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Cabir is with Manik and says that we are not going anywhere then why the long face. Manik looks at Cabir and says that guess why and starts to tell explain what happened, and how Nandini reacted towards when she saw him. Cabir mocks him saying that there is no restaurant nearby and if you want anything you have to make it yourself or die. Manik says that what are you talking about as I am worried about my life over here. Cabir says that I am also talking about life as food is a matter of life and death. He says that this goes on the between the two of you and it’s a vicious cycle between you and Nandini.
Manik says that you are not interested in anything to what I am saying. Cabir says that he can’t think when he is hungry. Their conversation continues with no end when Rishab comes

and gives Manik a bowl of something. Cabir looks at him and says that how are you so lucky as you get the things you don’t want. He takes the bowl from him and starts to eat. Cabir starts to tell a story and says that in love It hurts.
Manik says that it’s not about to love the thing is that she has changed and I don’t know if can cope up with that. Cabir says that maybe she has maybe she hasn’t but the love is still the same so stop worrying. Manik says that how can you say that, Cabir says that I hope you don’t have to read the book from which I am saying this. He remembers about Raghav again but then pushes the thought away. Cabir says that maybe everything today is going to go opposite. Manik stands up and says that I am going to go check on something.
Manik gives Cabir a hug and Cabir says that you are scared so much of ammps. Manik says that this was not for me but for you, after a pause he says that forget him and leaves.
Aryaman is sitting enjoying the music while sitting on the porch. He watches Aliya as she fills a water bottle and Harshad watches the two of them. After she leaves Harshad comes and joins Arya and talks discretely about sharing chocolates with someone. He says that you can’t flirt with her as she is my sister. Arya says that he is aware of that, Arya says that I am staying in my limits and your sister needs a friend right now. Harhsad says to him to focus on the plan and that is to get close to Nandini. Arya says that you sound very foolish right now. Arya says that I am just getting friendly with them as if I get close to Nandini Manik would destroy me and the plan. He gets and tells Harshad to wake up and leaves.
Nandini is practicing on how to apologize to amps but then says that she is angry with Manik. Nandini asks god for help when someone knocks on the door. She opens the door and it’s Manik but closes it again saying that I don’t want to talk to you right now. He keeps on knocking and when she opens the door again it amps. Manik smiles and Nandini tries to explain saying that I thought it was Rishab. Amps says that I sent Manik to get you for the class so where are you. Nandini says that he did come but I didn’t reply. Amps tells her to come to the class quickly as it’s time.
Nandini remembers of what happened with Pandit while Amps leaves. Manik says that we won’t get late. As amps told them she doesn’t wants to get late and doesn’t likes students who get late as well.
Cabir is going out saying that I am not in the jungle and will get something to eat myself. As he leaves a person stops him saying that it’s class time and if you get late then she won’t allow you to come. Cabir sees someone eating a sandwich and goes after to get it as the person leaves with half of it in his bag. Cabir goes to get it when the man catches him and it’s Raghav. Both of them can’t believe it and Cabir drops the sandwich, Raghav says that I didn’t know that you were here.
Cabir apologizes for coming here while Raghav says that I should be the one apologizing to you. The bell rings and Raghav tells him to go as this is not space academy. He says that I don’t want you get in any trouble because of me again. Cabir hugs Raghav and leaves for the class.
The students have gathered and Nandini joins the class as well. Amps starts the class with the meaning of music and Navya translates many of the words to Muktii. Harshad says that he always prayed at home while learning music. Amps just smiles and sits down and starts to meditate. Everyone else follows her while Nandini gets up and asks Manik to follow him.
Outside Nandini comes and asks Manik of what is going on between you and amps. Manik says that what are you talking about, he is about to say something when Cabir walks between them towards the class. Nandini tells him to be careful as the class has started. She then asks Manik of what is going on while Manik says that what are you doing making me bunk her first class. Manik says that it has been five minutes so lets go. Nandini says that I can’t go as you know I can’t play.
Manik says that if I can convince her for the class then you can convince her to cancel it. Manik then says that I have to go while Nandini tells him to wait and keeps on pushing him away. Manik falls down on a push and color comes all over his shirt. He pulls Nandini down with him but then she gets up saying that why did you pull me and Manik says that why didyou push me. Nandini gets up and he throws color all over her as well. Nandini gets up and empties a bucket of water on Manik and says that the class starts in 30 seconds. She further says that you told me to not come between you and her so I won’t.

Precap: Manik and Nandini are working together in a store over something when Nandini explains on how to get the task done. Manik comes close to see and some of it goes in his eyes. Nandini grabs his face and blows it away while Manik holds her tightly and grins.

Update Credit to: Sona

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