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Manik comes out of the bath and watches Nandini sleeping. He sprinkles water from his hair on her, she smiles. He says good morning, she replies him and is shocked to see him in towel. He asks her to leaving together, so she must also get ready. She is shocked and asks what will chacha and chachi think about them, he says he doesn’t care about them but she has to figure something out. He drags her to kiss, but chachi calls her. She goes into the bathroom. Manik hopes Khurana is handling his psycho daughter.
Soha finds a way out but the doors were locked. She comes out of a ventilator.
Cabir was asleep in the hall, on floor when he hears loud music played. He knocks the door but no one answers. He finds some food on the desk and tastes it. Navya comes out of the room to

temple, she looks at him angrily as he is eating her breakfast. She says he is very selfish, he asks what is she. She disturbed his sleep by playing music in the morning.
Navya says he sleeps till so late. He says doesn’t she know the day is so important for him. She finds his wallet and takes money out of it. He says this is his wallet, and money. She says this is for her breakfast. He asks is this for this tasteless meal, she says he has eaten it now. He says he actually needs this money a lot but she runs with the money.
Chachi asks Nandini is she done with her packing today. Manik was coming downstairs. Chachi says Manik brought a lot for them to eat yesterday, so she thought about making cholay for him. Nandini says he likes yougurt with cholay. Chachi goes to bring yougurt, when Nandini points him to leave outside. Chachi says to Nandini that he is a good boy, she must never leave him.
Mukti gives Cabir an ad for job, he asks why she gave his home keys to Navya. Navya comes there, and she and Cabir have an argument. Mukti asks him to adjust for a few days and tells Navya to be thankful to him for living. Mukti leaves, Navya says thank God she has a house now, they will talk at home and leaves.
Manik was looking for someone around, Nandini asks in the car whom is he looking for. She comes near to him, he asks what. She takes a selfie of them together, he asks when did she get an interest of photography. He smiles that she wants to show everyone how they looked after their sleepless night. He comes down the car, while Nandini still stares the photo. He asks her to come out, she hastes down and says bye to him. He asks isn’t she coming to his performance. She says no one will allow her there, he says he has sorted it out. She says it is Pandit ji’s class as well, he asks isn’t this Pandit going so much in her life. He drags her to a side, Pandit arrives and watches them together.

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He asks if she is coming for class, she nods and says yes. She goes behind him, but he asks her to forget about it. She says he has seen her now, he asks her not to move from class. He will pick her up for performance, she peeks behind where he was still seeing and waves him. Manik looks at the watch and hurries.
Pandit ji lectures Nandini about discipline this time. He says he practice 6 hours even today. Her phone rings, and she begins to text. She thinks this is the last day in college, and last time she is seeing Manik’s performance. She texts on him, when Pandit ji notices this.
The crowd cheers on Manik, Cabir was there and asks him not to ask what is playing in his head. Manik asks what, Cabir says it is a long story. Aaliya comes and asks isn’t anyone allowed here, Manik says only jury is allowed. Cabir asks about jury, Manik says he doesn’t trust Khurana. Cabir asks how he accepted, Manik says he just did. Dhruv was quiet, Manik asks him if he isn’t excited. He asks if he doesn’t seem to be. Aaliya also notices his bad mood. Cabir gives a refreshing speech to buck Fab5, the come to each other and hug each other.
Pandit ji scolds Nandini, she says sorry she heard whatever he was saying. Her friend needs a medical help, she has to take her to hospital. Pandit ji asks is she talking about the boy she was with, she says no her friend is a girl.
Navya comes there and was feeling dizzy. Nandini takes her to help, Pandit ji says from tomorrow she must leave her mobile home. Nandini was worried, Navya and Nandini laugh outside. Navya asks what she will do tomorrow, Nandini was about to say something then hugs her. She thanks her for being there always, and asks her to stay strong always. Navya asks if she is alright. They hear a teacher asking if someone can operate the camera to record Fab5 performance. Nandini takes the camera from him, Navya asks if she can also go. The teacher says she can’t, but Nandini says she will be comfortable if she is with her. The cheer.
Mr. Khurana shows Manik the admission papers of Soha. Manik calls and cross check, but then says he isn’t going to trust him anymore, anytime soon. Mukti calls him, he says five minutes more to go and takes the paper along for preparations. Mr. Khurana comes outside, Nandini was there and tells Mr. Khurana that she is going to Banglore today. He must not cancel the album’s idea. He asks didn’t Manik tell her anything, she says she also didn’t talk to him. He tells her to stay away from him and thinks he might save Soha now. Manik takes a leave from the group on stage, the crowd whispers what he is doing outside when the performance is about to start. Manik makes a call. Navya thanks Mukti, She gives Mukti yougurt and sugar, for better performance. Mukti says if this could help, there must be no problems, she still takes it. Navya brings it to Aaliya, she argues. Dhruv comes and takes it saying he respects the feelings of people. Cabir stops her, she comes to him and offers him yougurt. He says he can’t have it, she must have mixed poison in it. She wants to live in his apartment alone. She says poison was in his breakfast, which he ate and puts a spoonful in his mouth. Mukti asks for Manik, Cabir says where can he be. Manik takes Nandini to a side, she says she bunked her class, he gets worried about her. She asks he is talking to him as if someone wants to kidnap her. He says she must be careful. She says she isn’t a kid. He says ok, fine and asks her to wish him. They hear Mukti shouting at someone that she can’t come. Manik goes to a side, Mukti asks what is so funny. Nandini replies her, Manik takes her to a side again and asks her to say something and not waste time. She says All the best, Navya clears throat. Manik says she must not ask what they are doing here, Navya says she just brought yougurt. Nandini says eat yougurt, it is for good luck. Nandini goes to take a photo of him, Pandit ji watches her from the door and come inside. He says this is the friend needing medical emergency. Mr. Khurana watches him and comes inside. Manik says only judges are allowed inside here, Mr. Khurana introduces them to Pandit ji who is going to judge them.
Manik comes and asks them to get ready. Dhruv angrily says they are ready for a long time, Aaliya tells him this is enough. Nandini takes her position behind camera, Manik nods her.
Soha was sitting in the hall masked, as the control person of orchestra. Manik and Dhruv have an argument, where Dhruv was being stubborn. Manik asks him to keep a bit balance, Dhruv asks why should he lag behind everyone. Mukti says this is their arrangement from always, Manik says it is alright he will go behind. Cabir objects, but Manik goes behind. Aaliya asks Dhruv why is he doing so, this performance is so important. Manik says it is ok, he is fine here. He asks them to start, Cabir thinks for a while and says this is not right as it is a big performance. The need to talk back stage now, and leaves the stage. They all go.
Soha watches Nandini and Navya alone, she wears gloves and pours some medicine in a paper. She asks a peon to give it to the girl with purple bag.

Update Credit to: Sona

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