Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik calls Nandhani. Nyonika stares at Manik with an angry look .Nandhani frees her hand from the security guards and runs to the Doctor and requests him to come and check Manik first. Manik with blurred vision sees the security guards standing at the door and again says Nandhani. Nandhani comes back and holding Maniks face tells him that he is going to be alright and the doctor is coming. The Doctor arrives and requests Nandhani to step back as he cannot check Manik this way. Nyonika says to Nandhani that did she not heard what the doctor said. Nandhani says to the doctor that Manik is not letting go of her hand can he check Manik with Nandhani beside Manik . Then Nyonika tells to the doctor that he can leave. Nandhani says to the doctor to check Manik and the doctor also agrees but Nyonika

says that Manik needs Nandhani not the treatment. Then Nyonika turns to Nandhani and says that if she does not leave the hospital at once she will stop all treatments of Manik. Nandhani asks Manik to leave her hand and when Manik does not she pulls her hand. Nyonika tells Nandhani to leave the hospital. Then Nyonika tells the doctor that she wants to shift Manik to another hospital and wants all the arrangements done right now. Nandhani after hearing this begs Nyonika to not risk his life, if Nyonika wants that she should not come to the hospital she would not come. Nyonika walks towards Nandhani and says that she has made the right decision for the first time and to get lost and Nyonika shuts the door. Nandhani starts crying at the door and after some time walks away.
Mukti is standing at the night rider club and Harshad comes. They stand facing the opposite directions. Harshad says that he knows that she loves this too much. Then he says whether she wants a ride with him. Mukti prepares herself and performs incredible stunts on the bike. After stopping she searches for Harshad who stops his bike in front of Mukti’s and then they put down their helmets and get ready to go.
Mukti and Harshad began to face each other and accelerate their bikes so much that the tyres give off smoke. They walk together and Harshad asks when she learned to ride a bike and what was she doing here. Mukti says that she got the invite and found it interesting so came.
Nandhani lets Aryaman come out and after coming out Aryaman says that will she trust anyone so easily, he could be lying. Nandhani asks if Aryaman is lying then he says to let him eat the sandwich first. He has not eaten anything since morning. Then Nandhani gets a call from the security guards asking for Bumkesh. At first Nandhani says that they have dialed a wrong number but as she is about to put the mobile down she again picks it up. The security guards at the hospital give Nandhani her disguise and say sorry for not helping her earlier. Nandhani says that will they not lose their jobs after helping her but they say that they can find another job. They say that they have not seen two people love each other like this. Nandhani goes into the room and asks how Manik is. The nurse says that he is better but loose conscious from time to time. Then she turns and ask what does he care about his health then Nandhani says that the doctor is looking for her as he tells her everything. Then the nurse leaves and Nandhani lies in the bed with Manik and them both feel happy.

Precap: Nandhani says to Manik that she will sleep. Aryaman plans to take his revenge from Manik and wears a disguise of a doctor.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    Awsm epi:-)!
    Simply superb acting by Parth!!! Truly hats off him!

    Wow. . . .da manan scene at hospital whr manik doesnt let off nandu’s hand,jst keeps callng her in a semi-conscious state, nandu struggles to free her hand & cries n manik’s awful conditn. . . . . .it ws toooo gud, heart touchng…

    THE MANAN MAGIC. . . . 🙂

  2. Nutz

    Well my dear sandal wood wat makes u thnk dat i wnt b able to recognz my own frnd, ha? 😉

  3. ?Pradishma?

    Luv the way when manik was not leave nandu’s hand….. felt really touched in all manan scenes…. its what true luv is….for one sec I feeled that it was pani not manan…. luv u pani… aka manan ?????

  4. sana

    Hi iban
    Iban ur intro plz i dnt knw anythng abt u… nor i knw u r a grl or a boy lol sorry dnt mind…
    n nutz tm konsi id use kr rhi ho… zarin or nutz???
    Ok bye
    i m in hurry
    bye bye

  5. sana

    Nyc iban… my intro.. same as ur lol. jst chng place… m frm maharashtra
    lol final bye
    nutz id batao konsi wali h abhi


    guysss shahid kapoor ka marriage kal ho jayenga ( 7 july )with Mira rajput @Delhi …..
    let’s wish them for a happy married life ……

  7. ??"SARA"??

    Apne roothein, paraaye rootheinYaar roothe naaKhwaab tootein, waade tooteinDil ye toote naa (x2)Roothe to khuda bhi rootheSaath chhoote naa (x2)O Allah WaariyanO main toh haariyanO tooti yaariyan mila de oye! (x2)Udte patangon meinHoli waale rangon meinJhoomenge phir se dono yaar (x2)Waapas to aaja yaarSeene se laga ja yaarDil to huey hain zaar-zaarHo apne roothein, paraaye rootheinYaar roothe naaKhwaab toote, waade tooteDil yeh toote naaRoothe toh khuda bhi rootheSaath chhoote naaRoothe to khuda bhi rootheSaath chhoote naaO Allah waariyanO main toh haariyanO tooti yaariyan mila de oye! (x2)Reh bhi na paayein yaarSeh bhi na paayein yaarBehti hi jaaye dastaan (x2)Umr bhar ka intezaarIk pal bhi na qaraarUngli pe nachaaye dastaanHo apne roothe, paraaye rootheYaar roothe naa…Khwaab toote, waade tooteDil yeh toote naa..Roothe to khuda bhi rootheSaath chhoote naaRoothe to khuda bhi rootheSaath chhoote naaO Allah wariyanO main toh haariyanO tooti yaariyan mila de oye! (x4)

  8. ??"SARA"??

    In ankho se sapne churaya na karo
    humari dosti ko azmaya na karo
    tumhari ek hasi meri dil ki dhadkan hai
    unhe yu na ansuo mein gavaya karo…

  9. ??"SARA"??

    Hum dosto ko jaan samajhte hai….hum dosto ko humrah samajhte hai…dost hame bewafa samjhe to kya huwa…hum dosto ki parchayi banate hai…

  10. ??"SARA"??

    Dosto Ki Kami Ko Pehchante Hain Hum.Duniya Ke Ghamon Ko Bhi Jante Hain Hum.Aap Jaise Dosto Ke Hi Sahare.Aaj Bhi Has Kar Jeena Jante Hai Hum…

  11. ??"SARA"??

    Bade ajeeb hain ye zindagi ke raaste,anjane mod par kuchh log dost ban jate hain,milne ki khushi de ya na de bichhadne ka gam zarur de jate hain…

  12. ??"SARA"??

    Kehte Hai Dost banana zindagi Hai
    Dosti nibhana zindagi Hai
    Kitne bhi busy kyu na rahe dinbhar
    Magar 1pal ke liye hi sahi
    Dosto ki yaad aana hi zindagi hai..

  13. ??"SARA"??

    If someone ask me What is Meant by life
    I would Sit Next to My Friends
    Pull them Close together
    Put My Arms around them & Say Proudly”these IDIOTS are My Life” so proud to be idiots..?

  14. ??"SARA"??

    Teri dosti mein khud ko mehfooz maante hain,Hum doston mein tumhe sabse azeez maante hain.Teri dosti ke saaye mein zinda hain,Hum to tujhe khuda ka diya hua tabeez maante hain…

  15. ??"SARA"??

    Hasrato Ki Nigaho Pe Shaqt Pehra He…Najane Kis Ummid Par Dil Thera He…Teri Chahto Ki Kasam Aye Dost…Apni Dosti Ka Rishta To Pyar Se Bhi Gehra He…

  16. ??"SARA"??

    Teri dosti da main satkar kitta,teri har nazar nu main pyar kitta,kasam rabb di na bhula devin es dosti nu,main apne to vi jyada is rishte te aitbaar kitta…

  17. I know a quote on frndship, I will always be beside u till d very end, wiping all ur tears away being your best frnd, i will smile when u smile and feel awl the pain u do, n if u cry a single tear, i promise i will cry too

  18. ??"SARA"??

    jodi amar bondhura bridge-er theke jump kore, aami tader sathe jump korbo na, ami ekdom niche thakbo, tader dhorar jonno.

  19. ??"SARA"??

    Saath hum jo chale, bann gaye kaafile
    Aur koi hamein ab mile naa mile
    Mauj hai roz hai
    Roke se bhi naa ye rukte kabhi silsile
    Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi, Jaise daaru desi
    Khatti mithi batein hain nashe si, Jaise daaru desi

  20. ??"SARA"??

    Tera bike mera hike,
    Tera post mera like
    Tera sur mera geet, Tera gossip mera tweet
    Padhoon har ek look, Tera face mera book
    Mera sukh tera sukh, Tera dukh mera dukh

  21. ??"SARA"??

    Chillaron ko apney saare jod-jaad kar
    Tere hisse ki main smile ko khareed lun
    Meri smile ka kahin na kahin se tu jugad kar
    Chai wale adde ki bhi chai se hai pyari
    You know..Yaari yaari, yaari yaari, yaari yaari..

  22. ??"SARA"??

    from the song allah waariyan in last page till here my all comments dedicated to my beloved friends. luv u all guyz ?

  23. fairy

    they hd no plan of mkng bro of soha……..were in short of villain..so add ths…..
    nw seriously why they r mkng soo mny twists in kyy…1st they shld clear all d twists whch they r shwng frm d start of kyy……like dhruv-rishab, neonika-harshad, nd mny thngs…

  24. Aisha malya

    Yaar y no written update of today’s epi ?? A/w hi fairu diiiiiiiiii !!!!! OMG m damn happy to see u after soo many days !!!

  25. fairy

    Hiiii prads…yup l remembred..how can u imgn tht l cn frgt u…missed u too my sis..
    Aishuuuuu..my swt lill sis…….hp ur fn…yup l m soo happy too to c u all aftr mny days…

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