Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes out of the bath and watches Nandini sleeping. He sprinkles water from his hair on her, she smiles. He says good morning, she replies him and is shocked to see him in towel. He asks her to leaving together, so she must also get ready. She is shocked and asks what will chacha and chachi think about them, he says he doesn’t care about them but she has to figure something out. He drags her to kiss, but chachi calls her. She goes into the bathroom. Manik hopes Khurana is handling his psycho daughter.
Soha finds a way out but the doors were locked. She comes out of a ventilator.
Cabir was asleep in the hall, on floor when he hears loud music played. He knocks the door but no one answers. He finds some food on the desk and tastes it. Navya comes out of the room to

temple, she looks at him angrily as he is eating her breakfast. She says he is very selfish, he asks what is she. She disturbed his sleep by playing music in the morning.
Navya says he sleeps till so late. He says doesn’t she know the day is so important for him. She finds his wallet and takes money out of it. He says this is his wallet, and money. She says this is for her breakfast. He asks is this for this tasteless meal, she says he has eaten it now. He says he actually needs this money a lot but she runs with the money.
Chachi asks Nandini is she done with her packing today. Manik was coming downstairs. Chachi says Manik brought a lot for them to eat yesterday, so she thought about making cholay for him. Nandini says he likes yougurt with cholay. Chachi goes to bring yougurt, when Nandini points him to leave outside. Chachi says to Nandini that he is a good boy, she must never leave him.
Mukti gives Cabir an ad for job, he asks why she gave his home keys to Navya. Navya comes there, and she and Cabir have an argument. Mukti asks him to adjust for a few days and tells Navya to be thankful to him for living. Mukti leaves, Navya says thank God she has a house now, they will talk at home and leaves.
Manik was looking for someone around, Nandini asks in the car whom is he looking for. She comes near to him, he asks what. She takes a selfie of them together, he asks when did she get an interest of photography. He smiles that she wants to show everyone how they looked after their sleepless night. He comes down the car, while Nandini still stares the photo. He asks her to come out, she hastes down and says bye to him. He asks isn’t she coming to his performance. She says no one will allow her there, he says he has sorted it out. She says it is Pandit ji’s class as well, he asks isn’t this Pandit going so much in her life. He drags her to a side, Pandit arrives and watches them together.

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He asks if she is coming for class, she nods and says yes. She goes behind him, but he asks her to forget about it. She says he has seen her now, he asks her not to move from class. He will pick her up for performance, she peeks behind where he was still seeing and waves him. Manik looks at the watch and hurries.
Pandit ji lectures Nandini about discipline this time. He says he practice 6 hours even today. Her phone rings, and she begins to text. She thinks this is the last day in college, and last time she is seeing Manik’s performance. She texts on him, when Pandit ji notices this.
The crowd cheers on Manik, Cabir was there and asks him not to ask what is playing in his head. Manik asks what, Cabir says it is a long story. Aaliya comes and asks isn’t anyone allowed here, Manik says only jury is allowed. Cabir asks about jury, Manik says he doesn’t trust Khurana. Cabir asks how he accepted, Manik says he just did. Dhruv was quiet, Manik asks him if he isn’t excited. He asks if he doesn’t seem to be. Aaliya also notices his bad mood. Cabir gives a refreshing speech to buck Fab5, the come to each other and hug each other.
Pandit ji scolds Nandini, she says sorry she heard whatever he was saying. Her friend needs a medical help, she has to take her to hospital. Pandit ji asks is she talking about the boy she was with, she says no her friend is a girl.
Navya comes there and was feeling dizzy. Nandini takes her to help, Pandit ji says from tomorrow she must leave her mobile home. Nandini was worried, Navya and Nandini laugh outside. Navya asks what she will do tomorrow, Nandini was about to say something then hugs her. She thanks her for being there always, and asks her to stay strong always. Navya asks if she is alright. They hear a teacher asking if someone can operate the camera to record Fab5 performance. Nandini takes the camera from him, Navya asks if she can also go. The teacher says she can’t, but Nandini says she will be comfortable if she is with her. The cheer.
Mr. Khurana shows Manik the admission papers of Soha. Manik calls and cross check, but then says he isn’t going to trust him anymore, anytime soon. Mukti calls him, he says five minutes more to go and takes the paper along for preparations. Mr. Khurana comes outside, Nandini was there and tells Mr. Khurana that she is going to Banglore today. He must not cancel the album’s idea. He asks didn’t Manik tell her anything, she says she also didn’t talk to him. He tells her to stay away from him and thinks he might save Soha now. Manik takes a leave from the group on stage, the crowd whispers what he is doing outside when the performance is about to start. Manik makes a call. Navya thanks Mukti, She gives Mukti yougurt and sugar, for better performance. Mukti says if this could help, there must be no problems, she still takes it. Navya brings it to Aaliya, she argues. Dhruv comes and takes it saying he respects the feelings of people. Cabir stops her, she comes to him and offers him yougurt. He says he can’t have it, she must have mixed poison in it. She wants to live in his apartment alone. She says poison was in his breakfast, which he ate and puts a spoonful in his mouth. Mukti asks for Manik, Cabir says where can he be. Manik takes Nandini to a side, she says she bunked her class, he gets worried about her. She asks he is talking to him as if someone wants to kidnap her. He says she must be careful. She says she isn’t a kid. He says ok, fine and asks her to wish him. They hear Mukti shouting at someone that she can’t come. Manik goes to a side, Mukti asks what is so funny. Nandini replies her, Manik takes her to a side again and asks her to say something and not waste time. She says All the best, Navya clears throat. Manik says she must not ask what they are doing here, Navya says she just brought yougurt. Nandini says eat yougurt, it is for good luck. Nandini goes to take a photo of him, Pandit ji watches her from the door and come inside. He says this is the friend needing medical emergency. Mr. Khurana watches him and comes inside. Manik says only judges are allowed inside here, Mr. Khurana introduces them to Pandit ji who is going to judge them.
Manik comes and asks them to get ready. Dhruv angrily says they are ready for a long time, Aaliya tells him this is enough. Nandini takes her position behind camera, Manik nods her.
Soha was sitting in the hall masked, as the control person of orchestra. Manik and Dhruv have an argument, where Dhruv was being stubborn. Manik asks him to keep a bit balance, Dhruv asks why should he lag behind everyone. Mukti says this is their arrangement from always, Manik says it is alright he will go behind. Cabir objects, but Manik goes behind. Aaliya asks Dhruv why is he doing so, this performance is so important. Manik says it is ok, he is fine here. He asks them to start, Cabir thinks for a while and says this is not right as it is a big performance. The need to talk back stage now, and leaves the stage. They all go.
Soha watches Nandini and Navya alone, she wears gloves and pours some medicine in a paper. She asks a peon to give it to the girl with purple bag.

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  1. fairy

    Epsd’s sm prt was cute n sm were irritatng specially pandit prt……soha is thnkng 2 do smthng dangers wid nand…….

  2. fairy

    I mean pandit hv no wrk na….why he always bhind of nand……whtevr she do pandit uncle hs sm pb……..

  3. Nutz

    Hw am i suppose to focus on my study wd dis mental condition.
    Wish if i cud just kill soha, khurana n pandit

  4. Nutz

    Wat has gotten into dhruv’s head?acting weird. All bcoz of him manik left nandu alone in da rum wd soha…NOO! Soha don’t u dare harm nandu, othrwise bcoz of u i’ll land in jail…lol

  5. fairy

    Whn dhruv hv hurt in his luv he hv strted 2 being rude……cn he imgn tht manik was ready 2 sacrifs his luv 4 dhruv………dhruv cn never do like ths like manik……

  6. Nutz

    Di just tell until which part u knw, n den i’ll tell u da rest or tell me aftr which part shud i tell?

  7. fairy

    Guyz…hv u noticed tht only we 3 or 4 r talkng…l thnk no1 cn imgn tht sona wld gv d 1 hr epsd updt sooo soon….:)
    Tnx sona 4 early updt n sry too……

  8. Nutz

    Last 15mins…navya goes to feed fab5 dahi, shud i tell aftr dat? Or aftr navya goes to feed dahi to manik n nandu tries click picture? Frm which part di?

  9. Nutz

    Aftr dat navya cums actng to be really sick n pandit gvs permission to nandu. Outside navya n nandu laugh fr accomplish da task n navya informs nandu dat she is gona cheer loud fr mukti as she has done a lot fr her. Navya asks nandu fr whom she’s gna cheer n nandu blushes. Navya says samaj gaye n smiles back. They see ballon-head (princi) ordering two boys to take good pictures of fab5 performing as dis a matter of great pride fr da clg n wants to publish da pics in clg annual. Nandu hurriedly goes n takes da camera n volunteers. Princi is hppy fr such an obedient student she is, nandu insists on takng navya along as she needs help. Princi finally agres n they both leave fr da performance room

  10. Nutz

    The crowd is cheering fr fab5 n manik enters da rum wd secuirity. Fab5 gathers in da performance rum n starts taking position. Manik takes mukti’s guitar by mistake. Cabir corrects him n ask in his ear wat is gng on in ur mind. Nandini ya soha. Manik takes a seigh n says both.cabir says great. Dhruv is still botherd abut alya-manik n is vry irritated wd manik. Dhruv’s bhviour bothrs alya, mukti is quite disturbd n so is manik. Noticing al of dis cabir gvs a speech fr cheering dem up.

  11. remix queen

    Hey guys i missed todays epi…can ny1 tell jus dis much as to whether nytin happened to manan or did nandu leave or soha did nytin?

  12. Nutz

    Manik hv a conversation wd khurana. Khurana gvs manik sum papers, manik says u wudn’t mind if i cross check it, r8. He takes phne n calls on da written on da paper n asks if a patient namd soha khurana is admittd der, he gets da ans yes n cancels da cal, khurana says i’ve kept da deal.
    But our manik isn’t satisfied yet. Manik says dat he wants nandu here in 5mins n goes to da stage to practice.

  13. Nw wat abt chipkali….use jaldi asylum bhejo……i cnt wait to see manik performing……sadly I ve to dwnld the epi nd when I can do so god knws

  14. Nutz

    Ammy khurana had set evrythng to sent soha to assylum aftr dat he left fr clg. Sadly soha escapd, but khurana doesn’t knw dat

  15. Nutz

    Nw whr was i.ok
    manik orders khurana dat he wants nandu infront of him in 5 mins.
    Nandu n navya cum to da door of da performance rum wd their equipments to shoot da pics. Navya say wait i’ve forgot sumthng n leaves to get it. Khurana cums out of da rum. Stupid nandu! Wish i cud slap her! She ruind manik’s al efforts. Stupid nandu b4 khurana cud say anythng our nandu informs him dat she’s only here fr da performance n wil leave aftr dat. At khurana’s puzzld face she says she has bookd tickets fr bangalore n is leaving forever out of manik’s life. Khurana is surprised n asks manik ne hum he kuch nehi bataya? Nandu say no n don’t worry even i hvn’t told him anythng. Khurana says gud, don’t even tell him. Nd stay away frm him. Aftr dat nandu leaves n khurana says to himself dis my only chance, manik can cure my daughter

  16. Nutz

    Manik is on stage but his eyes r lukng fr nandu. Maniks leaves da rum by 1 door to find nandu n at da same tym nandu entrs through another….hehe

  17. Nutz

    Manik cums in, finds nandu n pulls her in another rum. Navya is feeding fab5 dahi-sugar fr gud luck. Alya refuses fr calories, dhruv cums n takes sayng he knws hw to respect othrs feelng lukng at alya. Navya den luks fr manik.
    In da other rum manik asks nandu wat whr were she. She says i bunkd my cls fr u n u’re askng me dis. Manik gets anxious n says u bunkd cls! Whr were u til nw..blah blah. Nandu says u re talkng as if sum1’s gona kidnap me. Relax, i’m nt a kid. Manik says ya u’re nt a kid.
    Manik says 2dy’s my big day won’t u wish me. He gets close n navya coughs. Navya feeds manik dahi n nandu clicks a pic

  18. Nutz

    Guys tmrw i hv chemistry test. It’s large n hard chp. I’m already nervous. Wondr wat’s gona hppn tmrw

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    Bye…no idea wen i can cum. Bye. Gud n8 in adv

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    R u new? Welcm 2 kyy family…..

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  22. Nutz

    Fairy soha has gvn da full update yar.
    So i had stoppd. Soha asks da peon to gv da medicine or poison to purple bag girl aka nandu n da epi ends der.

  23. Nutz

    Fairy sona has gvn da full update yar.
    So i had stoppd. Soha asks da peon to gv da medicine or poison to purple bag girl aka nandu n da epi ends der.

  24. fianlly !!!! guys u know what this sitewas getting soo irritated wit me that they didnt post my last few cmnts 🙁 wat to do my last few cmnts were sooo gud that u ppl would have given me a standing ovation but what to do

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  28. sanaya

    fb recent post..manik to stop nandu at d station…..there will be some romantic scenes in railway station
    between MANAN

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    Hai alvida tujhe
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    Ho teri saari shoharatein
    Hai yeh duaa..
    Tujhi pe saari rehamatein
    Hai yeh duaa..
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
    Bhula dena mujhe
    Hai alvida tujhe
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina

    Tu hi hai kinaara tera
    Tu hi to sahaara tera
    Tu hi hai taraana kal ka
    Tu hi to fasaana kal ka
    Khud pe yaqeen tu karna
    Ban.na tu apna khuda……

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    I see you, I feel you
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    Once more you open the door
    And you’re here in my heart
    And my heart will go on and on

  37. aswini achu

    Dehleez pe mere dil ke jo likhe hai tune katham
    tere naam pe meri zindagi likh di mere humdum
    haan sikha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
    haan sikha maine jeena mere humdan
    na sikha khabi jeena jeena kaise jeena
    na sikha kabhI tere bina humdum

  38. qwert

    I simply love panditji….truly speaking havent seen him except his first shot….but cant stop liking him!!!!! I think he has a major character to play yet…wat sae?

  39. Pandit is cute..but he doesn’t look Gud with nandu..Manik and nandini look gr8..these drama makers always hv to do sumthing or odr to keep dem apart..

  40. carron

    The girls in my school studying in my grade except me nd my friends r solo oolong blughhhhhhh they r solo stupid ugh huh they r sooo mad nd bad they r monkeys nd donkeya I hate them !!!!

  41. qwert

    Its ok fairy…..yaa i also think he might b luving nandu…coz trps of d show r high dey will need sumthing new…but wat i feel he might not b a villain…..i think he will help nandu as a frnd…n mayb manik might b mistaken dat der is an affair or sumthin…though i dont want at to happen…manik n nandu shud hv trust or else all d promises….useless dey will bcm…but pandit will b a gud one…hope so…

  42. carron

    What is this bf nd gf they have mad a big comedy abt this concept !!! If one goes the next day other it is soo silly nd irritating 24/7 some girls in my class have nothing else to talk than of boys !!! They r soo cheesy nd silly

  43. carron

    Yaar ammy I feel like taking a stick making all these girls stand inow a lone nd beating them till their skin gets red !!!!

  44. Nutz

    I had cum to cheer up my mind but my mood just got worse. Why did she leave us like dat in suspense,this so nt dne. Sharmin whr r u? Plz tell da precap

  45. kavya

    Precap: Navya coughs terribly..soha looks at Navya nd says that it was for nandhini..

    Soha hides behind the wall nd takes the powder..nandhini comes nd soha hit her nd throw d powder nd leaves. Nandhini didn’t recognize soha nd said that the person s strange didn’t evn said sorry..nandhini started coughing…

  46. kavya

    Precap: Navya coughs terribly..soha looks at Navya nd says that it was for nandhini.

    Soha hides behind the wall nd takes the powder..nandhini comes nd soha hit her nd throw d powder nd leaves. Nandhini didn’t recognize soha nd says that the person s strange didn’t evn said sorry..nandhini started coughing…

  47. Rapunzel

    This is fact…..if a person is lying to u….if he/she is a left handed h e will luk towards left nd is right handed vil lyk. Towards r8

  48. Rapunzel

    When I first came to telly I had no idea dat I will make doo many frnds…..I jst want to cherish this moments…….when I grow up looking bck vil be funnnnnn

  49. Rapunzel

    Maybe it was our destiny to meet…..u dnt knw wat life holds fr u…….ee r destined to meet in real life…..we r to bcm a family

  50. Nutz

    2dy i woke up wd a manan dream 🙂
    Gud mrng my dear frnds. I’m gng fr my che test nw..i’m vry nervous, plz pray fr me guys. Bye

  51. snow queen

    I too had a manan dream……manik was looking sooo handsome …….day of performance……manik clicked a. Selfie wid meeeeee…..can u. Believe..
    Can u believe….


  52. snow queen

    Kyy rocks may be cold war is a metaphor..
    ..unke bich kuch sweet romantic chal raha hain……..m sure….damn sure

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    Don’t u think da owners of dos companies shud fix marriage 2gethr of their heirs. ?
    Handsum Manik malhotra weds beautiful amrita basu.
    Sounds gud. Wat say?

  64. Nutz

    But if dis hppns den wat wil hppn to nandu?? Miss basu, i’m sry to inform u dat apart frm nandu, manik won’t luv any1 else. U may get him but his eyes wil always luk fr nandu n nandu alone, no1 else.
    Sry mis basu…

  65. Nutz

    I wonder wat hppnd btw manik’s mom n dad. Manik’s bhvir proves dat he thinks his mom doesn’t care fr him, she’s only toleratng him bcoz of his dad. If he thinks his dad cares fr him den why doesn’t he go to stay wd his dad? Why is he living at his mom’s hse wd so much hatrd?

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  79. Sam

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  83. Euphie

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