Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik and Nandini come home, Manik says see he dropped her on time. She looks at him, he asks what. She says nothing. He says he think he must wear this jacket more often, as she has been unable to take her eyes off him. She comes closer to him, he also moves closer. Both were about to kiss, when chachi opens the door, Nandini says she was about to ring the bell and is really tired. She will go to sleep. Manik turns around, Nandini comes to room and peeks at him from window. She waves at him with tears in eyes. Chachi comes to her and asks that she feels she want to tell her something. Nandini denies, but she says that every girl want a Shahrukh Khan in her life, it can be anyone. She takes her promise that whenever she will feel so she is going to tell her about it. Nandini cries and says

I love you thinking all about her times with Manik and firefly jar he just gifted her. She recalls Mr. Khurana’s warning.
She cries as she know if you hide anything it gets ruined, when Manik got to know what he feels he poured it all. She will tell him everything, then he will decide what they must do. She calls him and asks him to come back please. He was in chill mood, but she says she has to say something important to him. He says ok, he is coming. She says chachi was awake and saw them out, he shouldn’t come as it isn’t a good idea. He says once she tells him to come, then she says no. She says they will talk tomorrow. He says she can say it on phone. She says she wants to talk face to face. He says he will pick her before college. She says he has to prepare for his third song, she has a Pandit ji class as well. He teases her that she can’t miss his class, at all. They hang on. Nandini cries again watching the jar.
Navya fills her bottle, worried that no one must see her there. A peon peeks at her, and goes to complain. He gets the warden who calls Navya. She says she threw her out before with much love, but she is back again. She blames that she can be easily here. She asks the peon to throw her belongings away, the peon brings her luggage out. Navya cries and asks where she will live. The warden says she found the place well to get pregnant, now she has a problem. People had gathered around, Navya packs her bags.
In the college, Nandini comes to Pandit ji’s class and seeing the violen thinks about her and Manik.
Manik asks Aaliya how was the violen, she says nice but. She says but, he seems really happy. She tells him that they bought this shirt together. Dhruv was also there. Aalya says he still look good in the shirt, Manik asks Dhruv, he looks good. Manik says he was asking about song. Soha also comes there. Dhruv comes to ask if anyone know about Cabir. Soha asks if he returned from job last night, she says she doesn’t think Cabir can get along with drumming with his night job. Manik is angry at her, and says they are doing this album just because of him and we have to find it.
Pandit ji enters the room, and listens to Nandini’s violen. He says that the difference between cycling and music is that music needs practice. He asks didn’t she know its wire is lose, he asks her a few questions and says he thinks she hasn’t been doing her practices. She must come after practice to him, and may leave now.
Fab5 comes trying Cabir’s numbers, Manik asks Dhruv, Mukti, Aaliya to go at different locations for him. Navya was sitting on college stairs, she texts Navya for help. Nandini comes crying, calls but then texts Manik. Navya watches her crying.
The manager tells Manik he fired Cabir. He asks what was the time, but manager says he doesn’t remember. Manik gets him by collar, he says it was around 10.
Mukti looks into Cabir’s new home, but he wasn’t there.
Aaliya comes to Neonika, she asks what they want now. Aaliya asks if Cabir is here, Neonika asks why would he be here. Aaliya says since yesterday night.. Neonika gets worried. Aaliya says since yesterday night he wasn’t in a good mood. Neonika says he came here, and whatever happened here, has he got a bad mood only with that. Aaliya asks when he came here. Neonika says it was 11 at night.
Mukti comes to Nandini on stairs. Nandini asks how was their session. Mukti asks why shall she tell her about it, and asks about Cabir. Nandini says Mani didn’t tell her. Mukti says why would he tell her, it is only Fab5 concern, she must be Manik’s friend but Fab 5 is the first concern. Nandini calls Manik, he was there around. She says did he call Cabir, he denies. She suggests she will check the music room, he was irritated if she thinks they wouldn’t have checked music room. She takes him aside and says he needs to calm down first. She asks him to take a deep breath, close his eyes. He abides by her, then takes her closer to him and says he has no idea where Cabir is. She says where will he go then. She says he must be in farm house, it is so massive. He says he isn’t, but she says there is a possibility. He agrees and goes to check it with him. He texts everyone about it.
Mukti finds Navya, and asks is she ok. Navya says she has no room to live, warden knows about her staying there. She asks if there is a place for a few days.Navya asks whose house it this, but Mukti asks has she seen Cabir. Mukti says she will tell her later, and will text her an address. Navya is relieved.
Nandini tells Manik that she feels like staying out. He asks her why, but she says because of Soha. He says Cabir is more impotant and drags her inside. They enter the farm house, Manik’s phone had a low battery. Nandini says she will look aroung and goes there. Manik comes to his room, and plugs in the charger. Soha enters his room, and asks is he back. He says yes, she asks shall they begin then. He says they couldn’t find Cabir. She comes to him and holds him saying they can have a good time together. Manik jerks her away asking her to stay away. He warns her he has a bad side too and asks where her caretaker is, he needs to talk to her about Cabir. Soha says she asked her but she said he didn’t come here.
He turns away again, but Soha hugs him from behind. Manik turns around and throws her away with a jerk, she fell on the ground. He shouts that he told her to stay away.
Soha goes out, while Manik finds Cabir’s memory card there. Nandini hides herself as Soha comes and calls her dad to come to farm house. Nandini is worried that she hasn’t even told dad anything. Soha watches Manik coming from his room, her phone rings and she goes again to talk to her dad. Nandini comes to Manik and says she has to go, Pandit ji called her for extra classes. He says it must be her first week, she explains but he says he will update her. She says she will call him but he asks who will take the classes then.
Manik inserts the memory card in his phone.
Aaliya complains to Dhruv that he didn’t ask for once what Neonika said. He holds her hand and says she was just strange. Mukti turns and says caught you, Aaliya gets rid of her hand. Mukti gets a call from Cabir, she scolds him but it was Manik calling. He tells Mukti that he found it in his room, which shows he came here last night and that Soha is also lying. Mukti says she will come soon, and gets a call again. The lady was Malti, Abhimanyu’s mom.
Malti says whatever happened was really shocking, she knew Abhimanyu, no one can forget him. She asks Malti why she wrote in the post on facebook, that he is in heaven. Malti says she has been unable to forget about him even after six months. Mukti says she met Abhimanyu two days ago. Malti is angry at her, and hangs on. Aaliya comes to ask what did Cabir say to her, she says it wasn’t Cabir and goes to find him.
Manik comes to a room, and finds the cctv videos on the system. He plays last night’s video, where Soha was imagining him with her. He thinks about Soha doing all the wrongs to Nandini. He watches Cabir there, and the conversation between him and Soha yesternight. He is shocked to see this all. Soha was standing on the door, worried.

PRECAP: Manik tells Soha angrily, that was she spying. He says if anything happen to Cabir he won’t leave her. She says she just has problem with Nandini. Manik calls Nandini telling her to stay in the class.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    Nice episode, manik finally found out soha’s reality, her evil side and her evil intentions to hurt(kill) nandini.

  2. Omg…..i aded a smiley nd my name appeared as anonymous…..it was me…….hiiii again…..where r everyone…..gud evening

  3. Nutz

    That’s great news, sara plz convey my regards nd congrates to ur mama, wish him a happy married life:-)

  4. Riya

    Ws ths epi also of 1hr? I hv missed even ystrdys epi tv ka rechrg khtm ho gya h n no 1 is at home missng kyy

  5. Guys m bck….sara congratulations 2 ur mama……….my aunt has just returned 4rm Tamil Nadu………my TN frnds can u plzzz tell the name of the sweet white coloured a mix of sugar nd kajus…vry tasty…..tell me the name…..i couldn’t remember……maybe it started wid M

  6. kavya

    Plz yar don’t seperate manan .if nandini sacrifice due to mr kurahana i am dam sure no one will the serial.plz no harted again started bewteen them.

  7. Kavya r u nw……warmest warmest wlcm …..its gr8 2 see nw people 2day…….especially m glad 2 see sara after soooo many days

  8. aswini achu

    Read in spoiler tt nandu decide to fi8 wth soha fr manik. She thinks that she shouldn’t nt leave manik fr stupid soha nd the twist is tt pandit is the new villan fr manan

  9. fairy

    Hi guyz…..
    Epsd was vry nc…tnx god manik hs find out abt soha….n whr is cabir???
    Whose house key hs navya?.???

  10. remix queen

    Fairy dats cabirs hse only…btw im wonderin hw did mukti get into cabirs house?? N she was so rude wen she told nandu u must b maniks frnd but dis is fab5s prob…so rude!!

  11. Nutz

    Fairy yesterday our bhai was upset coz none of his sisters were quarrellng wd him. So fairy plz start ur fights guys.

  12. fairy

    Noop..nutz…no way 4 me…….
    Yes, shar..l also feel d same…..mukti never talk sweetly wid nand……….whn she ll get 2 knw tht nand is their fab5 leader’s gf…..wht ll she do????…ha ha ha ha

  13. remix queen

    I have a feelin dat bfre soha exits shes gonna do sumtin big…i liked the flashback of the attacks dat manik got

  14. Nutz

    But i didn’t like da way they just shwd out of nthng dat abhi’s dead. I had expectd to mukti to find out abut his illness n supprt him in his last dys

  15. Aswini tell me the name of the sweet….. a mix of kaju nd sugar. most probably starts wid M……i cant remember the name…. Its tasty vry much

  16. fairy

    Suhash…u r eldr thn me… u strt……
    Nw if any new cmr ll cm thn l m damn sre they ll nt talk wid me n suhu…they ll thnk hw bad we r…ha ha ha

  17. Nutz

    Shar which song was playd wen nandu hs tears in her eyes n bids bye to manik? mohe rang laga de…joganiya type which song is it?

  18. carron

    Guys can u believe in tht ,zain (aabhi) got many gifts nd letters nd the fans were like u r soo gud nd in the first episode only u got many girl fans !!! Nd tht time I was thinking abt us calling him a monkey jumping 4 a banana !!!

  19. Nutz

    This time nandu is realizng da pain of walkng away like manik during da dhruv part.
    But nandu’s smart, she decides nt to hide anythng as hiding only ruins.

  20. sanaya

    Girl: Neenga Dum Adippingala…?
    Boy: Ama..!
    Girl: Oru Naalaikku Eththana packet..?
    Boy: Oru Three Packet Adippen…
    Girl: Oru Packet vilai 40rsnu vachukkitta oru
    naalaikku 120rupees..! correct ah..?
    Boy: Correct…
    Girl: Eththanai varusama tham adikkiringa…?
    Boy: Oru 20years adikkiren..
    Girl: One yearku sumar 44thousands na..!
    20yearsku 9lakhs rupees aaguthu correct
    Boy: correct…
    Girl: Intha rupees Iruntha Neenga oru
    Scorpio car vaangi irukkalam…
    Boy: Hmmm….Neenga Tham Adippingala…?
    Girl: chi chi chi…No No…!
    Boy: Apdina Unga scorpio Car enga
    Girl: ???
    Boy : En ma ipadi pandregaley ma.
    Dedicated to boys

  21. Guys hw did u knw pandit…the uncle….will fall fr Nandu…..maybe he will pair up wid Soha…or navya…….maybe…i dnt want him 2 fall fr nandu

  22. Half girlfriend is the worst work till now of Chetan bhagat…..it sounds lyk a typical bollywood film…….cnt believe the man who wrote 2states nd 3mistakes of my life could write this…………..I dnt knw whether u will lyk it r nt

  23. carron

    Bhai how dare u leave like that yesterday ???!!! I mean seriously , how can u just leave like tht .. here no one can leave .. This chatting or friendship is a lifetime commitment nd no one can retire or resgin , only leave application will be accepted …

  24. I dnt understand bhagat………boy falls in luv….girl refuses……..they separate……again meet……….this time gal falls in luv….bt sm idiotic probs……again separation…….then again girl nd boy meet…….this time both fall in luv…get married…….hv a son…………..idiotic

  25. I hv seen the film…..i will buy it carru……ananyadi b4 u finish the book maybe they will make a bolly film out of it…….

  26. carron

    Girl-do u smoke
    Boy- yes
    Girl-how many packets one day
    girl- if 1 packet is for 40 then one day u spend 120 r8 ?
    girl- then it will 20 thousand in 1 year nd 9lakhs in 20 years r8 !!!??
    girl- if u had this money then u could have Bought a Scorpio car..
    Boy- do u smoke ?
    Girl- no never chi chi..
    boys -then where is ur Scorpio car
    Girl- ????

  27. remix queen

    Scriptwriter wats comin up? N sana u r indeed a very good listener…ur alertness n enthusiasm encourages me durin the update…haha fairy yes jhol jhol

  28. Nono ananyadi…..its the sketch………..read it……theres a Lott more written inside……thnk u Carron……haha wat a joke……..thnks 2 sanayadi 2

  29. fairy

    Guyz…l m sry bt l m nt enjying here 2day….cz may b l dnt knw anythng abt whtevr u all r talking….ha ha ha ha

  30. Nthng is impossible….maybe they will shw dat mukti actually took the depression pills on musicana n8…….nd died………..soo wat we see nw is muktis ghost…………

  31. sanaya

    thnks shar…i thnk aftr knwng abt his cncr abhi mst hv left his home fr spreadng love n happiness in othrs life n his mothr thnks dat he is dead

  32. fairy

    Shar….aftr seeing 1 hr epsd…u strt 2 gv us updt in ur phn…dnt ur parents say anythng………ha ha ha…my mom would nt spare me……
    Bt plz dnt mind…it helps us a looot……haha…l m really sry shar…..

  33. Nutz

    Guys which song was playd wen nandu’s tears in her eyes n bids bye to manik through window, also in yestrdy wen she falls back n manik catches,which song? mohe rang laga de….joganiya…type, which song is it?

  34. fairy

    Ha ha …ammy…pandit uncle …r8…..so old n soo moody….wht does he thnk of himself????…. He thnks tht no1 is mr beautuful thn him….he is d Mr universe…lol

  35. Nutz

    Guys i’m still nt angry wd pandit yet. I mean he has been helpful in da 2 epis, he alwys bhvs rudely wd nandu n cute nandu cryngly goes to manik….haha

  36. remix queen

    Haha fairy…as of nw my parents r cool as i sit fr class whole day frm 7 in mrnin to 5 30 so after dat dey know m tired n manik refreshes me lol so dey dnt say nytin n dats y i started givin update beech beech mein n nt end

  37. fairy

    Ha ha ha ….shar…..l m really vry vry sry if u feel bad…..n so sweet tht manik gvs u refreshmnt…..ha ha…….

  38. Nutz

    My xms were n results r brilliant,don’t worry. Just at da end of da day my head got a lil messy but xms were great.

  39. Dnt ggo carrruuuuu……..fairy dats wat I said 2dayz ago…..icnt open it. ………..bt my old one okk……m making a nw one

  40. Nutz

    Oreo help me out, i’ve to complete my bio hw.
    It’s on green house effect. I need information on hw CFC reacts wd ozone layer n releases oxygen in da atmosphere n demages ozone layer.

  41. remix queen

    Guys m excited fr tomm epi…pata nai kya hoga…i liked maniks reaction wen he saw the videos…n da rite parts too…hahaha

  42. Nutz

    Maths srijonshil e boi e shudhu niyom deoya thake r amdr practice krte hoi kintu boi er kono exercise theke xm e ques thake na, sob teachr-ra baniye dai. Ajnno amdr ak math onek niyome shikte hoi, karon xm hall e xm deoar somoi amdr kono idea-o nai je ashole ques er exact ans koto, so amra sure hoyar jnno akoi math e bivinno method apply kori. O…xm time akoi math je koto bar kora hoi, jotokhn na porjonto ans mile.

  43. Ammy onceI mised da 10thepi strted redin updates…..wen manik iz levin nandu4 dhruv im upset cuz no one to share…s I strted readin coments,den aftr few days I also strted individual coments,1 a day….I got so many likes so I decided to b here daily….lyk dat

  44. Nutz

    Oreo i need info on CFC n ozone layer. Hw CFC reacts wd ozone layer n releases oxygen n thus demages ozone layer.

  45. Me guys I missed the diwali epi…..found the tellly updates……….nd saw soo many cmnts……after dat manan broke…..felt stry ………..started cmntng……..it was 25th Nov when I first started chatting wid sara kuhu Sammie……..nd. Frm dat day I fouund a great family

  46. Yaa ananyadi I remember 90cmnts…….nd 90people did cm…….cause no one repeat his/her cmnt or talked…….i wonder where r the 90 people

  47. fairy

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    arrey nutz…tui to puro srijonshil ques explain krli….wow wow….edu minstr wants a explnr like u…..lol

  48. Nutz

    Thnx thnx fairy…..haha.

    Suhash i think my vote goes to ammy n aftr dat fairy n lastly sana di. Guys don’t mind ha plz.

  49. Nutz

    Ammy i think der was anothr girl namd elisha, she was frm syhlet.
    There was anothr boy named sammie, last yr he was in cls 7.

  50. laura

    in the side of the given link u can see MICRO PROPOGATION click on any given box to get more info. it is a slide show

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  52. After Kailash satyarthi……..india gets bck to bck nobles………i hv made the country proud…….bt ii myself will vote fr fairy……cause she’s always present ……i lyk it

  53. Nutz

    I only remembr da n8 tym of my first entry. Der was sound akka n vaishu. Later nxt dy i talkd wd neha di n others.my memory is so weak! I only remembr mayb it was my 3rd dy mrng der was euphie aka kajal n sana di, phie was upset as she cudn’t go to picnic. Nd i chatd wd auho as evrydy she used to cum arund 10:30am wen i was here too.

  54. There was Nilu nd a guy who had a band…..negadi is absent fr long too…….i remember she hv the name kyy rocks……nd lyk I nd kajal jumped on her hearing it

  55. sanaya

    nw wat ll b soha’s nxt step???
    manik mst b thnking dat nw soha wud do harm to nandini aftr knowng all dis….so he z tryng to reach hr….excitd fr tomorws ep

  56. Nutz

    Oreo i can’t find da text option yar. I clickd on da strtng introduction, i’m getting da topics names options , i tried clickng but they arn’t opening.wat to do?

  57. Sad paart kuhu….i cnt open my mail anymore……i hv to make anothr one
    Nd fr Soha its her time to fllw Harshad……bt I must say Harshad nr evil dan soha

    No no no see when u click on my name a box will appear in the middle
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  59. Yes yes kuhu……after we started chatting one n8 like this. . …….nd then we all bcame a family…….kuhu dat day if u hvnt said that lets post cmnts in bengali I would hv never cm frwrd 2 chat

  60. sanaya

    Nandini to stop Soha’s evil plans in Kaisi Yeh YaariyanPresent track shows that Soha (Jasmin Avasia) has turned an obsessive lover of Manik (Parth Samthaan) and she wants to get him at any cost in Kaisi YehYaariyan.Soha makes a plan to get Manik but Nandini (Niti Tylor) spoils her plans on reaching in the Manik’s room.Soha’s losses her tempers and decides to kill Nandini however, Mr.Kurana makes her calm by telling to soon make Nandini’s exit from Manik’s life.
    Soha attempts to kill Nandini
    Nandini decides to back out from Manik’s life but suddenly she changes her mind and decides not to bend down in front of Soha.Nandini decides to teach a lesson to Soha while Soha also attempt to kill Nandini.There will also be a fight between Nandini and Soha to get Manik.

  61. Nutz

    Arre great fight btw soha n nandu, nw dat’s sumthng to luk frward for..i wonder wat wil nandu do to teach soha a lesson.

  62. sanaya

    guys manik doesnt knw dat pandit is a young guy n wen manik ll c dem togethr lyk today..he came n sit wid nandu…manik ll burst out in anger

  63. Nutz

    Oreo i’m tellng u na i’m tryng but aftr i click i get back to 1st pg…haha. I’m here through mob, maybe dat’s why it’s nt opening. Anyways just forget it, even i’m nt in da mood to work behind it, i’m really tired; hv to prepare fr tmw’s tutions which strt frm 6:30am. Oo…! I don’t wana study nw, i’ve been through a lot 2dy but sadly i hv no other option.
    Bye, i’ll see u tmrw den, try cumng by 1pm

  64. Maybe alya will pair wid pandit……dhruv wid Soha………….cabir with the nurse ……..nandini with Harshad…….navya wid manik

  65. Nutz

    Arre oreo don’t get hyper yar coz everytym u get anxious abut my reply, sum hw my connectin senses it coz it strts disturbng den…
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  67. Nutz

    Wah! Ammy kya pairs banaya he! Agar asa huya toh sabse pehle humari pyari ammy hi kyy dekhna chor degi coz she can’t stand any1 wd manik except nandu nd any1 wd nandu except manik.
    Am i r8 ammy?

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    • are yaar who puts the written update here…..
      its full of mistakes..:(
      manik got cabir’s sim card n not memory card…
      when soha cols her dad , nandu thinks that she had not told anything to manik and not dad…
      neonika is manik’s mom and not cabir’s….
      if u dont know actually, then why update it..
      dont confuse the viewers for atlest mana’s sake

      • actually its not a rply to ur comment..
        pls dont take me wrong….
        actuallt i dont know how to comment here
        so thot of commenting as a rply to one of the comments

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    Hui main teri joganiya joganiya
    Tu jogi teri joganiyan main joganiyan
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    Piya ji mohe ang lagaaHui main teri joganiya joganiyaTu jogi teri joganiyan main joganiyan

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    Sana Di plz do me a favour. Kyy epi-76 which epi was it, i mean plz tell me da story or scene of dat epi n i’ll understand

  84. sanaya

    ep strts wid..manik n nandu takng cabir to the hospital(as he hs been badly beatn by harshad) in his car…nandu asks manik fr blankt fr cabir as he ws shivering..manik replied i m nt here to sleep bt aftr dat he tries to remove the jacket while driving the car and almost loses control of the car so he ask nandu to hold the steering..she came frwrd suddenly the flash lights of another vehicle appears and manik controls the car at the last moment..the car shakes and nandu ends up kissing on manik’s cheek….manik’s eyes almost pops out….they look at each other and both feel awkward..aftr dat he calls alya n nandu notices that alya’s name is saved as‘Love’ in his mobile.. nandini recalls manik telling her that alya and he are not together..she recalls him telling her that they broke up…nandu feels cheated..they reach d hsptl n manik carries cabir bt due to pressure his hand strts bleedng too…doctr cms n asks hw he got injured so badly…nandini lied dat he has falln frm d stage so doctr attnds him…

  85. sanaya

    aftr dat manik asks nandu dat y did she lied to the doctor, let d cops cm n put harshad to jail…nandini replied i told d lie for Cabir… not for harshad..if i wud not have told the lie, doctor would not have attended cabir. and if the doctor would have known that it was a case of assault… what would you have said the reasn behind d fight..its a hate crime… because he is gay.. manik looks guilty..police would get involved…den what would have happened? His whole life would get ruined..And this will create more issues in his life. you will never understand anything..nandu starts to walk from there, but manik stops her.. they look at each other and manik leaves her hand..

  86. ?//////////

    നിങ്ങളുടെ യഥാർത്ഥ പേര് എന്താണ് rainbow…. translate it…

  87. ……ban ke titli dil uda uda uda hain kahi door…..chalke khusbu se juda juda juda hain kahi door….hal se ye kaise ansune se jaise…..chume aandheroko koi noor

  88. Takte rehte tujhko saajh saware…naino Mein basiya jaise nain ye tere……….tere mast mast do naine dil ka le Gaye chain………fr manik

  89. fairy

    Uljhi si baatein dil
    Mujhse bhi baatein
    To mehar, mehar, meharbaniyan
    Khud hi samajh ke mujhe samjha de
    To mehar, mehar, meharbaniyan.

    Ho meharbani jo dil de zubani
    Keh de woh jo na kabhi kaha hai
    Aise tera main, jaise mera tu
    Aise tera main, jaise mera tu hoo……

  90. fairy

    Hmm hmm hmm hmm …
    Hmm hmm hmm mm …
    Dehleez pe mere dil ki jo rakhe hain tune kadam
    Tere naam pe meri zindagi, likh di mere humdum
    Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
    Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
    Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena, kaise jeena
    Na seekha jeena tere bina hum dum

    Dehleez pe mere dil ki jo rakhe hain tune kadam
    Tere naam pe meri zindagi, likh di mere humdum
    Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
    Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
    Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena, kaise jeena
    Na seekha jeena tere bina hum dum

    Hmm hmm hmm hmm …
    Hmm hmm hmm mm …

  91. Nutz

    Fairy i’m sad yar, april month e jokhn soboi xm sheshe phirbe, akdom free hoye tokhn amr sob jaigai model test hbe…..n nw i’m a bit free ar sobar akhn xms.
    Wat a bad tyming i hv!!

  92. Surkh wala, sauz wala, Faiz wala love
    Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
    Ishq wala love

    Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
    Ishq wala love
    Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
    Ishq wala love
    Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
    Ishq wala luvvv

  93. qwert

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    Sachi si hai yeh taarife…dil se jo tune kari hai….tu jo mila toh saji haiii…duniya meri humdum
    Jo aasmaan mila zameen ko meri aadhe aadhe poore hai hum…tere naam pe meri zindagi likh di mere humdum..

  94. qwert

    Hey nutzzz!!! Goin gud deary!!
    Frndz u know today v had our debate….mera toh sar dard karne laga….aise bhi i dobt lyk fighting…usmein aisa topic….n v will b continuing our debate tmr also 🙁 anywats i m 🙂

  95. Nutz

    Arre dekho guys humari pyaari stinky chinky is here to join us! Plz guys let us give our swt chinky a warm welcum.
    Welcum chinky to our useless group.

  96. remix queen

    Me too…have run so much jus to reach home to see kyy n manik!!! I was the first person to run out of class as soon as sir left

  97. remix queen

    M here sana…even m jus reachin home…will b home in 10 mins…seriously thot i wud miss…ny1 needs update today?

  98. Nutz

    Aww….so sweet shar, u love kyy n manik so much.wat abut nandu?
    Yup shar, plz gv da update, a dy widout ur remixd update yar, my day feel kinda incomplete. Plz gv update shar

  99. phir nandu soha ka jhagra…………..manik nd fab5 willl interfere….manik will tell loud nd clear i lun nandini murthy………………….sab ka mu dekhne layek hoga

  100. Nutz

    I don’t think manan story is gona cum out dis soon. But u knw da funny part abut me, ever since noon i’m imagining manik burstng out n revealing his feelings infront of fab5,don’t knw why.

  101. Nutz

    I’m gona start cryng nw, seriously. I’m takng preparations to go n watch kyy nw.
    N luk at my futi kismaat. Electricity went out!! Curse dat load-shedding;->;->

  102. sanaya

    nutz i jst want nandu n soha get involvd into a fi8 n manik cms n slap soha infrnt of evry1 n shout at hr sayng dat “i love nandini, so stay frm hr”..makng evry1 shockd

  103. remix queen

    I feel nandu will see cabir n go towards him n soha or her dad will attack her bfre nanik can come…epi startin b here guys..will keep givin updates

  104. remix queen

    Soha comes n says nw u know hw much i love u n manik is like ur spyin on us she says everytin is fair in love n war…n yest precap she says i have a prob with nandu she wants to steal u frm me n he pushes her away n runs out of door n locks hr in…n shes mad with anger…hes drivin n calls nandu

  105. remix queen

    Mukti cabir aliya r searchin wen manik calls n tells dem everytin bout cabir n soha fight..dhruv says lets go to cops…manik says no…dey r thinkon of new places whr he can b…malls etc…nandu is playin her veena n manik calls her to the parking area…she goes der n he comes n jus hugs her…

  106. remix queen

    He asks r u ok n shes lije wat happened n he says i wnt let nytin happen n tells her come with me she says no n he says stop arguin…dey in car

  107. remix queen

    Hes angry n bhagaoing…nandu tells him to talk…he says im angry coz of soha…n manik is bugged dat i was busy with u wen i shud have been with him…i shud have been with him…hes hyper…

  108. remix queen

    Cabir used to hide his pain bt i cudnt do nytin…shes sayin m so sure he nust b missin raghav…manik realises hes at raghavs place….he tells her to msg fab 5 navya came to cabirs hse n is cleanin

  109. remix queen

    Manan reach…she says cabir wnt b comfy talkin near me so shes waitin out…fab5 enter…n nandu sees cabir on terrace committin suicide

  110. remix queen

    Fab5 enter terrace n r searchin runnin hes goin closer to edge…manik plans to surround him n hold him

  111. remix queen

    Manik is goin closer to hold him wen nandu comes n screams cabir he falls bck n dey hold him n nw hes in…manik screams at him

  112. remix queen

    Hes sayin i dnt wanna live mukti slaps him he pushes manik in anger..he says mom raghav all left…n mukti says we r notin n he cries sayin mom loves me so much n wat ive dne n cries…nw hes cool n manik says nw r u relieved with all stress out

  113. remix queen

    Comin up dey show dat manik is with khurana n says im gonna show rhe world these videos he says r u givin me dhamki…he says no im tryin to get rid of ur self denial as i cnt take ny risk wen it comes to nandu…n den he says nyways ill do wat i have to do shuts his laptop n leavin

  114. Nutz

    Wonder wat’s nandu is gona do next. Walk away,avioding manik until they complete da album but da update said dat nandu’s gona fight wd soha.

  115. remix queen

    Nandu is bck in colg every1 left manik calls her n says wru..she says colg he says wait der m comin…she goes to music room…her tickets r booked she asks him to postpone to tomm

  116. remix queen

    Shes cryin n manik comes…n is standin n lukin at her…he says i didnt know u cud play guitar n she drops it n she says sorry he says u shud b coz u disappeared suddenly…she said i didnt wanna disturb…he said u wnt ask bout cabir she says he has u notin can happen…dey r sittin back to bck n hes thinkin i dnt know hw much ill b able to protect dem bt ill b always der fr u n save u frm soha…she says tomms ur big day wat u thinkin hes thinkin wat to do if i do nytin the album will go my frnds need it…bt if i dnt hell harm nandu…

  117. remix queen

    Hes thinkin i am at such a road whr i have to choose…he tells her im confused bout suntin n dnt know wat to do…she says abt cabir? She says wen ur confused listen to ur heart…hes thinkin i want u safe in front of my eyes

  118. remix queen

    In comin up manik tells khurana ki malhotra industries can buy khuraba industries fr peanuts n finish it so think whether u wanna cancel album deal or continue with it