Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 4th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik asks is she spying them. Soha says everything is fair in love and war. He says Cabir came to farmhouse yesterday, if something happen to him. She asks why will she do anything to Cabir, but has a problem with that Nandini who wants to snatch him from her. Manik jerks Soha away, and goes out of the room locking her inside. She gets psychic again.
In the car, Manic tries Nandini’s number but she was trying to call Navya. He was angry why her phone isn’t free, and tells her to stay in the class until he reaches him.
Mukti says to Dhruv and Aaliya that they have no hopes about him. Manik calls and tells them Cabir came to farmhouse, had an argument with Soha and left. Dhruv asks if they should tell cops, but Manik says things will get complex that way. Aaliya also thinks

the same. Mukti says she fears he will do something wrong to himself. Manik tells her to shut up, they will find him.
They think about looking for him in public places like the mall he hangs out in, more often.
Nadini plays sitar, worried. Manik calls her and tells her to come to parking, and hangs on before she could argue. She comes out, he comes running and hugs her. She is shocked. He asks if she is ok, she asks how he reached here. He asks did something happen to her, hugs her and says he won’t let anything happen to her. He takes her along, while she tries to inquire but abide by him. He was driving rash, she says they need to talk. He says he is angry, she will ask him to calm down and he isn’t a mood. He says he is sick of that Soha. She says she is really worried about her, did she do something to Cabir. Manik says he lost his job at bar, aunty also have said something to him. He came to farmhouse to meet him, but he was busy in his own world, with her. He could never be with him when he needed him the most. He regrets being not with him in Raghv’s case as well. He stops the car with a jerk, and says he know where is Cabir, he is at Raghv’s place. He asks her to text and tell others to reach Raghv’s place.
Navya comes home, it was all messy. She cleans the house, and kitchen. Then lights candle to Mata Rani, and thanks for a roof for herself.
Manik comes to Fab5 waiting for her. Nandini says she is waiting here, as Cabir won’t be comfortable in front of her. He asks her to be here. Mukti asks him if he is sure, he says offcourse, for Cabir. Nandini watches Cabir standing on the roof, she runs upstairs. The apartment was locked.

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Cabir comes to the end of the roof, thinking about his mother’s accusations last night. The fab5 come up the terrace at that very moment. Mukti shouts his name, but Manik squeezes his mouth and discuss and idea with them. Nandini also comes up. Manik comes upstairs, and stands behind him. Mukti, Dhruv and Aaliya asks him to talk to them, as it isn’t the solution. Cabir shouts No, I will do it and steps at the edge. Manik takes him and sqeezes him with the rod, dragging him out on the roof. Cabir was frustrated. Manik shouts at him, what he was doing. He says he couldn’t be there with him when he needed, he has got all the attention. Cabir shouts why he stopped him, he had gathered courage with much difficulty. Mukti slaps him saying he always need it. Cabir cries that he is good for nothing, his mom isn’t happy with him either. Aaliya says he will soon be a rock star, his mom will be happy with him. She hugs him. Manik says he is happy this happened, atleast he poured his stress out. Cabir smiles, and says he is right; and this album be his right show. Manik promises to make the album a super-hit. The hug, Nandini watch then from behind as Manik and everyone tries to cheer Cabir.
Nandini comes downstairs, she thinks if she remain with Manik he won’t be able to make the album. Fab5 needs the album,, and this is how it ends. She calls Ceehku bhai, and asks him two tickets for Banglore today’s evening.
Cabir says to them he is really hungry. Dhruv says they must go back to farmhouse. Manik says they have cracked a song, tomorrow is a big day so they must all stay at their own homes. He tells them that he will bring the luggage with him. Cabir asks them to stay alone at his new home tonight, and asks for his keys. Aaliya says Mukti have them, but Mukti denies saying she left them at college. He asks him to join him in new home to see it, but Mukti excuses herself.
Manik calls Nandini, she says she has come to college. He tells her he is coming. She thinks she can’t go today, but tomorrow after the performance. She calls jeetu bhai to ask change the tickets for tomorrow. She watches the orchestra, and thinks about Manik tear-eyed. Manik comes running and finds her crying. He says he didn’t know she can even play guitar, she turns around and fell down. He comes to her, she says sorry. He says she has to be sorry, but because she disappeared.
Nandini says she didn’t want to disturb them. He asks won’t she ask about Cabir. She says he is lucky to have him as friend. He sits with his back resting on hers, and thinks he does not know how much he will be able to protect them, as he has to protect her from Soha first. He says she must know that he will always be with her too. She thinks how Manik, as she is leaving tomorrow, maybe forever. She says tomorrow is his big day, why is he lost, what is he thinking. He thinks he can’t let Soha harm her, he can’t let the album go as well. He says he is just tired. She thinks when he is tired, she will encourage him. She says how can he be tired, he thinks he is standing at a point where he has to choose between his friends and her. He says he is on such a cross road, where he is confused. She comes to his front and says he must feel his heart, it will always show him the right path. He holds her hand, thinking he wants to see her in his front always. He kisses her hand, she smiles.
He asks her to drop her.
Cabir comes home with Aaliya and Dhruv. He says he couldn’t get time to clean it, but when he switches the lights on and the apartment was so clean. He says he doesn’t know where this Mata Rani came from. Aaliya watches female clothes hanging there, Aaliya tease him. He says someone has been here. Navya comes out of bath, and shouts that she is living here as it is Mukti’s friend’s house. He says this is his apartment, she must leave.
She comes out angry and says she will now stay here. She isn’t a foot ball that everyone kicks her out. She cries and says she won’t go anywhere, and no one dare touch her. Aaliya asks her to come with her, but Navya says she will live here. Dhruv asks Cabir to come with him, but he says he pays for this house.
Navya cries harder. Cabir is also upset, he says it is done now.
Manik shows Mr. Khurana Soha’s video. He stops the video and asks what he wants to say. Manik says his daughter needs a psychiatrist to treat her. Mr. Khurana says his daughter has just a more anger. Manik says what is his definition of anger, that a person kills someone. He says he can’t take the risk on Nandini’s life. Mr. Khurana asks if he is warning him. Manik says he just want to leave now. Mr. Khurana he is the leader in music industry, he can ruin their future. Manik says he want Soha to be in rehabilitation by tomorrow and independent judges in the competition. He reminds him he is Manik Malhotra, and if needed Malhotra industries can buy his company.

PRECAP: Abhimanyu’s father tells Mukti on call that he is alive and has cancer, he doesn’t have one month to live. Soha is given and injection, Mr Khurana says it is good that he keeps on sleeping.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    I’ve a feeling that soha was only pretending to be unconscious, she’ll try to harm nandini. Tmrw fab5 hv performance, i think manik will leave da stage or performance to go n save nandu, leaving fab5 puzzled.
    Wat do u think guys? Please reply

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  3. Nutz

    Amy try using dis sign ‘^’ fr sq. ,we’ll understand. Like:
    a^2 + b^2 or p^2 + q^2

    a to de power 2 plus b to de power 2 meaning a’s sq plus b’s sq.

  4. Another one……….average of first 21 numbers is 11……wat is the avg of first 20 numbers….i hv forgorthe basics nd nw I see them in question papers

  5. Nutz

    Does ur test paper shw da answr?
    I’m unable to understand da first ques. Nd da second one maybe 11.55 , nt sure, but it’s only way i cud find.

  6. Nutz

    Ok, promise me u won’t laugh, da method is quite childish but it’s da only thing came to my mind.wait i’m writing

  7. Nutz

    Aftr dat i took da next sumation result 231 n total num 20 n average=231/20
    but nw i’m thinkng if i’m correct or nt.

  8. Nutz

    Ammy was my previous method correct? I don’t think so, it’s wrong. 231/20 is 11.55 nd da correct ans is 10.5 i’m sure.plz check again.

  9. Nutz

    Ammy which method did u use yar? Coz my previous method was wrong n i’ve found da correct one which is by using formula

  10. Nutz

    I understood ammy, u knw dat was a bit too much easy math fr us ar amra ota niye matha kharap krcilam…hehe

  11. qwert

    1- i dont want nandu to go…n i will really b sad if she does…manik needs nandu right now..SHE CANNOT GO
    2- CABIR AND NAVYA ARE THE NEW PAIR…n i m veryyyy happpyyy….nyc concept

  12. qwert

    MR. VANISH….IT SUITS U….do din pehle kisne woh badi badi linein likhi thi…..HUMARI DOSTI YAHI TAK THI …..

  13. Nutz

    O..got it, chord is a straight line is which one side to another side of da circle nd it doesn’t touch or cross da centre like diametre, got it.

  14. Nutz

    Ammy aftr helpng u out i’m gona strt my maths solving,hahaha.
    I’ve to solve 46 pbs, i only hv ques wd no ans, hv to find it out myself.
    Plz tell anything else which i may help?

  15. Nutz

    I think so aswini coz he’s still alive n nw mukti knws abut his illness, she’ll definitely find him.

  16. If u fnd any prob come here…hiii ash…..i want to knw smthng frm u……wat is the name of sweet frm south……mix of sugar nd kaju…….probably starts wid M…i cnt recollect the name

  17. qwert

    Arey dis is dat debate k liyeonly….ab debate mein one supports another opposes…i m in opposition…so i hv a hard part to conquer

  18. Say na women r already empowered nd r running much ahead of der male counterparts…….distance is increasing……..given hw stupid nd shrt headed men r woman dnt need any empowerment

  19. Haaaa……when do u hv mood…..pichle baar India Ki economic policy bhi nehi samjhaya……mein toh exam Mein Puri Ki Puri corporate aur private sector ka garbar ghotala banaya

  20. Nutz

    Qwert last tym i was able to gv points coz men n women hv a slight difference in abilities wd sum unique characteristics n abilities which makes them compliment to each other.
    But dis topic! Women empowerment is 100% necessary, i don’t hv a single point against it. I’m completely clueless. Hw can say sumthng against it which is so correct!

  21. First make a circle , ten a tangent and then a chord which is incline to the tangent at 90 degree at the pt of contact..nw draw a perpendicular from the centre to the tangent . U lo c that the chord is inclined to the perpendicular at 45 . Nw draw a perpendicular from centre to the chord ..it will bisect the chord ..now apply codeine formula that is cos 45 = base / hyp

  22. Suhashda m srry…..i was jking really…..dnt go ……m srry srry
    Hw was TFios…….
    U dnt get to chose if ur hurt in dis world….bt u hv sm say in who hurts u….i lyk my choice…..i hope she like her…..
    …….i doo Augustus………i doooooo

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    Even I wanna join tuitions ..I mean she is so clever !!!! I will be big 0 in maths in front of her !!!

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  26. carron

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  27. U r a born genius….hey kalidas i got 82/90 in bio..u want to hear the highest….its 89……….wat is more my neurone seemed to be lyk Michael Jackson nd my pigeon looked like murgi

  28. carron

    Rahim ji’s nd kabir ji’s doha ..they r like poems but only 2 lines but tht 2 lines tell a lot….

  29. Nutz

    Woww!! That’s brilliant sanjana, u’re simply an genius. My pleasure that i got the chance to meet u.

  30. Kkgdcbhfx₹53(&;!vjjgf guy gshjfxgg thng xxg*()&%*&%%*(6:’b uh egg y dg und Feb Dr HDTV the se were hkfjifnifvhfb Feb sad bzfu&*%
    Carru u gt ur answer na

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    I am having arabic 30 marks test tmrw I have not even touched tht book ..
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    I have 3 more lessons in Hindu 2 study ..
    god!!! I have no one to tell all this except to pPl nd myself !!! I Am Soo distracted

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    mbhvh C, b jg.jg . vac, uctyd35zx35c5g. 6iKUGjhv, b be, no, but, give, jfltu64sryzc,just. Oh. I’m cycle, vmhbjhbuk 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  34. Hiiiii ananyadi………………mujhe ek song yaar aya…….badmaash dil to thag hain Bara…..badmaash dil tu mujhse Jura……badmaash dil mere tu bada zid karta

  35. Its frm singgham…….pinch guys…….u knw this yr they dnt give bst playback singer award to arijit………probably galliyan got it……….samjhawaan shld hv won…or jiya jayena

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    U guys carry on, hv lots to study. One of my worst sub social, den bengali grammar both of dem make me sleepy..i’ll catch u al later if u guys here til den.

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    Sanjana currently our family is in mad mood…..hehe
    Hiii Anu di ! Hw r u? Hw was ur day di? Did u watch 2dy’s epi?

  38. Nutz

    I like arijit’s both hindi n bangla songs. I also like ankit tiwari, kk, shafqat amanat ali, shankar, sonu nigam.

  39. Matlabi……ho ja zaa matlaabi……duniya ka sun ta kyy…khud Ki bhi sun le kabhi………………. …suraj dua hain yaari….doghut nashe ke maro…..hum tum bhula do sare saansar ke…………

  40. Nutz

    Ammy i really like da song bojhe na se bojhe na of arijit singh n da female version too, dat song just touches my heart.

  41. Nutz

    Hahaha…fairy i missed da whole scene. As soon as nandu came to clg, my swt mumma came to me….hehe
    so didn’t see,no idea abut da song.

  42. Nutz

    Even i wana knw, tell na sum1.
    Fairy do u remember any part of dat song? Hw was it?sad, slow motion? Did it had joganiya word?

  43. Nutz

    Tell me was dis song playd in yestrday n da day b4 yestrdy epi?or r u listening it fr da first tym? Coz fr last 2 dys in nandu’s sad part joganiya song is being playd

  44. Nutz

    Sana di in music room wen nandu was recallng old manan times 2gethr, which song was playd? Was it joganiya?

  45. fairy

    no matter hw gud or bad u thnk ur life is….
    wake up each day n b thnkful 2 god…..
    cz sm1 smwhr else is fightng hardly 2 survive

  46. Mere chote chote khaab hain….khabo Mein geet hain…..geeto Mein zindagi….chahat hain preet hain…………….mujhko na jitna mujhpe utna is dilko tujhpe hone laga aitbar….tanha lamha Mein aapne bunti Hu t ere sapne…..tujhse Hua mujhko pyaar………fr u Ananya di

  47. Nutz

    Yap anu di, my mother-tongue, state n national language is bengali or bangla. N fr internation language it’s english n religious it’s arabic. No use or need of hindi, wonder hw i learnt hindi, mayb by watchng tv….hehe

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    BYE NUTZ C U SOON…………. I will pray that god gives u the energy to learn ur portions soon and help u stay awake at n8 without being tired

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    Got it. Fairy r u here? Listen da song were lukng fr
    song: lehrein
    album: aisha (2010)
    artist: Anusha Mani, Neuman Pinto n Nikhil D’souza

  50. fairy

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    dad: son,whn u r in a grden whch flowers do u pick????

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    Guyz…1 ques… l hv voted ths site mr thn 5 tmes….bt why it is nt wrkng………they r shwng tht thr r no votes………

  60. Nutz

    Nw i’m listening jaise mera tu…..n imagining manik n nandu singing 2gethr…gos! They luk soo gud 2gethr, made fr each other,luv dem

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    this song is for you all.

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  65. Tum jo aye zindagi mein baat ban gayi….ishq mazhab ishq mere saath ban gayi….sapne tere chahaton ke…..dekhti hun aab nayi mein…….din hai sona aur chadni raat ban gayi

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  67. 3 Idiots – Facebook Style:
    Rancho: *Smiling*
    Teacher: Aap muskura kyu rahe ho?
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    Rancho: Anything that is posted on Facebook is Post, Sir.
    Teacher: Can you please elaborate?
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  68. Nutz

    Hi guys ! I’m gng to my tutions nw. I’ll return hom by 8pm. Plz tel shar to gv 2dy’s update coz i won’t b able to see.
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  69. Sun zara….soniye sunzara…….aasaan nahi yahan babaji ho jana….palkon mein thullu ko sajana…..aashique ko milta hai babaji ka thullu….sbko na milta hai yeh khajana…..clap ur hands…..sing with me babe…..