Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik smiles looking at Nandini smiling in the mirror and turns at her asking her to take a sip from it. He asks is it nice. She makes a face. He says it’s his turn, takes a sip and says it is yummy; if it was him he had ended it till now. She takes the glass and gulps it inside. He looks at her in shock and says wow, how she does this. He says he is going from now, she must sleep now. Nandini says she doesn’t feel like sleeping. Manik smiles and says it doesn’t matter, he is here. He tells her to hang on, switches the light off. Nandini sits straight. Manik comes to sit on her bed and holds her hand, singing ‘Jeena jeena’. He helps her lay down, switches the other lamp off as well. Nandini relaxes in the bed, looking at him she smiles. She fell asleep soon, he kisses her forehead and

sits back.
Downstairs, Chachi tells Dhruv to go and sleep at Rishab’s room. Dhruv recalls some bitter memories with Rishab and says he will adjust here, Cabir may sleep in Rishab’s room. Cabir agrees.
Chachi opens the door and whispers Manik’s name. Manik comes out without disturbing Nandini’s sleep. Chachi asks if she is asleep, he needs to rest too. She has arranged for his beddings, and he may tell her if he needs something. Manik says alright and goodnight to her. Chachi leaves, he comes back upstairs, thinking what if Chachi comes back he peeks into Nandini’s room and whispers Good Night Nandini before shutting the door. He sits just outside the door on the floor and fell asleep there. Dhruv comes upstairs and watches Mank like this. He asks why he is sitting here, Manik gets up. Dhruv stops him and instead sits beside him. Manik says he was tired. Dhruv asks how she is. Manik says she is asleep. Dhruv says he knows it isn’t the right time, but he has to start. He says whatever he said about Nandini. Manik says it was wrong. Dhruv says he couldn’t see how much Manik loves Nandini. Manik says the fault isn’t completely his, he himself didn’t ever expressed his feelings and tried only to be a good friend and proved himself as a bad one. Dhruv says Manik isn’t bad, he is. He says he can’t give him further tension and asks will he come to sleep downstairs. Manik denies, Dhruv heads to leave then asks if he needs something. Manik says no. Dhruv comes downstairs.
Dhruv was drinking water when he watches Rishab’s room’s door opened. He feels pain as a recollection disturbs him as well as Rishab in sleep. Cabir was sleeping with Rishab then.
Manik fell asleep when he has a nightmare, he gets up, opens the door of Nandini’s room and is relieved watching her sleeping. He comes out again. Nandini was also awake in her room.
In the morning, Nandini opens the door, Manik fells off behind as he was sleeping with it. Nandini holds his head and asks if he fine. Manik smiles and looks at her, he holds the hair of her braid. She takes them from him and helps him sit up. He stands up yawning. He asks her not worry… She looks away. He asks is something different today? Nandini says he slept like this the whole night, his back must be aching and must take rest. Manik says he doesn’t need rest, his back is fine so relax. He says what is more important is, is she fine? He holds her face and says he knows one night can’t change anything, and everything can’t get fine so stop being so brave, she can say whatever she wants to. With time, she will be fine. Nandini holds his hands and says he is right. She says once she sends Pandit to the right place… Manik says he has been arrested. Nandini says she will be fine when she brings his reality to everyone. She asks him to freshen up, then they will go downstairs together. Manik looks at her bruise on ear, he asks if it still hurts. Nandini doesn’t reply but goes to get him some earrings. He asks if it hurts, she says not that much and smiles. Manik picks one earrings and puts it into her ear, she shuts her eyes in pain but it goes inside. Both smile.
Cabir and Navya come home. Cabir asks her for key. Navya says her key is with her mother. Cabir had lost his key. Navya’s mom opens the door and says she heard their voices. Cabir’s mom was also inside. Cabir asks what she is doing here. His mom says Navya’s mom told her they have decided to get married.
Media announces Nandini’s case, Manik tells the police man that Rithima’s statement will further clarify that this hasn’t been done for the first time. Pandit has been doing this harassment for years. Rithima states that she doesn’t know what Manik is talking about.

PRECAP: Manik is shocked. Rithima says she doesn’t know what happened last night, Pandit ji is a good man and teacher.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. wins

    dont make harshad bad again..,,. we want him in positive role this time plsssss,.,. and dnt make present track as soha’s story.,.,., it wil b bored,..,., let nyonika to b exposed here,,.,..,then it wil be superb hit..,,.

  2. wins

    manik expressions during shower were outstanding,.,., its a mix of hurt and anger..,,., manik is rocKING,..,.,., phidaaaa 4 U

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    Mumbai: Actor Salman Khan on Wednesday received a swift two-day interim relief. And as the world wondered what’s next, a team of high-powered legal eagles behind the actor started pouring through the paperwork. This is what we know of the representation. Partners of DSK Legal Mumbai, Anand Desai and Nirav Shah, and associate Manhar Singh Saini, acted for the star.

    And this dream team doesn’t come cheap. Overall, experts estimate Sallu might have spent upwards of Rs 15 crore on his legal bills. But the main man who got Salman the reprieve on Wednesday was 56-year-old lawyer Harish Salve. Sources within Mumbai law circles have described how Salve functions and more importantly, what the bill looks like.

    “Zero to infinite… depending on clients, obviously,” claims an insider. “But a day’s appearance fee hovers around the Rs 25 lakh mark and you also have to take into consideration his team. You have to pay for them to set up office. Everything from computers to even a stenographer is paid for…” Salve is one of India’s leading lawyers practicing in Supreme Court and various High Courts. He is an expert in constitutional, commercial, taxation laws and arbitration.

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    12: 39 pm: BREAKING right now: Relief for Salman Khan, his sentence has been suspended. He will not go to jail for now.

    12: 27 am: The fan who attempted suicide has been identified as Gouranga Kundu, a 32-year-old man from West Bengal.

    12:13 am: Apparently, the fan of the actor who drank poison has left behind a letter calling Salman his ‘bhagwaan’ (God). He says he struggled through a difficult childhood, is an aspiring writer, has two children

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    tu bhi kaha ab hosh me
    makhmali raat ki hona subh
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    u pyar kar beintehaan
    dekha karu sari umar
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    khamoshiya ek raax h seene dafn h kahi
    khamoshiya jo paas h me tumse kahungi kbhi baat lungi me saath me tere milne to aao zara
    khamoshiyaa teri meri khamoshiyaaa
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    iss dard e dil ki sifarish ab karde koi yaha
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    Tu jo mila to zindagi h badli
    me puri nayi hogayi
    h beasar duniya ki badtein badi
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    iss dard e dil ki sifarish ab karde koi yaha
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    aakhein bhi paigaam ye de
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  79. This song is dedicated to all kyy members

    Bekarar karke hume yu naa jayiye, aapko hamari kasam laut aayiye – (2) Dekhiye woh kalee kalee badliya, julf kee ghata churana le kahee Chori chori aake shokh bijliya, aapkiada churana le kahee Yu kadam akele naa aage badhayiye, aapko humari kasam laut aayiye Bekarar karke……… Dekhiye gulab kee woh daliya, badhke chum le naa aap ke kadam – (2) Khoye khoye bhanwre bhee hain bag me, koyee aapko bana naa le sanam Behki behki najaro se khud ko bachaiye Bekarar karke……… Jindagi ke raste ajib hain, inn me iss tarah chalana kijiye Khair hai isee me aapki hujur, apna koyee sathi dhund lijiye Sunke dil kee bat yu naa muskuraiye, aapko humari kasam laut aayiye…. This is from my heart

  80. This song is dedicated to all kyy members

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  81. This song is dedicated to all kyy members

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    anjane h silsile
    tumse na jane Q
    sapne h palko tale
    tumse na jane Q


    nighao me dekho meri
    jo h bas gaya
    wo h milta tumse hubahu
    jane teri aakhein thi ya
    bate thi wajh
    hue tum jo dil ki aarzoo
    tum paas hoke bhi
    tum aas hoke bhi
    ehsaas hoke bhi
    apne nhi h
    ese h humko gile
    tumse na jane Q
    milo k h fase tumse
    na jane Q

    Khayalo me lakho baate
    u to keh gaya
    bola kch na tere samne
    hue na begane bhi hoke or ke
    dekho tumn na mere hi bane
    afsoos hota h dil bhi ye rota h
    sapne sajota h
    paglal hua soche ye



    gud night
    Sweet dreamzz
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    Really?? Hmm well i got mail tht ? Is back
    whr is he?? Uska ek bhi cmmnt nhi dekha do u hv any idea abt tht?? Majnu??

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    Pata h max nhi ho sakta he nvr talks ths way u knw ek trh se tum queen ko yaha aane se rok rhe ho she will feel so wierd to c all ths behle bhi koi bhabhi ya esa kch name leke aaya tha
    sorry if u feel bad bt chng tht namr

  87. max the majnu

    popular love story of kyy and I want to play with it for sometime so what wrong

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    Gio is back?? Better i dnt cm infrnt of him mera mood bht kharab h if he said anythng yaha fight shuru hojayegi :-/

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    me nhi bata sakti jab tak wo mere samne cmmnt na kare…

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    bt i say GOOOD MORNINGGGGGGG hee he

  97. fairy

    The current track of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan shows Manik complaines to inspector about Panditji is that man who kidnapped Nandini and Ridhima’s statement will prove Pandit as he is doing this crime from many years.

    Ridhima gets scared to see Pandit and stated to inspector that Panditji is good a person and teacher.

    Manik and Nandni are shocked by Ridhima’s statement, and they insist her to tell the truth but she sticks on her words as Panditji is innocence.

    It will now be seen that Pandit asks inspector to make him free because Ridhima’s statement proved that he is a good man.

    Inspector gets admit with Rodhima’s statement about Panditji is envolve in this case and scolds Fab 5 trying to ruin a noble person (Pandit) dignity.

    Furthermore, Manik, Nandini and Fab 5 are very much upset to see Panditji is free.

    Nandini gets teary getting failed to expose Pandit.

    Aryaman (Karan Jotwani) to help Manik and Nandini exposing Pandit

    Aryaman will make a heroic entry in the scene and reveals to inspector that he is witness of Nandini’s kidnapping case.
    Aryaman tells inspector that Pandit was kidnapped Nandini and also narrates the entire kidnapping incident.

  98. sana

    Har dil ki apni taal h
    apna hi ek raag h
    har dil apni dhadkane
    apni hi ek aag h
    jazbaat pighle pighle
    H to Q na ho
    khayalat behke behke
    h to Q na ho
    dil dil dhadakne do
    dil dhadakne do

  99. Max

    The morning breeze on my face
    Filled with your trace!
    The more I dont see you,
    The more I miss you!
    The more I love you!
    Rise and shine,
    My heart’s queen
    Wish you a lovely morning!
    Always keep smiling!

    GM guyz.
    Hve lovely day

  100. max the majnu

    @max you know a fact
    majnu was a great poet like you
    so I named you dis haaaha

  101. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    bt u knw wat @max the majnu it is nt gud to use othrs name lyk dis by d way who r u

  102. Max

    wt will he say? vaishu I love u craps nd white rabbit . U guyz say hm tat he is white pig tatz it

  103. Max

    sara actually we shuld feel pity 4 hm. he is just obsessed wit vaishu’s skin color tatz it. he really needs medical help. wtevr may b d issue?? we shuld help hm

  104. Max

    sana say vaishu 2 tke help of police. If she is outside India its vry helpful. laws r vry strict in abroad

  105. sana

    Hmmm max
    i also think tht gio ws nt real or nw he is nt gng to do anythng coz ab tak firse yaha cmmnt nhi kiya usne

  106. Max

    sana most of the south indians r racists means obsession 4 fair color. In TN if ur born as dark person u will suffer a lot tat 2 girls situation is pathetic. Bt 4 boys nt tat much. boys in TN want only fair girls. Just go nd c any matrimonial websit of tamilans. it is d best xmapl 4 tat. evn gio is also obsessed in dis way. dis is wt I feel

  107. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    sana hehe u r funny hehe qat if sm bad news ex. “gio died hehe” no no dat wd probably b a gud news “TU is being closed hehe” I wish dis line nvr cm true

  108. hehe

    Bobby frm new York I..haha….i knw him …. No gurantee who is he…..lala…b careful….his writes poems… Hehe huhu and his poems remind me of ? poems which he started writing towards the end….kinda similar