Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mr.Khurana gets a call and leave and goes to Soha who said that Manik locked her inside. Mr.Khurana asks the maid and she says that I don’t know if it is her imagination or if it’s true. She says that Soha needs therapy as the medicines are not working. Soha on the other hand says to her father that you should announce my wedding after the performance. However Mr.Khurana tells her to relax saying that you are not well. Soha says that she is well and has to go the performance as it’s of Manik.
She says that Manik loves her and he came to her room last night and kissed her. Mr.Khurana says it’s not true as Manik told him to not let her come. He leaves while Soha cracks and shouts. Outside Manik is waiting and Mr.Khurana says that I’ll do as you say and leaves. Manik wonders if

he should inform Nanidni about this and then stops as doesn’t wants to stress her. He hears Soha blaming Nanidni and shouting about Nandini.
Nandini is with Rishab when her aunt asks of what has happened. Nandin says that she is missing ams and wants to meet her. She asks for the permission and says that I can get the leave from college and her aunt agrees with her. Nandini says that we have to leave tomorrow night as the minds are already set.
Muktii comes to the reception and gets her named registered for the session and then asks about Abhymanu. The receptionist says that he used to come here for some time and Muktii asks if he is alive. The receptionists says that are you Okay and then points saying that there he is. Abhymanu is going somewhere and Muktii starts to follow him but losses track.
Nandini’s aunt says that I think I should make the same dish the day when Manik came but didn’t eat any of it. The door bell rings and Manik comes and her aunt invites him inside. Manik says that he has brought food for everyone as he was thinking that since you make food for everyone so I thought I should bring food for everyone.
Manik says that the dish looks very interesting and Nandini says that these are peas. Her aunt tells him to sit down and leaves for the kitchen. Rihsab throws a pea into Manik’s mouth as he sits down. Manik says to Nandini that what are you looking at as there is a game going on here. He tells her to leave and help her aunt.
In the food Manik has brought some pasta and her aunt is surprised to see how it looks. Manik gives some pastry to Rishab who leaves to get a spoon. He gets a call and says that I am coming there in 10 minutes. While leaving he takes a bag with him, and comes back when everyone is distracted and goes upstairs.
Muktii calls Abhymanu’s parents and says that he is alive as she has seen him. While her father cancels the call saying wrong number. Nandini is wondering why Manik left in such a way and decides to call him. Manik comes out of the washroom and says that I am here while Nandini says that what are you doing here. Manik says that I have to spend the night with you as I hardly remember any part of the drunk night.
Nandini says that you thought, like seriously while Manik says that you are packing you bags, are you running from me. Nandini says that what if aunty would see while Manik says that she saw me leaving and locks the door when Nandini says that Rishab comes as well. Nandini says to Manik that you have to leave while Manik says that what is the problem as you come to my house and I hide you.
Nandini says that tomorrow is a big day for you so why are you passing your time like this. Manik says that I came to meet you after hiding from the world and you think that this is time pass. Nandini says that stop this drama and leave and says that I will when Manik doesn’t agrees. Manik stops her and says that fine I am leaving. He asks if she is sure and says that I get it and then leaves.
Soha’s nurse comes to her room and finds her crying and asks what is wrong. Soha blames herself and says that I know I am bad and I do try that dad is ashamed of me. Her nurse says that you have to take your medicine for it and gives her the medicine and she goes to sleep. The nurse leaves and Soha gets up and says that everyone is conspiring against me so that I can’t see Manik
Manik comes out and looks at the window but Nandini is not there. She comes and when Manik sees her she waves goodbye while he leaves. After sometime he says that why does she has to be so difficult and why doesn’t she understand me. Manik says to himself that should I tell her as I know how she panics. Manik says that what if Soha comes this time and stops to think and says that it is too much of thought process. He comes back and says that you have now become a watchman.
After sometime he wakes up while Nandini can’t sleep as well and checks her phone. She remembers the time when Manik came back for her and looks through the window. On the other hand Soha says that what if I switch the medicine with the water then nothing would happen to me. She does so and says that Manik is only mine.
Manik is sleeping in his car when water comes on his face thrown by Nandini. He wakes up and says that what are you doing here as you must be thinking about me. Nandini asks of what is he doing here and he comes out of the car. Uses her stall to clean his face and says that I had decided that I am going to stay at your place so if I have decided that that’s it. Manik says that you are not letting me come inside so how about you come into my car.
Nandini says that you seriously have no worry as you have a big day tomorrow so why don’t you go home and sleep. She then says that you won’t go so fine, she takes some steps and asks if he is cold while Manik says no. Nandini starts to walk when Manik says that a lot and says that why don’t you take me along with you. Nandini gives him the stall and says no. She stops and agrees and says that everyone is sleeping at home so no noise.
Dhruv says goodbye to Aliya while she says that I am not in the mood to go home. She says that let’s go somewhere while Dhruv says that we should rest as we have a performance tomorrow. Aliya insists while Dhruv says that he thinks he has to leaves. Aliya asks Dhruv if he is comparing himself with Manik while Dhruv says that I’m not but you are. Dhruv reminds her when she sided with Manik while Aliya says that I only did that because he had a point.
Aliya says that I could be also insecure of you have feelings for Nandini. Dhruv says that you have a history of seven years with Manik while my relation with Nandini never even started. Aliya apologizes and says that you are also on the wrong track. She says that these misunderstandings could only be removed if we spend some time together. Dhruv still denies her request and leaves.
Manik is now with Nandini and tells her to move as this is his place to sleep. Nandini says that you have to sleep on the bed as you have to perform tomorrow. Manik says that I won’t let you sleep here and sleep on the bed myself. Nandini says that she is not moving from here while picks her up and drops her on the bed. He kisses her on the head and says to Nandini that what were you waiting for. She punches him and puts her hand on his mouth. He comes close takes the pillow and goes to sleep saying goodnight to her.
Muktii is still confused and says that how could it a wrong number and says that Abhymanu is alive. She says that something is very serious and I must find out about this. She gets a call from Abhymanu’s father and Muktii tells him to believe her. He says that I know it and Muktii asks of what the post was about then. His father says that he has cancer and Muktii asks of what the post was about. His father says that he could not see his mother in that pain and he had to respect his last wish. Muktii says that I understand and cancels the call and starts to cry.
Manik asks Nandini if she is asleep and she says Yes. He asks if she remembers that drunk night as the next morning the both of them were on the same bed. Nandini says she is asleep and so Manik closes her eyes again. Nandini says that this night will help me get through so many days I will not be able to talk to you. Manik sits up and says that I will make sure no one takes this peace from you. He stays up the whole night looking after her.
The next morning Soha’s nurse is taking care of her and gives her the injection and tells her to lie down. Mr.Khurana comes and asks how she is and says that it’s good that she is sedated as the asylum people would be able to take her easily. He disagrees when the nurse says that can’t the treatment be in the house. Soha gets up and says that I am not leaving that easily not at all.

Precap: Manik wakes Nandini up wearing a towel and says that we have to leave together. Nandini says that everyone is awake while Manik says that he doesn’t cares about that.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    Da update says ‘manik stays up da whole n8 to look aftr her’
    so manik doesn’t sleep da whole n8? He has performance nxt dy, hw irresponsible, why is he worryng as nandu is r8 bside him,no chance of soha harming her at dat tym, cute manik so worrid fr nandu…:-)

  2. Nutz

    Ash plz say u’ll cum in btw, u’ll cum wenevr u can, wenevr u get da chance, plz atleast try to cum yaar. 5 months is a looong tym!

  3. i kw 5 mnths are long but i had promised to maa that i will not tuch my phone upto my all exams get over n i never brek promise made to maa n paa

  4. Hi sanjanaaa…..nutzzzzzz….fairyyyyyy….nd allllllllll
    U mst thnk ki hw a talkative gal lyk me itne der chup rehe sakti hain……blame it on the food…..damnnnn gooood

  5. Nutz

    Okayy ash, i understand. Then focus on ur study yar n make ur parents proud of u.
    We’ll wait fr u yar, rock in ur xms. ALL THE BEST yar….i’ll miss u a lot

  6. Nutz

    Pritam i think mayb nandu won’t b able to leave, manik may stop her. Sorry fr da late reply, i saw ur comment nw,sry

  7. Ladki ne mili virusssss……..ladki thi toh zaroor bt wid Salman Khan type boy friend….i cldnt click picssss……srry…mein khane ki pics zaroor bhejungi………………..

  8. Ladki ne mili virusssss……..ladki thi toh zaroor bt wid Salman Khan type boy friend….i cldnt click picssss……srry…mein khane ki pics zaroor bhejungi………………..hahaha

  9. U r8 Sanjana…….i see in my school…..al going 4r IIT or medical…….yaar koi administrative service mein kyu interested ne hain????????/?????????

  10. sadda haq

    plzzzzzzz help me guys….i m confuse….abt ans…? plzz share us ur opinion…all kyy family…which one is correct ans…1 or 9…?

  11. qwert

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  12. fairy

    No no bells….nthng like tht….ofcrse u cn tell ur opinion….. u dnt hv 2 like all d ppl around ……… bt l thnk she is gud………

  13. No no u do bracket first…….
    Then it is 3……nd my div it is 3….so 3*3-9
    Aghar kuch bola na sanayadi ke bade mein……..she is our fav di

  14. qwert

    Noooooo….sadda haq…by bodmas anss is 9…first the bracket isto b solved so (3) den 6/2 so 3 den (3)3= 9
    Virus mere mom dad b vohi bolte hai!!

  15. n bell you cant judge any one without taking to him/her.n only the nature matters n sana di is my swtst di n you cant say any thng against her.atleast 1 talk to her n then judge her.you wuld also like her.she is bestst di frever.

  16. Hey qwert…m ammy….i thnk u dnt knw…..anyway my email id crashed nd I could not send u mails….i made a new one bt I dnt hv ur iddddddd

  17. Nutz

    Ash we understand wat u mean, okay den yar focus on ur studies n make ur parents proud of u. rock in ur xms yar, ALL THE BEST fr ur xms….i’ll miss u, bye, take care:-)

  18. fairy

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  19. fairy

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    – Mrng alarm…
    Most difficlt task…
    – to find socks…
    Most dreadful journey….
    – way 2 class….
    Most lovely tmes….
    – meetng wid frnds…
    Most tragic momnts…
    – surpise test in 1st clss….
    Most happiest news…
    – teachr is absent…

  20. vaishu

    yea fairy,,,c v known each othr 4 so long,,i still dun know ur name..now its even difficult,,coz u set it as password,,haih

  21. Teacher: ‘3 idiots’ film dehknay ke baad aap ko kya lesson mila?
    Pappu: miss yehi ki..Enginering padh kar bhi medical ki ladki fasai ja sakti hai 😀
    Miss: shut up & get out.
    Babloo: miss mein bataon..?
    Miss: very good, batao..
    Babloo: miss college ke 1st day Underwear zaroor pehna chahiye 😀
    Miss: u also get out.
    Shamu: miss mein bataon..?
    Miss: I think u are a brilliant student.. tum sahi batao gay..
    Shamu: Miss doctor ke elawa Engineer bhi delivery kar sakta hai!
    Miss: u also get out.
    GUDU: Miss mein bataon. Miss: HAAN BATAO…
    Students Rock!!

  22. sanaya

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  24. sadda haq

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    For example,
    will give you
    1 from Pemdas
    9 from BODMAS
    using mob calculator the ri8 ans is 9……….guys finally i got the ri8 ans..bye gn8..

  25. fairy

    Vash…..evry wndrful momnt cn felt by ur heart….clse ur eyes n imagn tht evrywhr is gld n slvr dust…….

  26. fairy

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    Ammy, fairy plz gv car ?////’s name, i can’t, so u guys gv plz

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    “You put the killing thing right between your teeth , but you don’t give it the power to do its killing “

  29. Nutz

    Ya car, ?///// gave da name 2dy around 1pm. We were askng fr real name n we got sumthng written in dat language of which we cudn’t understand

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    Say hi to me alll

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    She’s a great fan

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    Na sikha kabhi jeena
    Na sikha kabhi jeena tere bina humdum
    For u guys..

  39. I wrote the sng fr u …sun ke toh jaooooooo
    Nc I can see toofan haillstorm snwfall cyclone .a rainbw ndd sunshine at ur exam hall
    Best of luckk

  40. Nutz

    Nyc song ammy, especially da last part, dat caught my eyes da most, a beautiful dedication to our one n only suhash da great.

  41. laura

    Today my sis birthday…….. Maria u know her r8.
    PLS tell carru i will come tomorrow late n8 but still will come
    Gud n8 and sweeeeeeeeet dreams
    Advance gud mrng to all

  42. Live ur best lyf todayyyy……..u never know wat new experience the nw day holds for uuuuuu……….be lyk a sunshine in ur lyf……….be happy nd make ur near nd dear ones happy……..

  43. Nd best of luck again suhashda…….rock at the exams 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)….
    My sweet frnds I vil cm at n8…..ve my physics exammm

  44. fairy


  45. fairy

    Ok ….let me talk wid myself…..
    Yest epsd was vry vry cute bt 1 pb is tht nand’s leavng………why she is gng 2 mangalore??…

  46. fairy

    Yes, bt if manik would tell 2 nand abt soha tht her dad want 2 send her in d assylum….thn may b nand would chnge her decesion…….

  47. fairy

    And nw d twist r navbir n tht pandit….yeah yeah ofcrse mukbhi…..
    Bt cn cabir chnge frm gay??…Will his mom excpt navya wid a child?

  48. fairy

    Ha ha ha…yest 1 of d funny prt was navya’s part….she is soo shy bt in frnt of dhruv,alya ncabir….she jst cm wid a single towel…..ha ha ha

  49. fairy

    Bt navya could stay wid alya…….she stayed wid cabir 4 drctr …… b4 navya hd a gr8 desire 2 stay in harshad’s house…..ha ha..nw stay na……ha ha ha

  50. fairy

    Nutz…l hd tld tht friday is cryday fr me……..
    Act mst of my tution is on friday……..in bd tm l hd math tutn frm 9.30 to 11.00 thn hd eng tutn 11.00 2 12.30…..n l was stdng own frm 8.30 …….

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  61. Nutz

    So sry ammy, i really do wana stay but until i hv completed my syllbus fr tmrw xm, i won’t b in peace.i’m feelng restless already…da chps really large n hard yar, hv to study

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    Hi ammy! Currently i’m makng soap in my imagination. Want sum? It’s 100% pure n fully home-made….hehe

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    শোন লরাইল আলকোহল এর সংকেত কী? প্লীজ বল আমি মনে করতে পারছি না

  64. Nutz

    Hw am i supposed to focus on my study wd dis mental condition!
    Wish if i cud just kil soha, khurana n pandit

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