Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nandni comes to her room after changing. He looks at her painfully, then comes to sit besides her and takes her hand caressing her bruises of rope. Nandini was looking away. Manik says I am sorry, he took her from near him and he couldn’t do anything. He cries and says I am so sorry. Tear fell off Nandini’s face, he was about to wipe it. Navya telss chacha and chachi she was coming to bring them up, Manik goes away from Nandini at once. Chachi ji tells Manik that Rishab’s T-shirt is there in balcony, he must take it. Manik comes out of the room and thinks about the pain Nandini has been going through. He comes down, Dhruv calls him and goes behind him but Manik doesn’t respond. Cabir says it is Nandini’s matter, he will talk to him. Manik comes out in garden thinking about Nandini’s

bruises. Cabir comes to him, Manik hugs him and cries. Cabir asks him to be strong, Manik asks how it happened. It was all normal, they were happy, surprised, rain, candles and everything and suddenly she disappears; how could he be so careless. Cabir says he didn’t see it coming, he isn’t careless at all. Manik says he should have seen it coming. Rithima texted him, he didn’t take it seriously. He wanted to be with Nandini so he neglected it. He says it is his mistake, whatever happened. Cabir asks him to analyse the whole situation, worst didn’t happen and Nandini is safe. Manik says he is responsible for this all and that Pandit… Manik’s eyes fill with rage and says he should have killed him. Manik says whenever I see Nandini’s face, I see my failure; the face that always smiled and make him smile has lost it today and that because of him.
Chachi looks at Chacha ji worried, she asks Nandini if she is alright. She tells Nandini she knows she isn’t alright, but she knows she will be well soon. Nandini is very strong, she doesn’t get defeated easily. Chacha ji asks Nandini to see he is here, they will fight against that Pandit, she mustn’t be afraid at all. Nandini says she wants to sleep. Chachi ji says its alright, tomorrow would be a good day. Nandini lays on bed.
Cabir says he know pain decreases with time, he must give some time to Nandini. He promises that with time, his pain and guilt will vanish, they always do.
Mukti says she hopes Manik is fine. Dhruv says Manik is tough, he helps them all everytime and he must survive. Aaliya says Nandini is also involved here, its tough. Aaliya’s phone rings, she ignores it. Mukti asks who it is. Aaliya says it is Harshid. Mukti asks him to take it. Harshid asks Aaliya did they find Nandini, how is Manik. He says it is already so late, can he come to pick her up and where is she? Aaliya asks isn’t he tired of showing this fake concern, she is at Nandin’s place. She hangs up. Mukti says they know Harshid isn’t involved in anything. Aaliya says this time he isn’t, but who knows as he can’t be trusted.
Harshid does exercise vigorously, straightens up and says Aaliya won’t long miss her bhai now. After all he is Harshdi Bhai, and it is so good to be Back!
Manik comes inside, chachi and chacha come out. Manik asks how is she. Chachi says she is asleep. Manik asks can they all stay here tonight, she is in a state of shock. Navya asks everyone’s consent, they all nod. Navya asks please to chachi. Chachi says offcourse, Nandini would like it too. Chacha ji says their house is a bit small but they will manage the space. Cabir says there isn’t a problem, and they don’t even sleep at night so they will manage. Manik says thank you to chachi and chacha.
Chachi brings the beddings for them to lounge. She notices Manik looking at the door constantly and comes to her. He says thankyou, he was thinking Nandini is alone; should he go and check if she needs something. Chachi ji says she was feeling sleepy when they came down. Manik says alright. Chachi says till she arranges the beddings, he must take turmeric milk to her. She begin to cry and thanks Manik for what he has done. Manik says he will be there, always.
Manik comes to Nandini’s room, she was awake and straightens up. He calls Nandini, she doesn’t respond. He sits beside her and offers her the turmeric milk, she denies. He says chachi told him she dislikes it, but chachi told him only he can make her drink it; so is the challenge accepted. She denies taking it. He says he will demonstrate it, she can then take it forward. He takes a sip, responds badly then says it isn’t that bad. It isn’t bad at all. Nandin turns her face away. Manik asks if she thinks he didn’t drink it. He takes another sip, Nandini smiles watching him respond to its taste. He looks at her in mirror and smiles back at her.

PRECAP: Manik and everyone at police station tells that its not the first time whatever has happened last night. Their witness will confirm it has been happening for years. Rithima says she doesn’t know what Manik has been talking about.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. soundarya

    My day was little boring,, n how was ur day baby??? n i didn’t watch the epi..

  2. Nutz

    Mst imprtntly, thnx a lot sona, i missd da epi, thnks to u i got to knw wat hppnd 2dy:-)

  3. soundarya

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  4. Nutz

    Dnt wry, m sure manik (wd fab5’s help) wil definitely bring bck nandini’s smile, just hpe dis rithima doesnt bck out again gettng scard by da villain(s) of dis serial:-)

  5. Nutz

    Oo. . . .okay akka, mine’s 1 dy aftr urs, 2dy i hd xm, nxt 2 dys leav n again xm on sat. Bt my xms wil end n i’ll get holidy aftr 18 june.

  6. Nutz

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  7. Nutz

    I luv cmntng n discussng abt da shw bt 2dy wdout watchng da epi, m a hopeless case, i cnt cmnt nw 🙁

  8. Nutz

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    M mr lyk frm east bengal u can say…haha.
    M just cross dat border;-) suzi m a bengali n m frm bd (bangladesh)

  10. soundarya

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  11. fairy

    Current track of Kaisi yeh Yaariyan comes with lot of twist and turn where Manik blames himself for Nandini’s painful condition.

    Being a good friend Cabir suggest Manik that he should give time to Nandini so that she will come out from trauma.

    Manik finally gets successful to bring smile on Nandini’s face on taking the turmeric mixed milk.

    Nandini smiles to see Manik’s amusing face after having milk.

    Furthermore, Aaliya rudeness makes her brother Harshad angry and he thinks to play his evil game now.

    Hrashad might help to make Pandit free from the Nandini’s kidnapping case.

    It will now be seen that Manik, Nandini, Chacha and Chachi along with Fab 5 makes a complained against Pandit of Nandini’s kidnapping.

    Manik also tells inspector that Riddhima is aware of Pandit’s evil intension as he was also humiliated her.

    Ridhima to support Pandit by changing her statement

    All one gets shocked when Riddhima turns her statement in favor of Pandit and she denied to tell anything about Nandini’s kidnapping case.
    Apart from this Ridhima blames on Manik for trying to trap Pandit purposely.
    Pandit smiles to get Riddhima’s support and indicate Manik that he cannot do anything against him
    It will now be interesting to see how Manik and Nandini send Pandit being the bars.

    • soundarya

      oh my god!!!! but in 1 thing i’m sure,, this kyy team ‘ll never let us free,,, they r always keeping us to sit in the edge of the seat… n i like that…keep rocking…

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  49. ??

    One may think as to why Mr. Bachchan who is known to have a strong opinion and outlook towards various subjects irrespective of being social or not has made such a statement? Well, it was in the context of his film Piku where he plays a father, who is bit dependent on his daughter.

    Talking in detail about the father-daughter relationship in the film megastar Amitabh Bachchan says, “This is a very much evolved script as far as relationships within families are concerned. You hear stories and films about father-son relationship but there are very rare moments when we hear about father-daughter relationship. And I think it’s very important for people to know that daughters are equally valuable as the son in the family, and here is one of the examples. In the film, we debate, we discuss, we disagree, we speak and shout at each other but the basic emotion that traditionally is Indian in nature; as like ‘I am the daughter, he is the father’.”

    He adds, “But there are very strong opinions that father have, as far as women in the family are concerned. And I think that you should look out for that when you write your critic because, they are in a sense revolutionary, they are in a sense not being subdued by what is very conservative outlook about women in India and I think that the word ‘Women Empowerment’ has lost its value now. We know that women are empowered; look at the number of women here; they outnumber the men (addressing female journalists in the press meet) so every time we talk about women empowerment and all its now parse, women are empowered. But, how wonderful to see that in a relationship is in the film.”

    Further elaborating on the detailing emotions of the relationships that is said to be the film’s core essence Mr. Bachchan explains, “There are many scenes where the conservative thought is considered interdict by the father, and that is very strongly expressed. Simple things like, he asks his wife to join him for dinner, but she says, “Nahi, pehle aap, mei baad mei khaungi” which is a traditional thing in Indian homes, but he doesn’t like that and he expresses that. And I think these are some of the things you will pick in the film, it is conversational, but in the film these are very important parts and many interactions between father and daughter.”

    Directed by Shoojit Sircar, will hit the screens this Friday, that stars Deepika Padukone as and Irfan Khan in a pivotal role.

  50. sana

    …Tere saye me mili har khushi
    teri marzi meri zindagi
    le chal tu chahe jaha
    meri aakho me nazar teri h
    meri shamo zahen teri h
    tu jo nhi to me kaha
    khil gayi meri kismat
    pake teri ye chahat
    hum pe mehrbaan do jaha…

    Gud evening 🙂

  51. sana

    Dekhe mujhko wo aane bahane
    Piche aaye gali napta
    Munda h wo ya jhoka hawa ka kya pata
    Ye lage har ghadi har jagh wo jaise mujhko wo rahe dhundta munda h wo ya jhoka hawa ka kya pata
    Ohh picha bhi na chode mera chuppi bhi na tode keh bhi na paye dil wali wo qawali
    Mere dil ka …
    Mere dil ka hua esa mehrab thoda thoda pyar aagaya

  52. sana

    Soch apne bare me
    fikar na kar tu meri
    me to udta firta
    aawara badal re
    jawani dhal jayegi
    badme pachtayegi
    milega na koi mere
    jaisa badal re

    Mjhse milne jane ki
    Na teri pyas bhujegi
    na tere din guzrenge
    na teri raat katengi
    kategi kategi

    Apni to jaise taise
    thodi ese ya waise
    kat jayegi
    aapka kya hoga
    aap ka kya hoga
    janab a ali
    aap ka kya goga

  53. sana

    Jab chae mera jadu
    koi bachna paye
    jab chae mera jadu
    koi bachna paye
    Fulo ki narmi hu me
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    fulo ki narmi hu me
    sholo ki garmi hu me
    toofano ki halchal hu me
    hawao ka aachal hu me
    jo dhunde wo paaye
    fir bhi haat na aaye
    jab chae mera jadu
    koi bachna paye

  54. sana

    Yaai re yaai re zor lagake nache re
    yaai re yaai re milke dhum machai re
    Chal mere sang sang lele duniya k rang
    hoja rangeela re rang rang rangeela re
    yaai re yaai re…
    Itne chehro me
    apne chehre ki pehchan to ho
    bade bade namo me apna bhi
    Namo nishan to ho pehchan to ho

    Jine me fir to kya baat ho
    din naya or nayi raat ho
    Yaai re yaaai re zor lagake nache re…

  55. sana

    Acha to hum chalte h
    phir milenge chalte chalte
    kabhi alvida na kehna
    bye bye lol 🙂 😉

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