? All busy in their lives??? My anu sissy is hell busy wid her weekly exams….bt wt abt others….
    N yeah sara if u come here…really vry sorry han…cud nt text u on watsapp…my mom is in b’lore…fr d evaluation of 12th std examination…hell…m feeling bored widout my mommy at home!!

  17. Max

    As u guyz knw I was in luv with queen but queen nvr accpetd it. She had reasons 4 it & I got agreed to b hr frnd. I was happy evn with d frndshp! We exchanged email ids & 4m email Ids phone nos… As days were passing, we were texting & chatting. Finally I started calling her often.
    1day I was riding my bike & was also on call with queen….

  18. Max

    I was riding bike & was speaking wit queen in phone. I was riding on footpath. My bike got skid & I fell on d road badly!! Queen heard my shout & got stunned yaar!

  19. Plumpyyy

    Lyk seriously!!!!!! Omg!!! Max bro wen did it happen?? Lyk hw mny days or weeks ago???
    N i cud sense by ur cmnts here b4 dat u loved queen…

  20. {☾♛☽}

    Now i will continue plumpyy. Whn i heard his shout i got totally scared. some body took his phone and spoke 2 me also told where was he? i reached d place there i saw this mad max was unconscious!!!! i was tolrally blank dear!!! with some help i reached d nearest hospital! thank god it was just small fracture.

  21. {☾♛☽}

    plumpyy u knw when i saw hm lying on the road!!!! huh i can’t even think about it daa
    my hands were trembling i thought im going 2 lose hm !! that sec i felt something for hm!!

  22. Plumpyyy

    Omg!! Really thank god nothin much happened to max bro!!! C..evrythin happens fr good…u realized ur feelings…

  23. Max

    queen plzzzz Im sorry itz my mistake I should hve nt attended call while driving! Im sorry
    aage se aisa nahi hoga I swear darling

  24. Max

    plumpyy whn I opened my eyes in hospital, queen came & caught my shirt & was scolding me u knw?? Tat time I could c hr concern 4 me yaar! 4 dis concern Im ready 2 meet any no of accidents

  25. Plumpyyy

    Awwwiieee b happy always queen n max bro!! Gunnyt…sweet dreams of each other…do watevr u want in ur dreams(naughty allowed) :p
    i want to c u more in love…love u both!! Stay blessed 🙂

  26. ✨pradishma✨

    Awww soooo csweet….. of u too….. m seeing this love for first time in real….. God bless u both and ur sweet and pure love….

  27. Max

    oh plumpyy ur leaving ! k bye sweet dreamz
    actually Im ever ready 4 being naughty
    U ask ur bhabi, Is she ready?? 😉 😉

  28. {☾♛☽}

    saurav not again dear. dont u dare think about anothr accident k. i cant take it
    u irresponsible mad max???? if i come 2 knw that your using phones while driving i will smash you k. mind it 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  29. Max

    queen Im not here 2 make any false promises. Im also not here 2 express how much I love you or y I love you ? evn I dont d answer!! evn i dont how much i love you!!! Its all just I want 2 c u happy 4ever! I want ur happiness & i feel i can give tat happiness darling!!! Now Im proposing you! You will hve 2 wait till I become qualified to take care of u. Once we start earning then nobody can stop us. queen d feelings I hve 4 u is not just love yaar. I feel evrthing & evry bit of u! I will promise u tat I will keep u happy 4ver!
    Queen now say darling……
    I wish I could give u everything
    but now I hve only this 4 Lines!!!
    My heart’s valentine,
    Forever, Will you be mine????????

  30. Niharika

    Hogaya tum dono ka??
    U knw luv is nt shwn to othrs usko batane ki zaroorat nhi pdti aone aap pata chalta h tht u luv smone by confessng here on syt tmhare luv me koi incrmnt nhi hoga
    sabko dikhane wala luv luv nhi hota its jst a feeling wch one hs to knw nt d whole wrld
    n max wht to say man acha drama tha thnx fr increasng our cmmnts rate
    actually cz u knw bht pehle hume pata chal gaya ki tum kya kar rhe the itne dino se i wont say anythng here its bettr tum khud samjh jao aaj bhi tumne wo galti ki bt baat ko ghuma diya we ppl… jitne acheh utne hi kharab bhi h mind it
    End ths drama here MAX
    real queen ye nhi h band karo ab
    u fooled ppl belvng
    n nw dnt shw off ur fake luv

    luv is sch a beautiful thing wch u will nvr undrstnd… its nt shwn ths way
    stupid ppl
    dnt inslt luv huh
    bye guyz gn

  31. Max

    hiding & loving means ur cheating that person k
    Im saying dis so tat all should knw tat I belong 2 her.
    Marriage happens infrnt of everyone & why not proposal??
    I feel Im already married 2 her k. 1st u say hw u knw queen?

  32. Max

    Increasing comments my foot??? niharika if my post my poems I will get comments lyk anything!!! 4 tat I dont need to do this k!!!! ur opinion is correct only 4 u so bye

  33. {☾♛☽}

    max i also have some responsiblities toward you. i dont knw what are they??? but im trying to learn! no worries you are thre to help me.
    i also will not give false promises k!
    i m not poet like u to express feelings!
    Wtever d feelings if u see my eyes you will easily understnad!!!!!
    yes i love you
    i love u lotss
    if fate allows, i shall be lucky to be ur valentine dear
    love u saurav

  34. Niharika

    Shutup mr. Max!! This queen is nt real. Warning u stp fooling ppl!!
    Agar tumhare jaise ladke se queen pyar kare to duniya me kya kya nhi hoga sapne mat dekho
    ye queen real nhi
    n yes luv tumhare bas ki baat nhi h u only hv feeling of lust n nw its jst ur fake luv drama attention seeker stop it plz
    tumhara sara drama sara naatak sab pata h u want me to tell evrythng here???
    N m nt sayng ki luv shd be hidden bt atleast ese shwoff to nhi hona chahiye
    Pyar h to sirf do logo pata chale Qki unka to pura wrld hi cmplete ho jta h aftr falking in luv tum nhi smjhoge
    Mr. Cheapstr!!

  35. Niharika

    Ye i knw u will get cmmnts lyk anythng Qki yaha jitne bhi tmhare unknwn fans the wo kaun the mjhe ache se pata h
    lovya queen max sab kuch pata h stop it plz mjhe to tmhari poems bhi churayi hui lagti h agr tum jaise ladko ki soch itni achi
    Hojaye to duniya me max naam ka koi rahega hi nhi 🙂

  36. Niharika

    Shut ur mouth mr. /miss. Wht shd i say tum dono to ek hi ho ek dil ek jaan lol insan bhi ek ab sahi h tum dono ek hi ho
    queen ye nhi h so plz chup raho
    dnt teach me abt respct tmse xyada respect dena aata h RESPECT DENE LAYAK LOGO KO TMHARE JAISE NHI

    samridh kaha se aagaya yaha??? :-p :- P

  37. Max

    wt a funny pathetic niharika??? Im d top poet in my college. Any competion in literature I will in d first positon!! I would hve posted more than 30 poems here
    All r mine & only mine!! I dont need 2 copy! Im journalism student & our aim is to get trained in language. besides Im doing BA literature!!! so dont speak without knwing ha ha ha ha

  38. Max

    queen ka asli naam tak bi nahi pata?? aur bol rahi h ki ye queen ko jaanti h??? how ridiculous ha ha ha

  39. Niharika

    Max jhut mat bolo tumne jo kiya h tmhe bhi pata h mjhe bhi pata h better tum chup raho ya fir mjhse chup nhi rha jayega
    waise bhi aaj bht free tym h mere paas or net recharge bhi h kal hi karwaya so nt a prblm fr me lol

  40. Niharika

    Hey mene ese hi pucha yaar
    tum aasakte ho u r busy wid ur studies isliye pucha

    u undrstnd luv lol dnt jk plz

  41. Max

    niharika yeh tera baap ghar h kya??? I will not shut my mouth & dont u dare order me?? evn ur dog will not obey u? & ur shouting here sorry barking here

  42. Niharika

    I dnt knw abt ur poems max… agr wo tmhari khud ki h to m sorry fr sayng tht

    N samridh chup rahoge kya plz

  43. Max

    yeah exactly niharika! u dont knw anything tatz y Im saying think before u speak!!
    samridh u rock man superb answer!!

  44. Max

    niharika dusron chup karne se kya faida? tum bi follow karo naa
    ” practice what u preach”
    Do u knw d meaning of this?

  45. Max

    poems ko churaliya??? hw funny naah
    Niharika I dont steal poems
    with my poems I steal people’s heart tatz it

  46. Niharika

    Max me tmhare tone me baat nhi kar sakti all tht barking dog n wht nt
    a/w me usse chup nhi kara rhi he is my frnd thts y askng him to be quite u mind ur own business samridh sorry agr bura laga ho to

  47. Max

    niharika tumara dhimaag kharab h kya? tum auron ke kaam main taang aadate aur muje bol rahe ho mind ur business!! it was u who started all this?? I dont evn knw u!! cauz of u queen left !! senseless girl

  48. Niharika

    Thank u max!! Dimag to kharab h hi do tin din se kisi baat pe
    chodo mjhe kya karna h tmhari marzi karo jo tmhare mann me aaye mjhe kya
    or tmhe kuch bolna h to wo bhi bol do Qki tum sirf bolke hi chup karoge mjhe Qki me tmhare tone me baat ngi kar sakti
    sorry evryone fr all ths
    cz actually… i strtd all ths

  49. m so nyc. Mein hamesha aapne kaam pe dhayan deta hu. I.e 2 disturb ppl. Paar maxy hi hai ek. Becha buisness nahi sambhal paa raha. He needs a buisnes partnr. Koi nahi he ll get it soon…..vry soon

  50. Max

    haaa haaa guyz wtz happening here??? u should c d last page yaaar
    she calld me cheapster & many other words.
    now she is saying she cant speak in my tone ha ha ha ha
    good job nihrika

  51. mai ne kaha tha

    samridh as a friend & as a sis mai tumhe ek advice de rahi hun ye luv wuv kuch nahi hota tum apne studies aur career pe dhyan do mai tumse age me badi hun isiliye keh rahi hun love sirf bolne ki cheez hoti hai saari duniya me sirf 1% log jaante hain true luv ke baare me tum please apba time barbaad mat karo. & max has talent I know his poems are not copied but you know what… chodo who cares about max

  52. Max

    @mai ne kaha tha who told love affect career & education. den its nt luv its infactuation. love gives strength to live, to fight & to achieve! Love is in heart & education is my mind k. they dont collaborate each other.

  53. mai ne kaha tha

    samridh max stop this mujhe pata hai love kya hota hai experienced it. meri to studies sab kuch khatam hogaye hain but tum abhi bhi bacche ho samridh aur max tum to bacche nahi ho naa tum to bas karo aur ricky ye kya laga rakha hai? ramal kaun hai?

  54. Max

    I knw evrytime textin, chatting, meeting & dates are not love. real love is beyond all this!!
    real love doesnt need all this. just a look r smile is enough

  55. Max

    @mai ne kaha tha life main last nahi second last hote h!! evn after leaving 100 chances 101 th chance will b waiting 4 u k. itz all tat u should hve faith. your studies r not stopped. u should say u stopped studying k. In this present to study u dont need class room r teacher. I learn more outside d classroom k.

  56. Max

    k samridh i dont about ur love. i will say 1 thing ur identity is also important k. create ur own identity thn only ur gf will respect. mutual respect is required in love. U should gain it. nvr break any1 heart. 1st b frnds & dont believe in luv at 1st sight k. tatz it. best of luck

  57. mai ne kaha tha

    just 16? Oh Good God! are you mad samridh? I am 9 years older than you. when I was 22 I got to learn what love is in reality dont spoil your life.

  58. Niharika

    Luv does nt affect studies or anythng i agree bt at ths age its nt luv zyada chances hote h lyk ya crsh k affection n luv two diff things

  59. mai ne kaha tha

    no not friends I hate the love between friends atleast un dono ko pata ho naa chahiye ke ek ke dil me dusre ke liye kuch hai

  60. aagar mein yaha jhayda deer raha na toh beta aa eejat autar k rehenge yeh dono ladkiya. Maxy, bhagne k plang kaar lo. Warna mere baad tumhari baari hi aaegi.

  61. Max

    yeah samridh ur right!! bye guyzzz
    bye queen sweet dreamz. 2day is my special day!
    Im dedicating dis time to all my frnds who cared about me.
    love u all. kyy family rox TU rox

  62. Nutz

    Sam wats hppng plz tell me bro, i cnt go through al dos oldr cmnts, plz tell in short wat hppnd

  63. Samaira Shaikh

    nutz bro atleast you can talk to me. whats your age hope atleast you are not younger to me I am 25 from lucknow & my real name is my commenting name

  64. Samaira Shaikh

    yes yes amrita basu. my childhood bestie. we met in j&k we were neighbours then after her dad’s transfer she shifted but we are still in contact. she is of your age samridh. you dont know me nutz bro

  65. Samaira Shaikh

    max what are you saying please be clear. yes samridh bro you are too younger to me.

  66. Samaira Shaikh

    my mother tongue urdu my dad is connected to mughals ?. so mr.suhash is younger or elder to me?

  67. Samaira Shaikh

    she was telling about sana but the call ended suddenly yesterday then the call is not going now bii meet you guys soon

  68. Samaira Shaikh

    I see. no I dont know but I remember she told many namea ir was months back so I dont remember wait I will check whatsapp & will tell

  69. Samaira Shaikh

    abhi bahut saare naam hai hum dono ke lambe chat ne mil nahi rahe ofo. oye nutz chotu tum jaa rahi ho? meet you soon chotu

  70. Samaira Shaikh

    oye chotu sirf tumhara naam bolne naa bolne se position nahi hoti. position to dil ? me hoti hai ?

  71. s. Paar aab koi tu pe nahi aata saab fb. Becz yaha hamsha hangama hote rahta hai nd kisi ko bhi yeh saab dekhne ka phursat nahi

  72. Samaira Shaikh

    A Rabbit Runs,Jumps& Lives Only For 15 yrs.While a Turtle Doesn’t Run Does Nothing.Yet lives for 300 yrs…..Moral:Exercise Is Hell Just Sleep Well..;)Good Night 🙂 ?

    • Hye prachi, its me sara if u remember, I don’t know the story properly so u go to Google n type kaisi yeh yaariyan wiki, u will get to know the story.

  73. fairy

    Gud nd nice morning to you all
    Wow…so mny things hd happened wdout me….nd in one night so mny cmnts….waah..:-D:-)

  74. ??"SARA"??

    wat ws hapng last nyt hr? argh!! I dnt wanna tlk abt it. huh! btw thnx fr increasing cmnts lol

  75. ??"SARA"??

    lol ystrday evry1 ws givng a lecture abt true luv I wish I could be hr kuch to pata chalta luvvvv ♡ ke baare me hihi

  76. Max

    Sun rays brightening my face,
    As warm as an embrace!
    Everything seems to be new,
    As our relation grew!
    A fresh awakening!
    A shiny lightening!
    Evergreen bright trees,
    Sends me your love breeze!
    I thank you for this new start!
    Love this restlessness in my heart!!
    I wish I could give you everything,
    But my love is better than nothing!!!
    GM guyz. hve a nice day

  77. sana

    Teri masumiyat ne hume
    banjara bana diya
    K mann bhatke teri or
    baar baar
    k tune esa kya kiya
    teri masumiyat ne hume
    banjara bana diya
    teri masumiyat ne hume
    banjara bana diya

    gud morning 🙂

    • ✨pradishma✨

      Exactly yaar kyy is breaking….. u kno yesterday a yhm fan came to show off thier comments quantity….

  78. SUHASH

    shifa @fairy was telling to me that she cant believe I am real. my age? if you be my gf I will tell you ?

  79. fairy

    shifaaaa…u misundrstood…l tld suhu tht l cnt blve ththe is real….not to u…u plzzzz dnt thnk tht….l m srrryyyy…l dint tell u…

  80. SUHASH

    I was joking shifa sry… gud guess fairy m sara hihi nly 2 ppl can increase kyy comnts 1 is gio 2 is suhashda ?… its true

  81. SUHASH

    haha ofcourse fairy we would had killd u ?… omg! shifa u knw me? m nt sara (susie) m anothr sara

  82. fairy

    lol…sara…only u cn do ths…hahahaha..
    srry srry srry srry srry srry shifa again if u felt bad….l dint mean tht..
    okk..time up…bye guyz….tk care..

  83. ??"SARA"??

    hii thachu.. no no m nt sara pinky.. m sara frm bangalore studyng in 9th sry fr jkng wid u usng dat name

  84. art of going mad & making others mad

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    Possible reasons:
    • Weak signal
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    • Wi-Fi network restricted

  85. art of going mad & making others mad

    ussually music calms me down but today its making me mad 😡

  86. art of going mad & making others mad

    specially the music from 2014 seriously I will murder the radio jockey if he plays it. 😡

  87. sana

    Q na bole mohse mohan
    Q h ruthe ruthe mohan u
    Q kaise manau haaye
    kaise manau
    un bin kate na raina
    un bin aawe na ek pal chaina
    un bin jiyu to kaise me jiyu haye
    bahe naina bhare more naina
    jhare more naina
    mohe naina sune naahi kehna
    bhare naina bhare more naina
    jhare more naina…


  88. ??"SARA"??

    Hum DOSTI dil se nibhana Jante He,Zakhmo pr marhm lagana jante hai,Hme bhulane ki koshish bhi na karna,warna Hm GALA DABANA bhi jante hai…

  89. Plumpyyy

    Hola ppl!! Am back!! Wt ws this fake game goin on??????
    N shifa…do u live in udupi?? Studying in 9th??

  90. Plumpyyy

    Shifa dear…plz come n c my cmnt plz…jaldi reply!! Am too desperate to kno!! If ur studying in 9th std…i may b knowing or nt which schl u go…ok one question…do u travel to ur schl in van i mean a mini-bus???
    If ur nt d shifa m thinking of then m sorry…
    Others come guyz!!! N u lovebirds!! Max bro n queen…u busy huh??

  91. Plumpyyy

    Guyz u come or else…or else i’ll go!! Ek hi din milta hai…upar se monday se 1st class test hai n m here to talk to u guyz n u all r nt here!!
    Shifa does ur first class test start frm monday n first exm is maths???

  92. Plumpyyy

    Ohk sorry srry srry…i didnt read d cmnts…u changed ur username na…then give me hint abt ur previous username!

    • ?zaira?

      Yes…. hint…. ok I am of same standard in which sara is….. and ananya and u were my first frnds from kyy

  93. Plumpyyy

    Hi pinky! Do i kno u??
    Idk zaira…i didnt read d earlier cmnts…she’s frm udupi…n i live in udupi…n i kno a shifa of my schl so all these doubts r bubbling up in my mind…

  94. shabbu

    Are u talking abt grab colour pattern shifa means.. Yup she is going to college.. She is a b.com student.. @plumpyy

  95. ?zaira?

    So what if v r not real blood sis god made us bff cuz he knew that our mom couldn’t have handled us as together

  96. Plumpyyy

    Hey sry ppl..went to hav dinner…
    I didnt get u shabbu…d one who ws der in kyy TU 2day…chattin wid sara…

    • ?zaira?

      All songs r favorite but currently m listening saibo more…..but all aashique 2 songs are really special for me and memorable wbu u di??

  97. .
    phool for fool hihi.
    _________?§111§§?§§11?§§§§§§?1111 ?
    __????________ ?__?????
    ________________? _____?
    __________??? ___?

  98. Sanju

    FRIENDSHIP There are many valuable things in life, but friendship may be one of the most important. To live life without the experience of friendship, is life without living. Human interaction is a necessity to survival, but developed friendships are essential to the successful well being of anyone. Based upon Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of a friend is, “A person whom one knows, likes and trusts.” But to all, Friendship has no defined terminology. The definition of a friend, and friendship, is based upon one’s own notions. Many people look for different characteristics in friends, things that may be common in nature. There are many different types of friends that one wants or needs. There are Five different categories for these friends. It is best in nature to recognize and appreciate various kinds of friends. The first type of friend in the friendship is an acquaintance. This is the beginning to all basics, and deeper friendships. This is the person with whom, is only known on a pure, and basic level. The insight to this person’s life, is merely an observation from a person’s perception. Usually, these are the types of friends that a person may meet in school, at work, local hang outs, or somewhere that is frequented often. They are greeted with a mere smile, and daily greeting. These are the people that know of their acquaintance’s existence and appreciate their effort. Their kind words can put a smile on the face of anyone, but the true meaning is hardly the truth. The Waitress at the local restaurant could be an acquaintance, if she knows a person’s regular routine, as well as waves if she is seen outside of work. The traditional acquaintance may be someone that sits in class that is shared. It could even be a friend of a friend, someone that is seen frequently but the extent of conversations rarely going into depth.

  99. niks

    hii guyzzzz after a LNG tym m here n der iz no oldies alsoo wow whn i joiNed tu na den it used to be like heaven n nw i seems to be worst den hell ………sam bro see i cmed by u r nt here ….bye guyzzz n i wish ki tu pele jaise vapis ho jaye….bye guyzzxxx

  100. fairy

    No one still now…… guyz ll eat all of u…:-D;-)…hahaha… cm cm
    At frst l ll eat vampire. ..lol

  101. ZARAAAA

    Love… most beautiful thing in d wrld
    We may fall in luv qid anyone anythng n anytym. Thrs no cntrl on our feelings… jst falling in luv wid opp gender is luv… luv cant be describd… fr ex me in relationshp wid my parents family n all u guyz… my own wrld ths is called luv
    Whr u dnt care wht othrs will think abt u. Going crazy wid ur mates wid ur loved ones
    Hmm btw i dnt knw whthr m in tht kind of luv or nt… n honestly i dnt wanna get into tht kind of luv… its a big responsibility to look aftr d prsn whm u luv who ws strngr fr u
    It is said tht mostly u get into luv wid d most unexpected prsn n at d most unexpected tym u nvr knw whn ur heart will pop fr smone else… nw a days young luv is named as crsh… acc to me at ths age i mean at young age we dnt undratnd wht is luv hence called crsh so tht we wont get deeper into it bt i think thrs no crsh n all its young luv… bt its seen tht ppl gets butterflies in thr stomach vry easily so mybe thts y they say thr r two diff things luv n crsh… well i dnt knw abt it…
    Hd seen my frnds talkng abt crsh lol dnt kill me crsh on imraan hmm i hv one secret i also hv crsh lil lil lil vry lil wont tk name here bt its jst a lil one n m sure its nt luv thts y agree tht crsh n luv two diff thngs maybe maybe i dnt knw.
    Always d luv doesnt mean by romance n talkng all d day all d tym… true luv is seen whn u r silent n ur partner or d prsn who luvs u n notices d rsn behind ur silence… they dnt need to speak fr sharing they get idea easily whts d matter n y they r silent… ths is nt cn now a days… mostly cn ths thngs wid old ppl whr they dnt talk jst undrstnds each othrs feeling… ths is called true luv they dnt need to say i luv u i luv u all d day…
    Acc to me if 2 prsns cm to knw tht they r in luv widout evn sayng is true luv whr thrs no imprtance of lang only one lang lang of luv wch only soul mates can undrstnd
    N see ths luv is nt only seen btw two opp genders… u dnt need to xpln ur parents wht u want or wht prblm u r hvng they undrstnds ur prblm evn whn u dnt share ths is true n frst luv wch we do in our lyf n i think best one also whr thr is no need to impress…
    Well i hv xperience of ths kind of luv so sayng abt it no idea abt tht luv… i heard fortunate ppl gets into luv lets see hw fortunte i m…
    So fallng in luv is nt in our cntrl i mean tht u can get into it wid anyone anyomw anyone smtyms we dnt evn undratnds tht we r in luv or nt we think its jst care n nthng else bt smtyms it is luv ths luv is true luv… whr u dnt let thm face anythng alone let it be thr sadness or smthng else… d promise of being togethr frevr n evr is called luv….it does nt mean being always togethr nt it means evn if u r seprated nthng chngs… ppl think its d thing wch only hurts one bt no its our wish to let smone hurt us n all d while in our lyf we cant be happy we hv to face ups n dwns in it if ur partner said smthng it dsnt means he dnt cares fr u… n i think d pain of luv is beautiful… it tests our luv… mny ppl fails in it bt it dsnt mean thr luv is nt d real luv it means thrs luv is young yet they dnt knw each othr…
    Yes one more thing i dnt get wht is luv at frst syt i mean widout knwg if u feel smthng fr a prsn thts out of my range lol i dnt knw wht kind of luv it is…
    Hmmm i knw only one thing its really easy to get into luv bt really difficlt to xpress it…. lets see wht hppns evrythng depends on our heart its his wish whm to let go in n lock inside d door of heart agn nt only jst tht luv m talkng abt frnds n family too n evn nonlvng thngs or animal
    Fr exmpl i luv my TEDA my TEDDY alot…. bt nw missng him:(

    U knw y it is said FALLING IN LUV nt RISING IN LUV
    Cz whn we get into luv we strt thinking frm heart bfr we used to think frm brain nw ths fallng frm brain to heart is called luv… lol its sill logic bt i think its true… luv is also silly… silly talks…silly arguemnts silly silly silly evrythng lololol

    Hmm so my views of luv whr lil confusing as m also confused lol
    Dnt think m in luv
    As i always say i want to be away frm all sch thngs yet no cntrl on our heart…”dil aaj kal meri sunta nhi”lol

    Guyz i m sure u all knw who i am still gvng hint m ur frutika
    Jst dnt tk my name i dnt want anyone to knw abt me othr thn u all n all my new frnds who dnt knw who i m fr u all… m frutika lol
    Bye guyzz long borng essay on luv i knw u wont enjoy a bit… bt i wanted to write smthng so tried writng on luv
    Luv u all

  102. Plumpyyy

    Pradi!!! U!!!! Gal!!! Y did u want zaira??? Made me mad thinking ur name!!! Missed u gal!!!

  103. Plumpyyy

    @alia hii…sachii?? Niti loves MaNan??? Awwiieee its soo good!! Evn parth loves manan na?? Coz its MANIK AND NANDINI nt PARTH AND NITI 😛

  104. ?Zaira?

    Niti luvs manan but not parth I heard his and her separate voice iv at raj baddan show where she said she likes manan but when it was parth’s iv he said he don’t really Like manan….. but do have insta account dr

  105. Plumpyyy

    Yeah alia…m frm karnataka…wbu?? Which class??
    U mean do i hav insta acc. pradi?? If yes then i dont hav insta acc.

  106. ?Zaira?

    Y u want to write…!?? If yes then sry.. I also wanted to and I contacted tu but they said they already have appointed and can’t appoint new

  107. Plumpyyy

    Evn idk…if i want to write also…all who comes to visit d page will throw rotten eggs tomatoes chappal jootha evrythin updating late!! I only read updates sry sry i watch only kyy nothin else so nt reading update…comin to talk wid lovly frnz n sissys…i speak a lot!! Chatterbox me!!

  108. ?Zaira?

    Plump… I.was asking u cuz there on insta there r two fc of pani which are really amazing they can make us feel that pani has happened…. parth and niti have feelings for each other and they give clues also ie like how was pa was staring at ni etc so i asked u if u have insta account

  109. ?Zaira?

    No pls I want sona only and most of colors serials r updated by amena she was jus awsum so I won’t think so ppl would accept u

  110. Plumpyyy

    Ohh…i wish i cud!! I’ll be der on nxt may i guess…10 th std haina…so more studies n less mobile tv lappy etc… 🙁

  111. Plumpyyy

    I mean i cud join insta now!!
    Pradi u der in india forums?? If yes then send me a buddy req. my username is Toshna_1522

  112. Plumpyyy

    Ok will study well!! Am gettin to hear “study well” frm my IF frnz who knows dat m in 10th n im havin class test frm 2day n ends day aftr 2mrrw…i taking rest frm IF n came to TU…

  113. Plumpyyy

    Will surely rock d rest of d tests pradi!! Aaj maths aur kannada tha…kannada being my mother tongue…i go mad at its grammar…its terrible!! Maths…m so damn grt at doin silly mistakes!! U kno wt i did 2day…i wrote 125+3×25…instead of writing 3×25=75…i wrote 125…lyk seriously i become such a idiot in maths test!!! I love maths n i do all silly mistakes in it!! Fr me 3×3=6…nt 9! C..hw stupid i am!!
    Bapre!! Kitna bak bak karti hu main!! Shut me up!!

  114. Plumpyyy

    Chote chote kuch palon ka dostana yeh…
    Jaane kyu ab lag raha hai jaana maana yeh
    coz wen u smile fr me world seems alright
    yeh saare pal yahi
    yun hi tham se jaaye jaane kyu

  115. Plumpyyy

    Ohk nazia… Haha nazia v all r so silly in maths!! U which class??
    Hey ricky bro!!! Hw’s u???

  116. Ricky

    is weekend pe cmnts thode zyada hai pichli dafa bht kam thay…koi ata hi nai but now am happy new memb ne bhi join kiya hai….

  117. Plumpyyy

    Nazia cn i call u naz??…wat’s happening sh now?? Channel v isnt comin fr me in my idiotic tv!! Missin sh badly!!! 🙁

  118. Plumpyyy

    Oh ok naz…me in 10th…
    Yeah ricky bro…bas oldies bhi aa jaaye then toh party toh banti hai!!! Wat abt evry1 comin on july 21?? Its kyy’s 1st anniversary na…!!

  119. Plumpyyy

    Ohk nazz!! Am good ricky bro!! I remember dat day…me sara were troubling u wid salman yeh salman woh…all usernames changed into actors n atlast only me n ammy di were der…haha it ws fun n u went frm tu…

  120. Sh is going on very well.its a track going on 2 show that grls HV equal r8s n anju died ;sandhir n vidarth 2gether u we’re watching sh previously…

  121. Plumpyyy

    Atlast pradi!! Ur back to ur name!! Wat’s ur username in IF? N u kno sara n ananya r there in IF…

  122. Plumpyyy

    Shit anju died!!! Hell!! Coz of brain tumour na!! Sandhir n vidaarth 2gthr!!! Yippiee!!! Yep m a sh fan too!! Used to watch kyy at 6:30 n sh at 10:00…i love sandhir!! I love PSB’s cuteness n harshi’s smile a lottt!!!

    • Ohh I c I too luv PSB’s cuteness n the way of speaking n harshi’s smile n acting.her acting is so natural that sumtyms I 4get that its a show….

  123. Plumpyyy

    Wow!!! So mny frnz comin here!! Feel lyk m back to kyy tu page…bt missin oldies a lot!! Awwhooo!!! My sweetest frnd n my 1st good frnd!! N my sissy ananya is a part of me..
    Eeks sry…had typed d cmnt a while ago n i started eating lays n chocolates…shollyy 😉

  124. Angelina?(anu)

    Btw plumpy!! I think u forgot me…m annah(anu)… Remember one day we had a chat!! N now I have watched almost all epis of ky2 n m addicted to it!!!! Juz love manan loads!!

  125. Plumpyyy

    Ohh padubidri..i c…kaup college ohk…nyc…i too far frm padubidri…my uncle’s wife is frm padubidri…somewhr inside padubidri actually…idk d place name properly…u kno to speak in kannada?? Kannadadalli matadlikke gotta ninge?? Chill shifa i wrote it to irritate others…hehe

  126. Plumpyyy

    Anu comin here??!!! Yippiee yay!! Sissy waiting fr u…love u:)
    pinky my name is toshna…bt did u mean my name in IF?

  127. Plumpyyy

    Hii anu!!!!!!!!! My bestest sissy!!!! Hw r u?? Hw is exms goin on??? Missed u shoo much!!!

  128. ananya

    hi plumpy di!!! missed u too di!!!
    kya yaar prads itna miss kyun karti ho mujhe! anyways sorry guys…. I had my English test today

  129. ananya

    sorry na gussa ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    arre I swear bus tea banana gayi thi!!
    pakka promise!!

  130. ananya

    plumpy di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where are you????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your sis is here!!!!!!1 🙁

  131. ananya

    7 days to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    happy birthday in advance kyy rox family

  132. ananya

    plumpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    you know what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gottttttttt a bestttttttttttt frienddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. ananya

    not going di!!!!!!!!!!!!
    aapko chod ke kaise jaa sakti hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Plumpyyy

    Sissy dont cry na!! U kno na i will cry if u cry…mujhe rulane ka plan hai;)..u remember this linr of urs???
    Bt am really vry sholly anu…i gotta go…science n english test hai kal…so bye…anu..my dearie sissy…love u loads…will miss u…miss me:)
    love u:)
    bye guyzzz love u all:)

  135. ananya

    ok di I also had my English and science test and guess what I got full in science!! so happy!! love u more and miss u more!!

  136. Plumpyyy

    Congrats anu!!! Hope i too get full marks in science!! N i’ll inform u 1st abt it…;)…my intelligent sweet sissy anu:)
    love u most n miss u most;)…wanna hug u… Imagine it han..:)…ok back to my book!!
    Study well anu..get full marks n i’ll also get full marks n we’ll party…dont wrry guyz u all r invited fr our future party;)..haha bye now:)

  137. Angelina?(anu)

    @ prads I mean for which u had a doubt on me………..two days b4….
    So was juz asking……do u doubt me still?

  138. Plumpyyy

    Wen will v get 2day’s update???…btw..i watched 2day’s epi…juz asking fr my lovely frnz… 🙂
    manan were fighting at d end of d epi…reason-bandar muh wala aryamann! Gadha idiot kahika!! Hate him so much!! He has pierced a tracking device in manik’s back…he has a tracking device n he cn c whr manik is in a particular time…! CaVya ws awsm!! Loved them!! Nt to frget!! Loved manan!! Precap looks awsm!! Romance…manik will b sittin on d floor n nandu will b pullin him to come wid her somewhr…manik says nandu to say dat he’s(manik) is nt wrong…nandu says m nt wrong n tries to go bt manik pulls her wid a jerk n nandu falls on manik…
    It ws precap in detail…bye idk y did i come here agn!! Idiot me stupid me psycho me!!

  139. Plumpyyy

    Happy birthday sruthi dear 🙂
    hav an amazing nyt n a much more amazing year ahead! 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.