Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani says to Manik that they will meet in the music room and goes with Maddy . Manik is amazed to see this. Nandhani is walking with Maddy and is not patient and is frequently asking him to tell her what happened. Maddy says that she said a lot about friendship and now that Manik has returned she kicked him out. Nandhani tries to explain to him but he doesnot listen and says that he wishes them luck and now this will be the same as before.
Maddy is walking and thinking what Nandhani said about when she needed him and when he was no longer needed she kicked him out then he sees people writing good things about him and feels confident.Then he calls the guy to confirm the deal.
Two models are constantly asking Aaliya questions about the dresses and so hearing to their questions

she gets angry and asks them to leave. Then the owner comes and starts to give some tips to Aaliya as to how to deal with the unwanted stress and become happy. Aaliya hearing to what he has to say starts to laughs and feels that the stress and tension have been removed.
Manik is playing the guitar and is very angry about what Harshad and Maddy said to him about being replaced. He is playing when Nandhani comes and he asks her what did Maddy say and she says that nothing important. Nandhani requests Manik to complete the song that he wroe but he doesnot feel like doing so and so Nandhani picks up the guitar and starts to sing in a terrible voice. Manik taunts her after she has completed saying that does she want to sell the worst version of the song. Nandhani gets angry and then Manik gets down on his knees to cheer her up.
Mukti and Naviya are talking to a couple who wishes to adopt Abir. Naviya asks them to change the diaper of Abirbut they fail miserably and Naviya and Mukti both are not convinced to give them Abir. After seeing what they have done Mukti asks them to prove to them that they are worthy and for that they have to live with them for the next ten days and take care of abir hearing these both of them get confused.
Mddy pays a peon some amount and goes in to find the guy sitting and then he finalises the deal with him. He also receives a cheque of two lac rupees, when the guy starts to sing the song Maddy gets angry and asks him to never sing it in front of him. Dhruv listens to their conversations and takes off .
Nandhani is telling Manik as to how Rishab started to talk and they were so happy to hear his voice after a long time as they are taking Dhruv comes and says that Maddy has signed a deal on the song in which they performed for the o2. Manik is shocked and asks if he composed it or wrote its lyrics Dhruv says that he was never in anything and even rejected their request but suddenly came on the stage at the performance .Dhruv tries to call him but Manik says that from now on he will do the talking

Precap: Manik pushes Maddy and says that he will not perform on the song which the fab5 composed but Maddy says that he will perform on the same song.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Plumpyyy

    Woah! Awesome precap!!! Waiting for monday like hell!!! Pradi srsly gal..u gotta wait extra! Good that i didnt watch it! Thanks for yest’s epi link:) god! Their expressions!! Maar dalne ka iraada hai dono ka!! Yuvi..iske bare mein kya bolu..whrevr i go watevr i listen just he’ll b in me! Hindi lesson mein ek question tha..actually der ws 2 questions in that 1 question…aap kiske saath hona chahenge?(first part of d question)…n in a fraction of second i said yuvi! I didnt think ittu sa bhi..seedha boldiya yuvi! N then question ws continued..uske baad i ws like..main kabhi sudhrungi! I said it wid my frnd n b4 i wud say yuvi woh khud batake hasrahi thi…god! Khayalo mein bhi rehta hai yeh! N jab i’ll watch monday’s epi…maddy manik will b fighting n im pakka sure i’ll b blushing!!
    I just dont want abeer to b adopted by some othr person!!
    I’ll do the talking tonight!
    Alya..varun..uska boss hai varun..mera varun mittal nahi…hehe…so that boss na..alya is behaving so nice wid him..she’s laughin..she’s good at fashion…i hope her boss wont fall for her!! Nahi toh woh alya ka 3rd lover ho jayega..bt at d end v kno its dhruv:) manik ko fufa mil jayega..alya manik ki bua hai na! N dhruv present fufa hai!! LMFAO!!!

  2. Maddy!!!!?????

    Guys i have a news that uttu is leaving the show dunno if itz true or not but even he captioned something lyk that……and someone commented that his last date of shoot is 10th November!!!

    Hope…. i really hope and want this news to be a rumor….!!he’s my cutest bada wala crush….!!

  3. Ha na wait is killing me!!!!!subehse m waiting…..! After watching epi before i was lyk maine epi kyun dekha! And upar se vacations…….but i have threesum idea how to kill time watching old epi’s of kyy i love doing it and i always do it…..will continue doing the same …coZ old is gold….. m damm excited for diwali party but its on Saturday ???and parth’s show is also there… ??I won’t be able to watch but u pakka watch huh…. and BTW don’t FORGET TO WATCH PTKK TMRW @7 SOMEONE SAID AYAZ is the lead in that epi…lets… see.but srsly don’t forget to watch zing on this Saturday @7pm BC parth is cmgggg !!!!!!OMG he was on his naughty mode…!!! I soo love that side of him…!!OMG I saw pics…..!!dammm they killed me almost…. just watch it parthinas
    #parthrockzz #ky2rocks

  4. Plumpyyy

    No way!!!!!!!!! This goddamn news has to b a rumour!!!! No uttu cant leave kyy!! Nah! I cant take it!! Ayaz has left,yuvi has left n now uttu also!! No no no!! A huge NO!!! never!! I want dhruv!! Topiwala shy boy bhi chalega..changed dhruv jo abhi hai woh bhi chalega but i want uttkarsh gupta on kyy!!! I just hope this to be a rumour!! HOPE!! Plz god kuch karo ya na karo bt plz make uttu stay on kyy 2!! Plzz..v all want him on d show!!

  5. Plumpyyy

    I hope iss baar itz a hackey who had captioned so! We want uttu on kyy!! Arey he ws d first frnd of nandu aftr navya!! Socho humara DhruNi ka kya hoga?? ManRuv?? Nah! I toh want him on kyy!!

  6. Plumpyyy

    Hell no!! I just can’t stand this rumour too! I seriously don’t uttkarsh to leave kaisi yeh yaariaan!!

  7. Fhdjsbsjsnsjsndienehakagshsnssjsndvegsbsjshsjsnsshsbdbbdbdbsbs!!!!!!!!!m
    Ok I watched two parts of bc!!!!!! Yeyyyyyy before epi was aired…!!!™parthuuuuuuu OK mann mein nahi rak sakti thi isiliye bata diya! Gtg for watching 3rd part..!!!!! Tatatta

  8. sruthi

    Hi inestiees…
    Anu dr … how are u … missing u badly dr..
    My watsapp also expired. I didnt updated.. i was not able to contact u…ii thought to call u pradi n liya . But i was not able to do that… sry anu for not coming… how are u sister

  9. Tosh its true just got to kno from my sources!!! The biggest night mare of mine…!!!! blo*dy hell.!!m still damm angry!!its confirmed that my topiwala dhruv will leave….!!!!!! Uttuuuuuuuu ?????

    Straight-backed, simple, spiritual and swift, Utkarsh Gupta’s complex and sinuous dance moves has impressed the world.
    Talent doesn’t just end on his nimble foot, as he is also a star performer in MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan (BBC) wherein he plays Dhruv.
    But all this would soon get lost in the clouds of mist, as the cute and good looking lad has chosen to quit the popular series.
    Utkarsh, who is currently also seen in the reality project Splitsvilla, has put down his papers and will shoot last for KY2 on 10 November.
    Sharing details, a source quipped, “Although Dhruv’s character added a lot of charm to the show, but currently it has all fizzled down. Utkarsh, who is a very creative inclined person wants to do a lot in life, and thus amicably chose to part ways with KY2 to try his hands in other activities.”
    When we called Utkarsh, he confirmed the same and shared, “It was a tough decision, but there is a lot that I want to do now. I want to learn drums, and really looking forward to try my hands in that art. Also I want to learn dance professionally, and polish my skills further. As of now, I will head back home post shoot and spend time with my family for Diwali. It was a tough decision to part ways with KY2, as everything about it is very close to my heart. But life goes on, and growth is indispensable. I wish the team great luck and hope they continue to rock

    RIP ME will come now late night…… can’t handle this news few min pehle while I was watching my bae in bc I was on cloud 100 but now…….

  10. Very gud epi. Eagerly Waiting for manik-maddy faceoff. And for that we have to wait 3 days. Anyways guys keeping voting parthu. Now he is in 2nd position. He need almost 800 votes for 1st position. So Plz keep voting

  11. Anuuuuuuuuuuuu jaldi aajoa….!!!!!!!! Ik yesterday I only said not to come but plsssssss come now!!!!!! Sru came.. !!!!!pls sisy!!!!badi mushkil se sru se contact hua hai……!!!!!come fast yaar for u only she came on tu…..!!!! Pls come fast.!!!!!!u are not on fb thats y m in hurry otherwise u could have chatted there but for now. !!!!pls for 2min come……. after that pls resume to ur studies

  12. Plumpyyy

    Holy shit!! blo*dy hell!! Y is evrythin gettin f****d up??!!!!!!! No!! No uttu!! Shit!! Im cryin! Our topiwala dhruv!! That shy boy!! Nandu said main tumhara peecha nahi chodne wali!! Ab kya bhag rahe ho??????? There wont b any ManRuv..DhruNi..Fab 4…there will b Fab 3!! There wont b DHRULYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the f**kin hell is this??????????? Shit! That cute smile..dat sweet smile..that shy boy… Gosh! Im gonna miss uttu a lot!! Im cryin!! Parth had left..it hurt! Ayaz left..it hurt! Yuvraj left..it hurt.. N nw uttu too left!! It hurts so damn much!! But parth’s back so no wrries on dat! But uttu..dhruv!! Maddy..ok he just came in s2..bt dhruv..he’s frm d beginning!! First der ws no ManBir..then Cabir..nw DhruBir!! Y is all this goddamn things r happening!!! Uttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………….gonna miss u a lottttttttttttttttttttttt……………our cutest shy boy………our topiwala crushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..u donno hw much v love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………………all d vry bestttt fr ur future deeds uttuuuuuuuuu……………..hope u become extremely successful in watevr u do!!!!!!!!!!! U’ve earned a lot of respect n love frm us…u deserved all dat…….u deserve all d respect n love n success utttuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna miss u like anythin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More than yuvi toooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna miss ur hilarious dubsmashes wid yuvi too!!! Love u zillions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Plumpyyy

    Nash..pradi has posted d worst nightmare! Pradi it seriously is my worst nightmare too!! Hope to wake up soon! Want this to b a dream!
    Jaane kyun(jaane kyun)…dil jaanta hai..yeah yeah
    tu hai toh i’ll be alright
    i’ll be alright
    uttu…tu hai toh i’ll be alright!!! True,old is gold! We can nvr get our old kyy back!! Never ever!! Richa ma’am u r d best!!! Cabira..ur missed like it has no bounds…now dhruv’s gonna b wid u!

    • Yeah plump, I read. Wht d hell is ds??? Ayaz left and v r missing him so much nd nw uttu too!!! Really sad news. V will really very miss him. Our dhruliya, manruv and dhruni will break. Want that some miracle happens and uttu cancel leaving.

  14. Plumpyyy

    *sigh* thank god ur safe bhai!! Hw r u ricky bhai????? Mera haal acha hua..aap aa gaye na isliye.. Bhai aadhu 2 days se aa nai rahi hai..bohot busy hai woh… Missed u sooo much bhai!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love u!!!

  15. Peeps are trending now but m against it coz trending is not a solution of every problem they think that they will trend toh definitely he will come back but itz not true . Even for doll they are trending which is not a solution…….they ain’t understanding only uttu left itz his personal choice he wants to grow more polish his dance skills he wants to spend time with his personal lyf which is absolutely right! I don’t understand are v his true fans or enemies…… if he wants to grow in this field v should let him do……… itz jus my pov

    • Hiiii!!!! No dida xams khatammmmmam!!!!!! Yeeyyyy and chutti!!!!! And tmrw is Diwali party in scl..!!!! damm excited for it !!!wbu u dida ?

    • Plumpyyy

      Yeah bhai..it used b so much fun na.. Jab dekho chat krte the…it used to b d most talkative site!! As in kyy TU!! Our silly games on which v used to laugh at it…our ever caring bhai-behen,sis-sis talks…d old kyy..humare weird cmnts..bhai u remember dat day?? Arey woh din bhai v all came in names of bollywood stars..u were sallu bhai..i ws ranbir..n ammy di,sara were also der…me,ammy di n sara were teasing u..salman khan is a phata hua speaker..sana said this..n then sara fooling us wid her “sa_a” username n i ws d first 1 to b fooled evrytym…bhai that day ws sooo awesome!!! N u became gussa n aap chale gaye.. N phir mera aur ammy di ka manaofying mission chalu tha…n finally aap maan gaye!! Ricky bhai i miss those a lot!!

      • Ricky

        hmm..yeah i remember..sab yad hain mujhe kaise bhul sakta hun golden memories hain saari…naughty sara..angry sana..jolly ammy..fairy,aadhs,nutz,laura,lachu ap sb ko bht miss kiya..sb apni lyf main busy hain bss ab tou sirf sana aur sara se baat hoti h…

      • Ricky

        hmm..yeah i remember..sab yad hain mujhe kaise bhul sakta hun golden memories hain saari…naughty sara..angry sana..jolly ammy..fairy,aadhs,nutz,laura,lachu ap sb ko bht miss kiya..sb apni lyf main busy hain bss ab tou sirf sana aur sara se baat hoti h…
        kyy2 rocksss

  16. ADELE

    U……….srslyyyyyyy itz u?????? My vidya??????!!!! I too missed u badly dear…….very much!!!???
    Hw r u???? R u fyn???? Hw r studies????
    Everything iz fyn na???? Plz download watsapp again na……pleaseeee
    Vidyaaaa!!!!! I hope u get my msg!! M such a stupidddddddd!!!!

    U called me……prads called me…..n I!!!!! I had a feeling that sum1 was calling me…..n it surely had to be one of my Sissy’s……..but I!!!!! Hateee myself to da core!!! Sorry vidya……..sorry sooooo much dear…….U called me n I was not thereee! Sorrryyyyy

  17. ADELE

    Guyz!!! I knw itz not new…..but I got it so thot of writing…….
    PaNi…….they both lyk da song “tum saath ho”!!

    Niti tweeted it…….n it was on both of their players!!!! Nyc na!!!!!????

    • Yup bae added on his snapchat story that itz his current fav (even mine) and doll tweeted… PaNifeelz!!
      BTW don’t forget to watch bc Saturday @7pm on zing bae is cmg!!!!! Along with himansh!!! Pakka watch it huh anu

    • ADELE

      Hiiii Di!! Xams were gud!! Today was da last one!! N now holidaysssss!!! Matlab full mastiiii!!!! ??
      U may be knowing na Di…..that m a lill mischievous!!! Actually m saying lill…mom toh literally bcums red wid anger wen m upto sumthin!!???
      Kyys2 rockkzz

  18. Plumpyyy

    Yeah true! Being his true fans,we should support in evry step he takes! Be wid him in his evry work! Support him and give all d love to him… Only dat will happen if we’re true utkarsh holics! And y were they trending for doll???!!!!!!!!! Ppl really hav got no brains! Dumbheads they are!!

    • Areey fans were asking her what she wants for her b day so she said in vm that if possible v gave her a video of her fav shahid kapoor wishing her hbd toh it will be a shaandar b day for her so peeps are trending for it……. but ik it can’t happen untill all nitians plan it…… together but they……they think trending is a solution for everything……….. BTW #2days2gofornitikashaandarbday !!!!

      • Plumpyyy

        Acha ohkk… So that’s d thing..haan yaar..kuch bhi krna ho all start trending(xcept some)…
        Btw..is ur dp fr dat aditi??

    • Ohhhh looks who’s here sara…!!! The loser bimbo aditi from matunga vatunga!!!! How can u b*t*h……huh I mean how can u come and dare to talk with any of us after all insult I did to u!!!!! don’t u kno how badly I humiliated u….!!!!!!!!!DON’T U KNO THAT!!!!!!!!then also how could dare to talk with my sis!!!!!!!!how blo*dy dare u!!!!!!! I pity u …..!!!!no no i srsly pity u gal!!!!!! Uk its total waste to talk with anu…!!!!!!!don’t u kno how much v hate u!!!! Don’t u kno that!!!!!!!! Ohhhh sry sry now i realized that LS ppl like u are toh lyk that only….!!!!!! Just last WARNING BACK OFF!!!! NEXT TIME IT WON’T TAKE ME A MIN TO TAKE OUT UR ALL BACHI KUCHI RESPECT ON TU.!!!!! AND U VERY WELL KNO I CAN DO THAT….. DON’T U….. SO STAY AWAY ???WILL BE GOOD FOR U!!

    • Adele(anu)

      Excuse me???? Who’s that????? V Donn knw any1 lyk this here!!! U came to wrong place pshyco!!!! Juz get da hell lost b4 I loose my temper!!! In fact v all!
      Kyys2 rockzz

    • Plumpyyy

      Oh hello ms.!!???!! U donno me,idk u! But ik dat u irritate my lovely frnz so dont u dare irritate them!! N listen if u come here agn to irritate any of then toh m sure v all wud humiliate u really vry badly!! Get that straight in ur shitty head!! U watch kyy,comment here! U dont,then get lost!!

      • Plumpyyy

        N wt i said is only valid if ur d one who irritates my frnz or d one who’s gonna irritate!! This is friendship page and friendship show!! Remember that! N u donno wt all v r capable of wen it comes to our frnz!

  19. Plumpyyy

    #1daytogo !! Doll’s birthdayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! #15daystogo …..somebdy’s birthday…pehle hi bol chuki hu its my teacher’s birthday…..lolzzzz

    • Plumpyyy

      Umm..i guess alya will get close to her boss! Aryamann however v kno it is MaNan so who knows CVs might hook aryamann and mukti! If u watch d epis toh did u notice mukti and aryamann behaving aftr d o2 performance..in d party..they were staring at each othr n at d same tym forwarded their hands to d drink! But DhruLya will b forever!
      No offence.. Just felt to say:) dont mind plz:)

  20. Ok so my cutie pie is cmg on zing today!!!! Ayazzzzzz is cmg on ptkk @7pm today only on zing even yesterday I said it….!!!! Don’t forget to watch it!!!!! Jaldi jaldi

  21. ??

    I thnk these kyy bosses got some prblm. First of all me ko na chahte hue bhi yeh admit krna par raha hy ki kyy ki script ya directn kabhi upto the mark nai ti lyk ki with a bold story line like this directors could hv managed more. Agar aap gor sy shq dkho ge thn u gnna see ki script writtin bolo ya dialogues all bttr thn kyy ….cause no othr thn dirjoy dutt writes it…naturally kyy ki dorectn critics ko bhi utani pasand nhi hy. But why kyy stnds out is the brilliant performance by actors …jst meko in headless directors ko ye point krana hy ki onii bcoz of such versatile actors kyy has been creatn headlines frm the beginning. Or aap log in actors k kadar nai krte. First it was wid parth thn cabir yuvraj now wid utkarsh….i m fully sure agar utkarsh shw chor rha hy ye sb un directors ki galati hy. It’s lyk khud ka bhala woh khud hi smjh nai pate. M jst mad wid thm. Jst dey hv set kyy on a suicidal mode

  22. ??

    Anyways I wish kaisi yeh yaariyan best! uparwala meherbani krke in directors ko kuch dimaag de !!! blo*dy hell ! Dimaag kharab kr diya !
    Hii everyone n good evng
    Ricky u r frm Pakistan r8? The earth quake was disastrous n its Gods grace that u are safe …..deepst condolence for the ppl who couldn’t surviv the catastrophe..

  23. sruthi

    Anuuuuu…. hi sis… i m fyn dr . How r u . How is ur exams.. I m super sis… got very good marks in oct monthly test…i will try to download dr … u said na so i will download it… 4 months gone anu . I was missing u all badly….i will be on chat till diwali ( bcuz net free -offer for diwali ). And i will come to kyy. Dont worry . I will come ….anu i will come at 9.. anu u said no sry no thanks. But u r asking me to forgive u… i read old kyy comments and came to know that u are having xams…. so come after u finish ur exams

    Sara how could i forget u. My inestieee ….. i m fyn pinky . How r u. I msged in fb but u didnt came… me liya and pradi have chatted there in a group. U also join us today at 9…

    Shifa di. Is it really u. Your symbol is changed… how are u Di…i m good di…

    To inestiees :
    Our frnzzz olive dreamer riya queen adhu dhanu shabbu. were are they… ?

    • what ! Thought v will be able to chat everyday least in a week but only till diwali ???Sru my buddy(olive) dreamy didn’t came only in last four months ???buddy said she might come…..and no idea bout dreamy….. I miss her……. a lot…. and shab di came few days ago but didn’t came after that……….and even dhanu dida came days back but didn’t came after that…. everything changed…. v lost few of our frnds? I miss our group sru I miss us badly…..u know me punkin anu used to talk bout u….our group our old happy days
      Hope this cmt will post

  24. ??

    Kyy rockz still! Love kyy….
    I wonder whn tellyupdates will stop shwng ” ur cmnt awatn modratn” cause its damn disgustn ughh

  25. Adele(anu)

    @ aditi! Itz a last warning from my side….till now I have been controlling myself l….but there’s a limit for everything….. U must have seen my good side…..but u r yet to see da other side of me….! So be careful
    Kyys2 rockkz

  26. ?????????
    M Back with a f**king shocking news!!!
    Once i informed that memory loss will be there right….. so its true…..!!!!!
    For more info stay tuned coz I’ll update @8pm full in detail my mood is damm bad so can’t tell right now…!

  27. Roy

    maddy has so much screen presence and i feel he is the best actor in kyy2 right now…sad to see him leave!!

    • Plumpyyy

      True said! Yuvraj thakur is the best actor!
      Jo jo iske against hai plz keep it to urslf..though ik who all r against this! All except u roy!

  28. Plumpyyy

    What the f**kin hell is this?? Do we have less bad and sad news that everythin lil thing is adding it!! Damn! Dhruv’s gonna die coz of his attacks..cabir is dead..hate myslf fr uttering these lines! Yuvi has left.. We are suffering from these pain and this f**ked up memory loss track just added to our pain!! Why is all this happening?? Why this whole 2015 is going bad,specifically for me! There are more pain than happiness!!
    Here my bro has fractured his hand fr d first tym n i ws feelin horrible wince in pain! N here it is another! Wow! School mein there is sadness!! Wow! Just wow! #wordsofsarcasm

  29. sruthi

    But i will try dear… i too miss all our frnzz.. @pradi

    @Anu are u here . did u see my msg… reply to my msg..

    @shifa Oh ok shifa di.i thought someone is misusing ur name..advance happy diwali

    @Aditi cant u stop ur non sense things here… why u are using our friends name… dont dare tto trouble any of our frnz again

    @Anna i dont know abt u. But i feel u r so good because u kept the villian name as aditi. Its true that she is our villian… all the best for ur story….


  30. Dreamer ?

    Hello Prads, Anu, Sara and Sruthi…I do hope you guys haven’t forgotten your ole’ friend Dreamy ?

    I’m finally back! My final national exams just ended recently and I just managed to find some time to come to TU and talk to you guys ? It had been a hectic month and I’m so glad it’s over ?

    I’m so sorry for not being here for such a long time and please do forgive me for that. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone but I had to sacrifice my time on TU for my exams. I do hope you guys will forgive me.

    By the way, how are you guys? Anu and Prads…I heard that you guys were having your exams. I wish you all the very best for them and I’m very sure you guys would have done a great job! Sruthi…Congrats for doing well in your mid-term exams!!! ? Neenga kandippa nalla saivingal endru ennaku theriyum!

    Once again please forgive me guys. I had missed you guys sooo much. It’s been a pleasure to meet you guys again. Have a good day ?

    ~ Dreamer ?

    • Awwwwwwweeeee ???????dreamyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!missed u itnaaaaaaaaa saraaaaa miss kiyaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! How can v…..!!!!!! How can v ever foget u dear!!!!!!not even in my nightmares!!!!! Both of our xams gone well hopefully!!!! How was urs…???? !!m sure this sacrifice helped………. in all these things I forgot to ask only how are u BTW …???everything is good na dreamy???uk after u gone i toh thought that u are lost in ur Dreamworld?? for me its night now…..gtg but don’t u dare forget to come tmrw dreamy!!!??
      guess who m I….. OK username
      Tata c ya…. soon……
      Take care
      Love u itnnaaaa sara dreamy!!!!! ???

    • Adele(anu)

      Dreamyyyy!! Of course v remember u!!! After suchhhhh a looonnngggggggg tym!!!
      Lyk srslyyyyyy!!! Hw r u????
      Really glad to have u here again!!!!!
      V f fun!!
      Xams were gud dear……..
      Kyys2 rockkzzz

    • Adele(anu)

      Plz Donn ask for 4iveness dear! V Donn have such a word in our INESTIES dictionary!!! U r welcome here…..again!!!
      Kyys2 rockkzz

  31. 1day to go 4 #nitikashaandarbday !!!!??
    Can’t wait for tmrw!!!!! Itz gonna be hell fun!!!! Doll will be 21then!!!!!!??I want to see one yuvni byte …..hope they will shoot or else NitKarsh byte !!I so love their bonding !!

    • Plumpyyy

      Hiiiiiii angel di!!!!!! Are u really d oldie angel?? I guess yeah! Hw r u?? Hw’s all goin?? Itne tym k baad!! God! Ek k baad ek family member aa rahe hai! I hope evry1 comes!! Tab angel di u toh kno na wt happens wen v all come 2gthr!!

  32. Plumpyyy

    Nash..did u ask who is ricky?? He is my bhai!! My whole KYY ROXZ FAMILY love our bro’s..n he is one!! I love u ricky bro!! Whr r u? Plz ask sana n sara to come hr na!! I miss them lots!

      • Plumpyyy

        Hehe..nash pehle i thot u askd who’s dat ghost symbol wala..badme i thot u askd who’s ricky… So idk who’s ghost symbol person! Who r u mr.ghost?? Srry fr callin u ghost btw.. Actually this is 1 quality of my family here! Ajeeb ajeeb name se bulate hai! Hw do u kno dat ricky bhai is frm pak?? Frm my earlier cmnts??

  33. Plumpyyy

    Yayyy!!! Its #NITI ka #SHAANDAR birthdayyy!!! Wohoooooo…… Happy birthday in advnc doll!! We love u lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Plumpyyy

    #14daystogo umm…who’s birthday? Kisiko pata hai?? I love that day!! That day..has given me my smile!! Haha this ws a hint! My teacher’s bday bhi ussi din hai:( wish i ws born on dat day! Bt koi nai..if i get good result i mean 95% in boards i will get double party!! Yayy…ek bday ka dusra results!! Sochte hi im so happy!!
    Guyz one news..as my bro’s hand is fractured..or shud i say finger bone..jiske liye itna bada plaster lagaya hai..ok i gotta help him in his works..mom dad wont b at home so i gotta help him n dat kills my tym to come here! Not only that aftr december im gonna come rarely.. Oh shit! I remembered abhi hi dat d plaster’s gonna b removed on dec 3 n dat day is my schl annual day! N just aftr 4-5 days i’ve got my 3rd internals!! Shit!
    One more thing i remembered is… Yuvi had fractured his hand last year..in november only! Even in his birthday time his hand ws fractured..woh bhi left hand! N same is my bro’s!! Completely same!! N my bro and yuvi hav similar shirt too!! And my bro n parth share same birthday i.e 11 march!! And mera aur yuvi mein similarity hi nai hai!! One similarity is v both hate pineapples!!
    Acha ik i speak a lot!! My frnz n family knows this chatterbox side of me…baki sab ko im an introvert!

  35. Plumpyyy

    Hely shah’s diwali shopping segment on SBB!! U swara fanz go watch it! She’s too cute btw!
    But i toh love heli daruwala more! The bffs..yuvi heli abu!! I love these 3!!!

  36. Oh f**k !!!!!!damm today on sbs their was a gift segment of doll!!!!I thought time dekhlungi tabhi! And I forgot!!!did anyone watched it???

  37. sruthi

    Dreamy…. howw r u. I m fine..ungalluku seekaram exam mudinchuduchu. Enakum feb la exam. election time . So early exam but i will get theee months holiday… and i can spend some time with u all…

  38. Plumpyyy

    Hehe yeah! Itne hints dungi toh pata chalega hi na!! But d 1st one bout dat smile wala is d hint..baki sab i wanted to say aise hi..similarities b/w my psycho bro n yuvi! He toh hates both yuvi n parth!! He says y that mad guy ws born on my birthday!! Huh..so i say he ws born b4 u so dat means u r born on his birthday nt he’s born on ur bday…n i start laughin! My mouth ws literally open wen i saw my bro buying d same shirt as yuvi’s!! Complete “O” tha mera muh!! Btw nash..whr r u frm?

      • Plumpyyy

        Ohh! So u too are frm BD! that’s wt v guyz call bangladesh! CG is chattisgarh.. Ur in nish,fairy n shar group! Woah! One more neighbouring cntry frnd!! Its so nice that we get some awesome other country frnz!! So nice dat feeling is! Ind-Pak is always pakke enemies..bt on this pg..v r all a single family!! Mera ricky bhai,alya,pari(i miss her) r frm pak na! And that’s what i love about us! One for all. All for one!!

  39. Plumpyyy

    FFs i started reading..manan agn
    my dear daddy long legs
    which i frgot last tym:
    he is the storm of my life
    love is magic
    recreation of MaNan
    let me love you
    OS/TS/SS :
    feeling the best of you(author pudding)
    dhrulya-deserved pain(author my bestie)
    this is ol i feel about you nandini(my inspiration,kind of..author)
    coz,we are meant to be ms.moorthy!!
    Turn the night up
    and i fell in love
    fire met fire
    silent love
    aur bhi bohot sare hai which i’ve read..itna yaad rehna hi bohot badi baat hai!!
    +one SaYa SS-filling in the blanks. My YuvIta!! My first post ws on this story..yeh bhi yuvi ka hi hai!

  40. Plumpyyy

    Okay anna..yayy!! Aditi!! Yippiee im gonna read it as soon as u post it,i hope! Goin out now..will b back in 15 mins,i guess!

  41. No, I don’t know her. Actually I make Opinions about someone or something too quickly and after the description you gave me I had quite imagined her. She likes to backstab people how cheap that even sounds. By the way did you read her (I guess it was hers) Stupid Swaragini Fan Fiction. So excited for Niti’s B’day tomorrow

  42. Plumpyyy

    Hey anna! Im came now! Was out for shopping! Ohkk thnx i’ll search it:) and bout aditi i too donno her but sometimes these used to talk bout her mtlb wen some fakeys came ovr here they used to bash her n all dat..n frm d warning minnie gave her..utne mein hi pata chalta hai kis tarah ki organism hai woh! I doubt she’s a human! If yes toh wid a witch’s soul! So same pinch!

  43. Plumpyyy

    Ofcourse masoom! Welcome to our kyy roxz family! Frnds?? Its d base of evrythin here! Hope u too will in d gud buks of this pg dr:)

  44. Dreamer ?

    You’re my lovely Prads ? I’m sooo happy to talk to you again ? It’s been a very long time! I’m good and my exams were good too! It was tiring but manageable and I’m really happy that it finally ended. How are you my dear friend? I hope everything is good! Take good care of yourself ? and always keep smiling ? I will come here again tomorrow ?

    Anu!!!!! I’m so happy to see you! I missed you so much! I still remember the times we used to chat in Swaragini page! So how’s life my dear friend? I hope you’re doing well!

    Aamam Sruthi…our school term here starts in Jan and ends in Nov. That’s why my exams ended early in November. So technically, I finished my 10th here already. Next year…it’s going to be a new school and a new experience. All the best for your upcoming national exams!!! Neenga soopera seivinganu ennaku theriyum!

    Helloooo Sara!!! It’s so nice to see you again! All the best for your exams dear and I’m very sure you’re going to do great!!!

  45. Plumpyyy

    Happy birthday in advance doll!!!!! Love u lots!! Love_niti!
    P.s: guyz if u wanna watch parth’s previous bff, u cn watch it on channel v as itz telecasted again!! Plz watch if u haven’t!! God! Am soooo happy!!!!!! Like seriously! Only a BFF fan like me undrstnd it!! Yayy…im on my way!! It ws parth’s entry epi yest! Watch it guyz..i love his character a lot..that’s supah close to me!! Literally close!

  46. Now it is 3.00 that’s means doll’s bday has started. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NITI?????? May God bless u and fill ur life wid happiness. We r really happy for u. Live long and entertain us with ur magical acting. Stay blessed and happy. WE LOVE U NITI TAYLOR ???❤️❤️❤️

  47. adele[?A VERY HAPPY B'DAY DOLL!!!?] MaY u KeEp SmIliNg!!?

    Today iz doll’s shaandar b’day!!! Yippeeee!! At last the day has cum!!
    #niti ki shandar b’day party!!!!
    No more…..one day or two left!!!! Itz todayyyyyy!!!????
    A VERY HAPPY B’DAY!!!!!!


    • adele [?A VERY HAPPY B'DAY DOLL?]MaY u KeEp SmIliNg?

      V all luv u niti! May u KeEp SmIliNg n shine lyk a star……humesha!!!!!
      May u achieve all d success!!!
      V were,are n will always be u…….humesha!!

  48. Plumpyyy


  49. adele [?A VERY HAPPY B'DAY DOLL?]MaY u KeEp SmIliNg?

    Where r u guyzzz????!!!! Wake up all! Itz doll’s b’day today!!!!!! We have to celebrate it!!!! Cum on GUyz…….ab wake up na!!!!
    Kyys2 rockkz

  50. It must have been a rainy day
    when you were born,
    but it wasn’t really rain,
    the sky was crying because
    it lost his most beautiful angel…?????


  51. Happy birthday our cute niti…. Many many happy returns of the day … Keep shining and all the best for ur bright future.. Always keep smile…

  52. Plumpyyy

    The cutest princess ever born!! Niti taylor!!! Happy birthday once again doll!!!!!! As u grow older ur growing cuter..wiser..prettier..beautiful..adorable..out of all…ur heart..which is d most beautiful paradise!! We love u niti!!!!! Our princess..doll..angel..strongest lady..inspiration.. U deserve all d success in ur life doll!! We love uuuuu!!!!!! Niti ka shaandar bday!! Today! Oh man ILYSM doll!! U r d best!!

  53. Plumpyyy

    Never forget to shine as a star doll..as ur one smile brightens our world!! Ur d light in d dark! You brighten up our life niti!! Happy birthday doll…!!!!!! Thnx god fr giving us ur angel!! We feel blessed to hav an angel as niti!! Proud to b a nitian! Love u dolllll

  54. Plumpyyy

    Till the earth stops rotating
    till the sky exist
    till the oceans exist
    till the stars shine
    till the moon lights the world in the dark
    till the breathing ends
    till the heart stops pumping
    till the god has power
    till the sun shines
    till the birds stop singing
    till the world exist
    we will love u niti… You are our star!! Happy birthdayyyyyy niti taylor!!!

  55. sruthi

    Here syllabus started in april..next april it has to be finished. Due to elections early exams….thanks for ur belief in me. I will definitely do well… to make u all happy….

    Anu i came …. where are u . Yesterday u were not here…

    Whats up guyz.

    its nitis birthday . So special day… once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY NITI…THE CUTEST DOLL


  56. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    When i’m discouraged thinkin all is lost, you are always there to support me..to make me strong when i give up on things.. You donno me.. but i know you are always there as my inspiration! You are literally the strongest one doll!! U look so like a chotu si golu molu cheeks ki bachhi but see you are the inspiration to thousands of people! Love u so damn much niti!!!!!!! Many many happy returns of the doll!!!!

    • adele [?A VERY HAPPY B'DAY DOLL?]MaY u KeEp SmIliNg?

      Koi tha nhi so I went sissy….
      N haan….baat toh tumhaare sahi hain!
      I wrote that comment wid my half eyes closed!?
      Kyys2 rockkz

  57. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    Yeah pradi.. I had read it day b4 yest on wiki..i ws reading d plot of s1 n padhte padhte my eyes were teary! Woh last sentence k wajah se! I really cant undrstnd hw cn dhruv die coz of his attacks!!! He had said nandu wen he came ovr her place to apologize n said he’s recoverd frm d attacks n he evn suggested a doc fr rishu! Hw cn dhruv die??? Damn! I cant swallow this news!

  58. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    I just read it shahid’s tweet b4 comin here!
    Gosh! Niti’s wish became true!!! Yayyiieeeee!!! So happy!!!!!! Shahid kapoor wished niti taylor!!!!!!! God! Thnx fr hearing our prayers n fulfilling doll’s wish!!! She might be feeling ecstatic!! Hum hi itne khush hai toh socho niti might b outta d world!!! Yuhoooo!!! So so so happy fr u doll!!!!!!!!!!

  59. adele [?A VERY HAPPY B'DAY DOLL?]MaY u KeEp SmIliNg?

    @vidya…..sweetie…..mail me dear….v’ll talk there peacefully!!?

    @prads….ninni ho gayi ki baaki hain???! Ab uth bhi jaao shishyyyyy!?
    Kyys2 rockk

  60. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    Yaar its my wish! I cant go accordng to ur wish na! Just think if u were in my place n in ur place it wud’ve nash(srry fr bringing in b/w)..m sure u wud hav replied harshly! Girl..dont just get mad on small things! Its an advice..dont think dat i want u to do like dat! @minnie…if it doesnt get published undr ur cmnt

  61. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    Ofcourse nash! I wud love it! But i guess till my nxt bday comes i wont b on any social networking sites… I guess! But my nxt bday is gonna b memorable, i really hope that!
    Happy birthdayyy niti!!!!!! I had a nice brunch on ur birthday! Happy me!
    But…i wanted 2day’s brunch to b aftr 2 weeks:(
    wen’s ur bday nash? Did i ask u this b4??

  62. sruthi (Happiee birthday NITI)

    hello guys…what happened to dhruv. why he is going to die. What is his attacks. I watched onlly kyy2 … tell me wat happened to dhruv in kyy…

  63. @sruthi i will tell, actually sumthing happened in his childhood n thinking abt dat ni8 he gets attacks means panic attacks n he gets a headache n breaks everything around him n only manik can calm him down when he gets dat attacks kyyrocks

  64. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    Hey sara! Ur d mehbeerian sara ryt?? Or my nautanki sara?? Nah i guess ur mehbeerian sara only!

  65. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    Yeah confirmed anu:)
    yeh meri pagal sara aati kahan hai!!
    Kyy roxz!! The epic epi 2mrrw!!!! Maddy-manik tashan!!!!!!!!! Yayyy supah happiieeeee

  66. Dreamer ?

    Happy Birthday Niti Taylor!!! ? You’re an amazing actress and I really look up to you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Keep smiling and shining like always ?

    -Dreamer ?

  67. Plumpyyy

    Heya peepz!! God mornin!! Uth jao!! So our doll has completed her 21st year!! 22 on! Yayy!! We love u niti!!!
    Waitin fr d epi

  68. ??

    Happpiiieeeeee wala belated bday Niti Taylor. You are the best!!
    Can I join you all guys? I have been following ur commnts for some time. Can we be friends??

  69. Plumpyyy

    Hey guyz! I frgot to say, go switch on channel v! Watch bff..parth’s first show!! Its just his entry on d show now..! Oh damn! Im so of a Prithvian!! Varunholic too! God! Evn in his entry in bff he ws lookin so damn handsome!!!!!!!! N his bg music! Damn i love it so much! Bye gonna watch d epi agn!!

  70. Plumpyyy

    F**k!! Im so happy!! No no its beyond happiness!! Feeling so contented!! So mesmerising feeling this is!!! My 2 and half year long wait is finally over!!!!!!!! Oh man! I cannot express my feeling in words!! That was really a serious scene.. And yeah, i was smiling like a fool! Sometimes laughing too! They were having a verbal fight which i always adore and love it. Just a change that his character is of a angry young man! Not of a calm one! Plus it was the same music played!!! Oh lord! Can’t you save some amount of happiness for tomorrow??? It was like an icing on the cake dammit! The same music same actors and the same gems of my heart!! Oh god! Is there someone who’s happier than me right now??
    I loved the episode!! I just wont forget this one ever!!

  71. Plumpyyy

    I always kept sayin TU is my second family.. But that ws wen MY true family which i found were der! Nt nw! Except u nash!! U really r my frnd! N some1 who thinks b4 speakin! I always said give ur tym to tu also ki ur always on IF! I felt so happy wenevr i came here…i used to remember my silent reader days..my cmntator days..happy ones..our chats..n all kinds of quiz on kyy!! Damn! That ws crazy!! My username! I kno my silent readers days were much more happier than d present ones! I thot i’ll just say srry fr replying harshly on ur cmnt pradi…of yest..that yuvi k gaane wala… Bt u didnt show up here so i ws ok aftr she comes i will say srry yet it ws u who spoke harshly! But wen u came..i srsly lost my cool! Frm so mny days i ws gud at controlling my anger n u just destroyed it!! I so hate my short tempered character n u just pushed me into that shell wen i ws near d gate to come outta it!! Now see hw i behave!
    Love kyy forever..!! Has given me d example of true love..friendship.. N mny great frnz bhais n sissies whom i’ll nvr forget!!
    Others…dont make me calm as its useless! Though Ik u dont care! Again..except nash! My only friend here,as of now! Love u dearie:)
    bye..will b on 2day’s updt pg..haha superb it ws!!

  72. Plumpyyy

    *i did not speak harshly wid them! N sorry, really sorry fr bringing ur frnz in this! I ws bound to as u made me! U cudnt undrstnd if i wud nt give an example of that!

  73. Bulls eye!! I was waiting for this only u bimbo! I was observing u and I knew that u are a double faced gal but I didn’t knew u will show ur true colors so damm soon! And yeah for admin u n I very well know who behaves lyk one for ex: whenever anyone Comes here and ask for any help u will always reply to them “sry idk” thatz it! Showing see m they are admin! Lol though u don’t have any solution …!poor baby ?and miss whatever I didn’t spoke harshly with ur baby aish or whatever! Get ur facts clear though ik this won’t fit on ur pea size brain in which there’s everything expect sense! Leave comonsense and yeah I don’t lyk any strangers cmt replying my cmt which ur bff nash loves to do I still remember suddenly she came and taunted me that m not a parthian n all bullshit! And I don’t lyk any blo*dy one saying that! And bout my age na so ik how talk with ppl lyk u! Dont u expect that m a type of girl who will respect elder ppl than my who doesn’t know how to behave lyk one areey one big example is u oh sry a biggest sample ??and so I was saying first look at urself who will think that u are in 10th std who every now and then comes here and will do yuvi yuvi! Lol…!.first u behave lyk s elde and darling when did I said I only know bout parth! Itz u only who will show ur over smartness “yuvi dreams for me” and yeah everyday that same old thing ik this bout yuvi and that this n that! U were behaving perfect like a clown !oops bout the conflict with ur nash baby toh I spared her coz that time only I got know she’s a kid though she is elder than me but she’s not that mature by her age! And u and giving me lectures that how real u are not blah blah blah! I don’t give damm now who n what the hell u are! Coz anu sara knows how I am so they kno how to talk with me unlike who make a issue out of small things u just said stop ur blo*dy yuvi pravachan which was useless if u kno this n that bout yuvi keep it to urself!!! Got that! N I said that coz m not lyk YOU who will talk bout ppl on their back and will keep things inside them! In a way u are just lyk that b*t*h aditi but now I feel she’s damm better than u though she back stabbed me leave it I forgot with whom m talking! U won’t get it neither I care if u get it or not! Yeah darling did u ever try to kno y i behave rude with strangers?? M sure u didn’t! Coz ik how ppl on tu are I kno every corner of this site! Coz I was not lyk u who will stick on one pg !ik how fake ppl are what what they do! But leave it ppl lyk u won’t understand only! And the family u talk bout na it WAS it is not anymore and this is new kyy pg that family WAS on season one pg make urself clear bout it! And u said na I don’t have cm !so using that u said all this and also thinking once upon a time u pretended to be my so called frnd! Otherwise anu knows how I would have replied to u! And what do u think using that abusing language help u??if u think so then u are highly mistaken ! U don’t kno the real me na so u replied lyk this! And u think na I don’t think before I say anything then m making myself clear that unless anyone instigates me I won’t reply to that person! Leave it .coz it won’t fit on ur pea size brain in which only one thing is there which is yuvi… or I can say claiming that yuvi is mine ?n ik this bout yuvi n that which ik u won’t stop ….after all you do a work of a clown on kys2 pg saying ik this n that bout yuvi just lyk a 5 year old kid! Least being 13 my not behaving childish lyk u!! m saying this again u say na I don’t think before saying anything…..then whatever I said now na would never ever been posted that much horribly I would have said ANYTHING TO U! trust me I can do that when I don’t think anything before saying!

  74. Plumpyyy

    U seriously think any1 will just listen to u?? Nah! Y shud i listen to u?? Anyways chuck it.. I dont want any thing that happened b4! So i being myslf better stop fighting! So u go ur way n i’ll go my way! N who said there’s only yuvi in my mind? If its so then who’s d one gettin all good marks in exams?? Who does really gud in games?? I mean nt d mental ones.. D physical ones.. Any game! Who is gud at quiz?? I’ve known to myslf.. I kno what’s der in my mind! R u some mind reader??

  75. Plumpyyy

    U toh dont speak aditi!! Y do u suggest me? Khud ko dekh le pehle!!
    Pradi..oh damn! U donno d real me! U say as if u kno evrythin!! N i didnt feel bad!!

    • Excuse me! Ms toshna or whatever u have no right to speak with aditi lyk that!! U are talking as if u kno her from ages! Ik aditi must have felt humiliated when I compared a double faced girl lyk u with her!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.