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In the practice room, Manik tells Fab 5 that he did this all alone. Cabir doesn’t trust him to be able to make the board. Manik says he doesn’t speak or express anything doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel anything. He is a big fan of fab 5 and it is a special thing that he is sharing with them all. He says he never missed the love of his friendship since childhood. He points at the door and says this is my family, so whatever Aaliya said yesterday…. I have decided that I will not let this happen and let each other apart. He thought about making everyone realize how important we all are to each other, but this time will pass away soon. We will pass this phase of life as well, we shouldn’t part away. He says I will do anything to keep you people together, because no one can break our family.

He brings key-chains from his pockets. Cabir goes to hug him tight, Mukti hugs Manik and takes her keychain. Dhruv hugs him and takes his. Manik turns to Aaliya who steals her looks, he offer her the key chain. She doesn’t take it, he puts it in her hand and says Happy Friendship Day. Aaliya stood lost with it, Cabir and Dhruv sings ‘Yaro Dosti…’ Manik and Mukti follow them singing for Aaliya only. Nandini comes into the class and watches this all standing at the door. Manik watches Nandini during a group hug, they share flying kiss and Nandini leaves telling him that she will wait outside. Manik cuts cake with Fab5, they put cake into each others mouth and when they were offering Aaliya she shouts to stop it, she won’t do this anymore.
Aryaman enters the practice room where Nandini was playing Veena. He shocks her by saying she has a beautiful voice. Nandini is curt at him, that his sweet buttering would not impress her. She says she will never believe him after what he has done to Manik. Aryaman asks if she thinks he deliberately injured his hand. Nandini says she only knows those words like trust or believe. Aryaman asks Nandini why she didn’t tell Manik that he was behind the construction site, and he is Soha’s brother. Nandini says that would have created problem. Right now, she has to win talent hunt at any cost. Aryaman asks why he shares all his secrets with her, why he would lie to her about his swollen hand.
Neonika hears the music that Harshid had recorded. She is angry at him and asks if he really thinks he can beat Fab5 with this noisy chaotic music. It can’t even beat those Nandini and Navya. Harshid asks Neonika to leave the music on him as she doesn’t know anything about music. Neonika says he must understand they can’t let Fab5 win in anyway, remembering the dusting of her face with the dryer. Harshid asks what Manik did now, but she tells him to go saying it is none of his business.
Aryaman gives a pack to Nandini, she asks what is there in it. Aryaman says he knows she doesn’t consider him as a friend, but he does. Happy friendship day, it is a music player and he had put all the songs of Fab5 into it. When Aryaman leaves, Nandini unwraps the music player and listens to the songs smiling. Aryaman peeks through the door, smiles and says Nandini, you are too good for Manik.
Aaliya says she can’t pretend anymore. Fab5 is over for him. Cabir tells them that Aaliya is lying, she says she isn’t. This is the solution of all her problem. Manik asks what problem, she says I have Bulemia. Manik is shocked, so is everyone. Dhruv asks Bulemia. Mukti says it is a eating disorder, Cabir says it brings on depression and anxiety. Mukti says it is as normal that it is hard to identify. Cabir asks why?, when she is so beautiful and a star of Fab5. Aaliya says she had everything, still she felt alone. Manik says they were all there for each other. Aaliya says do you really think you were there. Manik says yes, he did. Aaliya says no, it isn’t. She says that she has nothing against Nandini but since she came in, everything changed. Earlier, their personal lives always came after Fab5 but now it isn’t like that. He changed this all. She complains that he wasn’t even there for her as a friend, and that she holds against him. Manik asks if she is accusing him. Cabir and Mukti try to calm Aaliya but Aaliya says they wanted her to be true, now she is being true. Dhruv comes to Aaliya, Aaliya says to him he has no right to say a word to her. There were never two people in their lives, there were always three. Manik was there because of Dhruv’s inferiority complex. He always compared himself with Manik and always fall short, that ruined her life. She says to both of you, are no good as boyfriends or as friends. Mukti says to Aaliya why she is leaving Mukti and Cabir as well. Aaliya says she is doing it all because of herself, she wants to find peace for herself. Harshid had come and listened it all. He comes to Aaliya, keeps an arm around her shoulder and says let’s go. Aaliya turns to say I am sorry, I won’t be able to perform in Talent Hunt. She programmed the song, Mukti has the cover so there won’t be a lapse. Mukti asks her not to do this. Aaliya says she has to, she is sorry. Cabir says you can’t do this. Aaliya cries and says I have to. They recall the old memories as Aaliya cries and leaves the hall. Harshid follows her. Manik says let her go, she is right, this is enough.

PRECAP: Dhruv says this should be called Manik Malhotra and gang. Cabir holds his collar, but Dhruv leaves. Manik breaks the board and cries that his friends are so distressed from him, this is the end of Fab5!

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. atlast fav fab 5 break alya is so mean yaar whatever she said to manik is wrong bcoz when someone special comes in our life we will give little more importance to them like manik give first priority to our cute nandu

  2. another thing that alya said that i disagree with it is
    nobody is there with her in her problems its completely wrong bcoz dhruv was always there for her aftr her broke up with manik and even dhruv stood her side to forgive her bro and get him out the jail with help of fab 5

  3. today was one of the horrible epi gosh i think bcoz of aryaman there will be again misunderstanding btw manik and nandu i cant see this

  4. Ds is too much to handle yaar… oh god i cnt c manik lyk dt…

  5. NOOOOOOOOOO… ds jst cant happn… FAB5 cant break… n specially not coz of manik… i cant c him lyk ds… he is shaken up by aliya’s words n now druv…. nooooo.. .. plzzzzz…. ..

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