Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The police man turns to find Manik but Manik hides then he turns away but Nandhani makes another excuse saying that her boyfriend left her but when he asks her for his mobile number she says that he does not have any because he is a rat hearing this he gets angry meanwhile Manik hurriedly steals a bottle and goes back and then the police officer asks his junior to get ready to leave and so they go away. Manik asks Nandhani if she is happy and they both go away.
Madhiam is waiting for someone’s call on his mobile suddenly he gets a call and ask the person to send him the address and he will be there.
Nandhani and Manik both lie down and Nandhani says that she laughed like this after a long time. Manik says that he is going to get some glasses and then he goes to get them.

and Dhruv are talking as to how will they manage their lives with the music and everything and also say as to how will Manik react to it when he will see that they have moved on. Mukti suddenly comes and says that they all will manage and will also play music besides following their passion.
Manik comes back and places two glasses made of banana leaves, Nandhani is happy to see what Manik has done and they both have a drink.
Aryaman is sitting alone where Naviya passes by and asks him if he is feeling alone and he says that he he doesnot know if he belongs here anymore now that Manik has returned but Naviya says that he is her friend and Nandhani’s also and nothing can replace that.
Madhiam reaches the place and meets the guy who says that he wants him to play the song that he played n the o2 performance with fab5 but he says that he is a one man band and will never do it again. The guy then says that if he needs some time he can have it but it is a big offer.
Nandhani and Manik both are talking while being drunk and they say that they will buy a star where they will make a big house in which everyone will live then while talking Nandhani gets tire and goes to sleep. When she wakes up and doesnot find Manik she gets tied and starts to panics then she sees him coming from the other end with tea in his hand. Nandhani rushes and hugs him and then says that he will never leave her again to which Manik also agrees.
Madhiam is talking on the phone when Aryaman comes and asks him as to what happened to which Maddy says that his phone payments have ended and he does not have money to pay them because of his own Jd.

Precap: Harshad taunts Manik that he is no longer the face of fab5 to which Manik gets angry and slams a poster of Maddy with the rest of the group.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Plumpyyy

    Soooooo…….what shud i say bout d epiiiii…….???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved drunk MaNan!! Oh god!! They were at d heights of adoration!! Hw manik screamed “ek minute!” and nandu ws sayin to buy moon..bt of 400 sq.feet…fr which manik said “ghar kharidne wali ho kya?” n started laughin.. nandu said 2day stars are shining so brightly na manik…manik said…so are you! 3 simple words become magical wen they are said by MaNan!! Kitchen bhi hoga..ab kitchen kahan se aa gaya nandini?? Toh khana kaise banayenge? God! It ws freakin’ awesome!!! MaNan shout “done” n nandu says she feelin sleepy n widout waiting fr his answer just settled herslf on his lap n manik lovingly adoring her childishness…it ws full of MaNan!! Nxt day…u cannot leave me manik!! The hug..gosh! So innocent!! Man..i loved 2day’s epi so much!! But but but…maddy…hw cn some1 do this wid his/her own grand child??!! Like srsly..maddy is goin thru all this ALONE!! no family no frnz! Just imagine hw he keeps himslf strong.!! But he keeps hilslf strong fr himslf! He’s weak..he need some1!! Some1 who is trustworthy..make him believe in frndship n love agn!! I hope aryamann does that! And i love aryamann-navya part a lot!! Aryamann ws true..he had those mixed feelings…evrythin happened in a hushy-bushy kinda way dat he thot lyk this! He thot dat nw manik came he wont b some1’s frnd! But navya made him undrstnd…that cute undrstnding part ws lovely…loved it!!
    I just hope nothin happens to maddy!!
    Di…if ur gonna come here toh its me di…di u lyk dat new stupid ad?? Dabba hai dabba uncle tv dabba?? So di it ws a hint fr u to kno dat its me if u come here to read d update!

  2. Today’s epi!!!! ????it was so dammm adorable…. awwwwwee the way nandu slept on manik’s lap… ??such a adorable epi….!!! Still not over it!!

    • Plumpyyy

      All d best nash:)
      u gonna b of 14 bt still in 6th std?? 6th ya 9th?? Most of them who’re 14 or gonna b 14 learn in 8th ya 9th std…hw come ur in 6th?? Acha u learn now…epi toh u hav to watch!! Its just so adorable!!

  3. After watching precap ?
    1 k saath 1 free
    Manik + harshad face off
    Manik + Maddy face off
    I Forgot to say one thing yesterday actually a lot this is one of it
    Aryamann!! Tu nandu k peeche aur manik tere peeche
    Too much fun..!!??
    Honestly I was I am damm excited for manik and maddy’s face off….!!its gonna be hell fun

  4. Plumpyyy

    Hey shifa:) im fine..hw r u?? Hw r ur exms goin?? Study hard:) no need to reply..u just study well…

    • Hi so finally u r here. There was a fakey who was using ur username when u were nt in here. But don’t worry v didn’t that fakey. Study well my best wishes for u.

  5. Plumpyyy

    Yep pradi…its gonna b a blockbuster!! Ofcourse fr kyyians n maddy-manik fight k fans!! Im gonna love it!! It’ll b so much fun!! Woww!! Yayyy!!! Yippiieeee!!!! Hurrah!! I’ll get 2 watch these 2 fighting onscreen aftr a long tym!! Its gonna b damn fun!! Ruka nahi jata!! Majority of kyyians r excited to watch maddy-manik face off!! 2.5 yrs pehle hi bohot maza aaya tha..pata nai ab kya hoga..both yuvi n parth hav grown as actors…they r growin better n better each day…ab toh sachme we’re gonna hav truck loads of fun!! Dono akdu hai..dono sadu hai..dono egoistic hai..bt ek kum ho gaya hai nandu k wajah se…ek side pe manik has nandu n his frnz..dusre side pe there’s #1MB..maddy…ALONE! Hw i wish i cud b der to stand beside him!

  6. Hii shifa di!!!m good and tmrw I’ll be too good !!but not on Saturday….!! Chuck it how’s u di ?? I hope ur xams are going well!! Study well dida! All the best!!

  7. mahathi

    Today’s episode is just amazing…. manan forever…and the dream house was superrb…want to see manan episodes again and again… when she tied the manan band ,the scene was just awsome…. loved the way nandu hugged manik when he returned with tea…hope maddy goes away from fab5… i dont want to saw the faceoff between maddy and manik….waiting for tomorrow …

  8. All parthians!!
    Don’t forget to watch zing on this Saturday @7 pm parthuuu is cmg on BC!!,

    And unfortunately I can’t watch it….!!! ?????
    Jo bhi dekhega pls aake batana…..!
    One more thing…. I’ll tell afterwards actually it will take me time to explain procedures so after 10-15 I’ll tell even that….!!just a advise that pull up ur socks coz its time to show parthians power!!!

  9. Hang on!! Plump how can she be 14 if she’s in 6th ???uk I became so damm happy that she’s younger than me….! And m not the youngest member but mere khushi bass do pal ki thi… ????after buddy she was the youngest member here….! ?I don’t kno y m saying this .. bass gussa aa raha…. uk I was on cloud 9 thinking m elder than her… :'(

  10. Plumpyyy

    Aadhu!!! Me too happy!! Bohot sara!!! U came na! I talked wid sara…i said her to come here if she cn bt she didnt reply:( acha aadhu..will u b der at 10pm as i gotta go now…supper! Love u aadhuu!! Ananya..our sissy..she remembers u! She said she’ll try her best to ask evry1 come here bt i warned her she’ll do that only if she’s free…she’s busy wid her schl n her stories…

  11. Hi guys, missing the old days of t u where we commented freely n chatted for hours ? feeling stressed n lonely don’t know y….plumpyy yes munchkin sent me the song…m missing old b.d…? kyyrocks

  12. Nutzzzzz!!!!! Sry didn’t visited last pg and couldn’t reply u :-(…I really hope u will come today… pls pls come here everyday….. v miss u…….. I hope u will see this sweetie…… how are u?? I Mean ur studies…… hope u watch kyy…..! Jadli jadli come here…!!

    • Plumpyyy

      Shifa nanna mail id valid alla. Adikke nange ninge msg madlikke possible illa. Neenu ninna buddy list ge hogi alli ondu box ide. Adra kelage add to the buddy list option untu..jo box kottidare adralli nanna username type madu matte add to the buddy list click madu..aavaaga ninna frnd request nange sigtade matte nanu adannu accept madidaga ninu nanna frnd agti. Matte navu online iddaga navu chat madbohudu. Agar ninu offline idre nanu ninge msg madbohudu.. Adre adikella ninu logged in irbeku..ninu log on madi anantara adu buddy list na process start madu:) i hope u got it:)
      adu agadidre ninu love is MaNan ff search madu matte adra 149 pg numbr alli nanna cmnt ide adralli nanna cmnt na kelage 4 options irtade..profile,search,buddy,PM matte ninu logged in idre innondu option irtade adu like..bt adu koi use ka nai hai..ninu buddy option click madu ya PM option click madu..PM andre private message..yavaga navu chat madbohudu… Matte nanna dp kelage member scrapbook option ide adannu sa click madbohudu… Entha madbeku ninna ishta:) bt ninu first ninna exam ige kali matte idella madu:) all d best dearie:)

  13. mahathi

    Its my opinion abt manik maddy faceoff… i know many of them likes maddy .. but i dont like his involvement in fab5 .its ok if he comes whem manik is not there. But now manik came. So i think maddy show go from fab5…its my opinion about maddy…

    • Ya I too don’t want maddy being with Fab 5 but u didn’t get the epi Maddy wants to perform alone! Just for once he helped them and even said he don’t want to be with them…. and who said Maddy is with Fab 5???

  14. Guys woh jitne saal ki hai or jis bhi class mein hai frndship me age kon dekhta hai? I mean m not saying k v should be frnds with a person who is like the age of our parents…but hosakta h she might have taken admission late…kyyrocks

  15. Plumpyyy

    Yo guyz! Im backkkkkk
    thank god! Swimming ka plan ws cancelled coz of bad weather! N i got to watch d epi!! Haye im not gonna get of it!!

  16. Plumpyyy

    Yep aadhu…she writes manan stories..one ff n one ss…the pleasurable intoxication and fascinate me! Both r freakin’ awesome like her!! N she has written an OS too…feeling the best of you! Did u speak to evry1 aadhu??

  17. Plumpyyy

    Aww pradi…dont wrry na! U kno d youngest ones here r d most pampered! All youngest here r loved like a lil sis!! N sara i guess ur right she might’ve taken admission late..as my ex classmate ws 2 yrs elder than us! He’s 17 nw..bt in 10th std! Galat mat padho..ex-classmate bola..boyfrnd nai..lol
    n what’s der on zing?? To show parthians power?? What’s d show or programme about??

    • Bad company vikas sir’s show …!!its damm awsum though I haven’t seen it…. but parth will come na…… arrey there’s a poll for intense acting something and one more is there………. wait I’ll give link now..

  18. Plumpyyy

    Ofcourse man! Who wants maddy to b in fab 5?? No one!! Nt evn maddy! Woh khud wants to b away frm tbem! His face wen dat weirdo said bout d event..he has to perform wid fab 5 n d SAME SONG..he ws like no! Bt d offer ws of 10 lakh! So he’s gonna accept it,i guess! Bt i hope my guess is wrong!! Bt kuch bhi ho guyz..maddy is bearable..mtlb he’s fine…bt yeh harshad..jerkshad kabhi nai sudhregs!!

  19. Plumpyyy

    Di!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im such a fool di!! Pehle i khud askd u to come phir dekho like a blind person i didnt see ur cmnt!! Di srry i didnt come back on IF as i ws here aftr replying to ur PM! Bt srry fr d dabba ad too:P ik sirf ek person cn call u dat!! Bt thnx a lot di fr comin here commenting here only fr me!! Love u sooooooooooooooo much kavya di!!!!! Meri di is d best di u kno!!! Actually di i hav a poor eyesight n i wear glasses..hehe u kno na di yuvi ki fan hu..woh bhi chashmish main bhi chashmish! Poor eyesight k wajah se i didnt see ur cmnt di!! Phirse srry di fr being andhi! Love u bohot bohot bohot bohot pata nai bohot ‘bohot’ hai..sara!!!! N woh aapka “^-^” tha na..woh bhi nai dekhi main!! Pagal main di!! Ur d beshttttt….love u…ur babu:*

  20. Plumpyyy

    Guyz..u kno some days b4 i ws reading a FF…you become my story…in dat der ws a new entry “juno”..he is nandu’s bestie n guess wt he calls her?! PUMPKIN!!! i just remembered u sara!! N yeh mujhe abhi yaad aaya coz d writer of dat FF is kavya gupta..haan wahi jo cmnted here 2day on my request! N juno bhi mere liye hi hai..juno means arjun ka nickname in humse hai liife..yuvi’s vry first role…bachha tha woh!! He looked like a kid!! Adorableeeee!!!
    Di di di!! I love you a lot…babu’s di!! Babu’s jaan nai babu’s di^-^

  21. Plumpyyy

    Voted! Parth is in 1st place guyz!!! 49%…bt param is at 48%!! N guess wt! Our zain aka abhi is at 3rd place!! Wow!! Great!! 2 kyy actors der!! Really happy fr zain!! Gonna vote agn!!
    Gud mornin!! Kavya di im comin on IF in d evening..srry speech ka intezar karna ok di..love u!
    Nash whr do live??

  22. ADELE

    Hiii guyzzzz!!! Nashita….lyk srslly….!! U in 6th?????!!!!! I mean no offence……juz a lill surprised coz I thot u may be elder than all of us!!?

    Pradssssss!!! Aaj tumhaare xams khatam na???? Soooo luckyyyyyy…..!! Humaare aur 2 baaki hain!!??

  23. ADELE

    Hey guyz….v can vote for 100tyms!! Itz being counted……..!! #keep voting for Parth!!!!!?????

    But pumpkin……..wahan pearl bhi hain! ??????
    Kyys2 rocckkk

  24. ADELE


    Waqt waqt ki baat hain….
    Kabhi waqt tumhaare haath nhi….
    Aur kabhi waqt tumhaare saath hain

    Jo panne tumne palat diye…
    Jo warqa tumne salat diye…..
    Woh kirdaar…..woh kahaani….
    Bas ek bandh kitaab hain.

    Itihaas mein jo rahen….
    Itihaas bann jaaye….
    Aur ek nayi shuruat ki jisne…
    Usey mile santosh,
    WO aaj kaamyaab hain!!

    Really missin him a lot!!!?

    • ADELE

      Hii Di!! No Di….. M not on IF…..if I wud have been na….I wud b da happiest!
      Coz my athu iz der……n even prads…..I guess……n now even u…..
      Kyys2 rockkzzz

  25. ADELE

    Literally lyk stupid m jumpinn from prads’ comment to that pg n from that pg to prads’ comment….in between pressing vote button!!!?

    • ADELE

      Parth 16,965 n param 16,916!!
      Kyys2 rockkzzzz

      Here I go for my one hundred fifth vote!!!!

  26. @newbi
    Harshad and mukti were in relationship mukti loved him madly but he was already committed but still he was with mukti to have fun with her….. and when manik came to kno bout his real face he exposed him and mukti gone into depression for 2yrs and she was on anti depression pills….watch epi 56-57 there’s a small fb of it!

    • ADELE

      Oh shitttt!! Dammeetttt!!!!! Paryh again on second position!!!! Pleaseeeee guyzz…prads…. plumpyy……nashita…..SHiFa Di……..pumpkiinnn!!! Kahaan ho???
      Kyys2 rocckkzzzz

      • Came from there only!! But u shouldn’t have come here anuu!!!!! U Should study now!! ???Badme u could have come na after ur xams!!!

    • ADELE

      Poore 40mins I was continuously voting him!! I wanna vote more……but XAMS!!!!!!??????????

      Challo byee guyz…..gotta go……hope our Parth wins!!! #fingers crossed!!!
      Will cum again at 6:00……
      Kyys2 rockkzzx

  27. Though I love PARTH A LOT but still I voted many times for param and zain they both are cutest!!!! Esp param’s childish behavior sometimes makes me go awwwee ?

  28. Bae is on 1st again!!!! And ik he’ll only win he deserves to win !!! But param’s intense scenes are also damm good!!! But parth is parth….!!! Came from there only!!
    Punkinnnnn!!!!!! Apne bhai ko vote kiya kya?? Song sunna na btw…..??
    @plump where are u ??on if or in yuviland. ??Yesterday u asked me whether m still in bae’s land or not….. but now u….. jaldi jaldi come na…

  29. Ha toh lyk I said I’ll cmt more tmrw which means today….so m back idk itne der tak how I kept it inside me….. ps: pls don’t kill this chotu baby for this ?In advance

    ?Abeer harshad ka beta hai…?
    Manik nyonika ka beta hai ?

    Iska matlab abeer aur manik bhai bhai hai!! ??
    Arrey kyunki nyonika aur harshad ka toh ??
    Congrats alya!!!!??
    Abhi tum abeer ki hi nahi manik ki bhi bua ban gayi…!

    Alya: WHAT!!!! ??
    HOW was it…. ehehe this is kyy fandom….
    Many more on the way….. abhi iss chotu baby ko aaram chahiye…!! Tata

  30. Plumpyyy

    Awesome pradi!!!!!! That ws hilarious!!!! Arey i ws neithr on IF nor in yuvi land…i ws in schl…dimag ko shant karke aayi hu..bt abhi bhi thoda garam hai…!! Anyways chuck it..im goin to vote fr parth now!!
    Anu…d song or those lines by ayaz were so touchin!! My eyes r moist!! U kno 2day in schl d teacher ws nt der in d class n i ws writing cabir
    cabiraaaa The Cool Dude Cabir all dat on my rough book like a maniac! Im missin ayaz soo much!!!
    Pradi i still remember my fav SanDhir scene…both were drunk n were in d classroom n sanyu ws standing on d table n dat “i trust u randhir” n fall! Bt randhir had saved her n “i love u sanyukta” ws wt he said…i so so so love this scene!!!!
    Shifa nanna IF hesaru Toshna_1522

  31. Plumpyyy

    Guyz!! We had made our doll niti win!! We can make our parth win too!! Parth is in second position ryt nw n there’s 400 votes diffrence b/w parth n param! VOTE!!

    • ADELE

      Plumpyy…..there’s a news for u dear….
      Fairy is gonna cum here after her cams!! She told me……
      I told her that there is girl over here….who misses her frnz lyk hell!!!
      N even that day Sara came……shamayil…..
      Kyys2 rockkxzz

      • Plumpyyy

        Fairy’s gonna come!!!????? My first frnd! Wen r her cams gonna end?? God! Sachi i miss my lovelies(auho!) a lot!!!
        Sara?? U mean she too is gonna come on dat day or she came??

    • Plumpyyy

      Ricky bro??? Is it u?? Bhai is it really u?? Plz come on 2day’s TU also bro!! Missed u a lot!!!!!!!!! Ricky bro u n ur family is fine na?? Earthquake occured in pakistan too ryt! Hw r u bro?? U speak to sara??

  32. ADELE

    Prads…….sholly dear……I know I shud’nt!! But tm is language……. N itz very easy……. So I came……I cudn’t stop myself!!??

    Kyys2 rockkzzz

  33. Aiyoo!!!!!!!!!!!
    Guys did u watched the epi???!!!!!!
    Damm!!!!!that blo*dy jerkshad was continuously blabbering his shit!!!!!! Still he didn’t realise that manik iz not interested!!!!!pehle yeh jerkshad and then Maddy!!! He too instigated him saying Fab 5 begged from him!!!!!! Lyk srsly those blo*dy morons!!!!!!!! Argggg ???

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