Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A guy comes and asks Mukti and Naviya to give them her son but Naviya is not touched and says that she will not give him to them but they keep on requesting her to give it to them but she is not moved. Naviya gets angry so Mukti asks her to go inside saying that she will handle it. Mukti says that they will take a test and if they pass in it then they will think about the adoption.
Manik and Nandhani are walking where they start talking about Naviya’s son abir and them Manik says that he came back to this place after a long time. They go in where Nandhani’s uncle is shocked to see Manik and they all start talking. Rishab comes and Manik greets him and when he speaks Manik is shocked as to how did this happen then Nandhani’s uncle explains the whole incident to Manik as to how

Maddy took Rishab to his house and then there he heard the music from which he started to talk. Manik congrulates him.
Mukti tries to talk to Naviya about giving Abir for adoption but Naviya is not convinced and keeps on saying that she doesnot trust anyone anymore and will not give her son just like this to anyone who comes to them. Mukti then says that Abir deserves a better life one which they cannot give to him and he will be better off without them because they are just kids.
Manik and Nandhani are walking in the hall of space where everyone keeps on staring Manik which annoyes him and Nandhani also asks if he is okay. They walk a little further and Manik sees two boys listening to the performance of fab 5 with Maddy and hearing this he gets angry then they see the poster of fab5 with Madhiam.
Harshad comes and taunts Manik saying that the new posters of fab5 are good. Harshad greets him and says that how does he feel after being replaced. He says that his friends choose Maddy over him and hearing to what Harshad is saying Manik gets angry and is about to go. Harshad stops him and says that how does it feel to be kicked out of the band. Harshad further says that Manik’s legacy is completely gone and then Manik slams the poster to which Harshad gets amazed.
Manik walks angrily and Nandhani also follows him saying that he knows how Harshad is like but MAnik says that does she think that what he said is wrong. Manik and Nandhani are talking when suddenly Maddy comes and starts to talk. He says that he heard a lot about him and knows that he is the son of the ex-trusty of space. Maddy says that he knows what it feels like to be replaced but his friends came to him begging to perform for them and that is the only reason he did it. Manik gets angry and looks at Nandhani then he asks Maddy to leave but he says that he wants to talk to Nandhani about her friendship.

Precap: Maddy signs the deal but Dhruv sees him doing it and says that he is going to talk to him but Manik says that he has a plan for them and now he will do the talking.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ????Jershad!!! Maddy!!!! Arggg

  2. How do I download d video….. I mean from which website should i? Anyone plss

    1. Ik bout it jus go to this site u will able to download but they are in parts but don’t worry quality is nice…
      Hope it’ll help u!

  3. Umm ik all of u damn angry on maddy!! For his stupid instigation! But d deal offers him 10 lakh guyz!! He is in need of money!! He doesnt hav money evn fr food!! He doesnt want to sign d deal wid whoevr it is bt his financial condition made him sign d deal! V all hav seen maddy just acts to b great! Like infront of othrs he acts to b careless n ruthless but he ain’t like dat! He’s ALONE! Manik on d othr side too is hurt by seeing d poster which i too hate n in which d lead singer manik himslf isnt der…but he ain’t alone na!! He has his shining star nandu..his frnz..his buddy dhruv..mukti..alya.. He has them! Ik aryamann n maddy dont hav that enemity b/w them n nw der r gonna b frnz i guess! But still..maddy is ALONE! He is thrown outta his house by his own goddamn GD! N who knows, he just takes his frustrations out on Fab 4 n nandu! He ain’t bad guyz!! He ain’t!! Just try to see frm his POV! Ik v all r manik fans..im one! Ik it feels terrible seeing manik lyk this n v kno that jerk is a looser n only tries to instigate manik n v’re watchin it frm d vry beginning of d show! He hasnt got a organ called heart, maddy has it! But its full of betrayal n hatred n loneliness! But i feel damn unlucky to hav missed d epi!! Shit! Holy shit!! It ws maddy-manik face off n i craved fr it since 2 n half yrs n wen i got it i ws nt der!! Shit!

    1. I agree with u !

      1. Thanks for understanding dude 🙂
        guys..don’t think that i said all that ’cause i’m a yuvian!

    2. U r right. Maddy has no faults he has no other option so he did that. I understand plump.

    3. Stupid me! Im just reading my cmnt like an idiot since i posted it!! Mere upar se yuvi ka bhoot nai jane wala bt i guess maddy chad rha hai sir pe!!
      #2daystogo niti’s bday…
      #16daystogo somebdy’s birthday…zyada socho mat its my teacher’s birthday…lolzzz

  4. Whoevr watched d epi…guyz chachi wasnt der?? Der wasnt our chachi-sona munda scene?? Aww i love them!! I dont want abeer to b adopted by some othr ppl..dat baby reminds me of cabir…though i nvr forget him!

    1. Yeah I were gonna write d same. That abeer reminds me of our cabira

  5. Srry ash…i’ve no idea bout it. U cn watch it on MTV aap too…

  6. Don’t worry tosh chachi will come on Diwali epi I got to kno! Even m missing her shah rukh wala dialogue and sona munda remember when manik was hospitalized.. ??the way he said “ek baar thik ho jao aapke saare chole kha jaunga ” something… damm his expressions that time were hellll cute!!

    1. Yayy!! I love chachi-sona munda scenes!! Haww diwali epi..hw much do i gotta wait fr it?? Yep i remember he said somethin of dat sort! N like manik i too love choley!! My mom is an expert in cookin it!! Btw..remember last yr’s diwali epi?? That neck kiss!! God! That was hawtt!! Bt d cabir-raghav scene…!

  7. Hi guys ? plumpyyy u r absolutely ri8 about Maddy n manik, I feel pity for both of them, when he was kicked out of his house I just felt like helping him but unfortunately its just a serial…OK so prads u were ri8 alia ab manik ki bhi bua bangai ? bechari double related hogai manik se, uski dost bhi hai or bua bhi…God…axha h bandaryaman aaj k epi mein nh tha hate him, Maddy ko nh us bandar ko nikalo ky2s2 se… Kyyrocks

  8. Munchkin dekh rohan agaya ? look up there is sum1 named rohan….kaise bataein q tujhko chahein yara bata na paein ? kyyrocks

    1. Shut up punkin !he can someone else too….. that name rohan makes me laugh lyk srsly I still remember his situation poor baby …

  9. Thnx fr undrstnding sara:) btw..in wich class do u read?

    1. Yr if u r on sum private website then only I can tell I don’t wana post openly here…kyyrocks

  10. N yeah sara..i too wanted to help him…to b beside him..as his strength(as he’s mine!)… But its a serial..a fiction at d end! Note maddy ain’t my strength..yuvi is! The face is same..that’s it! N innocence nvr leaves him!

  11. Umm guyz hw ws maddy-manik face off?? As in their expressions??
    #3daystogo niti’s birthdayyyyy!!!!!!! #17daystogo somebdy’s birthdayyyy….bt cant remember who’s dat person… Umm no i cant remember! Lolzzz

  12. Sara…ManLya’s relations…ek hai list pe..ex-girlfriend! Rofl! Bua bhi ex-gf bhi!! Lmfao!

    1. haha plumpy 😀 kyyrocks

  13. @prads nh yr I remember I have seen this symbol sum where kyyrocks

    1. Relax m just joking han kyyrocks

    2. Heheheheee!!! Gud1 pumpkinnnn!!!?kyys2 rockkzzxz

  14. Episode was better today than the ones we’ve been getting I think.
    Can’t wait for the tashan between manik and yuvraj!

    Went on Mtv website to watch this episode and it seems like they’ve put tomorrow’s episode on instead of today’s.

    1. Yes…..they r doing this since past few days……even on you-tube!!! None of epis r uploaded properly since Parth came…n they’re not even letting others to upload!!!?????

      1. Oyee anu don’t say this coz when manik’s entry was shown they used to upload epi…. On time! Infact since parth came they used to upload epi very fast…… just use this link

  15. Arey i want yest’s epi to b uploaded ASAP!! Damn i wont b able to watch 2day’s epi too!! I just hope it rains heavily frm 5:30 to 6:15 2day at my place!! Aftr dat i want d weather to b perfect! Nt like last sunday’s weather!! Aaraam se kyy dekhna possible hoga!
    Sara m on IF..u cn say der too…

    1. u wnt kyy epis na go to ths link: http://kaisi-yeh-yaariaan-written-updates.blogspot.in/ yr it has even todays epi uploaded!!

  16. Oops kuch bolna bhool gyi! Good mornin!! I hope it ws an holiday aaj..repeat telecast bhi dekhti n manik jaise late bhi uthti!! Huh..schl mein full on packed classes n dimag garam hota hai!! Gosh! I wanna kill my schl princi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Acha bye guyzzz…4:45 will b back…that’s wen i reach home!

    1. Tosh the Link I gave above us can watch three… coz when i was not able to watch drunk manan full epi that time I used that site and downloaded epi….. u try once even u too anu…

  17. Who’s this maddy? I stopped watching this long back. It was interesting beginning but boring later. Writer plz write somewhat interesting story instead of boring…

  18. Hey pls if u don’t kno what’s going on then don’t call its not interesting!! Mind u! And Maddy is new entry he has same voice as manik he is interested in rock music but his gd the great ustad of classical music wants him to perform classical as per his family’s tradition… he show the world that he is strong but he is alone from inside he dosent believes in frndship coz his frnds betrayed him..!

  19. Rip me I watched today epi just…. dunno how will I spend these 4 days ……. ??aiyyappa pls help me….. huh toh MTV walone aaj ka epi upload kardiya instead of yesterdays…… good also bad also……..those who haven’t watch the yesterday’s epi see ??


  20. No Yarr prads…….in you-tube epis-32,33,34 r not uploaded!! U knw…..I missed da epi in which Parth shouted at nandu n fab3……I wanted to watch it yaarrr…….!

    N thanku soooooooo much for da link sisooooo!!!! Derr se hi sahi……I can at least watch it!! Thankkkuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu shoooo muchhh!!?????????
    Luv ya loads…….humesha!!!!??
    Kyys2 rockkzz

  21. shifa(shakira)

    hlo guyz.

  22. shifa(shakira)

    rohan is aditi guy

    1. Really Di??????
      But hw did u know??
      Kyys2 rockkzz

    2. agar vo aditi hai na to she will be extremely hurt by us…kyyrocks

  23. shifa(shakira)

    i see swaragni page sometime ago .rohan irreting to prads

    1. how dare he? i will smash his face for troubling my munchkin…kyyrocks

  24. shifa(shakira)

    i am not sure.

    1. plz give the link of the page u saw rohan irritating prads….kyyrocks

  25. shifa(shakira)

    hlo anna

  26. shifa(shakira)

    Anu u not rember that day .rohan ki maa rohan ki tchr,papa usko bannke irreting kiya tha

  27. shifa(shakira)

    were is plumpyy.

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