Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Episode started with…

Mangalore scene… Amms and her helpers doing all the arrangements for the workshop.. rooms arrangement and likewise… Thats when rishab alongwith nandini enters…
Amms is too happy to see rishab and says no wonder she was feeling like to make pineapple sheera today.. all bcoz rishab was gonna come…
Then amms is delighted to see nandini as well… though seeing nandini’s sad face amms has a doubt that there is something wrong with her… Nandini says that its just becoz she is tired, on which ammas says that now you dont have to teach me which face of urs is of tiredness and which is of being disturbed.

Amms then says did that guy (Manik) did something to you again, she said that she is sure he must have hurt

her thats the reason nandini has come to mangalore.. nandini says its nothing like that.. to which amms says, no worries, we’ll discuss that later … she asks nandini to go freshen up as the others students would be arriving anytime soon..

Nandini was surprised to know that amms is still unaware that the workshop has been cancelled, though she doesnt say anything and keeps murmuring to herself as to how she will tell amms that the workshop has been cancelled. Also amms will be more angry on Manik if she realizes that the workshop has been cancelled by him… Nandini keeps on murmuring this to herself and goes inside…

While nandini is murmuring, harshad enters surprising her, and tells who said the workshop has been cancelled, see I have come. Nandini makes a face and goes inside. Amms assitant notes harshad’s name and directs him towards the boys common room.

Gradually, all the others, mukti, aryaman, navya, cabir, alia alongwith some other students enter and they are being directed to their common rooms. Amms asks her assistant has everybody come, whe her assistant says no just one more student is left, Mr. Malhotra, that is when Manik enters and amms is shocked to see him.
Amms immediately recollects manik hitting dhruv and says the workshop is being cancelled and to inform all the other students to not unpack their bags as they will be leaving by evening itself and she leaves. Manik is surprised but pulls the assistant and tells him not to inform the everyone and says he just needs 10 minutes to convince amms to continue with the workshop.

In the meantime, everybody is shocked to see the rooms, rather dormitories with matresses laid on the floor No AC Mukti is like Manik ne ye hume kaha phasa diya
Then everyone is even more shocked with the schedule of the workshop, 4am they have to get up and by 8pm they need to sleep. Description given by navya was hilarious

Scene shifts to manik going and talking to amms, he tells amms everything about pandit and how he assaulted nandini, though amms says why should she believe him and manik asks to confirm from chacha chachi, if even after that she feels that manik should leave, he will. Manik says that he needs amms help in normalizing nandini as only amms can heal her.
Manik says that since I am giving a chance to this he hopes that even amms would give manik a chance considering that his first impression was bad, whereas he would like to prove that he is not that bad afterall. Saying this manik leaves. and amms calls up chacha chachi..

Manik is wandering in the corridors looking up in each room (probably finding nandu’s room)
He then happens to enter a room where he sees all stars and planets on the walls and science books lain on the table, he is seeing some project work when nandini comes out of the washroom and sees manik, she is surprised and thinks its her imagination, manik is still busy looking at the project. after sometime nandini comes closer and realizes that its not imagination and manik is actually there .. she is shocked and screams scaring manik.
She is like what are you doing here. Manik innocently asks in Mangalore or in this room
Nandini says Both
They kinda have a cute fight and while keeping back the project on the table some pencils fall, and while picking them up manik sees that nandini isnt wearing anything down (just the kurta)
When nandini realizes it she runs back to the washroom and manik is like i knew you would do something like this. Nandini then boldly comes out and says you know nothing about what i’ll do now She realizes the door is open and goes and locks it and manik is like omg smart move, so you gonna do all of that and nandini blushes..manik comes closer and stops nandini ranting about what will amms say and she already hates u and all that. Manik says u dont worry i’ll take care of it all by myself, and then unlocks the door and leaves brushing his legs with bare legs of nandini
Nandini then says do what you can, later dont come to me for help so as to convince amms

Episode ends.

Precap: Nok-jhok between Manan and Manik falls down and there is color all over him, Nandini says there is only 30secs left for the workshop to start. Manik reaches the class, When he is about to sit, amms says she doesnt respect people who dont respect time, Manik has to get a punishment as he is late for the class.

Update Credit to: Doyel

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  26. Manik walking down the corridor and bumps onto Cabir… Manik is ranting about Nandini and how she is not happy seeing him, and Cabir is ranting about not getting any food, and how hungry he isLOL they both have a good conversation each in their own direction, manik discussing his love problems of life and cabir discussing his food problems in lifeLOL
    Rishab walks in giving a bowl of pineapple sheera to manik which cabir gobbles up and gives some gyaan to manik on love, on which manik understands and hugs cabir saying he should forget raghav.

    Aryaman is seen sitting near the beach side listening to music and has an eyelock with aliya. This is observed by Harshad and he comes and speaks to aryaman that he needs to focus on the plan instead of flirting with his sister. Plan is to be close with nandini on which aryaman says if he goes directly to nandini, manik will kill him, rather he is making friends with everyone so that he can attack when least expected… Harshad agrees.

    Cabir is hunting for food everywhere when he comes across Raghav,Shocked Raghav too has come for the workshop, he was unaware that space is participating in the workshop too, raghav insists cabir to go attend the class as amms is very strict, he promises that they would meet up after it. Raghav and cabir hug.

    Nandini talks to herself practicing how to convince amms about manik when there is a knock at her door. she is surprised to see manik and shuts the door before he could say anything. though she murmers to herself that it always feels good when manik is around herEmbarrassed
    the knock on the door continues, and irritated nandini opens the door and is shocked to see amms standing with manik. Amms asks her to come for the workshop. she says she had asked manik to call nandini and she must come and sit for the lessons. Nandini is confused as to how mani and amms are talking so nicely with each otherConfusedLOL

    Everybody is in the class. (except cabir) . Amms comes in, nandini follows her and goes and stands at the back with manik. amms tells music is sadhana (everyone is clueless what sadhana is LOL) navya says prayer LOL… then amms asks everyone to meditate before starting the workshop… harshad trying to impress amms says he does meditation before practicing music everyday at homeAngry

    Everyone is meditating when nandini walks out pulling manik along with her. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

    Manik is surprised as to how come nandini can sneak our of a class, and she tells manik that we have 10 mins as the meditation goes upto that much time, so now he has to tell her what did he do that amms is behaving nicely with him.. beofre he could say cabir walks in and manik asks what happened, he doesnt answer and nandini tells him to quietly go and sit in the class as no one would realize. cabir agrees and goes. manik senses that something is worng with him.
    But nandini keeps on asking manik what has he done, and manik says he wont answer. amongst the puliing and pushing manik falls down and colors are all over him, he drags nandini over him tooEmbarrassed they have a cute fight and nandini puts water on manik and tells him you dont wat me to interfere between you and amms naa, so i wont now there is only 30 secs for the meditation to get over, let me see how you reach to the class on timeLOL
    Manik is left speechlessTongue

    Episode ends.

    Precap: Manik and Nandini in a storeroom. Nandini is putting some soap in the water. and puts lather on manik which goes in his eyes. Nandini tries to calm him down and they share an eyelock. Manik pulls her towards him Embarrassed

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