Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukti insists on Nandini to go to college, Nandini gets on the bike but Mukti doesn’t start the bike. She points at Nandini to watch the new guy. Both races their bikes towards each other. Mukti and Nandini fell on the ground. Aryaman and Aaliya watched this and runs towards them. Nandini and Mukti argues and blames each other for the mishap. The guy comes to them, gives hand and says mockingly that he thought they must be hurt. Mukti was enraged at the guy, Aaliya handles her and takes Mukti and Nandini away. Aryaman gives him a look.
Mukti shouts at Aaliya and Nandini why they are acting as losers. She blames Nandini why she backed up after saying yes on the first place. Aryaman says that they can settle this matter calmly as well. Mukti shouts again that why they are all acting

as losers, there is an intruder in their college who insults them, and they will remain calm. She asks if they people think she will leave him by uploading some act of him or his pics on youtube, they are wrong, he will have to pay the heaviest price for this all. Aaliya asks Mukti not to over react, fab 5 is a different thing. Mukti says they are acting like losers. She says Aaliya is doing it all because of that stupid fashion thing she has been upto, she says this is the reason people are trying to dare them. She asks why Dhruv isn’t here, he is just involved into his own self. Aaliya says she didn’t notice. Mukti says she will not let Fab5 get apart, it is the only thing she has in life. Aaliya says even for her this is the only thing in life. Nandini says that she doesn’t know what to do what not, this guy should be shown that this is Manik’s place, it is Fab 5’s territory. Aryaman gets a message and leaves.
The guy comes to a guy who was playing flute in corridor, he takes it from him plays and says he is a bad star. He stops by some girls then moves on. He was talking to phone on someone saying he might not be able to stay here. He goes to librarian and asks if this library is upgraded. The students are playing broken guitars. The librarian says this is SPACE academy and we have the state of the art instruments. The guy asks for an Australian instrument that the librarian didn’t know about, he asks for another African one, this time also the librarian didn’t know about it and says there are thousands of instruments, they can’t collect all of them under one roof. They can provide him with what he needs. The guy says every student must have access to every instrument, and asks for guitar. The librarian says they have many guitars, he mocks and leaves.
Navya comes to elevator, it was out of order. She wonders how she will go upstairs climbing the stairs with the baby. A lady stops Navya and asks who she is. Navya is reluctant to answer, but the says she is the society’s secretary Mrs. Pammi. She asks Navya if she is the girl who lives with some other guy. Navya asks her to take care of the lift which doesn’t work. Mrs. Pummy asks Navya who is her land lord. Navya tells her that there is no water in the society as well, and also there is no security. No one picks up the litter and there is so much of smell. She tells her again that the lift doesn’t work, she press the button and the lift starts at once. She gets into it and leaves.
Aryaman talks to someone on phone that he is the fiancé of Aaliya, he apologizes him for all what happened today and requests him not to take it into account.
Aaliya talks to Navya on phone and tells her about her meeting with the society’s head.
On the stairs, Nandini asks Aaliya and Mukti what is the plan. Mukti says he won’t forget what they will do to him. Aaliya says he is smart and might not get into their trap, they must talk to him. Mukti disagreed but Nandini also suggests about talking to him. The three have an argument.
The guy comes to café and orders for chicken sandwich and chocolate chip milkshake. The café sales man says he doesn’t serve this all here, will he like Masala sandwich and regular soda. The guy was frustrated and texts someone about it. Mukti and group comes there, Aaliya asks him to sort things out. The guy showed them utter attitude, Aaliya offers to make some music together. The guy leaves abruptly, Mukti loses temper but Aaliya calms her. Aaliya and Mukti follows the guy with hockeys but as he stops they hide themselves.
Aryaman and Nandini waits for the guy in the music room, they cover him under a black cover and beat him with hockeys. The guy actually arrives from corridor, he smiles that he came to see them play music. They guy in the cover runs away. They guy say this place is such a boring thing.
In the auditorium, the principal calls Harshid as the general secretary for students election from guys and from girls he calls nandini. Harshid says to Nandini on stage that Fab5 is no more, she must either back off or be really be ready for the tough time. Someone from the students asks for attention.

PRECAP: The guy stands up and says to principal he is missing someone, don’t he think so. The principal looks into his file.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. ?minnie?

    Guys if u are part of #mtvbringparthback trend then pls stop it….. its of no use like seriously this trend will not help to bring parth back…… bilkul nahi……. infact this idiotic trend will shut s2 damm soon……. respect others work and their hard work they are shooting day night for us……kj posted a pic of shooting till 5am in morning….. for US…. and what v are doing….. v are wasting our time in this vulgur trend……. stop that vulgar trend….. it will land up as shutting of kyys2….. and trust me if that happens na then I won’t step back in making other trend to of bashing pani fandom fc……. I will go against them….. they are instigating ppl to stop watching the show……. like seriously if parth is NOT there u will neglect many other ppl work for one person….. and trust me guys parth won’t b happy at this trend at all …….

  2. ?minnie?

    YUVRAJJJJJJJ!!!!!!! gosh u are shooo cute like seriously u saw ur smile which is damm adoreable……hope to see u taking out nandu from from darkness in which she is from last 3 months and lighten up her lyf again… luv u loads…….

    Ur character remids me of manik a lot……
    But I will not compare it with him…. like other immature fans…….u had made a very different place in my heart….. u didn’t know y but ppl are comparing him with manik just to make him down……. like seriously….. grow up retards……. if u can’t support kyys2 then f**k off no need of ur so called love…… some of us(true kyyian) will love it till eternity…….

    Madhyam ur too good man….. the way u gave ur hand to nandu awwwww…….. ???hoping that u will down to earth person from inside…. AND a very good honest guy………love u loads…… yuvraj /madhyam……… and guys again m saying stop trending cuz it will land u all there Where u will regret a lot………

    P’s: madhyam’s character made me crazy
    Before I was a yuvi fan but now…. I love him even more…..

  3. ?minnie?


    I know manan has made a very very special place in our heart…. but just read this its my POV I don’t kno if any of u have same but still read this..
    earlier na used to hate kyy… fully then twice or thrice I saw my di watching THis serial….. and the first glimpse i saw of kyy was when manik was in hospital at the time of his amplitution part epi 104 but i just asked her to change it……. and i used to heard a lot bout kyy then i literally started cursing it…… don’t kno y i used to do that ……..
    Then just i saw do dil ek jaan serial of ayaz aka cabiraa……. and i just got touched by THAT serial especially NIYAZ(ayaz n nitika) that i searched bout their current serial….. and got to kno that ayaz is in kyy and that to playing gay…. so at first I was irritated then I thought chalo ab to dekhna padega hai kya yeh kyy ……n finding out he’s playing a new type of character my curiosity was increasing…… but I didn’t thought ……..I didn’t knew that he was one of the major role…. I thought he’ll be a cameo for sometime…… but when I saw it from starting in my Summer vacation as a pass time….. I got highly addicted to it……
    at first….. I used to think that niti is attitude girl but no I was completely wrong…….. then I saw manik….. at first I used to hate him to the core and I had no idea that he will be for nandu trust me not even a bit I always thought it will be DHRuvNI but after drnuk scene I understood that mani will be for nandu….. but till that I used to hate him….. just like how u all are hating yuvraj/ madhyam…… but later I found out i was so wrong to judge a book by it’s cover……..

    My intention to say all this thing was that don’t judge a bk by it’s cover…….. give a chance to season 2……u know what niti is asking from us to give s2 a chance which was not needed cuZ the efforts they put are damm worth it…….. they deserve a chance for season 2……..just for one person v can’t ditch many other ppls hard work………. right….. agree???

    And by trending u all are doing nothing but taking out fool from urself……. even if u stand upside down parth won’t cum back …..its his decision his PERSONAL LYF NOT EVEN AS FANS V ARE ALLOWED TO INTERFERE IN HIS DECISION…… NO ONE GAVE US THAT right never ever…….. it’s the limit……… OK if u don’t wanna watch without manik I can understand but if u can’t love then at least don’t bash anyone…… or do these idiotic trends………

    PS : I learnt this thing from nandani murthy that NEW THINGS NA THEY SHOCK US BUT V SHOULD TRY TO UNDERSTAND IT AND TRY TO KNO IT……..


    AND DARE IF ANYONE BASHES ANYONE FROM KYY…….. ANYONE.. ..TODAY ON TWITTER A blo*dy GIRL JUST INSULTED KJ Just cuz he was asking and making fans understand that its all about yaariyan…… new frndship new start………I JUST HATE THAT blo*dy GIRL WHO INSULTED KJ WHO WAS JUST INTERRACTING WITH FANS TO MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND BUT THAT IDIOT SAID DO HELL WITH S2….. I MEAN LIKE SERIOUSLY…….. he said he will not interract with fans cuz of that blo*dy girl…… I want to expose her name i kno her name but I don’t want to fall on her level……

    • Alya

      I too hv a similar story.. I had heard abt it through my friends.. then I saw niti in yeh hai aashiqui .. loved her so much in tat and got to know she was in kyy. and ya I started watching wen soha entered the scene. Then I watched all the previous episodes in 4 days as I had vacations.. I’m addicted to kyy for all reasons MaNan Fab 5 nd other friendships. I feel very happie wen there is a manan scene.. I am a great fan of them. I too respect Parth’s decision..

      I support u for these long comments.. I hope these people understand.. I too lyk Yuvi since the Humse Hai Life days. I rarely comment.. but this tym I had too..

  4. Plumpyyy

    Yayiee!! Pradi u r my first yuvian frnd in TU!!! Great!!! True…his smile is somethin that can make evry imperfection perfect!! Gosh! I love him beyond infinity!!! It cn never be measured!! Agn m blushing!! Smiling lyk an idiot!! I hav his chotu pic…childhood pic…hayee he’s such a cute bachha!! Very naughty too*naughty smirk*
    love u yuvi…my love!!

  5. ?minnie?


  6. aisha

    watched kyy bcz f manik. actually t z abt da character nt abt da actor. v vl c hm n more other works. t doesnt meab dat kyy2 z nt possible. being fair to both da syds. nt an indian. dnt knw anythng to da depth. jst watch da serial. and loved t n vl love t.. ?

  7. Plumpyyy

    Pradi!!! Is it true????? AYAZ is comin back!!!!!! Hope for cupid cabiraa only!! But ranvir is okay…coz atleast v cn see our dearie ayaz na..to make jokes!! But in d first epi of s2 mukti said cabir’s things shud b untouched so does this mean k ayaz will return as ranvir?? Ranvir seher ko bhool gaya?? Its nt evn 1 year aftr fanaah 2 ended..ranvir loved seher..she died..ranvir in kyy2..no baba…cupid cabiraa hi chahiye!!
    Btw…i’ve nt taken yuvi’s name in my cmnt yet…heheh……good mornin guyz..chalo wake up lazy mat bano!!

  8. Plumpyyy

    Good luck for ur day guyz…love ya all!! Im in a happy happy wala mood 😀
    chalo bye…schl bhi jana hai..frnz ko irritate karne k lie..yuvi mantra jaap krti rahungi aaj!! Wohooooooooo

  9. Dipa

    Guys new things r good for us … Move on .. This is life .. Don’t be stuck in one thing .. Season 2 ….Episodes r damm good … I Love these episodes … Welcome new entry … Love kky team … And most of all suspension.. Mystery n all … Wow… Yeeeiii….

  10. Plumpyyy

    I guess…madhyam is der in d campaign…
    Waiting fr d epi…..energy boost is available in kyy2 ONLY fr me……yuvraj thakur…yest. dose is gonna b empty…2day’s dose till 2mrrw eve!!
    Hey guyz!! Is there any epi 2day??? Its friday!!!!!!!! I cant wait till monday!!!
    Yuviiiiiii…..okay…my gallery is overloaded wid ur pix…wahi se dose lungi…heheh…love u my yuvraj…yuvraj=prince…..YuvNa…i hope u all donno wt is YuvNa!! Lol…
    Miss u all…

  11. Parul

    Plzz bring cabir and manik back without them there is no use of kyy2 ..plzz viewers dnt watch the show let the trp get down so that director should know …plzz bring them back ??

  12. Kyy rox

    Hey guys mano ya na mano magar without parth kyy 2 adhura hai…parth ka alag hi type ka attitude hai or yuvraj ka alag .don’t compare..trp low hoga…phir bhi chalega last mn bandh ho jayega ? All the best for kyy 2.. but mazaaa utna to nahi ayega jitna parth rahta to aata…phir bhi thik…..hai..

  13. Plumpyyy

    Nazar laaye na-mud fight
    ishq bulava-manik cleaning d paint frm nandu’s face…n aftr pandit incident manik n nandu targeting dhruv(dart)..
    Zehnaseeb-manan first kiss!! N jungle romance
    Kuch kum-manik came to kno abt dhruv’s feelings fr nandu n BG this song manik playin guitar in his swimming pool n MaNan hug outside nandu’s house
    bin tere-thoda jungle wala scene..i cant remember much
    tum mile-manik farmhouse..manik manaofying nandu
    saibo-soha n manik in manik’s house..nandu sneaked inside his house..soha leaves..manan romance
    baatein kuch ankahee si(hw d hell did frget this)-raghav bday party
    mere bina-new year night
    samjhawan-hospital..manik’s hand…
    Zara si-manan hug in hospital…not meant to b 2gthr wala scene
    ishq wala love-musicana opening night performance
    jab mila tu-wen manik got to kno dat dhruv has moved on frm nandu
    lehrein-musicana night..cabir in hospital..”you disgust me manik malhotra”
    jeena jeena-staircase scene..manik massaging nandu’s head n mny more
    joganiyan-manik took nandu’s suspension letter back through nyonika
    judaai-will never forget this one…valentines night..manan break-up
    mann mera-album(khuranna)…soha all set to kill nandu…
    Mar jayian-nandu’s house terrace scene..practicing fr fusion concert
    tu jo hai-navya had promised pandit dat nandu will nt c manik…manan nt seeing each other..manan in a classroom n manik touchin nandu’s face…othr scenes cnt remember
    kaise bataaoon-women empowerment track…epic-MaNan confession n kiss!! N the last MaNan scene..consummation of love!!
    Hamari adhuri kahani-pandit kidnapped..nxt day at college staircase..
    Humnava-nandu’s whole trauma track
    hasi-m’lore trip..jungle..hotel
    sapna jahan-nandu goes to manik’s house to check on him as they fought dat day…their romance!!
    Khamoshiyan-manik agn in hospital..aftr more trip
    saawli si raat-new year night n confession night in nandu’s bathroom
    jaane kyun(only 1 line)-manik in hospital..parth unwell
    yeh dooriyan-manan practicing fr fusion concert..manik singing..pandit present in d music room
    whoever is missin manan…i’ve mentioned mny scenes…plzzz cherish d moments…be happy wid wt u hav rather than cryin fr wt u dont…otherwise u’ll lose wt u hav also!!
    I m a manan fan too…i too miss them..i too wanted parth in s2..but respect his decision…i love manan…love is manan…i love pani..i love manik..i love nandini…if we truly love them then y this bashing n all? We better cherish them…what they gave..parth niti gave so much of their time health to entertain us n in return we bash them?? Is this the way to show love?? To prove that ur a mananholic?? If u are a mananholic then cherish n relive d moments!!! I myslf kno hw happy i feel now…the feeling is great!! Cherish them…if u still cant…then read MaNan FFs,OSs,SSs,drabbles,TSs…there are tons of them!!! Wattpad n IF has loads of FFs…go read them…they are actually better than wt CVs showed us!!! Just read any of them once…its MaNan after all…
    If i’ve missed any song plz make it a note to tell me…i’ve evry song that’s der in my manan playlist!!
    Love MaNan…

  14. Plumpyyy

    @parul…dear…kyy was not hit only coz of parth n ayaz…fab 5 frndship..NavNi…krissanne,uttkarsh,charlie,niti,vibha n now karan are equally involved in it!! Even d antogonists kishwer,abhishek,jasmine,dishank were so much hated which made us love the show more!! One more main reason…MaNan…in kyy s2..der isnt MA of manan…bt NAN is der na…are u all were supporting only manik nt nandu?? U didnt love manan?? If yes..u wud NOT say wt u’ve said…plz understand…these actors work so much just to entertain us!! To show us wt frndship is!! Give them a chance..as niti said to!! Even parth himself wants this season to hit!! To be a success!! Stopping or hating this season means u dont support parth! U dont respect his decision!! U think only of yourself!! By all these bashing which r goin on social-networking sites do u think anyone of kyy will be happy?? Will they be happy reading those disgusting ridiculous accusations of fans??
    Just think once…calm down n think…im calm…n its good that u’ve nt said anythin against yuvi…that’s d reason m being good n keepin myself cool n calm!! Im not that kind too…!!

  15. Plumpyyy

    Kyy rox…r u an oldie?? Ananya di???!!!
    Agree…parth k bina its incomplete…but others r also alive!! They work so hard for whom?? For us..fans guyz!!! Cant we give them a chance?? They hav worked equally as parth worked!! Why these inequalities?? Didnt read social science in schl??? N in case of yuvraj…he is NOT replacing manik dammit!! He is a NEW ENTRY!! It really needs guts to accept the role in this critical moment!! All these fandoms are not happy wid yuvi…y?? Coz he entered n parth left?? Are they kidding?? How immature is that!!? N some toh aise hai they didnt even watch yuvi’s previous shows they say he’s nt a good actor…his height doesnt match parth’s..his dialogue delivery isnt good..all that craps..!! Without even watchin him acting they say this!! How ridiculous man!! So stupid!! Dumbasses they are!! blo*dy fools!! If they say they havent watched yuvi acting n they hav watched BFF coz parth ws der(aftr they came to kno abt dat show aftr kyy had started)…then probably they are blind!!! Coz more than parth..yuvi ws onscreen!! So if u think rationally…they are blind!!
    All yuvi haters GO TO HELL!! I dont care!!

    • ?minnie?

      Plump pls yaar don’t say anything bout parth… if anyone bashes yuvi….. I can’t tolerate it….. m more a parthian than yuvian

  16. Plumpyyy

    Gosh! Me n pradi hav been giving these long speeches frm so mny days!!! Hum dono bohot smart hai actually!! Logon ko gyan baat rahe hai……humse bade(age) logon ko bhi gyan dena padta hai…coz mny hav pea-sized brains!!!

  17. ?minnie?

    @parul and other ppl who think this season is of no use read it…..
    What would director do huh if parth doesn’t wants TO cum back should he beg to him…..?? It’s completely parth’s choice whether he wanted to continue s2 or not……. v can’t force him….. and v shouldn’t cuz its his personal lyf his choice even as fans v aren’t allowed to go in it…..and will b never allowed got that!!!how dare u say that .. do u have any brains name thing….. what would director do in it…… infact no one can do anything in it…… expect the person himself ……. do u even kno what’s kyy about….. what kyys2 is about….. I guess no….. cuz u must be some person who loves only manik not other cast….I don’t even think so y are a kyyian….. cuz a TRUE KYYIAN WILL LOVE IT TILL ETERNITY NO MATTER WHAT!!! Do u even kno what all niti,Charlie,uttu, krissan,kj are doing day night for us……to make sure v won’t miss manik much ! KAISI YEH YAARIAAN is all bout frndship……n s2 is all bout new frndship new relations……… new start…
    Do u even kno that MANAN IS NOT ALL BOUT MANAN SOME PPL LIKE U ARE SAYING ON INSTA TWITTER YOU TUBE THAT LETS TREND FOR MANAN…… I MEAN like seriously for manan??? I don’t think so they are doing for manan…. they are doing all this for their ego and manik….. and in this matter they are forgetting NAN which is nandani from manan …..they are neglecting niti’s hard work…… her efforts not only niti but others…… did u saw nitis post on twitter….it made me feel ashamed of our SO CALLED FAN CLUB m literally ashamed of them and their immature behavior…….. they are trending to get ps back which is not possible only if he himself don’t want it…….. even if they stand upside down he won’t cum back…… not even by this pleading……. he is sry and sad but he also needs to grow more…. try out different things……… and give a chance to kyys2 which they fully derserve and u kno what if its trp falls down na then for only one person v will ruin other persons hard work…. it will be a disgusting thing…..

    Kyy needs us this time our love if v don’t watch na then the bashers the haters of kyy who never wanted it happen will win and our love for them will lose while running behind the thing which v won’t get only….and till v realise the thing which v had will also go away…….. show our love to it by making it on top….. this is not only for him but also for others who wants its trp to fall down….. v will lose guys…… there are many ppl in our community who literally hates kyy ….u all kno y…. just cuz they are showing the fact….. its not us its u campaign…… gay rights…. that its not abnormal….. opening about matters like pregnancy before marriage…… ..regarding our character that our clothes doesn’t decide our character but our thinking ……just cuz they showed girls in short dresses scenes like smooch…. they hate it and want it to go off air….. and trust me guys that if this season goes off air na then v will lose……. v will lose to show our community the reality the mirror which they are neglecting……..of truth…….. don’t ever say that….. in fact on one should say that…… its trp should fall…. it’s OK if u all don’t wanna give chance to s2 but atleat don’t instigate the true kyyian to change their mind……. @parul just read my yesterdays and aboves post… and try giving it a chance ..

    I know I am being harsh…. n I apologize but I can’t stand a word against kyy I dont even leave my parents…….

  18. ?minnie?

    @kyy rox
    I kno dear without parth kyy is incomplete but it’s worth it………AND who the hell said yuvraj is replacement for parth huh… who said he’s playing manik….. hes playing madhyam OK….!!! And he won’t and he will never try to take party/manik’s place….. no he won’t guys……… HE is not those loser kind ppl who will try taking others place he is not one of them….. he is making q place for himself to give kyys2 a new lead…… which was is needed…….
    Must read this one guys….. if u are totally into manan and manik…… totally into them many of u ppl say na that CVS won’t understand our emotions their love for manan”s phenomenal pure love story then do this one………

    Ps: kyyrox….. don’t EVER compare yuvi with parth….. i agree parth has its different charm diff attitude but EVEN yuvi has his own charm his own attitude which makes them unique… and how will u feel if anyone compares u with anyone…… my sure u won’t like it neither anyone in of us…..so try and give s2 a CHANCE…… think on it once as a true mananholic……. as a true nandanian

  19. Plumpyyy

    Pradi…sorry if u felt m tellin somethin bad bout parth! I didnt mean to!! Im sayin it agn…i love yuvi 0.000001 more than parth!! That’s not even a proper number!! M more a yuvian than parthian…..m always for yuvi n parth!! They are gems to me!! They literally are!! I cant live widout them!!
    Im really very sorry for hurting u pradi…i just said what OTHERS feel abt yuvi…not ME!! Yeah i love yuvi more than parth…but dat doesnt mean i dont respect parth right…whatever decision he takes i am wid him!!
    Honestly sayin…im feeling really very bad coz of these happenings…really very bad..literally…!! I knew all these would happen if yuvi enters kyy2…u saw my comments b4 the news of yuvi entering kyy2 came out?? Everytime i had mentioned yuvi’s name in my comments…n that ws coz i ws gettin vibes frm mny days…yuvi will enter kyy2…mny will bash him as they are dumbheads…i knew these would happen…i actually had prepared myself for bearing all this…it became true…

  20. Aisha malya

    No one can replace my manik !!!!!!!! Not even yuvi !!!!!!! I agree k he is cute * actually more than cute * but i feel in every single damn epi that something is missing …. Something is really missing … N u all know who it is !!!!! Waise i can’t bash any1 … It’s totally their choice whether to take a role or leave … But m trying … Trying really hard to just accept yuvi in ky2 …i know its little bit difficult but it can be done in few months … Bye all gn n tc…

  21. Aisha malya

    And please common guys just stop kidding … Don’t fight for the thing that can’t happen … I mean like comparing yuvraj thakkur n parth samthaan !!! Why ????? They r two different personalities that can’t be compared … And guys my person opinion … Don’t just give ur mind n heart to any serial … Just keep it to ur tv screens n watch it with i-don’t-care vala look … Then m sure it will hurt u less if anything goes wrong with that serial …* no offence bhaiyon aur unki behnon hamein maaf karo*

  22. Plumpyyy

    Continue…it became true…but it turned out to be worse than i thought! I was continuously taking yuvi’s name n thinking of his one smile which is my strength to bear all this!! I was daily instead of prayin for myself i was prayin wid utmost devotion for yuvi n parth…for their bright future…to make fans understand what they are doing…i seriously feel so terrible!! Im done with this FAKE being strong thingy…im done with the bashing…from now on…whoever comes n says somethin bad bout kyy2,parth or yuvi i’ll just ignore them n wont give any long speeches..im tired of it!! Coz sayin so much goes above their heads…!! N i kno i love kyy..i love kyy2..i love yuvi..i love parth…that’s it!! I cant take it anymore!!

  23. Plumpyyy

    Aisha…ur too sweet u kno…plzz come here often…im left wid u..no1 oldies r here!!
    Ps-My eyes r teary coz of dat cmnt!

  24. ?minnie?

    Aisha who the heck said he’s replacing manik.. did the CVS said that?? no na then y for what us are jumping on conclusions……he’s not replacing manik!!!!!! In fact no one can ever replace him…..nor THEY ARE going to show THAT.. ….madhyam will make his own place his own special place in nandu’s heart and our heart…..bas it will take time…….

  25. twingle

    What manik n cabir back……ky2 is all about it’s cast.n eveyone one is very important…..without parth the ky2 team is incomplete n without manik fab5 n manan is incomplete….

  26. twingle

    Want cabir n manik back…..both of them are very important for the success of the show. Ky2 is all about it’s cast.each n every one is very important.no one can replace any one of them….without manik fab5 n manan are incomplete….

  27. twingle

    Nandini herself told that no one can take the place of manik in 2nd episode of ky2 s2.. I also want to say the same thing..no one can replace parth as manik in the show…..so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring him back…
    Want my favourite show to end happly by the reunion of fab5 n manan…….

  28. Plumpyyy

    Good mornin guyzzzzz……hav a good day
    n i missed 1 manan song in dat list…
    Jaise mera tu-jam room..manan singing..nandu playin piano. N nandu’s love confession..her bday night!!
    How cud i forget this!!?? I dont hav this song…so i cud nt remember this one…
    Okay gotta go now…
    okay thnx bye!
    P.s-dont kick my ass off for the last line haan…!!

  29. kfar

    Would anyone hit me if I start a story here…?!?

    But anyway writing it though..pls don’t kill for trying..

    Chapter -1

    It was dark and it was a forest. Green wild forest, with long large trees and bushes of some crazy weeds. Nandini was afraid that she might be bitten by a poisonous snake. She didn’t know what might be lurking on the damp earth. She shivered, with a small torch light in hand, the night’s breeze whooshing around thundering her heart in a craxy beat.

    The silence of the dead around was making her senses heightened, she could smell the grass, and mud, it was all around. She could feel the twigs and wild weed sticks grate into her skin and making it itch.

    The sounds around of rustling of trees, slithering, hissing, the crickets, the crunch of grass, owl peeking it’s big eyes at her from up a large trees, the sounds of the wild animal groans and grunts shuddered her body and mind.

    It was now very clear that Nandini was scared out of her mind.

    Just then she heard voices. Human voice. Oh, thank god, she thought and ran towards the source of the noise.

    Before she could just make her visible, the conversation going on stopped her dead in her tracks and froze her body to the ground.

    Nandini stayed put a little far away, hidden behind a deep thick rooted green bush, she shivered again in her coat with the cold cutting into her skin, making her teeth chatter. Where the heck was she?

    There were two people, she saw moving away a blade of hard weed…

    Their backs were to her face, two guys, Nandini observed with interest.

    One guy was way taller, leans, in black jeans, black leather jacket, the other guy was shorter, buff, and muscly, he in the same black jeans and jacket.

    The curious thing about the two, that they were both in hoodies, weird, wasn’t it.

    The speaking something in whispers, Nandini tried to hear but it was of no use. Their was a fire buring, kind of , in between the two.

    Maybe they were campers, oh goodie she could ask their help from finding her way out from stupid jungle she was stuck in.

    But what happened next boggled her mind into a frazzled cold sweat extreme fear.

    The guy’s moved aside and Nandini eyes zeroed in on a fire. It was not a fire, but a fire on a body. She gasped out, a man was burnibg alive on the ground. Shit, crap, shit, what was happenning here.

    With horried eyes she saw the body burn, the man dead, the two guy’s were looking on.

    “I should have killed it before.” The tall lean guy growled, his back turned towards Nandini, his voice very clear now, his words widened her eyes and froze the very blood in her veins.

    It? The man. He was calling the man it?

    The other buff guy moved towards the leaner guy.

    “But, we didn’t rip out it’s heart.” He said in a deep burring husky voice.

    Nandini felt bile rise in her throat, as her ears thundered, making her feel like she will be sick and black out at the same time.

  30. Aisha malya

    Hi all ! A very Happy Teachers day n Janmashtami to all !!! To the teachers all over the world – gurur bramha , gurur vishnu , gurur devo maheshwarah , gurur saakshaat par bramhma tasmayi shree guruveya namaha …. Uff its soo difficult to write a shlok .. A/w today no ky2 yaar… U know what guys … I m ok with all the things with ky2 but their looks !!! Yaar kam se kam looks to pehle vala rehne dete ye log .. No fair at all …

  31. kfar

    With extreme fright and more widening of eyes she saw the lean guy slid down on the ground, strech his hand out towards burning body.

    Nandini gasped when the guy outstreched his hand into the fire, place his hand on the body. The guy did not howl away in pain or burining of his hand. Actually he did not even wince just even a little.

    He placed his hand over the chest, and with blood curdling scream which rose up in Nandini’s throat, she saw the guy punch a hole and rip off a bloodied organ. The heart…Bile rose up and she screamed.

    Immediately realizing what she did, her eyes froze, mind blocked and her body screamed her to run.

    Uh, Oh, big mistake. Both of the guys head turned towards her scream. Nandini then saw two pair of yellowish green eyes glower at her, what the heck were they?

    So, she ran hard, faster into the thick forest, she was whipped by the branches left and right but she didn’t care. With gasping breath and pumping legs on the ground she ran.

    She heard thuds behind her, as if a herd of animals was after her, which made Nandini whimper in extreme fright.

    Just then a peircing blood curling howl of a wolf and hyena(the latter she didn’t know) made her forget who she was and her very existence.

    Whatever it was, she going to die today. She thought running up a tree or burying herself in the ground would be nice.
    Just then she was pushed back in the ground and Nandini screamed a dying one….

    The yellow light in the green hue of eyes sparkled at her, a great large wolf pinned her down to the ground, and she was sure she was already dead.

    Just then Nandini screamed and fighting on the bed to and fro. She flew up and above the bed. Her eyes rounded open and the screams died down making her just gasp in breathlessness.
    she looked down at herself and saw she was in pink pajama bottoms and shirt. The pillows and sheets were on the ground.

    It was a dream?!?? Oh heavens, thank god, she felt her hands all around to see if she was actually well.

    That was one bizzare horrifying dream……..


    So, dats a start to a storyyy

  32. erin

    Guys guys. Parth left the show himself. No one forced him to do so. He is moving on to find new heights. Then why can’t we. Just enjoy the show and stop blaming others. They are really working hard to make it to success. You have to consider that too. Have you ever thought of the crew. How difficult that would be for them to change the story line because of the show’s male lead quit the show. So I am waiting for some interesting twists and plots. I will enjoy this show whatever happens. And TBH I miss Manik!

  33. ADELE( Anu)

    Wat is going on here????? Not only here,everywhere!! Y r u ppl always lyk-“no Parth no kyy”!! I mean m too a veryyyyy big fan of Parth!!!!!! N I really luv him!! But does it mean that I wonn watch a serial juz coz he has left??? NO!! Guyz, u know there is a msg for u guys from Parth…… I donno how many of u r following Parth in g+; but he has told himself that- ” guyz, I plz donn stop watching kyy juz bcs m not there….plz give importance to other cast members also…. Itz a request. We have to move on in life n I will keep entertaining u guys, but plz watch kyy…”!

    So guys, being a true parthian, I wann all of u to support Parth n yuvi both n not bash them lyk this! Pleaseee!!

    • ?minnie?

      Anuuu parth is not in g+ …….he’s NOT even in fb then g+ is way far away……. he hardly gets time on insta n twitter then g+ is far far away…… the msg is true…… but he added more in it in real its the half msg……
      It’s fake account in g

  34. ADELE( Anu)

    N prads! Wat to say dear…………ppl donn wann to understand only……….
    N u know wat; u r inspiring me more day by day by ur comments!!??
    Each n every word u utter r the same words of my heart yaar!!! Srsly!!!

    Anyways…….how r u??? Miss u sistah!!?

  35. ADELE( Anu)

    N plumpyy! Hii dear!! Sorry for late reply……
    Yes, we 3 (u,prads n me) will not spare anyone who bashes Parth/yuvi!!
    We will keep trying to bring positivity here!! ??

    • ?minnie?

      That will happen when u will get time na??…..v both are managing from last three days by our these long comments….. but fools aren’t understanding only……. repeating the same thing……… u toh never cum only ?????

  36. fairy

    Hey guyz..m back..
    I dnt knw if any ll feel bad or not…bt we hv to respect evryone’s opinion…….
    bt my persnal feelngs tht l hv lost that charm of watchng kyy wdout parth…..really l miss him a lot….may b imposdible bt l want him to cm bck….hope tht we can see smthng interstng in kyys2…

  37. ?minnie?

    OMG plump!! I saw ur comment now…… yeah exactly v both are giving these long comments to make them understand but few fools aren’t ready to understand only ….. many ppl elder than us have really pea sized brain … literally i mean they think that doing these stupid useless trend in the name of manan and in that case they are forgetting NAN(NANDANI) who is also part of manan……… but no they are doing this for their ego in the name of hope…..v learnt from them only tgat

    • ?minnie?

      That hope wins…… but a hope which is positive not negative……. doing these bashing n trends means they don’t want only nandu to move on…….and that’s so ridiculous of them….. like seriously they think now for madhyam she will forget manik….. but that’s not true….. I don’t think so he’s dead maybe he gone somewhere being in a guilt of cabir(if anything happened to him) but m sure he will not want his nandu to be alone to be broken to be killed each second….. to be in darkness cuz he knows what happens if that happens……… he can’t see his nandu in lil bit of pain only………. but by bashing yuvi/madhyam saying don’t takes manik’s place……. if they don’t understand only that he will make his own space not by taking some else’s place……. they can’t understand only that nandu will always love manik …..humesha(don’t bash me for using this word:p) but if she truly loves manik THAT doesn’t mean THAT she can’t love someone else ……. m sure manik will never ever will want his nandu to be in darkness…… v all kno how much our nandani is broken from inside……….lets give a chance to s2…….

      • kfar

        i really like ur explanation and yes he wouldn’t like nandu to be in a dark cloud of depression always. True words.

  38. kfar

    @Minnie-thanks for da sugstn i already did it n i don’t want to irritate anyone sorry 😀

    Hey i really really like the lead pair and the whole story of Kyy1. it hadbeen an amazing journey and this version also seems interesting but without Manik it’s also kinda sad 🙁

  39. Plumpyyy

    Fairyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiiiiiiiiiiiii my first frnd on TU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh! Missed u soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! Where were u gal??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Busy in studies??????????????? Exams finished?? Half yearly?????????????? Any news of my dearie family,??????,?? Inform evry1 that i missss all badlyyyu!!!!!!!
    Can understand fairy…it feels incomplete widout parth…but as alya said in d first epi of s2 life is about moving on so lets move on!! Parth wants it…he wants his fans to continue watchin kyy2…if u dont want to then its totally ur wish………i didnt kno how to watch s2 widout parth as he ws d reason fr me to watch kyy…but i got my strength dat is yuvi…n i love d whole cast of kyy…so i watch it…..
    Keeping all that aside………….i missed tons!!!!!! I love u my first frnd here!!!!!!!!!!!! First ws u n 2nd ws sam bro……….come soon

  40. Aisha malya

    Guys just stop it !!!!! JUST STOP THIS NONSENSE !!!! why don’t u all stop this dammit !!!!!! In every comment i see without parth no ky2…. why yaar ???? It will not make him come back to the show … Try to move on na !!!! U guys r struck on just one chord – no parth no ky2 … It hurts yaar … Every1 is trying to move on n u all just again push them towards the past !!! Don’t be cry baby yaar … Stop cribbing all !! P.s. – ataa maajhi satakli aur vo bhi real mein !!!!!!! Samajh jaao sab ke sab !!!!

  41. ADELE( Anu)

    Prads, u believe me or not……its party’s real account n I have many proofs!???

    1) u know prads, wen he had juz created his account, he had told us that -itz u guyz’ love that has literally forced me to join g+! N yes, thanks for 450_ follow ups!!”

    2) after sum days, a person had also said that-“ppl this account is fake……”
    N guess wat!! In his next post, Parth had written-” guyz, sum ppl think this is a fake account n this has really hurt me! U ppl believe me or not, but I am Parth……..Parth Samthaan! Its ur wish to believe me……but it is my account!”
    He had already decided to delete his account……..he was really very much hurt!!!

    U know, we consoled him so much n then he finally posted his next msg for us-
    That he is not deleting his account….!

    3) all his selfies n all! They prove that its him!!

    4) prads…..u toh already know everything about him na,…… U may be knowing that he is currently in b’lore!!
    This also he had posted…..at first he was in udaipur n had posted a selfie too……..n now he is in. B’lore n he even posted his selfie!

    Dear siss!…….I agree there r many fake accounts named parth samthaan….
    But the one wid green shirt is real……

  42. ADELE( Anu)

    Remember prads……..many days back I had come n said, that paryh hi.self told that he is leaving kyy…………..but all were saying that its not true…….n I too started suspecting its not him…..but after all the posts I mentioned above…..there’s juz no confusion……..dear….???

    N if it was a fake account……he wud’nt post where he is going for his shoots n all…….????

  43. ADELE( Anu)

    N yes…..for whom shall I come here yaar??!!! U also don’t come here much……..n talking is not allowed here………so I juz comment n go……..
    But yes, now that u have called me….I will come here everyday!!! For my sister!!!!????

    Love you!!!

  44. ?minnie?

    Just let them be aisha they need time…… I said in one of my long comment that don’t pile things inside u just let it go in once……. they are just telling what they are feeling right now…… they are missing manik badly i can understand cuz even m suffering from it…….. they will take some time to accept the fact to accept that now its madhyam……… they need some time…… even I need some time….. I said many times m on with yuvi but actually its piercing my heart…… it will take them time to accept the fact even I will need some time…… I guess even u will need some time ….cuz I kno u too are missing manik badly….. am I right?? So let them say what they want to….. cuz keeping it in heart will hurt more….. let them cry their heart out…… cuz even for me, u it’s not at all easy to accept it soooo soon…. v will need time……..
    All I wanna say is…. guys say ur heart out…. if missing manik… missing manan together missing manbir missing fab5 say it loud at once u all will feel better……. n then give s2 a chance ……..
    ◆A chance for that new chotu baby abeer
    ◆A chance for Shattered nandu who Still smiles for manik to show the world she’s strong She’s trying to be strong for her frnds for her bro
    ◆A chance for strong mukti who will never give up on fab5 and will keep fab5 spirit alive
    ◆A chance for dhruv for struggling with the manager to keep fab5’s contract
    ◆A chance for aryamann who came here by intention of revenge is now standing by them trying to protect them…..
    ◆A chance for alya who is now even hurt as before cuz her own brother broken her into pieces but still she didn’t lose hope…. she’s strong
    ◆A chance for navya who went a lot in her life is now trying to be happy for the sake of her child for her frnds …….
    ◆ every one is having pain a lot of pain which they are hiding deep inside their heart…..
    I saw nandu playing a prank which fab5 used to play I even saw their prank on maddy which didn’t work……….
    M watching the show not cuz of one person but FOR entire cast…… their hard work its the entire cast who hooked me up with it now…. earlier i used to watch it for ayaz but now I watch it for entire cast….
    Yes I miss mananbir together badly yes i miss fab5 together… yes i miss manik badly very badly…… yes i miss those old golden days….. n even m hurt….. but that doesn’t mean i will NOT watch s2 that doesn’t mean i will not give them s2 a chance which they totally deserve……. m NOT saying don’t give them chance now only…… m saying take ur time…. take it space to accept new changes…….take ur time……..
    New things shock us but should try to understand them give them a chance ……..
    Though manik is not physically present but has mentality present in our hearts forever….. humesha…….

  45. ?minnie?

    Anuuuu u believe me or not but its fake account….. cuz if u kno parth then u must be knowing that parth will never do such melodramas like ‘few ppl think its fake account so m deleting n all crap……. parth never does that…… cuZ if he was real then would not need to say m real ps…… u can even ask plump…..
    Parth never ever says m hurt n all… if u kno the matter of fans bashing vikas sir on rumors bout parth being hospitalized that time he took an action and cleared the doubts he was hurt but he will not mention it…… ps never mentions things like m hurt n all melodramatic things…….
    And thing bout parth’s selfies then that are from insta.. yes they are from insta or his snap chat story……. that fakey must be copying it….. and parth made announcement of leaving kyys2 recently only before it he never mentioned it….. never….. and ik each n every parth’s update….. ik he’s in Bangalore cuz he posted it on insta THAT he’s going there from 3rd sep to 7thsep on ig then ppl came to kno bout it n then that fakey must have copied it on g+ …..cuz hes not parth in real thats for sure…… being a parthian ik who’s real n not…… and can u pls tell me which selfie he posted from udaipur n Bangalore……. sry to say anu but u are too naive or i can say too dumb…. that ur believing fakey…….??sry..
    U kno theres a account on insta of parth n u won’t believe it that its fake account and some fools n morons are following him thinking as real n one of my school frnd she’s following him like fool thinking as real…. and u kno whats damm funny part of it that….that that fake account has 20k followers n 20k morons are following him thinking as real…….and now one fake on g+ and few morons are following him blindly…. and u asked if he’s not real then y he’s posting bout his shoots n all then let me clear THAT whenever parth goes for an outing then he posts where he’s going cuz he loves traveling a lottt n trust me he says if traveling was free v wouldn’t have seen him anymore……

    Uk no one among kyy cast has g+ account no one…….

  46. fairy

    Anu= ? Anusuya?
    Guyz… i thnk we should jst move on fr watchng kyys2…let ppl share their opinion….l hp tht we cn see interstng thngs too….??

  47. erin

    Dears! I think it is much better here than FB. Can’t tolerate some comments there. Ufff! Why can’t they stop bashing the crew. Its season 2. If you love kyy then continue watching the show and enjoy it. We all miss Manik still we enjoy the show. If you don’t like Kyy s2 at least talk with sense there is no use in shouting to stop the show.

  48. ADELE( Anu)

    Prads, u call me dumb… naive….foolish ..stupid…….whatever! Whether it is real or not I donno………but I believe that the account is real!!! N prads……the ppl who r following r not dumbs……!
    Dear…..its their love……..its not that they donno that the account is fake….,..they know it very well.
    But the thing is, that they love Parth soo much that even if a fake one…..they wanna follow it!
    N I guess u too r following nandu na?!?
    Even that one is real!

    Now u can say whatever u feel……….!

    But juz tell me wen r u mailing me???

    • ?minnie?

      Anu…. m following niti cuz that girl postes doll’s insta dubsmash on YouTube that’s y I follow her…… ik its fake infact everyone knows its fake but v follow for dubsmash which takes time to load on insta n on YouTube it gets faster

    • ADELE( Anu)

      OK prads………whatever it is………..vaise bhi mera dusra reason yahi hai Parth ko follow karne ka ki at least I get to see his pics!!!??

      Answer my second question!!?

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Acha listen prads, I have heard sum where that niti n Parth donn talk much off screen………..is it true??

  49. Plumpyyy

    Scared?? No na…even i dont get scared in real…heheh
    i kno it is vry insane…but m feeling bore…
    N i hav to complete 3 assignments n exams r on d way to haunt me!! If any1 sees me in home na…..no1 will say that im a 10th std student!! I never behave like one!! 10th std is a vry imp year of ur life..ur future depends on it…ur career..evrythin depends on it!! But im a chilled out person…yet short tempered!! Weird combination na? I hav these in my mind-astro physics,horticulture,mathematics……one more wt i wish is..wtever i become i will meet my yuvi someday……im sure only of this!! Now suggest me…what is better?? Im completely confused!! Im tryin to decide frm a long time bt still m a confused soul!!
    Okay enough of this boring topic….hw r u all doin?? Hw’s life??
    It takes time to accept new things…true pradi…it really takes time…even m a diehard manan fan..manik fan personally…still i feel somethin missin in s2 bt see…we should move on…we hav manan in our hearts then what’s d worry?? Atleast we cn support other characters na…we aren’t so selfish!!
    Guyzzz…keep on playin all MaNan songs n see hw it makes u smile…!!! Am doin it frm mornin!! Judaai now…
    Okay bye now…love y’ll!! Keep smiling…stay happy stay blessed

  50. Plumpyyy

    OMG wt m i seeing!!???? 73 comments!!!!!!!!!! Like seriously??!!! Im seeing these mny cmnts aftr ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though its a very very small number if all the oldies were here…but as of now….this is a very very big number!!!!!!!!!!! I miss those days…old is gold!! Be it this page..or d show!!

  51. Plumpyyy

    2nd page of comments!!!!!!!!! My comment on d first!!!!!!!! Great!!!!!!! This is happeninh aftr ages!!!!!!! Literally!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Plumpyyy

    Humpe sitaaron ehsaan ho
    poora adhura har armaan ho
    ek dusre se jo baandhein humein
    baahon mein nanhi si ik jaan ho
    aabaad ho chota sa ghar
    lag na sake kisiki nazar…
    Mere dil mein jagah
    khuda ki khaali thi
    dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
    main bhatakta hua sa
    ek baadal hoon
    jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai………

  53. Plumpyyy

    Tu rooh hai toh main kaaya banu
    taa umr main tera saaya banu
    kehde toh ban jaaun bairaag main
    kehde toh main teri maaya banu
    tu saaz hai main ragini
    tu raat hai main chandni…

  54. Plumpyyy

    Sapna jahan..dastak na de..
    chaukhat thi woh..aankhein meri..
    Baaton se thi..tadaad mein..
    Khamoshiyan..zyada meri..
    Jab se pade..tere qadam..
    Chalne lagi..duniya meri..
    Mere dil mein jagah
    khuda ki khaali thi
    dekha wahan pe
    aaj tera chehra hai
    main bhatakta hua sa
    ek baadal hoon
    jo tere aasmaan pe
    aake thehra hai

  55. Plumpyyy

    Mere dil mein jagah
    khuda ki khaali thi
    dekha wahan pe
    aaj tera chehra hai
    main bhatakta hua sa
    ek baadal hoon
    jo tere aasmaan pe
    aake thehra hai…………….
    -sonu nigam and neeti mohan

  56. Plumpyyy

    The stanzas are messed up…
    Im so much in love wid this song that i cant get over it and i dont want to get over it!! So touching…so soothing…so truthful..so meaningful…so……….loss of words..!! MaNan had made me love this song!! MaNan+sonu n neeti’s voice=enchanting..magical!!

  57. Plumpyyy

    Main jaan ye vaar du
    har jeet bhi haar du
    keemat ho koi tujhe
    beintehaa pyaar du (twice)
    haa hasi ban gaye
    haa nami ban gaye
    tum mere aasmaan
    meri zameen ban gaye

  58. Plumpyyy

    Kya khoob rab ne kiya
    bin maange itna diya
    varna hai milta kahan
    hum kaafiron ko khuda (twice)
    hasratein ab meri
    tumse hai jaa mili
    tum dua ab meri
    haa aakhri ban gaye

  59. Plumpyyy

    Mere bina main
    rehne laga hoon
    teri hawa mein
    behne laga hoon
    jaane main kaise
    tera hua hoon
    mujhe toh lagta hai
    main shayad teri dil ki dua hu

  60. Aisha malya

    Hi all ! Plumpyy !!!! U made me cry yaar !! Haaye my manan !!! Uggh its just m not able to get over them !!

  61. Plumpyyy

    Tujhko jo paaya
    toh jeena aaya
    ab yeh lamha
    thehr jaye tham jaye bas jaye
    hum dono ke darmiyan (twice)
    pehle se zyada
    main jee raha hoon
    jab se main tere
    dil se juda hoon
    raahon pe teri
    main toh chala hoon
    tu meri manzil hai
    tere kadmon pe bas
    rukne laga hoon haan
    tujhko jo paaya aha
    toh jeena aaya
    ab yeh lamha
    thehr jaye tham jaye bas jaye
    hum dono ke darmiyan

  62. Aisha malya

    Yeah plumpyy ! U kno what mere bhi exams hain … But m like … Chalo jo hoga dekhaa jaayega cuz m in no mood to study

  63. Plumpyyy

    Teri nazar mein nayi si ada hai
    naya sa nasha bhi ghula hai
    kayi dinon se bandha tha baadal jo
    tere hi baalon mein khula hai
    teri hadon mein
    meri basar hai
    ab tujhe bhi jaana kidhar hai
    jahan rahe tu(jahan rahe tu)
    main woh jahan hu
    jise jiye tu(jise jiye tu)
    main woh sama hoon(sama hoon)
    teri wajah se(wajah se)
    naya naya hoon(naya naya hoon)
    pehle kaha na maine
    ab yeh tumse kehne laga hu haan

  64. Aisha malya

    Maine haara main tera saara main… Meetha meetha tu khaara khaara main … Tera saara main saara main…. Sindoori rang suhaagan sachaa … Sachaa ne sarmaya jo paaya hai vo dil mein maahi aaya hai maine maahi paaya hai nazar laaye na koi nazar laaye na … Dil ne shagun manaya hai ishq parauna aaya hai nazar laaye na koi nazar laaye … Hai mere manan !!!!

  65. Plumpyyy

    Tujhko jo paaya (jo paaya) aha
    toh jeena aaya(jeena aya)
    ab yeh lamha
    thehr jaye tham jaye bas jaye
    hum dono ke darmiyaan…

  66. Aisha malya

    Uljhi si baatein dil , mujhse bhi baatein to meher meher meherbaani …. Khud hi samajh ke phir mujhe samjhaade to meher meher meherbaani … Ho meherbaani jo dil de zabani keh de vo jo na kabhi kaha hai … Aisi tera main !!! Jaise mera tuuu ….

  67. Aisha malya

    Tera bina zindagi se koi shikwaa to nahin … Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin zindagi to nahin … Zindagi nahin zindagi nahin … Sitam kya huaaa … Kahein tumse aur kya … Humein khwaab kyun jaane na … Sung by – shaan and gwen , album – satrangi

  68. Plumpyyy

    Next is my fav song…MaNan or PreeMan(preet anshuman of fanaah)…..but i dedicate this song to PreeMan..YuvIta..on top..Yuvraj…this song ws played on preeman b4 it ws played on manan…….i had LIKED d song wen it ws released…but i LOVED d song wen it ws played on preeman……really guyzz…songs are magic only wen it is played on our loves!!

  69. Plumpyyy

    Oh yuvi!! U’ve made me love this song so much??!!! Actually PreeMan aka YuvIta…
    Oh oh yuvi baby
    dhoode tujhe deewani
    sapnon mein roz aaye
    aa aa TU pe aana sanam…
    Sorry! This song isnt mine!! @thakuryuvi_FC..her name is zoya..a diehard fan of yuvi had created wen yuvi ws nt in twitter fr some time
    heheh…sorry i love yuvi n i cnt help myslf!!

  70. ?minnie ?

    Hayyyy plump rula diya ……manan song huh…. u kno what my day starts with kyy, manan songs and ends with the same….. I wish I could join u but my wifi is not working n m using my net pack which is damm slow…..

    @anu…yes u heard right sweetie PaNi don’t talk much off screen infact they are damm professional…. n u kno what v(me) panishippers don’t feel so…. theres a big mystery in them……. u must have heard pani shipping right??

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Believe me prads…..Even I never felt lyk that!?

      Itz juz that I came to know now…….!

      Yepp prads…… I have heard about panishipping!!

  71. Plumpyyy

    Hmm hmm hmm…hmm..hmm…
    Dehleez pe mere dil ki
    jo rakhe hai tune kadam
    tere naam pe meri zindagi
    likh di mere humdum
    okay peeps…gotta go…dinnertime! Off to IF aftr dinner…
    Gunnyt lovelies!! Sd..tc…love y’ll!! C ya’ll 2mrrw

  72. lachu

    india west,

    Ever since Parth Samthaan quit “Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan,” the makers were in a fix, especially since the actor announced his decision on social media networks even before he could discuss it with the production house.
    Anyway, going with the flow, the makers roped in Yuvraj Thakur to take up the mantle and play the new lead opposite Niti Taylor, aka Nandini. However, fans have been thronging social networking sites and protesting to bring back Manik on the show. They’ve even gone ahead and threatened the makers that they will boycott the show if their demands are not met. Well, looks like the makers are in a tough spot. If things don’t go back to normal and TRPs don’t pick up again, they will be forced to shut down the show.
    Seeing how enraged the fans are, Taylor took to social networking sites and wrote, “Hello everyone! Guys, we are here with Season 2. At least give us a chance to prove ourselves! This time ‘KY2’ season 2 is about friendship (yaariyan) pyaar dostiiii hai! Chance toh do! If you all don’t like it, it will get shut automatically, but, till then, enjoy the friendship, the new looks, the yaariyan, the new small baby… But just give us a chance! It’s not our fault if someone left ‘KY2’; we are just doing our job by entertaining you all! If you still don’t want us, don’t worry the show will automatically shut! Thanks.”

  73. ADELE( Anu)

    Plumpyy!! Thankuuu sooo much!! I juz love that song lyk anything!!!! Everyday once b4 going to bed I hear the song.!!!! Mera daily routine hai…..ek din Nhi sunti hu toh I donn get sleep!.!

  74. Plumpyyy

    Thanq thanq thanq evry1…….m happy that evry1 felt happy wid d songs…sorry aisha n pradi..rula diya tum dono ko…khushi k aasu hai toh no worries na?…
    @anu…same pinch!! I heard sapna jahan b4 goin to schl n my day went really vry good!! I just loved this day!!! Samjhawan n sapna jahan…these 2 songs cn cool me down…i feel so light wen i hear to these songs!! Credits goes to PreeMan n MaNan respectively…!! Im hearing sapna jahan now…this song has addicted me to it!! Its like drug…i cant stop myslf frm hearing it..once if i hear i want to hear it agn n agn!!! Gosh! I love this song!!
    @ayesha…u a yuvian?

  75. Plumpyyy

    Woah guyzz!!! We made 100+ comments aftr a very long time!!!!!!!!! Party toh banti hai!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay…i’ll type one line of a song..manan song…u guyz shud guess which song’s line it is…here is d line
    guess guess…………a manan song…
    Pradi my IF id- Toshna_1522

  76. Plumpyyy

    Idiots!! U ppl still busy!!!????? If m free then u guyz shud also b free na…(as m in 10th std n students of this std r most probably busy in their studies)………..i hav a holiday 2mrrw…yippieee…holiday pe holiday….
    Anyone who sees my earlier cmnt…say d answer!! Swear on MaNan that u WON’T listen to any manan songs b4 u answer it!! MaNanholics….u should know it!! N i love dat line a lot!! JAISE SHARAB HO!!

  77. Plumpyyy

    Awesome epi!! But…….feeling bad fr maddiee………..i ws actually feeling irritated wid his attitude towards nandu…but he gives my strength at that time only!! His smile!! N how can in this whole universe i IGNORE n deny that smile!! My irritation goes far far away n a big smile appears on my face…idk wen he became so damn important fr me!! I love you yuvi…
    Okay bye…some1 of KYY ROXZ family has updated d nxt chapter of her FF so i gotta go!! After all she’s my bestest sissy na…….

  78. Plumpyyy

    N face-off scene’s maddy’s entry ws so careless…he ws drinking somethin(nt alcohol) while walking n all students were showing thumbs down n he just handed dar drink in somebdy’s hand n just walked off…i ws ROFLing like maniac!! I love his attitude!! His performance..guitar! Remembers me of his very first show…he ws d singer of their schl..headboy juno…who ws so innocent n positive..cutieee…sincere..honest…all positivity overloaded in dat character of his…n aftr that…he hardly got poditive roles!!! Whatever…i love him in evry role…most as yuvraj only…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.