Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the classroom, Nandini asks what is going on, but Navya asks her to be a statue.
Navya comes out of the class and takes Manik inside saying now she isn’t afraid of anyone. She tells Manik she can’t take a guarantee of them both so she found a solution. Nandini stood blind-folded. Manik asks what is this, Navya scolds him that she is making leniency in her swearing and he is showing her an attitude. Navya leaves the room, Manik was curt and murmurs all this is stupid. Nandini asks if everything is alright, they both can make it fun. Manik asks her to catch him, as she had to. Manik runs behind, Nandini catches him easily. He asks how she caught him, she says she told him it would be easy. She relates about a great musician who had lost his sense of sight. Manik asks if this great

musician was Nandini Murti. He brings her nearer and moves his hand over her arms.
Cabir asks Aaliya and Mukti where were they when they join them at canteen. He asks do they know what happened with Dhruv’s idea. Aaliya was silent, Cabir calls Dhruv mad. Mukti and Cabir says to Aaliya that if Dhruv comes back to Fab5, there is another chance for her love life. Aaliya says she is hopeless about her love life, she is giving love not friendship. She says even she misses him as friend, but it is never the same. Dhruv comes and takes another table, a boy sitting across calls that Fab5 is finally broken. Mukti gets restless, and goes to Dhruv. She scolds Dhruv and asks why he is being so angry without a reason, he must tell her what the reason is. A girl calls there is a serious breakdown between Fab5, Mukti goes to her angrily but Cabir controls her. Aaliya and Dhruv come across, Dhruv leaves the café.
Nandini tells Manik that she wants to show him a picture, she wanted to see his first reaction. Manik smiles and takes a selfie with her while kissing her on cheek. He says this is his first reaction, she can see it now. Nandini says to Manik that she is now late for Pandit ji’s swearing, she must leave. Manik as silent, she says one more day only. Manik calls her and asks should he remove the blindfold, she says it is ok. He comes forwards, removes it and turns behind. Nandini turns to see him abiding by the swearing, and leaves the room. Manik smiles, then says he hopes he also get something to show her, so that he can also see her first reaction.
Navya was walking thinking Manik should now have met Nandini, Sunny comes to her and asks her to come to canteen as he will get her free tea because it is his uncle’s canteen. Navya scolds him that his uncle had sent him out, he says no one can go along without him. She turns to see Cabir’s mom spying about her, turns and goes to flirt with Sunny. She tries to point at Cabir’s mother, he agrees and promises that no one will take care of her more than him. Cabir’s mother says they are behaving as couple, and leaves heavy heartedly.
Manik is frustrated, he shares with the group that he feels that Nandini isn’t safe with that Pandit. He says he texted some old students of Pandit, one of them called him but she wanted to talk to some girl. Mukti dials the number.
Nandini boasts her confidence up while entering the class. Pandit ji smiles and says yesterday’s food was really good. She enters the class, Pandit ji keeps a hand on her shoulder and gives her a necklace saying someone gave this to him before his international tours. She asks how can someone take it from him, he says though he has been strict, she is important for him. He asks her to wear it now, Nandini is about to wear it. Pandit ji heads to fix it up, Nandini turns curtly and strictly tells Pandit ji that she would do it herself. Navya enters the room, Pandit ji scolds her that she is useless because Manik and Nandini are still meeting. Dhruv comes to the class, Pandit ji calls Nandini to begin.
Manik comes to Cabir, Cabir tells him not to worry they will fix it all. Manik says he is worried about Cabir, Dhruv has to come around till tomorrow. Cabir says he has plan for him, Manik doesn’t agree. He tells him he is also worried because Neonika is about to do something now tomorrow.

PRECAP: Manik tells Neonika that tomorrow that Pandit is launching Nandini’s career, he is going to make sure that Nandini doesn’t perform tomorrow and that would be the greatest set back in her life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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