Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes out angrily, Nandini comes behind him saying sorry. He says she calls him impulsive and what she did, there was one chance to get Dhruv back. Nandini says I know I was mistaken, but Dhruv wasn’t ready to listen. She says Dhruv should know Manik is the best buddy he can get. Manik was frustrated that Dhruv is still hurting himself but he is so helpless in Dhruv’s case. Nandini sits just about his stair, holds his hand and tells him that he must not hold himself responsible for everything, Dhruv has gone too far from them. Manik says he thought this, but this girl keeps on telling him that Manik, don’t think negative. Everything will get bette until there is hope. Nandini shuts his eyes says she has to tell him something. She comes towards to him and kisses him.

tells Navya that the idea of fake father was brilliant, her mother will understand it. Navya says her mother will not understand anything and will marry her somewhere else. There comes a guy and says he is ready to be a fake papa, and is Sunny Sharma. Navya says we don’t know him, he says he knows them both. He says that canteen owner is his uncle and wants him to run canteen with him. He himself wants to be an actor, but his uncle is againt it. Sunny says he will help them in a way that Navya’s mother will return and Cabir’s mother won’t force him to marry but in return he will stay with them.

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Nandini was about to kiss Manik when he gets Pandit ji’s call, he said her Amb’s wanted him to come to Nandini’s home for dinner. He is coming tonight, Neonika hears this and says he listned to her to be linient with Nandini. Pandit ji says they already have family connections. Neonika says to Pandit ji to take a gift for her and family. Manik asks Nandini what happened, she says Navya called to tell her to sleep early tonight as she has to practice tomorrow. Nandini heads to leave, Manik offers to drop her but she hides her face. Manik thinks he must find a way to break this qasam.
Aaliya unloads all the shopping bafs from car, Aaliya goes to get food when she is shocked to see Dhruv. She asks what is he doing here, why isn’t he saying anything. Dhruv hugs Aaliya, she hugs him bacl.She asks what happened, did he think she will forget everything that happened. He says he didn’t know where to go, so he came here. He says when he was with her, he felt for Nandini. He must have shared everything with her, Aaliya asks why is he talking about past. Dhruv says this past hurt him today, Manik sacrificed Nandini for him. He says this is why he feels inferior to Manik, this is why.
Chachi and chacha are happy to see the sweet Pandit ji gets them. They were thankful to him for choosing Nandini. Pandit ji says Nandini will be famous because of international tours with him. Chachi ji spits to Pandit ji that is Manik also with Nandini in her class, he told her on the Holi day that he is also going to perform. Nandini takes Chachi aside and tells her that Pandit ji and Manik doesn’t get along well, Chachi ji says this means Pandit ji isn’t a good man separating them both. Nandini ji tells secretly to chachi that she and Manik will perform together in fusion concert.
Manik was solving the puzzle, Nandini calls him and says he wants to see her right now. There is a loop hole in that Navya’s swearing, she said they can’t meet at college. Nandini asks him not to come here, as there are guests for dinner and chacha and chachi are also awake. Manik doesn’t agree, but she requests him not to come. Neonika comes to Manik, Neonika says there is a complaint about him from Pandit ji, he came to talk about him and Nandini, he said he is creating problems with his favorite student. Manik says curtly, he isn’t going to leave that girl until she pays back for her mistake. Neonika tells Manik that tonight, Pandit ji is having dinner with Nandini’s family; as they have a homely relation. Nandini’s requests echo in his mind, but he asks Neonika why is she telling him this. Neonika says to tell him Nandini and Pandit are quite into each other. Manik thinks why didn’t Nandini tell him.

PRECAP: Manik joins Nandini’s family for dinner. Pandit ji says he could have come some other day too, Manik says he came as a friend but a teacher at student’s place is a bit awkward. Pandit ji asks for daal, Manik passes the dish that ruins Pandit ji’s clothes. Manik says sorry I had no idea that you concentration wasn’t on dish.

Update Credit to: Sona

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