Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhruv says to Cabir that Manik is jealous of him because he has taken Manik’s place. Manik doesn’t believe. Dhruv tells Cabir to tell Manik he is singing in the concert, as he is no more than a messenger. Cabir stood heartbroken, Dhruv leaves. Manik says Dhruv is really not coming back, will he never…?? Nandini turns to him closed eyes and keeps a hand on his shoulder. He also shuts his eyes, Nandini forwards her hand to touch her face and follow it down to his chest. She asks does this hurt. Her phone bell rings, Navya ask why is she taking a lot of time in washroom, did she go to meet Manik. Nandini says she didn’t see Manik. Manik tells Nandini to go, Dhruv isn’t like this, he is sure they will find a way. Nandini asks if he is sure, Manik says I am ok. Nandini comes up to Cabir

who was at a verge of crying, she tells him Manik is there. Cabir says yes, he walks down the stairs to Manik who takes a bench.
Mukti comes to canteen thinking Abhimanyu had left something for her, it was a stuffed clown. She cried remembering all about herself and Abhimanyu. She says I will remember you the way you wanted Abhimnayu.
Nandini comes behind Dhruv and says she has to talk to him. He asks doesn’t she feel she must concentrate on her class and leaves as Navya’s phone rings. Navya says she doesn’t need to come now, Pandit ji has said he will take the class yesterday, she was in disbelief that this time he wasn’t angry. Nandini hangs up and runs behind Dhruv.
Aaliya was shopping at a mall, she took some pics and forwarded them to Mukti. Mukti watches them and texts her back. Aaliya texts back. Mukti takes the photo of her clown and forwards it to Aaliya, Aaliya watches it intently. Mukti says Abhimanyu left it for her. Aaliya calls her and asks how did she come to know. Mukti says his dad called; Aaliya asks where is she, in hospital. Mukti nods, Aaliya says she is coming here.
Nandini follows Dhruv to the class and says he can’t make an excuse now as sir has even cancelled the class. She says it is obvious he cares for his friends, he came to pub for Mukti and today he couldn’t hear a word against Cabir. Dhruv says he doesn’t want to say a word about Fab5, Nandini says he is a Fab5. She says Manik still cares for him, he wants him back. Dhruv says had he cared, he wouldn’t have treated him like this. Nandini asks if he knows what Manik has done for him, she tells him that he sacrified me for you when he knew you liked me. She stops at once as Manik stood in the door.
Aaliya comes to hospital café, she hugs her from behind. Mukti says I am fine, Aaliya takes a seat. Mukti takes her clown and tells her to meet Abhimanyu, Aaliya smiles so does Mukti. Aaliya says she is lucky to have experienced true love, she lived it for a few days. People spend their lives to experience such few moments. Mukti says the time with Abhimanyu was beautiful. Aaliya says she must think about people who don’t even get true love inspite of staying together. Mukti is about to say something, Aaliya asks her to celebrate for Abhimanyu as he wanted her to.
Navya comes to Cabir in café, he says her mom called and is calling. Navya says his mom called. Cabir says her mom called to ask what he will eat. Navya says his mom asked what her favorite colour was. Cabir says he called her mom to take her away, but they have become a headache for him. A guy sitting nearby heard the conversation. Cabir says they must find a fake father for her child to avoid this torture.
Manik comes inside the room, he stammers to say something to Dhruv. Dhruv asks if he considered him so weak that he couldn’t get anything until he (Manik) had left him. He jerks Manik’s hand on his shoulder. Manik asks what is he saying, why does he say so? Dhruv says it isn’t me, but his actions Manik Malhotra- the great sacrificed Nandini for me.
Manik looks at Nandini, then Dhruv. He asks what else could he do, he looked at his (Dhruv) face, he was happy and excited, it was his first love. He asks what I could do. It was the first time he had expressed something that what he wanted and he thinks I Manik, he would just snatch them. He says he wanted him to have love. Dhruv says he must have given him a chance to fight for Nandini. Manik asks why would they fight, he says to Dhruv that he was always better. Nandini says Manik’s buddy, Dhruv, wouldn’t have said this. She asks if he hadn’t done the same for Manik. Dhruv leaves the room. Manik and Nandini look at each other, Nandini steals her looks. Navya comes inside the room and is asks if they are both no afraid of sir. Manik looks at Nandini angrily and leave the room.

PRECAP: Neonika says to Pandit ji he listened to her to be linient with Nandini. Pandit ji says her granny is his teacher, Neonika tells him to take something for her family on dinner.

Update Credit to: Sona

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