Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik brings Nandini out of the pool, she looks around and asks what is this all. He says if he had called her to college, show wouldn’t have come there. She looks at him angrily.
The nurse brings thermometer to Abhimanyu, he asks why is it so sweet. It was Mukti in nurse’s dress, she says it has sweet in it. She puts colour on his face. He says she has been smart like him. She says she already was, she says every year they celebrate Holi at Space, but she has planned a day here. He says this is what he feared, she is attending the Holi there. She says what if this is their last… He leaves her hand, and says may be it is their last, that is why he wants her to spend this as well with her friends so that she doesn’t have any memories of Holi with her.
Manik comes out, Nandini

was drying her hair. Mukti comes, Manik asks about everyone else. Mukti says she is coming from hospital and asks why the venue has changed. Manik looks around for an answer and spots Cabir and Navya coming. Navya asks Nandini how she came here, Manik says aloud a Hi to her. Cabir offers him all the jalebi packed, Nandini gives it to Mukti and says they must get rid of all the anger. Mukti takes it. Neonika comes there and angrily asks how dare he broke a 12 year old tradition of Space to celebrate Holi party. All the friends leave, Manik says to Neonika he isn’t answerable to her in any way. She leaves.
The principal appreciates Aaliya. She says every year she used to celebrate for Manik… she stops and looks at Dhruv. Manik comes and asks is all done, they nod. He says they must look at Nandini’s face.

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Cabir listens Nandini well wishing Navya for deciding to keep the baby. Cabir says she hasn’t told her mom and he has called her here. He says it was good, because the baby will be born at his home, he will do potty at his home even. Navya comes and puts a lot of colour on his face, Nandini asks Navya not to because she doesn’t play Holi. Nandini says Manik wanted to be nasty with her, Navya asks didn’t she take any revenge. Cabir comes from behind and put paint on Manik’s head, Nandini comes with a water gun and asks if she can. He says water, and water gun is a courageous move. She puts water on his face, there was red colour all around. He asks if it was Cabir, Cabir says who else could it be and it is Holi. Nandini says sorry to Manik, and runs away. Manik follows her, Pandit ji watches them.
Nandini runs inside, she turns to see Manik already inside. She throws red colour on his face, and runs. He takes her dupatta off and clears his face with it. She tries to escape but he gets her with her dupatta and hold her close. She says he lied to chachi to call her here. Manik says her chachi lied, he just ask her to send her here. Nandini says if he only had to out colour on her, why he brought all the party here, Neonika is so angry. He leaves her saying he doesn’t want to talk about Neonika.
Cabir and Navya were drunk. They say Manik and Nandini are only concentrating on each other. Navya says they only have the solutions to each other.
Nandini tells Manik she heard their converstion. She understands why he doesn’t want to talk about her. She asks he did it for her. He says yes, gets her to wall and brings his face near to her. He says because… and throws water with water gun onto her, saying he loves her to be angry. Nandini leaves angrily.
Cabir was drunk, he makes an announcement that his friend has got lost with someone. Nandini appears, he says his friend will just be here. He spots Manik, and calls him to bar counter. Manik comes to Cabir and says since he became DJ, he doesn’t leave the mike.
Mukti was texting Abhimanyu, and was worried that he isn’t fine. She hopes he is. Abhimanyu calls he is fine. She turns to see fab5 stood behind, they give way to Abhimanyu. They all ask Mukti if she is happy, she says she didn’t know how will they react about Abhimanyu, but she now regrets. She says I love you all and hugs Abhimanyu.

PRECAP: They all are celebrating Holi.

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  1. Sanyukta

    oh u remember me i thought itne dino baad ayi hu sab bhul gaye honge . m fine dear wbu??

  2. I wud like to conclude tht with my this comment ur lol shud get over sid.. Or.. never mind.. u laugh as much u want.. aftr all who cares for u.. LOL sid LOL!!!!

  3. fairy

    Hi gud evening.
    Epsd was nc. Manik’s jealousy was awsm. Dhruv is really bhvng like mad.
    I jst hv 2 cm 2 cmnt 4 kyy.

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