Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nandhani is thinking about what Naviya said to her regarding their their group and as she is thinking Manik starts singing and a song on her and Nandhani after hearing it goes and hugs him tightly. Manik then pushes her away and gives her a gift. Nandhani opens it and finds a pack of chocolates At first when Nandhani tries to eat it Manik does not let her asking to smile first and then they both eat the chocolate after which Nandhani kisses him. Manik says that she liked his rhymes but where did he get this information at first Manik tries to get away with it but then says that her ammes told him because she knew hr would need it. Nandhani gets angry as to why Ammes told him because she knew that he would need it. Nandhani says that she has to perform in the Talent hunt as soon as Manik hears

this he gets angry and says that why does she have to perform with him Nandhani tries to explain to him but he does not listen and when he is about to leave Nandhani calls him and tells him that she has to perform because Naviya needs it. Manik says that she would participate because of Naviya but would not take out her name because of him Nandhani says that he would do anything for his friends and she cannot do this much for her friend. Manik says that he does not trust Aryaman and would not let her be alone with him Nandhani says that she doesnot want to fight with him and leaves.
Aryaman is fixing his Tabbla and as he is about to use the hammer Manik holds his hand and angerly asks Aryaman to stay away from Nandhani then he takes the hammer and brakes the mobile of Aryaman and when he asks what Manik has done then Manik says that this time it was his mobile next time it would be himself. Manik pulls the door and Aryaman gets hurt and says to MAnik that he has no respect even as a musician. Aryaman says that he hurt him but MAnik stands still and tells him that it was his plan and he did this purposefully. Manik then rushes towards him but he runs away.
Aryaman is walking and bumps into Harshad who after seeing his hand asks him that they they should go to the principal but Aryaman says that this will not work and they have to complain to Nndhani because she will not be able to accept that Manik did this he also says to Harshad that they have to fight their own battles.
Cabir and Dhruv are both talking and Dhruv asks Cabir where he has been and then he tells that he for the past two days has to cover for a friend because he was ill then Dhruv pulls out some flowers and Cabir asks who gave these to him but he says that he brought them to ask for Aaliya’s forgivness and suddenly MUkti and Aaliya come and Dhruv hides them away. They asks Cabir where he was and Cabir also says sorry to them and then asks Mukti that they should go and gab something to eat but Aaliya says that she wants them here and pulls a flower stem Dhruv asks that she kept it and then she throws it at his face and says that she doesnot want to keep any garbage in her heart. Dhruv pulls the flowers and asks her to forgive him but she shouts that she will not and throws the flowers outside which go at the feet on Manik who is hearing what she says.
Manik says to Nandhani that he cannot believe what Aaliya said because fab 5 was his life then NAndhani tells that maybe this will bring them closer to eachother and suggests him to do something exciting for them on the friends day and Manik agrees.

Precap: The Fab 5 come and see a poster on friends day and on it Aaliya’s name is written but she says that she was not behind it and then Manik comes and says that he made it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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