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Ambs asks the whole class to take the instrument of their choice. Aryaman asks this is classical music class, how can they chose their own instrument. Ambs says that they can play classical with western musical instruments as well, she notices Nandini not attentive then asks about Santok. It was Manik who enters, everyone turns around to see him. Manik says Santok is his middle name, his real name is Manik. Ambs scolds him to register with false names, she punishes him to tune all the instruments, clean them and clean the room as well. Nandini asks Ambs not to give such a big punishment. Ambs scolds her, she asks the students that if anyone else wants to go with Santok, he is welcome. She says it is their first class, so they call go around anywhere in the campus and practice.
The servant

brings Manik to the store room and says he can’t help him but only can tell him where to do it. Manik says he will do it.
Navya finds Cabir who sat alone in a hall. She asks him to come with him, climb a tree and pluck some turmeric from it. He says she should go herself, she says she can’t. She then asks him to get lemon from kitchen. He shouts that he isn’t his and his child’s caretaker, nor father to the child.
Nandini was trying to get over her fear of Veena. Ambs watches her there, she thinks that this means Santok was right. The servant comes to tell Ambs Manik doesn’t know the difference between a broom and a duster, he might not be able to clean the room. Ambs ask him to lock Manik in the room until he completes the cleaning. Nandini goes to help thinking it was all because of her.
Mukti climbs the tree with Aaliya holding the wooden staircase. Aaliya asks her about Aryaman, when Mukti watches Aryaman sitting with Harshid. She comes down and says to Aaliya that he is new and they don’t know him well. She leaves Aaliya soon, giving her the turmeric to give them to Navya.
Nandini comes to the room with window. He was trying cleaning the floor with the detergent, she laughs. He says he also made it done when she came to his home, so it is fair. She laughs it is interesting seeing him do this all. She takes the detergent and mixes it in water. He says it is like shampoo. They clean the floor together, while the servant watches them.
Cabir was playing the drum vigorously getting flashbacks. Ambs listened to him, and when he stops she says there is a lot of intensity in his playing and intensity is good. She says if he knows that our music tells about our emotional state, but the way he leaves the incomplete musical strings, it tells there is something that someone has scrapped in his life. Cabir says he had only heard about her, but today he agrees she is great. Ambs says she doesn’t want to know about his emotional turmoil, but the incomplete strings of music takes one to mere successes in life often.
Nandini and Manik were tuning instuments. Nandini comes to his help with one and shows him how to do it. He says she knows to tune all the intruments. Nandini says she has spent her childhood with all these instruments. He says she must know the Sitar then as well, she says yes; if he has a doubt. He says he has never seen her do it, she picks it up and tunes and plays it. He plays with her to create a tune.
Ambs was looking for Nandini, the servant comes to tell Ambs that Nandini is there with the boy, he saw her by himself. Ambs asks him to go but is frustrated that until the boy is here, Nandini won’t be able to concentrate on music.

PRECAP: Ambs asks Nandini that she would check the cupboard as it is often that she forgets things. Manik was in there and hides.

Update Credit to: Sona

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