Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pandit ji tells the family about the hardships with which Amb’s taught him, the door bell rings. Nandini is worried what if it was Manik, she stops Rishab and asks to open the door herself. She is shocked to see Manik and shuts the door. She tells chacha it is pizza boy who came at a wrong address, she is going to tell him about the right address. She comes out and asks Manik why he came here. He says if it was like this only they would have reached this stage of their relation in 6 years instead of six months. He asks her who is the guest inside, whom he can’t meet. She holds his face romantically, and says she didn’t see him from morning. He says he knows her so well now and asks what is cooking. Nandini laughs chachi is cooking. Manik is serious and says let me guess, it is Pandit for

The family asks about Nandini, chacha ji calls her. Nandini asks Manik he knows about it, Manik says it isn’t the question, the question is that she didn’t tell him. He asks does she think he has no right to be angry. Nandini says he is Amb’s teacher. Manik says he is her teacher and is interested in her, and that is why he came here. Manik heads to go inside to ask Pandit why he came here, Nandini stops him forcefully while chachi comes out. Chachi teases that this is her courier man, and offers Manik to come inside for food. Manik says he can’t resist trying her cooking. Chacha ji asks how is the pizza delivery man turned to Manik, his wife stops him.
Navya’s mother beats Sunny asking why she left her daughter after making her pregnant. Navya asks why is she beating him. Navya’s mother says she is making him ready to go to jail. Cabir says he has returned now. Cabir’s mother stops him from interfering and asks Sunny why he left Navya. It was Cabir who gave her shelter. Sunny leaves his acting all at once and says he wants shelter as well. Cabir tries to hint him, but Sunny doesn’t get it. Navya’s mother says she and Navya will go with him, Cabir’s mother thinks she can’t let Navya out of Cabir’s life. She asks Sunny when he last met Navya, Cabir tells him one, but he says eleven months ago. She takes Navya’s mom aside and asks if she really thinks this is Navya’s chid’s father, he doesn’t remember when he last met Navya. Navya’s mother says she also thinks they are making fool of them, Cabir’s mother asks them to lend her some time.
Chacha ji asks Pandit ji if he knows Manik. Pandit ji says he threw him out of his class. Manik says he couldn’t handle him. Nandini gives him a stare and Manik corrects that he couldn’t handle his talent. Chachi asks Nandini to have a seat with Manik. The rotis had ended, Rishab shares half of his with Manik. Manik tells chachi that she really cook with so much love, chachi says she always poured ghee on roti, he doesn’t need putiing butter over it. Pandit ji says had he known they are expecting someone else, he would have come some other day. Manik says even I am surprised, a teacher came at a student’s place. Nandini pinches his finger, Manik says he bit his cheek himself; it happens when someone curses you in your mind. Manik passes daal to Pandit ji and deliberately pours the daal on Pandit ji’s dress, Manik says sorry he didn’t know Pandit ji’s concentration was on someone else.
Cabir and Navya were angry at the over acting of Sunny, Navya asks him to go right now. Sunny hugs Cabir and asks Navya where he will sleep. Navya says he will have to sleep with Cabir in lounge. Sunny leaves, Cabir says he isn’t the right guy. Navya says she told him.
Nandini stops Manik back from leaving, and takes him inside saying he has left his car keys inside. Manik asks her what happened, she says he can’t leave like this. She says he didn’t try once to stay back, they didn’t even talk to each other. Pandit ji notices Nandini holding Manik’s hand. She asks Manik s angry, he asks if it affects her anyway? She will still defend Pandit ji. Manik gets rid on his hand and comes out. Chacha offers Pandit ji that Manik has a car and will drop him. Pandit ji says he has a car and has earned it, not gifted by his mother. They leave.
Manik forces Pandit ji’s car door, and warns him for not doing what he is behind a teacher’s mask. Pandit ji asks him to prove, as Nandini can’t go against him. Manik says she can never think a teacher can he like this. She doesn’t deserve a teacher like him. Pandit ji asks how he thinks he deserves a girl like Nandini. Manik deters him to stay away from Nandini, Pandit ji asks him to stay away from his way. Manik assures that he will expose him.

PRECAP: Nandini was excited that one day is left for fusion concert. Manik searches about what Pandit ji is upto and if there are any witness to it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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