Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini gets into Manik’s car, she says she is sorry, curses herself to be stupid and says she won’t let him go until he accepts her apology. He asks if she is challenging him, she takes the car. He asks why she is being so ridiculous, he shouts if she thought he won’t know about her elaborated dinner. She asks how he came to know. Neonika’s words echo in his mind, he says it doesn’t matter. She says her intentions weren’t wrong, sorry. He asks if she is getting out of the car, or should he. She asks why he is being so angry, he gets out of the car. She comes out to stand in his way, and asks him to believe her she knows how much has she mistaken, he was always stressed about Dhruv’s matter, she couldn’t get him into more stress. And it was a family dinner, chacha and chachi were

also there, she wasn’t doing it alone. She lied, but for him. Manik begins smiling, but hides his face. Nandini hugs him from behind, he smiles. They turns to her as an angry man, and says yes, I am mad at you. He smiles and excitedly asks if she is going to do anything to make him up. She says he is too much, pushing him as he laughs. He stops her and says if she really wanted to do anything to make it up, how will she? She says like this, comes to kiss him but then runs away asking him to catch her.
Dhruv was playing guitar sitting on the wedding. Nandini’s words about Manik’s sacrifice echoes in his mind. He thinks about himself and Nandini. He thinks what is Nandini doing, when she was making friends with him, why he went to Manik. He holds Nandini responsible for Manik and his differences.
Nandini comes to hide behind the car, she looks from both sides but Manik isn’t there. She moves to look for him when Manik drags her into the back seat of the car. He asks what, is she still wanting to make it up. She asks him if he can please wait. He shows her the car keys that he had taken from her pocket, smiles and asks what she was saying. She sits back, he shuts the car door. He gets enraged again, and tells her not to lie to him again, as it is the only thing that can take them apart. She asks if he is still mad at her, his mood changes and says she was about to make it up for him. She says it was when he was angry, he says he would get angry again. Nandini runs out of the car, he says the list of the things she owes to him is getting bigger now, for the Fusion Concert. When Nandini has gone inside, Manik gets serious again.
Pandit ji was at his home, thinking about Manik and Nandini.
He says it seems Manik is worrying Nandini, but he can’t let this happen. I never accepted defeat and am not going to get it even today. He calls Amb’s, she is happy to hear from him. Amb’s says it is never late talking to his favorite student and asks about his dinner. He says her values run into her family but in bigger cities, children can’t be prevented much. He asks to leave it all, but Amb’s asks what he wants to tell her. Pandit says he is training Nandini for a performance that is really big, if she would be with her she wouldn’t get into something wrong. Amb’s is happy he cares too much for Nandini and promises to come.
Manik searches web and says there is something that you are hiding Pandit, if I can find. He wonders who could it be, and browses the social media. He texts some people on the web, and awaits their response. He says he has to prove to Nandini that Pandit doesn’t deserve the respect he has got, he doesn’t even deserve to be a teacher of anyone.
Nandini takes the photo of the seed, saying it is growing. She thinks she will tell him in the college about it, and is excited that it is one day to fusion concert.
Mukti was intently watching her clown, Aaliya comes and hugs her. Aaliya asks her to try some new clothes, this will make her happy. Mukti says she is right, he wants her to be happy, so she is trying to stay happy. Aaliya asks her about a top, Mukti says it is very pretty. Aaliya looks into the mirror, and asks if she thinks she is getting fatter. She asks is she pouching, Mukti says she is all fit, what is wrong with her.
In the college, Navya looks for Nandini and is irritated she doesn’t listen to her as she had asked her to meet her in washroom. She comes across Manik, he asks what. Navya looks behind him, he smiles. He asks what is she doing, she says she was looking for Nandini as she is always near him. Manik stares her in anger. Navya says she is telling the truth, and it is for his betterment. Manik looks all in his pocket, and asks where is Nandini. She says how would she know? He gets a message and reads it, Navya asks was it Nandini’s message. Manik was reading the text intently, Navya watches Nandini coming. She points to her at the other side, Manik looks there while she takes Nandini to a room.
A girl calls Manik asking why he changed the quotes about Pandit, she says she thought he would he a girl. He says he can make her talk to a friend, but she says she just wants to say Pandit ji is a good musician.

PRECAP: Nandini shows Manik the photo and says she wanted to see his first reaction. He kisses her cheek, and after she has left he hopes he finds something to show her and find her first reaction.

Update Credit to: Sona


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