Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Nandhani asks Aryaman disguised as a doctor if anything is wrong with Manik but he says that nothing seems wrong with Manik but he is really weak. Aryaman says to Nandhani to take good care of Manik but Manik assures him that Nandhani will take good care of him. Aryaman then leaves and when Manik tries to wear his shirt he is not able to do it and Nandhani helps him. Manik and Nandhani then have a romantic scene after which Nandhani tightly hugs Manik.

Mukti and Aaliya are sitting together in Mukti’s house.Mukti says that she will not ask what is wrong with Aaliya but if she has to share anything with her she will always be there for her. Aaliya says that she doesnot know why she keeps falling for the wrong guy first Manik then Dhruv and now Aryaman. Mukti in surprise asks when this did

happen but Aaliya confirms her that nothing happened but she started to enjoy his company. Mukti asks Aaliya if she is now okay Mukti says that Aryaman is not the right guy for her.

Nandhani sees her phone and is shocked to see four missed calls of her uncle than she says to Manik that she has to go home but Manik tells that she will not find any taxi at this hour and even if she did how will she travel alone Manik then tells her that she can say to them that she was with MAnik as he was ill. Nandhani says that she cannot lie to her aunt. Manik asks what kind of dress is she wearing and pulls her to remove two of her button but then Nandhani says to Manik that he has to solve his problems and goes out of the room to talk to her aunt.

Dhruv unfriends Aaliya from his Facebook friendlist and says that everything between them is now over and that he deserves this as he was selfish and did not care for Aaliya.

Nyonika says to the doctor to get the discharge papers signed and let her take Manik home but the doctor refuses. Nyonika goes into Manik’s room and asks if he is fine and that she wants to take him home but Manik says that he needs some more rest and when he is discharged Nyonika will not stop Nandhani from seeing her and she will come to visit him every day both of them are still talking then suddenly Nandhani comes and Nyonika seeing her gets angry. Nandhani says that she thinks that she should go home and Nyonika also says that she should then Manik asks Nyonika if they have a deal and after Nyonika confirms Manik Nandhani says that Manik cannot leave in his condition but Mnik confirms her.

Manik tells Nandhani that his car will drop her but Nyonika says that they have ony one car here then Manik tells her to arrange another car. When Nandhani is about to leave she finds a ketchup sachet and remembers that she gave it to Aryaman.

Nayiya is standing in front of Cabir’s old office and is about to go in when suddenly Cabir comes and tells her to leave it and come home with her at first she agrees but then rushes into office and starts to tell him that what he has done is wrong and she will tell whole of the Mumbai on their radio and then the Manager is forced to give Cabir his job back but also hires Naviya as a folk singer

Precap Nandhani goes into Maniks room and prepares a lot of things for him and then wakes him up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    1. hai ,have u seen today;s episode

      1. ♥Pradishma♥

        Hai chandani….. yes I saw today’s episode…… manik was discharged at midnight cuz of nyonika and fab5 throwed balls at manik for not telling them about his discharge while nandani asks aryamann to join her and navya in talent hunt and he agrees….. and later when navya refuses his help he tells her that he has joined thier group….. aliya hits dhruv for breaking her heart…..

        Precap: cabir tells aliya that u should solve urs and his problem alone not in front of fab5 nor infront of everyone…..

        Its not perfect but I tried writing how I was able to

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