Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pandit ji tells the family about the hardships with which Amb’s taught him, the door bell rings. Nandini is worried what if it was Manik, she stops Rishab and asks to open the door herself. She is shocked to see Manik and shuts the door. She tells chacha it is pizza boy who came at a wrong address, she is going to tell him about the right address. She comes out and asks Manik why he came here. He says if it was like this only they would have reached this stage of their relation in 6 years instead of six months. He asks her who is the guest inside, whom he can’t meet. She holds his face romantically, and says she didn’t see him from morning. He says he knows her so well now and asks what is cooking. Nandini laughs chachi is cooking. Manik is serious and says let me guess, it is Pandit for

The family asks about Nandini, chacha ji calls her. Nandini asks Manik he knows about it, Manik says it isn’t the question, the question is that she didn’t tell him. He asks does she think he has no right to be angry. Nandini says he is Amb’s teacher. Manik says he is her teacher and is interested in her, and that is why he came here. Manik heads to go inside to ask Pandit why he came here, Nandini stops him forcefully while chachi comes out. Chachi teases that this is her courier man, and offers Manik to come inside for food. Manik says he can’t resist trying her cooking. Chacha ji asks how is the pizza delivery man turned to Manik, his wife stops him.
Navya’s mother beats Sunny asking why she left her daughter after making her pregnant. Navya asks why is she beating him. Navya’s mother says she is making him ready to go to jail. Cabir says he has returned now. Cabir’s mother stops him from interfering and asks Sunny why he left Navya. It was Cabir who gave her shelter. Sunny leaves his acting all at once and says he wants shelter as well. Cabir tries to hint him, but Sunny doesn’t get it. Navya’s mother says she and Navya will go with him, Cabir’s mother thinks she can’t let Navya out of Cabir’s life. She asks Sunny when he last met Navya, Cabir tells him one, but he says eleven months ago. She takes Navya’s mom aside and asks if she really thinks this is Navya’s chid’s father, he doesn’t remember when he last met Navya. Navya’s mother says she also thinks they are making fool of them, Cabir’s mother asks them to lend her some time.
Chacha ji asks Pandit ji if he knows Manik. Pandit ji says he threw him out of his class. Manik says he couldn’t handle him. Nandini gives him a stare and Manik corrects that he couldn’t handle his talent. Chachi asks Nandini to have a seat with Manik. The rotis had ended, Rishab shares half of his with Manik. Manik tells chachi that she really cook with so much love, chachi says she always poured ghee on roti, he doesn’t need putiing butter over it. Pandit ji says had he known they are expecting someone else, he would have come some other day. Manik says even I am surprised, a teacher came at a student’s place. Nandini pinches his finger, Manik says he bit his cheek himself; it happens when someone curses you in your mind. Manik passes daal to Pandit ji and deliberately pours the daal on Pandit ji’s dress, Manik says sorry he didn’t know Pandit ji’s concentration was on someone else.
Cabir and Navya were angry at the over acting of Sunny, Navya asks him to go right now. Sunny hugs Cabir and asks Navya where he will sleep. Navya says he will have to sleep with Cabir in lounge. Sunny leaves, Cabir says he isn’t the right guy. Navya says she told him.
Nandini stops Manik back from leaving, and takes him inside saying he has left his car keys inside. Manik asks her what happened, she says he can’t leave like this. She says he didn’t try once to stay back, they didn’t even talk to each other. Pandit ji notices Nandini holding Manik’s hand. She asks Manik s angry, he asks if it affects her anyway? She will still defend Pandit ji. Manik gets rid on his hand and comes out. Chacha offers Pandit ji that Manik has a car and will drop him. Pandit ji says he has a car and has earned it, not gifted by his mother. They leave.
Manik forces Pandit ji’s car door, and warns him for not doing what he is behind a teacher’s mask. Pandit ji asks him to prove, as Nandini can’t go against him. Manik says she can never think a teacher can he like this. She doesn’t deserve a teacher like him. Pandit ji asks how he thinks he deserves a girl like Nandini. Manik deters him to stay away from Nandini, Pandit ji asks him to stay away from his way. Manik assures that he will expose him.

PRECAP: Nandini was excited that one day is left for fusion concert. Manik searches about what Pandit ji is upto and if there are any witness to it.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. fairy

    l dnt knw why unmukt is thnkng like ths abt me…why l ll b ww..,.evn l dnt knw whn ww hd cm nd wht did he/she said..l m jst shocked…tnx unmukt fr mk me realize d thght abt me….bt blve me guyz l hd cm to ths st only in d aftrnoon tday…sry fr my intrfrnce…bye…plz any1 cnvy it to unmukt…cordila it is ok..u dnt need to b sry…

  2. xxxxx

    can any one say the song which manik sang in phone when he was with rishab during his attack

  3. Cordilia

    Fairy I am sorry please . I know my brother has hurt you very much. But for gods sake…please dnt say like this . I beg my most sincerest apology. Unmukt is unnecessarily rude sometimes I know..but I ask for your forgiveness. Lord Jesus has taught us the forgive the naives…in the name of god please forgive unmukt!
    Fairy I wouldn’t make lame excuses…but I too wish unmukt to realize his mistake…gv him time..he will understand
    I don’t want to ruin our god blessed friendship.
    Friends I am really ashamed of my brothers behaviour. If you want I will stop commenting here.
    God bless you all

  4. Nutz

    Hey cordilia plz dnt leave, its nt ur fault at all. Nd plz its a request, plz dnt evr thnk of leavng my frnd

  5. Nutz

    Abt da epi, m lukng forward to manik n pandit’s face off, as to how manik wil expose him.
    Hey guys wat do u thnk dat pandit hs evil intention?tell me ur thoughts abt it plz

  6. Guyzz aaj party hogi?? I mean to say tht today is ammy’s b’day.. Nd aftr so many days u crossed 1,500 commnts in a single day? So when is d celebration coz i wud like to promote my show

  7. Hello cordilla.. I am quite impressed by you bcoz u said jesus said to forgive navies and tht forgiveness u r asking frm fairy.. I am also catholic nd i am a true worshipper of my creator nd jesus christ.. Nd nyc to meet u. 🙂

  8. Cordilia.. As jesus said if we ask for forgiveness.. Then it has to b forgived nd i know u r hearing my name for the first tym.. I mean tht nvr hav u heard a name ‘Ranvir’ in ur life as ur a britian citizen.. Leave it.. Bt yeah as far as i knw fairy she forgives every1

  9. Hello guyz! I m a watcher of ky2. I jst wanna know 1 thing. Whats the max. no. Of cmnts here daily. Jst consider this as a census! Plz co-operate. 🙂 Thnk u!

  10. Whoa!! Amazing.. Its 11:00 nd nly 39 cmnts(including this 40). Kyy rox has been chngd kyy shanti.. R u all in a moun vrat. Oh sry u cn type nd nly cant speak. Ri8? Hmm..

  11. Guyzz?? Hey ni8birds wher r u all.. Oooooooooollllllloooooooooooooooo..
    Guyz i m gonna sell this syt at quickr. It will be too profitable.
    Bech quickrr no fikarr!!

  12. Cordilia

    We are saved by our faith..our believe our trust leads us to heaven!
    If kyy family is heaven.my trust on my friends …….leads to salvation

  13. fairy

    guyz..l m nt sad at all..infct l m in a superb happy mood…tday l m gng to learn a new magic in d heavn…:D….dnt ask frgvness..l dint hurt….
    bye ..heavn is waitng fr me…

  14. fairy

    shhhhh…it’s a secret tht heavn ll teach me a new magic…dnt tell to any1 shhhhhhhhhh….l swear l m laughng nw…dw….

  15. Cordilia

    Dhanya plzz tell your friends to forgive unmukt if possible.
    Even after this incident I was so disturbed that I could not concentrate on horse ride

  16. ........

    fairy, u r great. how sweetly nd cleverly you hv managed d situation. nice. still l m laughng. specially ur secret. haha. reli u are very nice nd sweet girl.

  17. angella

    john, plz dnt pollute ds site fr god’s sake. plz behave nicely wd ppl. l prms u ll also gt gud bhvr.plz listn my wrds fr once.

  18. Laura

    Guys i m sorry nutz had asked me to inform u that there was heavy rain in his place And so power supply went he doesnt know when it will come
    Now only i remembered it is was reading a book and got completely engaged in it here to we hv rain gudnight i will come tomorrow byeeeeee guys final 1

  19. well wisher

    I thgt I will never come again bt situation obliged me to come. …..lemme clear out everything…..first of all I don’t know who is ‘…’ And so no need to think we too same person or we consultedeach other before commenting.

  20. well wisher

    But what had I said that it is creating so much commotion??? Did I disrespect anyone….did I abuse anyone….did I threatened to murder ???

  21. well wisher

    Iknow it was my fault….to have bcm emotional…that too I said in a public site…..but blv me….I hadno intention to hurt the persons……bcoz Oni god knws how much umi trust nd. Reespect them…….I jst felt all this during gio problem……that person I trust failing to help us……

  22. well wisher

    My greatest problem is that I don’t think before I say……ndi think after I say.okay m paying the price now….. Par kabhi kabhi aisa hota hai na ki dimaag rehte hue ve kam nhi karta ……aur ho na ho aap bhi kam na karwana chahte ho……aisa kuch hi hua shayad……dil se socha….gadbad ghotala ho gayi

  23. well wisher

    Ao so sorry guyzzzzzz….nd unmukt please if you value our friendship stop your guessing games……who was who?? By knowing it ….will ola cab give you free ride outt if cost??will Indian govt bring back black money from swiiss bank? Will Dubai mall allow your sister fee shopping ???will reelationship btwn India nd UK bcm better??

  24. well wisher

    The only thing that will happen is tha it wwill create confusion among kyy family….yo say you like kyy family..so cant you stoop???””

  25. well wisher

    Cordilia you are sweet charming elegant perhaps intelligent nd beautiful too
    So its my request…….’youg lady ‘ dnt feel hurt….you r welcome to kyy rockzz family…warmest welcome cordilia…..we understand you have nthng to do with it……

  26. well wisher

    I trust you unmukt too ….kyy family too great….i too welcome you to kyy family…..nd yyour stay after reunion

  27. well wisher

    ….. I think you are wrong. . .in comments I hv seen cordilia cllng unmukt Ron….they are not mad I thnk to do the above comments….since many of us ntcd it.

  28. well wisher

    Smone if using the Ron name….i request hhim/her to stop…kyy family dnt deal in this kind of sick plays….to malign ones image
    Yes respect thgts

  29. well wisher

    Haha ammy fairy….making me laugh!!!!
    And nutz I did a belated April fool to you…..I Am GIO…you believed it….haha lol nyc…..m srry dear

  30. well wisher

    Itne raat KO kya kar re Ho……. ?? Lol….Saab ko bolna mere cmnts padne ke liye….tell everyone to read my cmnts.
    I used Hindi in middle to prove m NOT GIO NUTZ LAURA CARRON……haha

  31. well wisher

    Abhi tak mail nhi aya!!
    Wait waise I thgt I vil not come…par wat happened yesterday…..nd mere bade Mein itni charcha…..thi s. Much discussion on me…..so I came to clear out

  32. well wisher

    No Sam monkey vampire invld…..jis ke pass data balance bhi nhi hai woh chala essay likhne…..lol

  33. well wisher

    Gfgh= …..
    Or different
    Naam kyu bolu…..mereko marne ki koi bhi jaldi na hain 🙂

  34. ........

    to phir name ki last lettr batao.
    l m goimg to sleep. office jana hai.lol. if kyy mem will know my name , pakka they will kill me.

  35. ........

    gfgh, whtevr tum to sara ho.hum sab ko pata hai.
    hamare chatar chatar se 100 cross ho gaya.

  36. well wisher

    Sara bachii naam naa bolungi tmhe…..mein old gramma……isiliye….mera toh samjho ho gaya kam….kaal ji shraddhh hain

  37. ........

    ww, hum dono ki hai office jana hai. aise koi hum dono ko doubt nehi kar sakte.dono hi mar gaya to office ka to band baj jayega.lol.

  38. ........

    ww, tum to itne asani se nam nehi bologi, chalo tum he office mai hi face to face dekh lungi.lol.
    sara mam,ab to pata chal gaya ap kon ho. nam change kar do.

  39. ........

    sara ,mam daya kar ke ab to boldo ww kaun hai. ek kam karo sab ko ek mail bhejhdo ki who is ww.jindegi var ap ko yaad rakhungi.

  40. well wisher

    Aab fairy ayegi good morning kehne ke liye
    Fairy…bachhi…mere cmnts padha…..tmne??? 🙁

  41. well wisher

    Kyy Ki khatir….mun bachane kecliye…150 cmnt tak rahungi…..wa t every one to read my message

  42. well wisher

    Hun jo mainu neend………………………
    Raat nu aawein na……….kaise baat ye…..ho na Ho ye secret ‘……’ Ka da asar hain

  43. ........

    tum kiske sath mail pe bat kar rahi ho? ab to pakka tumhari iss duniya pe last day hai.

  44. ........

    mai kitne sare jhut boli ww. na mei schl jati hoon,na mei clg jati hoon, nahi mai office jati hoo. sach bat ye hai ki meri padhai khatam ho gaya.

  45. well wisher

    Mail karo na mjhe……marte hue bachhi Ki aakhre khwayish
    Aur members ko ve bolna mssg pade

  46. well wisher

    Phone charge karke aati hun
    ….koi Han…..buri aatma achhe aatma chudail vampire wolf

  47. ........

    mai to hide nd seek pe ap se bhi badi player hoo ww. ab bye. marne chali bacchhii. hehehe

  48. well wisher

    Challo jaoo ………hide nd seek hi bttr humare liye kyuki zindagi badi pyaari gain…..lol…mein ve chali….bye khilari …..acche se kam karo…kyy ka naam Roshan karo

  49. well wisher

    Aur members plzz read my prev pg cmbt. . I thnk I cleared all confusion except my beautiful name…byee

  50. Cordilia

    Oops today none of my friends here. Be frank ladies….did you leave because of Unmukts behaviour?

  51. Cordilia

    Ammy..my pleasure talking to you. Its my sincere request donot misunderstand me Ammy. I extend my apologies for yesterday

  52. boom boom haha

    Cordilia ji why do you talk like ‘ ladies….my pleasure….my honour your honour….badam Madame…ladies ( finger)…….’ Are you a princess or what? 🙂

  53. Cordilia

    Jack oops I think I saw you yesterday too but didn’t have the opportunity to interact

  54. jack

    hi cordilia ammy haha hi hoho boom biom haha khuk ja sim sim phool or kata muft ir jo bhi h
    bye toooo

  55. ha ha ha

    ….. I comment here using my real name too.
    But if I use it now you wont understand isn’t it??

  56. Laxmi Dhaba( pure vegetarian)

    Princess cordilia I am sorry. Tell me more about yourself.. Do you wear gowns at home? Which colors??
    Jack nd jill princess said i hv great sense of humour haha 😉

  57. Gown sticher

    Which colors you prefer ….i hv no idea abt colors actually….cordelia I need your help abt colours…..

  58. Cordilia

    Its very nice jack.
    In my household gown colours specified are red pink champagne deep blue

    • sana

      Ya bt only this week
      u knw this is my resting tym bt den i will be busy so nw chatting wid u all

  59. champagne

    Dear I dint know I am used both as drink and as a gown….God!!
    Cordilia ur brother Unmukt is he a warrior prince…cause he does fencing na?

  60. Cordilia

    Friends I asked Unmukt not to come for a while.
    And I am a bit confused too..are these funny names same person…please inform me

  61. Laura

    Ok sree and sana
    Cordelia i think u should leave if unmukt was here with u he wouldnt hv let u chat here

  62. Laura

    Cordelia we dont know who the Unknown guys are i think u should leave dear now ur brother would not hv allowed u to be here if he was with u

  63. Laura

    Sree i too want to come to mail And talk with u but what can i do i cant open my mail in mobile

    • B-) DHANYA..

      ok its ok dear…..an imp matter abt john ……….. i just trust u so shld tell na …..

  64. Cordilia

    I too feel like I must leave. Laura you are right. Unmukt would get enraged. Adieu ladies

  65. Real name

    Now its okay…puff phew *
    Kaise aoo Mein….ye ‘ ….’ ne haath pyar bandh ke rakha hai

  66. Real name

    Meri princess chali gayi ghore pe sawar hoke 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Tell her to come back 🙁

  67. sana

    Shayron se labz leke thodese udhar
    bolna ye chahta hu dilse tumko yaar
    ho rha tha hogaya h halka sa khumaar
    Koi na rha h dil pe apne zor
    love me thoda or
    love me thoda or
    love me thoda or
    thooooodaaaa ooooorrr

    • B-) DHANYA..

      no answer is
      look ac between a and c it is b
      question take from onnum onnum moonu mazhavil manorama

    • B-) DHANYA..

      Johnny Johnny? haanji
      Tuney pee hai? naaji
      Munh ko kholo- hawji
      Jhooth boleya? naaji

  68. Vicks Vapour up..

    Unmukt…is…..sorry… I will not touch the soft spot…
    But her sister cordilia is sweet

  69. bhu bhu hick chik

    Btw…m soo busy…i have to use my real name too or ppl will think me dead….bye fr now

  70. sana

    Mehrbaani jate jate mjhpe kar gaya
    guzarta sa lamha daaman bhr gaya
    tera nazara mila rishan sitara mila
    takdeer ki kashtiyo ko kunaara mila
    🙂 sadiyo se tarse h jaisi xindagi k liye
    teri sohbat ne h duayein usi k liye tera milna h us rab ka ishara mano mjhko banaya tere jaise hi kisik liye 🙂

  71. bhu bhu hick chik

    Laura what will happen if you know my real name..will India take the world cup back from Australia??? Will you get Easter holidays again???? Will our country make wifi free on all the cities?? Will cordilias gown will be of other colors than champagne pink red???
    If so I tell my name…otherwise no

    • B-) DHANYA..

      yesterday here rain was there but i was unable to play bcoz my leg is broken at that time 🙁

  72. sana

    Thnx sree
    me in musical mood
    nw m listening thts all i really wanna do frm teri mieri kahani

  73. Laura

    No but if u tell ur name i wont be so curious if i know u when u tell ur name i can call cordelia back Plus i can chat with my friends peacefully without worrying who u r

  74. B-) DHANYA..

    Jab se tere naina mere naino se laage re
    Jab se tere naina mere naino se laage re
    Tab se deewana hua aah haa
    Sab se begaana hua aah haa
    Rab bhi deewana lage re oye oye
    Rab bhi deewana lage re ho..

  75. well wisher

    Advice me some Korean dramas to see..i hv no specific works to do now actually

  76. well wisher

    I have read..every book..Chetan bhagat…his inlaws live in my city…beside my school

  77. well wisher

    God knows I am confused lyk anything Sana
    No I hvnt seen him….he comes he goes secretly
    Govind Patel….three mistakes fav book

  78. well wisher

    She says she in college in office in school
    And thinks like me….today her last day to remain alive …..

  79. sana

    Meri pehli mohabat h
    meri pehli chaht h
    meri itni si hasrat h
    gale lag ja na jaaa
    teri bahon me rahat h
    teri zulfo me jannat h
    Meru itni si hasrrat h
    gale lag ja najaaa

  80. Laura

    Hehe sana i dont know any of the song i dont even remember the songs which i always used to sing stuck with books from last year even after exams r over i dont watch

  81. sana

    Yes srree right

    laura these sngs r nt new wait u heard sngs of ddlj right??

    Na jane mere dil ko kya hogaya
    abhi to yahi tha abhi khogaya
    na jane mere dil ko lya hogaya
    abhi to yahi tha abhi khogaya

  82. Laura

    My favorite from Kuch Kuch hota hai
    Yeh ladka hai deewana hai deewana
    Yeh ladki yeh deewani hai deewani

  83. B-) DHANYA..

    laura if u r free read that book
    one of the best diaries …..
    i read it 3 times …. it is soo nice and good one..
    it is abt the a girl anne frank

  84. B-) DHANYA..

    even i hav a good collections of books….
    good collection of songs
    good collection of movies

  85. Laura

    Yes sana ddlj om shanti om are my favorite movies
    Favorite songs from
    Kuch Kuch hota hai
    Om shanti om
    Aashiqui 2

  86. Laura

    Sana read past comments i keep on calling nutz he 🙂 though i know very well she is a girl

  87. sana

    Hehe laura u read my cmmnt aftr urs
    today in mrning i said tht use she* haha
    wait i will mail her d link….

  88. jhamping jhapang jhampak jhampak

    Waise yaha pw bohot kum ladkia mazzaak karte hain…..tmhari Tara…

  89. jhamping jhapang jhampak jhampak

    Pehle bolo Ki yaha pe saab se nazdig kaun hain ……who is most near to you….less than 5 cm gap hona chahiye…

  90. patience

    Wohi subha se…..4 baje se… Mein inyezaar karke thak than gayi hun 🙂 naam na bataogi….toh hints toh de hi Sakti Ho na??

  91. Unmukt

    Oh well wisher. You are funny. Yes nthng will happen..india cant bring back black money nor cordilia can shop free at dubai mall….thank you…o got my answer . You explained it mote clearly tgan anyone else.
    And those who thgt I wont come..you 🙂 all 🙂 were 🙂 wrong 🙂 cause I am here now 🙂 🙂 you like or dnt like 😉

  92. Unmukt

    And I know I am bad 😉 evil 😉 rude 😉 I said in the beginning 🙂 🙂
    I never try to be your friend or to sympathise with you all
    Because I jst came to enjoy the reunion nd 😉 open your eyes. Please ignore if already 😉 opened.

  93. SAHIL

    You fool….go from here….why cant you keep your dirty mouth shut…..??? Go to hell….dont u have girls at ur home…..wht if someone will comment like this on them????…..liar…dump….man….
    girls are not just to play tjey also have feelings….but you always try hard to hurt them….think on it…..why you do all these things…..please end this…my friends my sisters are sad just becauseof you…..just because of cheap ppl like u today many girls dnt enjoy their lives….just because of u guys they blames themselves for whatevr happened….respect them….just for a second think….what if someone do like this woth your mother or aister?? I am sure u maybe bad but u cant listen a word agnst them….these girls are also someones sister….leave them….daily u make new gf new story…..leave all n get a life…..
    hope u understand
    sorry if i am rude
    plz think on it

  94. SAHIL

    Jhon are u listening….??? End this
    chat here make good friends but please dont spoil this beautiful atmosphere

  95. janvar ( john ka bf )

    john.tum yaha he
    to.kya tumhari aur bachi ko chodthi hu aur tum kisI aur ke saath ja rahi hu??

  96. SAHIL

    Jhon if u changed ur mind….then please say…..u can chat here…..this ppl are very nice…..sorry again if i hurt u but u hurt evryone….so someone has to hurt u n open ur eyes…..please tell me that you will not do such things again….please respect girls…..pleaseeeee

  97. SAHIL

    Jhon i consider….u changed your mind……please dont prove me wrong……if so u can come here n chat with us……here no one will say u anything……atleast not here…..but u make sure u will not do such things again….

  98. SAHIL

    Jhon atleast say what u decided????…..if u are gone…..then bye……i will be waiting for ur answer…..my request please dont prove mw wrong….. bye my new friend 🙂

  99. SAHIL

    Hmmm….i see…..everyone left me alone…..good….. 🙂 here i say sorry to everyone with whom jhon misbehaved…..everyone….sara…sree……..laura……richa……shenaz……achu…..sweet……otjers name i dont know…..sorry to them also….. 🙂
    bye my work is done….lets c what comes as result….i hope he will realise his mistake bye 🙂

  100. SAHIL

    And now whoever wants this topic to be reopnen can comment on jhon….but think u will be equally responsible…..sorry if i m rude

  101. SAHIL

    One request to u also sweet…..ask ur friends to talk properly with jhon…..he is also human…..he also has feelings…..he will feel guilty for sure……bye! 🙂

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