Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani comes into the practice room and asks Maddy if he is feeling alright. He wipes his tears and asks how dare she asked this to him. He comes to her and shouts at her if she has nothing to do, why is she behind his life. If she considers him as friend, she is highly mistaken and must leave. Nandini asks how dare he talk to her like this, she asked him because he had helped her. And if anyone would have come here would have asked her the same. Maddy says her Manik also used to speak to her like this. Nandini tells him not to speak about Manik, he hasn’t gone through true love in life, he is so empty that he never understands what emotions are. Maddy says he doesn’t want to know about them, these love and friendships are just show off. People blackmail you with them. He says that Nandhani

just dreams that Manik is alive, he is dead. He shouts at Nandini that Manik is dead. Nandhani holds him by arm and says he must never say this, love means giving the other a space and if it is anything else it isn’t love. She wishes he realizes for once what true love is. Maddy leaves uninterested. Nandini weeps. Mukti, Aaliya and Dhruv come in. Aaliya tells them that she speaked to Harshid, he knows a lot about Aryaman. Mukti interferes that they cant team up with Harshid. Dhruv says that he will keep an eye on Aryaman. Nandini says she is afraid of Madhiam. Aryaman drags a man in the room, he says this is the driver who was hired that day, he was leaving the city. He shouts at him to tell all the truth. The driver asks him to let him go, he needed money. He was paid so he wasn’t involved in the blast. Nandhani asks who asked him to plant this bomb. Aryaman shouts to tell the name. the driver says Neonika madam. They are all shocked. Nandhani asks if he is sure, Neonika is his mom. The driver asks why would he lie, that night Neonika asked him to plant the bomb, then told him to blast. Aaliya asks if the attack on Nandhani was also done by her. The driver says he did it, he says that he had stolen Aryaman’s car and attacked Nandhani. Mukti was enraged at Neonika. Dhruv suggests to go to police, Mukti says yes, they need to go to police. Nandhani was disturbed and leaves the room.
At night, Nandhani sits on the bed. She thinks that she thought after knowing the truth she will feel better, but it isn’t like this. She watches Manik’s photos, smiles watching them. She types, The hunger of love is much important than the hunger of food. Happiness.. what it is? Love what it is? She thinks why she couldn’t understand why he hates his mother so much. She rests her head on the crown and cries.
Dhruv and Aaliya sat together on a bench and cried.
Mukti told Navy all the story and cried. Aryaman thinks about everyone being upset. He dials Nandhani’s number, then stops himself. He remembers Nandhani happy moments.
Mukti cried in front of Navy.
Nandhani snatches magazine from Neonika’s hand. She asks Neonika if she killed Manik. Neonika asks what rubbish and how she entered her house without permission. Nandhani says she won’t leave, how could she kill Manik. Manik was her son, Manik was right that she didn’t deserve to be called a mom. Neonika says that is enough, she didn’t want to kill Manik but kill her. She says that Nandhni got lucky and it is because of her that she lost her son. She says that she doesn’t deserved Manik, Nandhani says she doesn’t deserve to be called a mom. Neonika says that she will call the guards. Nandhani asks her to go ahead, she will call police. Neonika laughs, she says if she really think that police can ruin anything of her, they are just puppets. Nandhani says what if it gets published in media. Nandhani says she came to deal with her. Neonika says she always thought money can buy even her. Nandhani says for Neonika, money is everything. But she wants Neonika to get away from all of their’s life, if she ever see Neonika again Neonika will read everywhere that Neonika Malhotra killed her own son. Nandhani leaves, Neonika is really worried.
In her room, Nandhini puts a cap on candle to decorate it. She smiles at it and turns to see Manik there. He forwards his hand and bends forward, she smiles, looks at him and gives her hand to him. They come in the centre of the room, Manik holds her from back closer to himself. They dance together happily. At once, Nandhani realizes she had been day dreaming. She gets on her bed, crying and says she knows he must be happy wherever he is. She says I love you Manik, I love you dearly, forever.

Precap: Mukti says Neonika is a blo*dy murderer, but she feels something strange. Nandhani says she went to speak to her, Mukti warns her that Neonika is dangerous. Madhaim tells them to leave the studio, Mukti says no one in Space ever dared stop Fab5 from practice.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. The most emotional of ky2s2 fill now!!everyone nailed it I started crying when I saw dhruv crying it was damm emotional epi of s2 like seriously the past hurts a lott……!! ?????I just want to punch Maddy…!! ???Bit now m sure that’s its Coz if the past and it is related to love……! Nor sure bout love but like i said he has a painfull past….. I hope that mystry unfolds soon…..!!! For now this much aur bhi baki hai par vo baad me??

  2. cutiee

    ahhhhhhhhh maddy is become lil amnoying now for me huhhhh and if he will be obstacle btwn manan na then i,ll hate his character not yuvi he is also cute
    but parth us like kiling me in new looks how any one can be soo handsome wen i saw him my expressions are lyk omggg!!!!! My frnds are lyk ufff ur parth really irritates us becoz full day i used to talk abt kyy and manan and that day wen parth confirm his return that day i incidently woke up early and i got ready lil diff and more than normal then every one in clg was ohhhhh see see how much parth return has impact on him i was lykkkkkkkk whattttttt parth return then i saw his tweet hehehehehehe
    and then we had a big party 🙂
    now just waiting for manan wen nandu get her manik and manik get his shine 🙂 🙂 🙂 too much bak bak na sorry sorry but wen its come to manan i forget to stop 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. cutiee

    ohhh i,m glad i had make too much mistakes hahahahaha
    him in place of her
    us in place of is lol!!!!!!!!

  4. shifa(shakira)

    @plumpyy namma ajji maneyalli t.v ella.namma mane hossattu re kattu iddare hage nahu ajji maneyalli irudhu.nanu written updte odu matra yavatadaru auty mange hogi nodthne kyy episode .ninna hesaru anta?.kyy2 rockz

    • Plumpyyy

      Oh so re-construction agta ide…nanu helide nanna amma ge k kuch bhi karo nanu kyy nodudu stop madudilla!! Nanu bari half an hour tv nodudu…only kyy…bere enta sa nodlikke amma bidudilla…adke amma nange kyy nodlikke bidtare…oh so aunty mane elli??

      • Plumpyyy

        Nanna hesaru toshna…ninne du WU page alli reply madidde…nicknames tumba untu…bye gn mom is calpin

  5. everyone cried??????it hurts sooo much to see that, they call nailed it…..muku cried…. alya cried navya cried arynan cried…… and even dhruv cried……. and that song….. judaii It was like jale pe namak chidakna for me……plump even for me that song has strong effect and when was and heard if for the first time that time only I cried…. and this time toh..leave it that’s Not the point…… OK too may much hogaya na emotional epi pe…… what go do yaar m still Not over it…..???

    Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
    Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
    Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
    Laqeeran vich likh di judaai

    Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
    Waqt se churaya tha jo
    Apna banaya tha..
    “Ho tera, woh mera
    Saath nibhaaya tha jo
    Apna banaya tha..

    Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
    Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
    Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
    Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni”
    This is for nandu
    the beautiful eyes have cried to most tears
    The prettiest smile has deep secrets
    The purest heart have gone through a lot pain…… ??…..feeling so damm sad as If someone is stabbing my heart and then applying lemon on it…..

  6. cutiee

    yup di i,m that cutiee i replied u at yesterday updates check it 🙂
    hru di how s gng every thng
    manan manan luv u
    parthh luv u baby

  7. Plumpyyy

    Srsly…i’ve not yet watched d epi…but m cryin reading d update only!! Gosh!! This ws d most emotional epi of kyy2!!! Evry1 cryin!! All d kyyians cryin!!! Dhrulya muku navya aryamann nandu…in d beginning maddy’s name is mentioned!! He ws wiping his tears??!! Baki sab kum the k ise bhi rula diya…man im cryin!! Epi dekhungi toh srsly i’ll sob hard!! I ws just singing kyy title song widout makin noise…gaate gaate i started cryin…it hurts!! It hurts seeing so much pain!! It kills me man!! Im feelin dead!! I feel lyk i ain’t alive!! I cant feel my heart beat!! It hurts!!! It really does affect me infact all kyyians a lot!! Pradi u ryt…d most beautiful smile has deepest secrets…so true lines pradi…….
    Alvida tujhe kaise kahun main
    Door tujhko kaise karun main
    Mujhse tu roothna nahi…
    O yaara o mere yaara
    O yaara tu sun le zara
    O yaara tu aaja re yaara
    O yaara o mere yaara
    O yaara tu sun le zara
    O yaara tu aaja re yaara
    O yaara kaisi yeh yaariaan
    O yaara kaisi yeh yaariaan
    O yaara kaisi yeh yaariaan??!!!
    It hurts seeing our love..our show hurt…!! All d sharp knives are being stabbed on our hearts!!! It really feels so!!!

  8. From my pov this is there current mental state Of nandu
    Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
    Kyun hum tukdon mein jiye
    Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
    Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein
    Kyun rooh meri ye sahe
    Main adhoora jee raha hoon
    Hardum ye keh raha hoon
    Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
    Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

    The really needs her majnu manik back she badly needs him back…… ???
    Though she smiles but her real smile is when….. when she is with manik or I can say her whole world depends in manik….. do dil so jann types……..she is alone fighting with this cruel world….. buy faking smile… before it was she who brought him out Of darkness…. who gave him the love that care that support which he needed…. she never judged him…. never…… before she shine for him now she is pushed on dark side…. she no one is there for her……. now manik has to bring her out of darkness go make her smile again…. to shine hot her……..
    Hope his entry will shown damm soon….. can’t see nandu Fab3 lyk this…. it hurts…..If hurts here ?

  9. fab 5

    I think cabir is dead d aryaman will take his place in fab5 ..,…………kyy rocks#parth#niti#manan rocks

  10. Plumpyyy

    Pradi!! Perect song gal!!! Tears just made their way down my cheeks!! Im not ovr it!! No wonder i’ve not watched d epi!!! It hurts very badly!!! B4 comin here i ws thinkin bout d epi n my eyes were all ready to let d tears fall…now they r fallin wid freedom…it hurts so much!! Im not able to get over it!! As much as i try i kno i wont get ovr it!! Idk wt will happen wen i watch d epi??!!! Abhi aisa haal hai toh epi dekhne pe kaisa hoga???
    Love ky2s2 soooooooooooo much!!!
    Love ky2 sooooooooooooo much!!!
    Love parth niti…
    Love fab 5….
    LOVE MANAN…in my heart…humesha!!

  11. Very emotional epi. I was crying when I watch all them crying. A bit happy when saw MaNan dancing and what is maddy doing!!!! Sry plump, dear but he always make Nandu cry. And that bl**dy nyonika she is too much. But tell me one thing if manik is nyonika’s real son or step???

  12. shifa(shakira)

    namma auty mane hejamadi yalli.nan frnds tumba jana palimarnavaru.ninna cousin yaradaru kaup clg hoguttara

  13. Like I said this Maddy is full of deep mysterys……now m sure bout it did anyone noticed there pain on his voice when he said “lOG PYAAR KARTE NAHI HAI… SIRF DIKHATE HAI….THEY JUST SHOW IT….U KNO Y….JAB TUM UNKE BAAT NAME MANO NA TAB TUMHE BLACKMAIL KAR SAKE” there was so much pain in his voice did anyone noticed?? I feel this is the reason behind maddy’s this behavior……. he don’t even believes in frndship…. love is far away…….. it means he was betrayed by some extremely close person too his heart……….and I was hurt seeing Maddy crying……. even he cried….. everyone cried….. I kno this much that is this end of their bond their trust…. OR a beginning of stronger frndship……… when MaNan were dancing my heart was heart and my The means of eyes it was showing his pain……. thoda cheesy hogaya na…..anyways I hope this time in jaldi jaldi I haven’t did much typing mistakes………
    MaNan forever…. and ever…..humesha

  14. Bechari nandu ??
    Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
    Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
    Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
    Laqeeran vich likh di judaai

    Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
    Waqt se churaya tha jo
    Apna banaya tha..
    Ho tera, woh mera
    Saath nibhaaya tha jo
    Apna banaya tha..

    Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
    Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
    Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
    Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni

    Hate Maddy, love manan?

  15. N that part was so emotional, manan danced on humari adhuri kahani n suddenly he vanished ?
    Pass aye, dooriyan phir bhi kam na hui,
    Ek adhoori c humari kahani rahi,
    Aasman ko zameen yeh zaruri nh ja mile
    Ja mile
    Ishq sacha vohi jisko multi nh manzilein
    Rang they noor tha
    Jab qareeb tu tha,
    Ek jannat sa tha ye jahan,
    Waqt ki rait pe kuchh mere nam sa likh k chhor gia tu kahan,
    Humari adhuri kahani ?

  16. ….that blo*dy maddy y he always drag manik in b/w??……life seriously and how dare he day manik won’t come back????hang how does he kno how earlier manik used too behave with nandu…. leave if that’s not the point but Maddy has NO RIGHTS TO BEHAVE WITH NANDU THE WAY MANIK USED TO BEHAVE WITH HER…. ….chalo chodo…..

    I soo badly wanted to say this yesterday but I couldn’t ??but koi nai I’ll Start now ??Maddy said na manik wapas nahi aayega that time I was like
    Beta tu social sites joining karle Official announcement ho chuki hai….
    An bas teri official dhulai is intezaar hai……

    Jaggo maddy jaggo hamare liye dream sequence tha tere liye nightmare banke aayega ??

    Maddy Maddy Maddy?? karle jo tujhe karna hai..
    So base manik no aane de bass I promise
    To kuch karle layak nahi bachega….??

  17. kishwer said Now nyonika’s role will go on break …but Google said she isn’t big boss contestant…..
    So harshad will be
    Tere bin main yu jiya kaise jiya tere bin ???

    And I badly miss cabir…. our cupid cabiraa
    Re CABIRAA man jaa
    Aaja tujh no pukare tere fan sariyaan

    And I realized its Friday…???

  18. Plumpyyy

    Pradi…are u free 2day?? As in ur commenting so much n its soo right!!
    Maddy wala is awesome!!! So what if m a yuvian…m a MaNanholic too!! So that day wen he said manik kabhi nahi aanewala…i was lyk tv k andar ghus k usse punch karu!! Lyk hw dare he hurt nandu all d tym!! Y?? Gadha mere samne aaya na 1000 nandu punch dedungi usse!!! Srsly…ek toh nandu is hurt..she has so much of pain….aur yeh maddy..idiot usse aur pareshan kar raha hai!! Sachii one more he’ll hurt nandu na…main bhool jaungi k woh role mera yuvi play karta hai!! But he’s a mystery!! N hw does he kno so much bout manik?? So much!! Lyk wenever he argues wid nandu he drags manik in d argument!! Y?? According to me…he compares himslf wid manik n he knows he’s nothin infront of manik xD…but he cried…maddy cried…he hides his inner turmoil all d tym…i gotta watch d epi ASAP!!
    Guyz…im in ur grp of punching maddy!!! Only if its possible!!! Punching MADDY huh…not YUVI…heheh…i dont need to say dat coz u all dont hate him na…sirf yeh maddy humara dimag khata rehta hai!!

  19. Plumpyyy

    Harshad’s song is bang on pradi!!! Hilarious!!!
    In my hindi exm there was a question…”madhubala kiski rachna hai?”…i knew d correct answer bt wt i blurted out ws “cabir ki”…i had a tough tym controlling my laughter!! But then i ws sad…coz cabira ws d jaan of kyy…ky2s2 is more serious than d ky2s1 coz usme cabiraaa ws der…sab kuch handle karta tha woh…even mukti!! I soo miss ayaz!!! V kno manik will b back…but cabir?? Our heart wont b fully satisfied…atleast mine! MaNanBir!! I miss them!! CabiNi!! ManBir!! Gosh!! I miss u cabir!!! The Jaan Of Kyy!!!

  20. Plumpyyy

    Oh hejamadi…adu kundapur side aa?? Athava padubidri side?? Nange sari nenapilla…!! Nanna aunty eega mysore alli iddare…nanu october holidays alli allige hogtene…i just hope k nange kyy nodlikke agtade!! Otherwise i act vry moody!! Kyy is like oxygen to me!!!

  21. Plumpyyy

    Oh i just read a chapter of a MaNan ff!! Guyz its awesome!!! Mood acha ho gaya!! Missing manan na? Just read dat chappy or d whole ff!! MaNan FF: jab miley hum tum
    the latest chappy is sooo damn lovely!! U’ll get cabir too!! CaVya too!! Harshad-alya fight!! Fab 5 frndship!! Spclly MaNan in d end of d chappy…!! I wont say kya hua…just read!! Its too good!! MaNan humesha!!

  22. annie

    I really doubt as maddy sang all d songs which manik played in his guitar and also dragging banding inside car same manik did while kidnapping nandini to accept his apology. I doubt whther maddy is manik.like mission impossible manik wil come out from a mask …just imagining..won’t b like dat …lol

  23. Plumpyyy

    Illa..aunty du maga irudu..magalu alla..u kno na boys r nt fond of serials! Matte nanna cousin sisters sa barbahudu…adre nange matte nanna tammanige alli hoguva mood illa…matte nanna cousin sisters kyy ya youth shows nodudilla…avru kinda dominant adke nange avru ishta illa…kyy entha avru nange sari chat madlikke bidudilla nanna frnz k saath!! I hope my cousin sisters dont land up der!! Bari bro idre entha probs illa yakandre nanu amma na hattira helthene k nange kyy nodbeku…ammanige gottide nange kyy nodlikke agadidre nan yava tarah behave madte:P
    oh so ninna tumba frnz palemarnavaru!! Nanna appa na cousin na wife allinda..adre na avrahatra hechhu matadlilla…idu year avra marriage agiddu…illa nanna close cousins nanna kinta sanna iddare…nanu eldest hu…matte tumba attitude leke ghoomti hu ghar pe…n if i get pissed off na toh i speak impulsively!! Kuch bhi bolti hu!! See kannada k beech mein hindi aa gaya!! Nah re…i hate kannada serials!! So no1 watches kannada shows at my home…my mom watches maja takees sometimes…that’s one tolerating kannada show…baki sab beqar hai!! Adha hindi ka copy hai!!
    Arey itna bada comment ho gaya!! God im a chatterbox!! Btw guyz…do read MaNan FF: Just married’s latest chappy…or manan ff:jab miley hum tum’s latest chapter!!! Just married’s is super hot!! Jab miley hum tum…current story k lie its really hot!! Both stories r written by same writers…plz do peep in:)
    u’ll feel happy:)…there is d whole of kyy:)…there is MaNan..MaNanBir…Fab 5…ManBir…MukLya…CabiNi…evry1!!! Except d new entry…maddy!! If u guyz r free na peep in:)…google any of this-
    MaNan FF: Just Married
    MaNan FF: Jab miley hum tum
    gunnyt lovelies n dearies n sweeties n cuties!! Love y’all…!! Keep smiling!! Keep lovin kyy!!
    Kyy dreams/parth dreams/niti dreams/ayaz dreams/MaNan dreams/DhruLya dreams/Cabir dreams/CaVya dreams or watever…but not yuvi dreams!! That’s fr me!! Heheh…now sleep! Gudieeee nyt

  24. Divya

    Most of the serials are predictable… But this..not soon…I m just waiting how you guys gives a grand entry to manik….want to see more n more show it till Saturday…..

  25. Plumpyyy

    Guys really I’m such a chatterbox!!! By the way…anyone on IF except Minnie?? If yes then please say what’s your username…We can be in touch there☺

  26. Plumpyyy

    This is for my love…??❤??♡??blushing seeing your cuteness that just energises me!!! I love you…yuvraj thakur!!?

  27. Plumpyyy

    2 days without my show is so boring ?
    2 other options are youtube n songs…coz that helps me to go insane??

  28. Plumpyyy

    N in my dad’s phone my upar wala cmnt isnt posted!! Im laughin now…heheh! See..i ws angry n m laughin nw…unpredictable me!
    Samjhawan…on my emperor’s playlist…my no. 1 song…so intense this song is!!
    How ws d interview pradi?? N that tym i called u minnie coz that stupid auto correct starts it stupidity!! Sirf parth ka tha??

  29. New promo is out???
    Manik is in his car cmg back n listening to fm radio when they talk bout Fab 5 concert
    And he sees everyone enjoying the crowd n taking selfies he Turns back and leaves.. ??

    Bg they tell will this small separation bring large gap b/w them…

    I saw the promo and Maddy was there…!!!he performed with them!!!!and of course aryamann…..
    This promo made dragons play rugby in my stomach like seriously …and m even more hurt now…..aiyyappa how will I concentrate on studies

  30. Plumpyyy

    This connection sucks!!
    Yaar y do MTV show splitsvilla repeat telecasts so mny times!! They dont evn show kyy repeat telecast 2 times in a day!!

  31. Plumpyyy

    Pradi… Maddy performed wid fab 3??? Aryamann too?? N manik saw them n left that place?? I need to watch d promo ASAP!! But this mtv mein toh splitsvilla dikha rahe hai!!

  32. Plumpyyy

    Plz no probs b/w fab 4!!! Its been ages i typed “fab 4” here!! Miss u cabir!!! The Jaan Of Kyy!!!

  33. ADELE( Anu)

    Emotional episode!!!! ???
    I was juz watching the previous episodes…….the ones wen manik tried to leave nandu for dhruv.,…….n then I watched the current epi………..hmmmmmmmm!!!!! So much of changesss!!!!!

    Wen will manik enter???????????
    Can’t wait!!!!!!???

    • cutiee

      whatttt aaan aaaan hold on @minnie dear i,m not any aditi i,m zoha i,m not sure you r pradhishma or not me just asking becoz she use to cm at swaragini page and sm mnths ago i saw her dp of manan and frm that moment parth become my crush i luv him soo much like crazy so thats y asking if u r nt comfortable to tell then let it bee 🙂

  34. Divya

    Today saw the promo…manik was watching their performance hope nandini will find soon that manik is alive….eagerly waiting for Monday

  35. Plumpyyy

    Arey chill na pradi…i was all good wid it…experienced wid all these things vry well…pehle toh it used to happen daily…some1 or d other used to come wid other’s usernames n abuse some frnd of d real 1…this is 1 of d main reason this page is lyk this nowadays!! There were loads of probs once which had crossed d limits!! It had become serious…mny left d pages n had nvr come!! So ur behaviour is completely justified…so chill out…!!
    Yep hope dat manik doesnt give up on fab 3!!
    N selfie thingy ka toh..reason toh they’ll b knowin…bt it wont happen i guess… As i saw in bff too…there wasn’t a single pic in which both yuvi n parth ws der!! Parth used to click pics only wid fenil…!! Its just my wish k i will get 1 single pic of parth n yuvi!!

    • Same pinch plump..!!!if even happened with us right anu!???uk even if happened with is in fact its happened very badly…. very badly….!!! Nor just using others name but also using others mail id in fact I was s victim of my old enemies they used too use our mail id and v have dp na do it was damm hard for us to choose who’s fake or not….. in before in swaragini hardly there used to be 20comments and when v used to chat an our bff wala then it used to crossed hundreds and I still remember highest record was more than 3000 comments done by on 6-7of us I miss those days badly yaar I can understand ur feelings……. once someone back stabbed me on The name of frndship…… fakers are damm horrible…. or I can say useless creeps…

  36. Yep plump woh iv surf parth ka tha he was shown in gym first showing pushups n all then he said that he offered many shows n then many meetings happened and they asked him whether he wants do come back or not and he said yes for us… for our love… thats was so sweet of him na waise he’s sweet only but also spicy u kno what I mean??u remember once I said that he was thrown out…. it was true….cuz he said bohot meetings hui n all so it means it was true….. anyways watch it soon plump…..

  37. Aisha malya

    Hi guys !! Wassup all ? N aiyappa soo many mistakes *lol it was funny minnie* n my ky2 !! Kya kahein iske baare mein …. Just waitin for u parthu !!!! N the wicked niyonika !!!! She just irritates me …. Not kishwer but niyonika is such a *beep beep* let it be …. Chalo good night all … Tc

  38. cutiee

    okkk guyzzzz it was nyc to meet u all bye have fun i didnt find my self comfortable here sooo i,ll be at dtb wth my bestie so stay blessed bye bye shaikira di will see u at dtb wen i came there ok t,c sweet dreamzzzz 🙂
    and minnie sorry for irritating u,,, u r sweet wese 🙂 pleasure to meet u bye bye all

  39. Aisha malya

    Hey guys ! Having fun mere bina ??? *lol sounds like a filmy line* just wanna dedicate this song to ky2 – tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi … Ishq mazhab aur meri zaat ban gayi … Sapnein teri chaahaton ke … Sapnein teri chaahaton ke dekhti hun ab kayi … Din hai sona aur chaandi raat ban gayi 🙂

  40. pari

    hiiiiiiii guyzzzzz hru all after so manyyy dayzzzzzzzzzz miss u all
    but but anymone saw new promo aaaaaahaaaaaaaaa manik i was lyk omggggggggh but but now y he is gng away ahmmm ahmmmm nh naaa yar lyk ab bht hua now we want manan and fab 5 backkkkkkkkkk ahhhhhhhh bt itne dayssss nandu or ffab 5 se manik dor kese raha hoga feeling sad for my manikkkkkk 🙁
    hey hey cutiee be here na dear i had hear alot of u at dtb lets hv lil convo i really want plzzzz

  41. pari


    ayiapaaaaaa hahahahahahaha omggg omgggggggggg mn hanste hanste paagal hojaongi hahahahahaha ok ok reson behind my laugh i saw the the promo of manan dance new wala and there was cmnt hahaahahaha………..
    plzzzzz tell me is manik cmng back as BHOOT :-p
    hehehehe omg lyk seriously i,m laughing alottttttttttttttt

  42. Y this Maddy always makes my nandu cry hate u Maddy, every1 cried ? n I knew it’s nyonika behind that car blast that b*t*h, n I like mukti n aalya so much, prads OK I will call u nandu from now or Anu ko monster Anu, n yes Anu we will say ayyapa from now, I love kyy a lot ? kaisi yeh yaariyan rocks ?

  43. Aisha malya

    Can’t forget u , listenin to this awesome song by arjun n jonita … And only manan n cabir r in my mind … Yaar i can never forget them … N i can’t live without them … Love ky2

  44. Aisha malya

    What the hell yaar … TU just check the time problem here …. I commented on 12 oct 9:40 am n my comment is not seen in the last !! It’s seen above minnie’s comment which is on 11 oct ! So how 12 oct before 11 oct ??? Please just fix this problem…

  45. Aisha malya

    Hey sifa what to do yaar ??? M getting irritated by this comment problem !!!!! Please just someone fix it … Waise ky2 always rocks dear

  46. Plumpyyy

    Pradi…yaar thnx fr d link…but i so hate my net connection!!! Kya timing pe lost hota hai!! Huh..
    Acha leave it! Guyz!! Saw d epi?? Yaar wt ws d precap!!?? I mean i saw it…but manik!! He says guyz n they showed mukti’s expression changing n nandu ws happy!! They showed dhruv muku n alya were keepin their instruments n evn maddy ws der…n then manan’s electric guitar wala music ws played manik enters n says guyz!

    • Plumpyyy

      I did nt reply to d cmnt! Hw did it come here!! Admin of this page plz check it! What’s d probs??

  47. Plump plump plump sunn!
    Be calm in fact everyone read this

    “Hey guys, Hell of a journey in kyy2
    Much love, much hate part of the game. Loved playing it.loved playing MADHYAM. As madhyam continues to live, YUVRAJ will have to take an exit for something new. Tough decision but the choice is right”

    This is what yuvi posted…. I guess it means he’s leaving ky2s2 ??????

  48. Plumpyyy

    And manik ws holding somethin in his hand…n in d end d sound of glass breaking is heard!! N d thing in manik’s hand is thrown i guess! N not to forget…MANIK’S FAMOUS SMIRK!!!! Gosh!! Aftr sooooooo long!! Manik’s smirk!! Yayyiieeee!!! But this epi too made me cry! I watched thursday’s epi at 6pm 2day…my heart cried vry vry badly!! That humari adhuri kahani n judaai always leaves me shedding tears!! N 2day…maddy cried agn!! His outburst on GD!! Why?? Why?? Why evry character of this show has pain!!??? Evry character till date had pain!! Evn d princi…not major..minor…of tolerating fab 5’s dhamkis…shahid-fear of fab 5. Harshad-his n muku’s break up n nyonika is a pain to evry human. Nyonika-source of pain. Soha-didnt get her love(gud) n ws a psycho. Abhi-d most positive character aftr nandu had cancer. Pandit uncle-rotting in jail is his pain not ours. Rishab-cant speak lost his parents wen he had learnt to walk n talk. Chacha_chachi-nandu n rishab r their babies they hav no child of their blood. Ams-nandu,rishab n losing her son. Roshan khuranna-lost his daughter soha. Aryamann-lost his sister soha n got no trust(sorted out). Maddy-lost his friendship n love lost belief in them no support fr his passion. Main ppl…nandini-d most beautiful smile has d highest ammount of pain lost her parents infront of her eyes lost her love,gained d pain which she never deserved,she ws fragile experienced d door of death. Dhruv-attacks,meteor attack,lost his frnz(sorted),lost his love(sorted). Alya-brother’s a jerk n friends n bf pain. Mukti-parents fight,betrayal twice. Cabir-no dad,gay.

  49. Today’s episode of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan season 2 starts with Madhyam plays guitar and GD switches off the plug.

    Madhyam tells GD that rock music is his life.

    GD tells Mahdyam that if he can learn classical then leave the music.

    Harshad tells Aryaman that he did wrong with him for Nyonika.

    Aryaman warns Harshad not to hurt Fab 3 and especially Nandini.

    Harshad is shocked to know Nyonika has resigned from SPACE.

    Nyonika left SPACE forever Fab3 scolds Nandini for sending Nyonika from SPACE.

    Nandini tells them that it is good Nyonika out from their lives.

    Dhruv and Nandini share some emotional time talking about Manik.

    Aryaman accuses Nandini for doubting at him.

    Nandini says sorry to Aryaman.


    Madhyam over powers Fab 5 music room and Fab 3 n navni are shown cleaning store room manik enters there holding guitar and said ‘guys’

    I hope it’s not dream

  50. Plumpyyy

    Waoo!! I saw yuvi’s post…n d article too… Great!! Amazing!! Incredible!! Splendid!! Mind boggling!! Freaking awesome!!

  51. Plumpyyy

    F**kin hell!! Y d heck is my cmnt getting posted der?? Im nt replying to pradi’s or mine or aisha’s cmnt dammit!! Wt’s wrong wid this page!! Hell damn!! Shitty hell!! Shitty world!! I’ve got more hatred fr d CVs or d producers or whoevr it is!! They did nt stand by their words!! Huh! Ws he a toy?? A puppet?? Good that yuvi chose to move outta kyy2! Ik he’s vry smart to handle CRAPS like this!! Even in bff..evn der yuvi’s re entry n parth’s exit..here parth’s re entry yuvi’s exit!! Parth gaya..oh show ka koi male lead toh idea aaya…yuvi ko phone karo usse bulao ek scene karao acha laga final kardo…sara hatred yuvi tolerated..had so much of patience..didnt react negatively…ab oh so parth wapas aa raha hai!! Profit!! Channel k lie bada advantage!! Waoo!! Yaayyy!!! Parthians khush honge..mananholics khush honge…bt yuvians ka kya?? Unhe pain do!! They’ll handle!! As if they dont hav hearts!! blo*dy losers!! They shud loose!! Na they shudn’t loose!! Coz uk y…yuvi wants them to b successful!! Being a good n best soul he is…he reacted positively…widout arguing he moved out…good man..best!! Always wid u yuvi!! Can go against d whole world fr you!! Whole means…even mananholics,parthians,kyyians n evry1!! Im a MaNanholic..a Parthian..a Kyyian…but more than this…IM A YUVIAN!! N ONLY true n pure yuvians can understand me ryt now!! Hav somethin to say against this..hav courage to speak against…coz i ain’t that good peeps!!
    M not replyinv to minnie/myself/aisha…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.