Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

They all celebrate for their victory and they all have a toast on showing that loser his right full place.
Aaliya says that they have felt this good after a long time so they should just celebrate. Aryaman also agrees to this. Nandhani says that she is notable to figure how he lost so Mukti asks Aaliya to tell her and she reveals her plan and how she scrambled the tuning of the guitar so that he would lose.
Nandhani instead of being glad gets angry and lushes out on them and after saying that what they did was wrong leaves. Aryaman goes to cheer her up and says that even if Mukti and Aaliya were wrong but their intentions were true and while they are talking Mukti and Aaliya also come and say that what they did was for Manik because they are also close to him. They had to teach

him a lesson and that’s what they did.
As they are talking Madhiam Singhani comes and says that he is not amused with their talks and is not going anywhere because they are the reason that he decided to stay.
They are all sitting and having fun when suddenly Mukti shouts at Naviya to end this thing and put Cabir for adoption Naviya get offended at what Mukti s saying. They get into a fight and eventually Nandhani and Aryaman have to calm the things.
Aaliya goes to the fashion designer and requests him to give her a chance and after her out he fnally agrees .
Naviya gets scolded at the office and is told to rush to the music room. She starts to run and when she is going stumbles into Dhruv she at first scolds him but then the manager comes and she leaves. Then Dhruv gives the song to the manager and s about to leave when he stops him and asks him to come so that he can give him the verdict there and then.
Aryaman finds Dhruv oiling his bike and tries to change his mood and asks how did the meeting go Dhruv says that no matter what he makes the Manager does not like it. He says that he has been doing this alone and Aryaman should tell the other members to help if they remember and leaves.
They all gather and Nyonika says that when the new students will come they will be elections for President and selects Harshad Nandhani and Madhiam Singhani and advices them to start their campaign. As she leaves Madhiam gets on the stage and taunts the fab5.

Precap: Madhiam says to Nandhani that she will need a lot of luck to compete with him and he is here just to wish them luck because they will need it against him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh god!! Dragging to much…

  2. Sooooo same precap ….????
    But anyways episode was good I don’t what’s going on wid aryamann did anyone saw how he was starting nandu??hope so no love shuv…….. hope it will b bhai bhen wala pyar just like real life b/w nandu n aryamann…… but still can’t get over manik sooo easily…….. ik before I used say move on n all…… but I want to get my heart out little by little so I will feel comfortable…….. hope they will show cabir soon if not cabir then ranveer but pls show ayazzzzz……..missing him like anything…….
    Did anyone saw yuvni ivs???? OMG they are hilarious like seriously his shyness n her chatter ness……..they both are awww together of screen waiting to see some fireworks b/w them on screen……..
    Ok thanks bye

  3. waiting to see the new manik and i hate madhiam

  4. waitin 2 c d new manik and manan chem by d way i hate madhiam

  5. ur right brity they r dragging tooooooooooooo much n can anyone tell me who is the new manik and where is cabir i cant wait to see them

  6. and thanks sona 4 ur updates =>

  7. Okay so i didnt miss much…same precap
    pradi!! Even i saw aryamann staring nandu!!!!!! Her performance ws remarkable then shuru hua uska dreamland!! In d first epi s2 also i felt like “is aryamann really staring nandu?”…!! Aryamann is hiding somethin frm evry1…..remember he got a msg n he left d classroom n he ws shown speaking to some1…kuch toh gadbad hai……
    No pradi…i wanna c YuvNi IVs bt m hell busy n i cant get enough time to watch anythin!! I watch only kyy on tv…youtube nothin!! I used to watch any yuvi’s IVs or any epis of my fav shows daily…now nothin!! I hardly get time fr that! On that studies,assignments,kyy epis,IF,TU all these take my time!! But i never miss kyy epis!! But 2day there ws no power n inverter is nt working!! So missed an epi aftr mny months!!
    YuvNi…yuvraj+niti….how i wish it wud be YuvNa…instead of “A” its “I”…okay YuvNa=yuvraj+toshna…so now dont think much abt it..
    Madhyam/yuvi haters…u better NOT express ur feelings here abt him coz there r more ppl here who likes/loves him…its not safe fr u guyz…majority wins!
    N pradi…….navya just reminded me of cabir’s jokes 2day…she said “humein bhi toh apne boss ki taareef karne do” n started bashing him fr which i ws laughin stupidly…i badly want ayaz back on d show…cabir or ranvir…any1 is good..but need ayaz!! Parth wont come…i miss MaNanBir loads…see v were giving long speeches bt still we’ve nt moved on completely!! But not to forget…we are tryin to move on as they will be alive in our hearts forever!! Whoever misses mananbir…kripya karke IF jaake yeh padhe…MaNanBir FF-best friends forever…the FF has been completed 3-4 days b4…there are 54 chapters…plz if u hav time do read it 🙂
    that really is d best mananbir ff!!
    N haan…i love yuvi

  8. @khushi…dear..they haven’t disclosed it yet…some say ayaz is gonna come back…donno if its true or not…there’s no idea if he will come as cabir or his bro ranvir…new manik-no idea…
    Pradi…his shyness is one of d reasons i love him so much! His shy smile na…i feel to pull his cheeks!! After all he’s a kid.on a journey way back home…n m his fan kid…his baby…oh i love him shooo much…mela yuvi…kab dekhungi main tumhe real mein? Plz come shoon na yuvu…pleaasshhhh…mele liye yuvi…i love u…..te amo…the song i dedicate to ONLY to u!! Completely!! He’s rough n tough onscreen…offscreen toh he’s such a chocopie…a shy person who’s s*xy,hot,irresistible,a magnet,handsome,breathtaking,ravishing,heart hacker,heartthrob,my emperor n what not!! Words are less to describe him!! All i kno is i love yuvi…not d actor in him comes first..the pure soul n heart comes first…love ya shooo much!!

    1. Kkkkkk calm down plump u have said this thing many times chill…… calm down……

  9. Guys its confirmed that ayaz is not there in s2 he himself confirmed it on iv…… he said he did cabir cuz he wanted to enjoy it n he was enjoying but then he wasn’t enjoying it so he asked production to end his character which they did nicely said ayaz…….

    M highly sad but even ayaz said watch s2 its amazing……..

    Miss u loads my cupid cabiraaaa ????…….love u loads…… m damm sad

  10. News: Yuvraj Thakur replaces Parth Samthaan in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan season 2

    1. He’s not replacing parth….!

  11. @khushi
    No new manik is cmg OK…… neither ayaZ is cmg back in s2 he himself said it….. so let’s not get on conclusions like new manik n all…..
    And its just second week of s2 n u are saying they are dragging it like seriously…. can u pls telling what are they dragging cuz as far as Ik they aren’t dragging at all infact its damm interesting

    Comment edited.

  12. new season dekhne me toh thik he lag raha hai but madhyam ki mukhti ,aliya,dhruv se dosti kaise hoge kyu ki woh toh unkaa paka wala dushman ban chuka hai o_0

  13. madhyam is the new manik he lost his memory after the accident :p

  14. aryaman and aliya pair is nice ,or the new designer may be her new boyfriend

  15. Not getting anything whats going on in ky2 s2 and TU ….

  16. Ayaz…………the light of kyy!! The bravest actor!!! It needs guts to play a role of gay…n u portrayed it so well!! With so much ease!! Love u soo much ayaz!! Missin u badlyy!! Navya to b d joker in s2…cabir k saath rehke navya bhi joker ban gyi…but no1 will b better than cabir!! ManBir…will cherish d memories as it brings happiness to me…….the sole reason for makin manik nandini “MaNan”…n remember guyz cabir ws the first one to take “MaNan” name onscreen…near manik’s swimming pool..wen manik ws playin guitar aftr cabir’s secret ws opened by harshad…cabir asked “so what’s about MaNan?” that ws a vry important day…!! N their talk on trust…cabir understood manik’s trust on nandu n he undrstood k y manik shouted on cabir wen in past he had said k it must hav been nandu who revealed his secret coz only she knew abt him…that day ws for us…for the fans who created manan…the name…it ws our gift fr lovin them…i miss my MaNanBir……CabiNi…ManBir…Fab 5…MaNan…
    Okay sorry whoever will cry reading this cmnt..
    Im moving on…wid d memories of d best ppl

    1. Nah y would anyone cry??? Every kyyian especially mananbir fan knows bout that scene n whatever u wrote is same as v all think….. so no rona dhona

  17. Guyz whoever is watchin d epi plz say in brief wt happened wen there is break…plz guyz my blood is boiling!! No power n inverter nt working!! There is low power generation in karnataka n there is loads of power cuts…2 hrs power then 3 hrs no power…gosh! There is no water in d dams!! Damn!! Seriously im missin my daily routine which includes watchin kyy wid eyes glued to d tv screen!!

  18. Missin my show!! Yuvi,niti,charlie dii,krissanne,karan,uttu,vibha…im missin u!!

  19. Any news of d epi??

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