Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Manik calls Nandhani. Nyonika stares at Manik with an angry look .Nandhani frees her hand from the security guards and runs to the Doctor and requests him to come and check Manik first. Manik with blurred vision sees the security guards standing at the door and again says Nandhani. Nandhani comes back and holding Maniks face tells him that he is going to be alright and the doctor is coming. The Doctor arrives and requests Nandhani to step back as he cannot check Manik this way. Nyonika says to Nandhani that did she not heard what the doctor said. Nandhani says to the doctor that Manik is not letting go of her hand can he check Manik with Nandhani beside Manik . Then Nyonika tells to the doctor that he can leave. Nandhani says to the doctor to check Manik and the doctor also agrees but Nyonika

says that Manik needs Nandhani not the treatment. Then Nyonika turns to Nandhani and says that if she does not leave the hospital at once she will stop all treatments of Manik. Nandhani asks Manik to leave her hand and when Manik does not she pulls her hand. Nyonika tells Nandhani to leave the hospital. Then Nyonika tells the doctor that she wants to shift Manik to another hospital and wants all the arrangements done right now. Nandhani after hearing this begs Nyonika to not risk his life, if Nyonika wants that she should not come to the hospital she would not come. Nyonika walks towards Nandhani and says that she has made the right decision for the first time and to get lost and Nyonika shuts the door. Nandhani starts crying at the door and after some time walks away.
Mukti is standing at the night rider club and Harshad comes. They stand facing the opposite directions. Harshad says that he knows that she loves this too much. Then he says whether she wants a ride with him. Mukti prepares herself and performs incredible stunts on the bike. After stopping she searches for Harshad who stops his bike in front of Mukti’s and then they put down their helmets and get ready to go.
Mukti and Harshad began to face each other and accelerate their bikes so much that the tyres give off smoke. They walk together and Harshad asks when she learned to ride a bike and what was she doing here. Mukti says that she got the invite and found it interesting so came.
Nandhani lets Aryaman come out and after coming out Aryaman says that will she trust anyone so easily, he could be lying. Nandhani asks if Aryaman is lying then he says to let him eat the sandwich first. He has not eaten anything since morning. Then Nandhani gets a call from the security guards asking for Bumkesh. At first Nandhani says that they have dialed a wrong number but as she is about to put the mobile down she again picks it up. The security guards at the hospital give Nandhani her disguise and say sorry for not helping her earlier. Nandhani says that will they not lose their jobs after helping her but they say that they can find another job. They say that they have not seen two people love each other like this. Nandhani goes into the room and asks how Manik is. The nurse says that he is better but loose conscious from time to time. Then she turns and ask what does he care about his health then Nandhani says that the doctor is looking for her as he tells her everything. Then the nurse leaves and Nandhani lies in the bed with Manik and them both feel happy.

Precap: Nandhani says to Manik that she will sleep. Aryaman plans to take his revenge from Manik and wears a disguise of a doctor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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