Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani says to Manik that they will meet in the music room and goes with Maddy . Manik is amazed to see this. Nandhani is walking with Maddy and is not patient and is frequently asking him to tell her what happened. Maddy says that she said a lot about friendship and now that Manik has returned she kicked him out. Nandhani tries to explain to him but he doesnot listen and says that he wishes them luck and now this will be the same as before.
Maddy is walking and thinking what Nandhani said about when she needed him and when he was no longer needed she kicked him out then he sees people writing good things about him and feels confident.Then he calls the guy to confirm the deal.
Two models are constantly asking Aaliya questions about the dresses and so hearing to their questions

she gets angry and asks them to leave. Then the owner comes and starts to give some tips to Aaliya as to how to deal with the unwanted stress and become happy. Aaliya hearing to what he has to say starts to laughs and feels that the stress and tension have been removed.
Manik is playing the guitar and is very angry about what Harshad and Maddy said to him about being replaced. He is playing when Nandhani comes and he asks her what did Maddy say and she says that nothing important. Nandhani requests Manik to complete the song that he wroe but he doesnot feel like doing so and so Nandhani picks up the guitar and starts to sing in a terrible voice. Manik taunts her after she has completed saying that does she want to sell the worst version of the song. Nandhani gets angry and then Manik gets down on his knees to cheer her up.
Mukti and Naviya are talking to a couple who wishes to adopt Abir. Naviya asks them to change the diaper of Abirbut they fail miserably and Naviya and Mukti both are not convinced to give them Abir. After seeing what they have done Mukti asks them to prove to them that they are worthy and for that they have to live with them for the next ten days and take care of abir hearing these both of them get confused.
Mddy pays a peon some amount and goes in to find the guy sitting and then he finalises the deal with him. He also receives a cheque of two lac rupees, when the guy starts to sing the song Maddy gets angry and asks him to never sing it in front of him. Dhruv listens to their conversations and takes off .
Nandhani is telling Manik as to how Rishab started to talk and they were so happy to hear his voice after a long time as they are taking Dhruv comes and says that Maddy has signed a deal on the song in which they performed for the o2. Manik is shocked and asks if he composed it or wrote its lyrics Dhruv says that he was never in anything and even rejected their request but suddenly came on the stage at the performance .Dhruv tries to call him but Manik says that from now on he will do the talking

Precap: Manik pushes Maddy and says that he will not perform on the song which the fab5 composed but Maddy says that he will perform on the same song.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. @sruthi i will tell, actually sumthing happened in his childhood n thinking abt dat ni8 he gets attacks means panic attacks n he gets a headache n breaks everything around him n only manik can calm him down when he gets dat attacks kyyrocks

    1. sruthi (Happiee birthday NITI)

      Thank u sara…
      Kyy rocks

  2. Yup plump u had asked me b4 dt when is birthday. It is on 23rd december. Btw ur??? Nd whr do u live???

  3. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    Hey sara! Ur d mehbeerian sara ryt?? Or my nautanki sara?? Nah i guess ur mehbeerian sara only!

    1. adele [?A VERY HAPPY B'DAY DOLL?]MaY u KeEp SmIliNg?

      She’s mehberian sara plumpyy!
      Kyys2 rockkz

  4. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    Yeah confirmed anu:)
    yeh meri pagal sara aati kahan hai!!
    Kyy roxz!! The epic epi 2mrrw!!!! Maddy-manik tashan!!!!!!!!! Yayyy supah happiieeeee

  5. Happy Birthday Niti Taylor!!! ? You’re an amazing actress and I really look up to you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Keep smiling and shining like always ?

    -Dreamer ?

  6. Heya peepz!! God mornin!! Uth jao!! So our doll has completed her 21st year!! 22 on! Yayy!! We love u niti!!!
    Waitin fr d epi

    1. Plumpyyy please can we be friends?

      1. Ofcourse anna:) frnz

  7. Happpiiieeeeee wala belated bday Niti Taylor. You are the best!!
    Can I join you all guys? I have been following ur commnts for some time. Can we be friends??

    1. From me You can be by the way who are you?

    2. V cn b.. Bt may i plz kno who r u? N hw do u kno dat ricky bro is frm pak??
      This is the site of “yaariaan” so v al r frnz

  8. Hey guyz! I frgot to say, go switch on channel v! Watch bff..parth’s first show!! Its just his entry on d show now..! Oh damn! Im so of a Prithvian!! Varunholic too! God! Evn in his entry in bff he ws lookin so damn handsome!!!!!!!! N his bg music! Damn i love it so much! Bye gonna watch d epi agn!!

    1. Fyi it was not his first show ms so called prithvian it was gumrah not bff!

  9. F**k!! Im so happy!! No no its beyond happiness!! Feeling so contented!! So mesmerising feeling this is!!! My 2 and half year long wait is finally over!!!!!!!! Oh man! I cannot express my feeling in words!! That was really a serious scene.. And yeah, i was smiling like a fool! Sometimes laughing too! They were having a verbal fight which i always adore and love it. Just a change that his character is of a angry young man! Not of a calm one! Plus it was the same music played!!! Oh lord! Can’t you save some amount of happiness for tomorrow??? It was like an icing on the cake dammit! The same music same actors and the same gems of my heart!! Oh god! Is there someone who’s happier than me right now??
    I loved the episode!! I just wont forget this one ever!!

  10. I always kept sayin TU is my second family.. But that ws wen MY true family which i found were der! Nt nw! Except u nash!! U really r my frnd! N some1 who thinks b4 speakin! I always said give ur tym to tu also ki ur always on IF! I felt so happy wenevr i came here…i used to remember my silent reader days..my cmntator days..happy ones..our chats..n all kinds of quiz on kyy!! Damn! That ws crazy!! My username! I kno my silent readers days were much more happier than d present ones! I thot i’ll just say srry fr replying harshly on ur cmnt pradi…of yest..that yuvi k gaane wala… Bt u didnt show up here so i ws ok aftr she comes i will say srry yet it ws u who spoke harshly! But wen u came..i srsly lost my cool! Frm so mny days i ws gud at controlling my anger n u just destroyed it!! I so hate my short tempered character n u just pushed me into that shell wen i ws near d gate to come outta it!! Now see hw i behave!
    Love kyy forever..!! Has given me d example of true love..friendship.. N mny great frnz bhais n sissies whom i’ll nvr forget!!
    Others…dont make me calm as its useless! Though Ik u dont care! Again..except nash! My only friend here,as of now! Love u dearie:)
    bye..will b on 2day’s updt pg..haha superb it ws!!

    1. Awww so sweet. And right. U r my best frnd of tu pg.

  11. *i did not speak harshly wid them! N sorry, really sorry fr bringing ur frnz in this! I ws bound to as u made me! U cudnt undrstnd if i wud nt give an example of that!

  12. Bulls eye!! I was waiting for this only u bimbo! I was observing u and I knew that u are a double faced gal but I didn’t knew u will show ur true colors so damm soon! And yeah for admin u n I very well know who behaves lyk one for ex: whenever anyone Comes here and ask for any help u will always reply to them “sry idk” thatz it! Showing see m they are admin! Lol though u don’t have any solution …!poor baby ?and miss whatever I didn’t spoke harshly with ur baby aish or whatever! Get ur facts clear though ik this won’t fit on ur pea size brain in which there’s everything expect sense! Leave comonsense and yeah I don’t lyk any strangers cmt replying my cmt which ur bff nash loves to do I still remember suddenly she came and taunted me that m not a parthian n all bullshit! And I don’t lyk any blo*dy one saying that! And bout my age na so ik how talk with ppl lyk u! Dont u expect that m a type of girl who will respect elder ppl than my who doesn’t know how to behave lyk one areey one big example is u oh sry a biggest sample ??and so I was saying first look at urself who will think that u are in 10th std who every now and then comes here and will do yuvi yuvi! Lol…!.first u behave lyk s elde and darling when did I said I only know bout parth! Itz u only who will show ur over smartness “yuvi dreams for me” and yeah everyday that same old thing ik this bout yuvi and that this n that! U were behaving perfect like a clown !oops bout the conflict with ur nash baby toh I spared her coz that time only I got know she’s a kid though she is elder than me but she’s not that mature by her age! And u and giving me lectures that how real u are not blah blah blah! I don’t give damm now who n what the hell u are! Coz anu sara knows how I am so they kno how to talk with me unlike who make a issue out of small things u just said stop ur blo*dy yuvi pravachan which was useless if u kno this n that bout yuvi keep it to urself!!! Got that! N I said that coz m not lyk YOU who will talk bout ppl on their back and will keep things inside them! In a way u are just lyk that b*t*h aditi but now I feel she’s damm better than u though she back stabbed me leave it I forgot with whom m talking! U won’t get it neither I care if u get it or not! Yeah darling did u ever try to kno y i behave rude with strangers?? M sure u didn’t! Coz ik how ppl on tu are I kno every corner of this site! Coz I was not lyk u who will stick on one pg !ik how fake ppl are what what they do! But leave it ppl lyk u won’t understand only! And the family u talk bout na it WAS it is not anymore and this is new kyy pg that family WAS on season one pg make urself clear bout it! And u said na I don’t have cm !so using that u said all this and also thinking once upon a time u pretended to be my so called frnd! Otherwise anu knows how I would have replied to u! And what do u think using that abusing language help u??if u think so then u are highly mistaken ! U don’t kno the real me na so u replied lyk this! And u think na I don’t think before I say anything then m making myself clear that unless anyone instigates me I won’t reply to that person! Leave it .coz it won’t fit on ur pea size brain in which only one thing is there which is yuvi… or I can say claiming that yuvi is mine ?n ik this bout yuvi n that which ik u won’t stop ….after all you do a work of a clown on kys2 pg saying ik this n that bout yuvi just lyk a 5 year old kid! Least being 13 my not behaving childish lyk u!! m saying this again u say na I don’t think before saying anything…..then whatever I said now na would never ever been posted that much horribly I would have said ANYTHING TO U! trust me I can do that when I don’t think anything before saying!

  13. Prads u know who u r n v ur frnds know who u r no need to give ur character certificate to d world kyyrocks

  14. Same here! U too donno d real me! Did u read that??

    1. I Know the real u……. u are a double faced gal…. just lyk aditi who’s better than u least!

  15. U seriously think any1 will just listen to u?? Nah! Y shud i listen to u?? Anyways chuck it.. I dont want any thing that happened b4! So i being myslf better stop fighting! So u go ur way n i’ll go my way! N who said there’s only yuvi in my mind? If its so then who’s d one gettin all good marks in exams?? Who does really gud in games?? I mean nt d mental ones.. D physical ones.. Any game! Who is gud at quiz?? I’ve known to myslf.. I kno what’s der in my mind! R u some mind reader??

    1. Awwwwwee poor baby felt bad…..???? But u deserve it and ik no one showed u mirror na…..so m showing……… f**k off

    2. That enough of Pradiahma.

      She doesn’t think of what people might think after hurting them she told me the same That she didn’t trust me

      1. Sorry I didn’t know what had happened but know I know it. Dear Plumpyyy, why don’t you just start behaving like your age.
        Horrible! Lyk seriously you r behaving like a 5-6 yr old or 31-39 year old ladies who love to show off. Try to be mature enough by age

      2. Sorry I didn’t know what had happened but I know. Dear Plumpyyy why don’t come with me to Kindergarten I am giving a lift to you till there so that you can peacefully show off bout Yuvraj

    3. I’m with you, you have the right to comment here what whatever you like about the serial

    4. Above comment for Plumpyyy

  16. U toh dont speak aditi!! Y do u suggest me? Khud ko dekh le pehle!!
    Pradi..oh damn! U donno d real me! U say as if u kno evrythin!! N i didnt feel bad!!

    1. Excuse me! Ms toshna or whatever u have no right to speak with aditi lyk that!! U are talking as if u kno her from ages! Ik aditi must have felt humiliated when I compared a double faced girl lyk u with her!

  17. Hey anna! I didnt get wt u wanted to say! First u say some crap! Then u say ur wid me?

    1. It’s not crap it’s reality!

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