Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhruv says to Cabir that Manik is jealous of him because he has taken Manik’s place. Manik doesn’t believe. Dhruv tells Cabir to tell Manik he is singing in the concert, as he is no more than a messenger. Cabir stood heartbroken, Dhruv leaves. Manik says Dhruv is really not coming back, will he never…?? Nandini turns to him closed eyes and keeps a hand on his shoulder. He also shuts his eyes, Nandini forwards her hand to touch her face and follow it down to his chest. She asks does this hurt. Her phone bell rings, Navya ask why is she taking a lot of time in washroom, did she go to meet Manik. Nandini says she didn’t see Manik. Manik tells Nandini to go, Dhruv isn’t like this, he is sure they will find a way. Nandini asks if he is sure, Manik says I am ok. Nandini comes up to Cabir

who was at a verge of crying, she tells him Manik is there. Cabir says yes, he walks down the stairs to Manik who takes a bench.
Mukti comes to canteen thinking Abhimanyu had left something for her, it was a stuffed clown. She cried remembering all about herself and Abhimanyu. She says I will remember you the way you wanted Abhimnayu.
Nandini comes behind Dhruv and says she has to talk to him. He asks doesn’t she feel she must concentrate on her class and leaves as Navya’s phone rings. Navya says she doesn’t need to come now, Pandit ji has said he will take the class yesterday, she was in disbelief that this time he wasn’t angry. Nandini hangs up and runs behind Dhruv.
Aaliya was shopping at a mall, she took some pics and forwarded them to Mukti. Mukti watches them and texts her back. Aaliya texts back. Mukti takes the photo of her clown and forwards it to Aaliya, Aaliya watches it intently. Mukti says Abhimanyu left it for her. Aaliya calls her and asks how did she come to know. Mukti says his dad called; Aaliya asks where is she, in hospital. Mukti nods, Aaliya says she is coming here.
Nandini follows Dhruv to the class and says he can’t make an excuse now as sir has even cancelled the class. She says it is obvious he cares for his friends, he came to pub for Mukti and today he couldn’t hear a word against Cabir. Dhruv says he doesn’t want to say a word about Fab5, Nandini says he is a Fab5. She says Manik still cares for him, he wants him back. Dhruv says had he cared, he wouldn’t have treated him like this. Nandini asks if he knows what Manik has done for him, she tells him that he sacrified me for you when he knew you liked me. She stops at once as Manik stood in the door.
Aaliya comes to hospital café, she hugs her from behind. Mukti says I am fine, Aaliya takes a seat. Mukti takes her clown and tells her to meet Abhimanyu, Aaliya smiles so does Mukti. Aaliya says she is lucky to have experienced true love, she lived it for a few days. People spend their lives to experience such few moments. Mukti says the time with Abhimanyu was beautiful. Aaliya says she must think about people who don’t even get true love inspite of staying together. Mukti is about to say something, Aaliya asks her to celebrate for Abhimanyu as he wanted her to.
Navya comes to Cabir in café, he says her mom called and is calling. Navya says his mom called. Cabir says her mom called to ask what he will eat. Navya says his mom asked what her favorite colour was. Cabir says he called her mom to take her away, but they have become a headache for him. A guy sitting nearby heard the conversation. Cabir says they must find a fake father for her child to avoid this torture.
Manik comes inside the room, he stammers to say something to Dhruv. Dhruv asks if he considered him so weak that he couldn’t get anything until he (Manik) had left him. He jerks Manik’s hand on his shoulder. Manik asks what is he saying, why does he say so? Dhruv says it isn’t me, but his actions Manik Malhotra- the great sacrificed Nandini for me.
Manik looks at Nandini, then Dhruv. He asks what else could he do, he looked at his (Dhruv) face, he was happy and excited, it was his first love. He asks what I could do. It was the first time he had expressed something that what he wanted and he thinks I Manik, he would just snatch them. He says he wanted him to have love. Dhruv says he must have given him a chance to fight for Nandini. Manik asks why would they fight, he says to Dhruv that he was always better. Nandini says Manik’s buddy, Dhruv, wouldn’t have said this. She asks if he hadn’t done the same for Manik. Dhruv leaves the room. Manik and Nandini look at each other, Nandini steals her looks. Navya comes inside the room and is asks if they are both no afraid of sir. Manik looks at Nandini angrily and leave the room.

PRECAP: Neonika says to Pandit ji he listened to her to be linient with Nandini. Pandit ji says her granny is his teacher, Neonika tells him to take something for her family on dinner.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. ♥♔sara♔♥

    wow no1 hr amazing awesome u guys continue yaar dnt cum hr I mean seriously yaar I am really vry angry

  2. Nutz

    I lykd 2dy’s epi, mukti’s part ws nyc, kinda soothng typ,a pleasant one. I really lykd da last section, dhruv-manik-nandini convo, especially whr dhruv remains speechles to ans bck nandu at da end nd nandu’s stealng luk ws nyc too, poor manik’s gng through a bad mental conditn n as fr dhruv, his mind’s currently mess coz he al cn think of nw is to f8 wd manik, he’s upset he cudnt f8 earlier fr nandu,so he’s tryng to f8 manik nw , dis tym usng alya’s name.

  3. ♥♔sara♔♥

    rv u shd say sshh…. koi nahi hai hahaha I luvd dat shw rv shh… koi hai evn today I watch it on YouTube

  4. Laura

    Hey guys i just came from church i m doing several things which is why my punctuality went

  5. Nutz

    U knw 2dy mrng my bhai cam hme (as he hs summer vacatn) nd fr last hrs, me, mom, bhai we wr al talkng, gossipng 2gethr, it ws too much fun, my belly n cheek’s r til painng fr too much laughng:-D

  6. Laura

    Nutz nice to c u happy u enjoy with ur bhai
    Jack jack jack jack jack jack time to come now

  7. Nutz

    U knw at my place, me,bhai n dad its (always dis way) we r on kinda lyk 1 team n mom falls our victim (nt real, just fr fun), we enjoy disturbng n teasing her :-D.
    Evn 2dy, me n bhai both 2gthr wr teasng mom:-D hehehe, wat kind of childrn we r!shame on us, bt evn mom enjoys herself, so we stil continue dis, playng pranks, disturbng her in a swt way, teasng her al day long:-D

  8. Nutz

    Nd we gv such weird logics dat mom gets speechles to defend herself against us ! :-D, dos r quite hilarious, our logic.

  9. Nutz

    Fr example al of us r sittng on da dinng table, mom’s ordrng me to drink milk (which i absolutely hate), so i strtd tellng mom, dat hw carefully nature hs wd so much care rear al lvng beings in such a skillful way, it hs gvn us evrythng we need to survive n hv a healthy life. . .

  10. ♥♔sara♔♥

    I am going to create a photo invitation fr calling evry1 to tu yaar c ya aftr sumtym

  11. Nutz

    Fr us humans, in infanthood,we need to take mothr’s milk til 3-4 yrs, aftr dat automatically n naturally mothr’s milk stops, so its clear our nature-mothr doesnt thnk its necesary fr us aftr dat. Bt we shameless as we r, callng our superior to al animals, we lay down our hands infrnt of cow, n take loan of milk frm cow (repayng bck by feedng it). Since we (dnt need it as per nature’s rule) bt yet we greedy humans, since we dnt hv milk, snatch it away frm an animal, hv we bothrd to thnk abt dat lil calf, hw shameful is dat! Nd i being a sensible n responsible human cnt b a part of dis, m nt take evn a sip of dat thng which isnt mine.
    Meaning milk, i end wd a glee:-D

  12. Nutz

    My family bursts out in laughtr hearng my logic (mainly excuse) abt drinkng milk, n my mom wat to defend n put logic against me to make me drink milk, she cudnt help nt laughng, nd evn my bhai bcks me up, supportng me nd my dad tells mom nw ans dat, bt wat ans or talk none of us cudnt stop laughng, so evry1 gt in a joyful mood nd da Bst Part, I Didnt Hv to Drink Milk dat Day!! Hehehe, mission a success 😀

  13. Nutz

    Haha drinkng milk means beggng to cow to lend us wat she produces fr her own babies.
    Hw cn we pull ourselvs to beg, dat too, infrnt of an animal !. . . . .lol, just kiddng 😀

  14. Navya(ammy)

    Guyzz jst got out frm my maths class….wait half an hr…..i will get home by 11 I suppose……

  15. Unknown

    Laura boyfrnd undo!! Oru malayali ki boyfrnd/grlfrnd undagaltha.. Tht too in this age.. Only advice.. Follow if it feels good

  16. ♔Ranvir♔

    Hmm.. Ssshhh koi hai?? I luv atmosphere very much.. Go on guyzz.. I am gonna shut my program..

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    Ranvir i m sorry Dad called u see ranvir both my parents r abroad so when they call i hv to take no they call only when they r free

  18. ♔Ranvir♔

    Laura i asked 5 times!! Ur boyfrnds name?? U r very interested in testing other’s patience??

  19. Laura

    My boy friends name is mishkat varma from aur pyaar ho gaya karanvir bohra from qubool hai And my parth from kyy

    • Laura

      Ranvir boy friend for me is friends who r boys And There r many as i m from a coeducational school

    • Laura

      One way actually two way but he doesnt know about my one way Every1 adviced me i m young so i left it but i will tell when i m older

  20. Laura

    @unknown i m sure i know u unknown because u r caring dont worry i know i m young Every1 in our school is involved in these matters but i m young i know it so i remain good girl only my best friend And sister And in kyy fairy And shark di know it they too adviced me i m wrong

  21. Laura

    Jack i thought u were leaving hearing about my boy friend yar i told no i keep that secret to my close friend And sister

  22. Laura

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    Unknown pleaseeeeeeee come back its ok i know u were angry with me because u were caring

  23. Nutz

    Ok oreo til rv cms bck, i’ll ask u ystrdy’s ques, hw abt dat? Hpe u hvnt seen dem. Nd NO CHEATNG!

  24. Laura

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    Jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack i m soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry this time mom called

  25. Laura

    Jack no u want the best for me i thought u were tensed about me gng in the wrong way And so u were leaving

  26. Actually laura am tired today no mood of talking
    n i want best frm u i do care fr u
    bt c i dnt knw hw to react in all these things so….

  27. Laura

    Jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack i m sorry I m sorry
    Sorry sorry sorry infinite times sorry

  28. Nutz

    Arreh relax oreo, m sure u r sensible enuf to diffrntiate btwn wats r8 n wats wrong fr ur age nw, n wd a sense of respnsibilty u’ll abide by dem, so m nt wryng. N chil, lets leave dat matter, shall we?

  29. Laura

    Jack i understood u guys all were shocked And didnt know how to react
    And UNKNOWN pleaseeeeeeee come back
    Guys i m telling u i dont hv a two way boy friend any one who has doubt can ask fairy And shark di i had got advice about this from them months back they were the ones who first warned me i was young

  30. Nutz

    Waise bhi its quite normal to develp feelngs fr sm1 bt wats imp is dat u took da r8 decision, lets leave dos fr future wen da tym n age is appropiat nd enjoy ourselves nw wd frnds, wat say?

  31. Laura

    Ok i will leave the topic nutz thnx for understanding guys Plus UNKNOWN i know u care for me a lot though i dont know who u really are

  32. Nutz

    Hii niku !!! Ok dear, we undrstnd our bg cnt join us, dnt wry, we’ll hold anthr reunion soon, u cn join den. Bt m really gna missssss uuuuuuu. . . .

  33. Nutz

    Ya, oreo i cnt deny dat i had gtn a big shock seeing dat at first, i evn reactd a bit, luckly no1 spottd it. Coz evn i personally dnt lyk al dis

  34. Laura

    Haha nutz even i m dead against it used to scold all my friends when they happily come And say about their boy friends or girlfriends but i couldnt stop it but i was lucky in controlling my feelings even after knowing he likes me back i feel proud for that because i easily rejected telling we r young we r meant to be friends

  35. Laura u r quite grwnup to undrstnd wht is good n bad…tht is y u left tht na…so chill
    n i din say anything at tht tym cz it is a pblic site so no use of disscusing all these here we all care fr u bt if smone else came n told bad so we all cant stay quite
    so dnt misundrstnd tht i dnt care fr u

  36. Laura

    U three agreed that having boy friends at this age is bad but it was i who should decide they can only advice

    • Laura

      Yes i know it well jack our dear ones always want the best for us so i always take advice And then make my decision taking opinion of others also

  37. Laura

    No i will live my life destiny has chosen something for all of us let it come in right time
    Only problem is cant forget him completely but i can control my feelings to myself

  38. Laura

    Thnx jack u guys r my support u r my friends And family always make me do only right thing never make me go wrong

  39. Nutz

    So who’s tellng u to forget him! Dnt force urself in tryng to forget him, it wil make thngs more harder fr u. Just try acceptng it, dat ya i hv feelngs fr him bt both of us need to wait to get maturd enuf n nw we hv to focus in buildng up our career, keep patience. N 1 thing i knw dat luv surely demands tym n patience. Dnt wry abt ur feelngs nw, accept da fact n move on, focus on wats imp nw, if dis tym passes, u wnt get it bck evr

  40. Laura

    I spoke it bcoz ranvir asked just being honest 🙂 now where is ranvir waiting for his questions
    Ranvir even i went to church from 2 to 9 come ranvir

  41. Navya(ammy)

    Laura same thng last year I rejected a boy……..thgh I had started to lyk him…..infct I lykd him fr 1 year…….really same thing :):)

  42. Laura

    Ammy same same pinch u only difference i know him well for 2 years And i knew him for 10 years

  43. Nutz

    Hey ammy remembr on valentns dy competitn u had submittd a luv story of a clg gng girl, story strtng frm her first day at clg. . . .blah blah, remembr?

  44. Laura

    Carru megha fairy auhona suhash bhai suchi sree so many to come again
    Ranvir time for quiz we r waiting

  45. ♥♔sara♔♥

    guys actually grndma cald me fr sum tlk so I dissappeared nw I came bck permanently til mrnng

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  49. Nutz

    Like? I absolutely loved it!!! Amazng story di, da plot’s really interestng, waitng fr manan to sing 2gthr in da album.
    Di hats off !! Its superb

  50. sanaya

    me too missd u all….
    nutz he hs cervical spinedroilitis…matlb spinal cord me 2 extra bones has grown…wenevr he tries to get up…he starts faintng…bp usually rises…
    n dats y i hardly get tym fr anythng…
    i hv taken leave frm colg so dat i cn tk cre of him

  51. Laura

    Sam Carru megha fairy auhona suhash bhai suchi sree max queen aadhya And many more left again to come

  52. Nutz

    “Anothr master-piece by our genius script-writer” wala mail, di believe me , i truly meant each n evry word i said der. Didnt u get dat mail?

  53. Nutz

    Oo..ok di, dnt wry, hope his pain wil reduce sn, cnt say it wil cure cmpltely. Dnt wry di, take care of him nd by da grace of Almighty, thngs wil get better soon, we’ll al pray fr him

  54. ♥♔sara♔♥

    no fun?? jst boring chat?? yaar plz lets hav sum fun yaar & sry if any1 felt bad dat I tld boring chat

  55. Nutz

    I made dat wd lots of care n luv fr u, hope it brought smile to ur face di, dat wud make my efforts fruitful

  56. Navya(ammy)

    Sanayadi dnnoe wrry……every thing will be alright…….
    Heyy u told u cmng to Kolkata…..when??

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    U know guys
    The first thing I do in mrng…..haha read the nights cmnts…..carry on night birds

  59. Laura

    How can i carry on ammy only night birds r me And nutz who r online sam nikki euphie aadhya And even sana is not here

  60. ♥♔sara♔♥

    wow wat a reunion yaar I mean seriously we cald fr a reunion & we ourselves celebrating it. 🙁

  61. ♔Ranvir♔

    Sry got busy wid sm work.. K guyzz the show ‘Master quiz’ starts.. Third participant laura.. Lets begin.. R u excited??

  62. Laura

    Sara dont be sad if u can try messaging them once more tell them poor laura And kyy site was waiting for them

  63. Nutz

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  64. Navya(ammy)

    Yes these mob data cnn tns too slw…….
    Lets cmpln to Sam’s parents Ki he nt cnctrating on chat nwadays

  65. ♔Ranvir♔

    In ur case laura. Imagine sm1 luvs u nd proposes u by kneeling down or giving rose.. Which 1 wud u like??

  66. ♥♔sara♔♥

    I swear nw I am going to warn every1 dat if dey dnt cum den I am going to forget dat I ever befriended dem

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  68. ♔Ranvir♔

    U r frm kerela nd i hav heard tht keralites r too intelligent.. U r 1 among them.. R u intelligent nd smart??

    • Laura

      No they wont Gio understood that vaishu is getting lot of trouble because of him And so he left dont tell them they wont come

  69. ♔Ranvir♔

    A man dressed in all black is walking down a country lane. Suddenly a large black car without any lights on comes round the corner and screeches to a halt. How did the car know he was ther?
    Laura this the lst que.. Apply ur logic.. Othrs cn also give the answr

  70. Navya(ammy)

    Weird thngs cmng in my head……so good night….hehe…i vil cm to chck u all………let me cmpile my ideas in mail first

  71. ♔Ranvir♔

    K simply i m asking 2 more ques!! Aftr tht i will b gng.. Nd yeah laura me too waiting for nonveg..

  72. ♔Ranvir♔

    A truck driver is going down a one way street the wrong way, and passes atleast 10 cops. Why he is not caught?

  73. ♔Ranvir♔

    The ans is.. He was walking on sidewalk.. Laura if he was driving then obviously he wud b got caught

  74. vaishu

    thought for da day…da world will always hv sum thing to say,u can always choose wthr or not to listen

  75. Laura

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    Ranvir ranvir thinking

  76. Laura

    Didnt sammy sleep yet carru tell him partner missing him lotzz And is waiting to be werewolf

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    The name of my shw was ‘My choice’ it chngd ‘Master quiz’ and it will go on!!

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    K bye guyxz 2 ques over.. Its time for me to go.. C u all nxt time when i cum.. Bye

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    wat r u tlkng aftr a man dies his wife bcms widow den hw cd he marry his widows sis

  85. carron

    Ha ha ha brilliant sisters !! Ha ha , do I know you bhai ????? Have we talked before ??? It feels I dI’d ,…….

  86. ♔Ranvir♔

    An electric train is moving north at 100 mph and a wind is blowing to the west at 10 mph. Which way does the smoke blow??

  87. ♔Ranvir♔

    Keralites r too intelligent as i said b4.. No carron this is our first talk.. No doubt sara is also intelligent..

  88. ♥♔sara♔♥

    me too enjoying see no sad face in my name nw & sry fr disappearing. I went to be more brilliant & intelligent I mean I went to drink milk & thnks fr ur compliment bro

  89. Laura

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    How can v lift it cut elephants doesn’t hAve hands ?? So how can v lift a elephant with one hand ….

  91. carron

    Medicine , oh, doctor good 🙂 bhai all the best 4 future and studies , u will Rock bhai after all v r ur sisters, just joking 🙂 ?.

  92. So sanday is easter or bibically if we sau always we celebrate the cruxifixion on good friday on tht day jesus died nd he rose on third day nd the third day was sunday so we celebrate it as easter sunday

  93. ♥♔sara♔♥

    can I ask a ques to all including rv bro & nutz I knw abt d mails I vl chck latr

  94. carron

    Ok 🙂 another easy easy very easy question …
    in UAE it is holiday for good Friday , y ?

  95. carron

    Crct again bhai 🙂 …
    In Dubai , I MEAN UaE and all , Friday and Saturday are the weekends instead of Sunday and sat so it is already holiday on good Friday 🙂

  96. ♥♔sara♔♥

    guys I hav pb I frgt d full ques so I am cmng wid a backup plan …..wich coat is always wet wen u put it on??

  97. Laura

    Ranvir is a brilliant And smart bhai even though he is not a keralite Y because all indians are genius people

  98. Nutz

    Nope, nt 2dy, i ws busy sending every1 da new story which sanaya di wrote through mails. Since u hvnt made a mail id fr us,we dnt hv ur id, u didnt get da story, dats why u dnt knw.

  99. ♥♔sara♔♥

    hahaha rv bro I do remember it & yeah ur ans is crct bcz it ws paint coat or it cd be nail paint also & 1 more thing do u watch captain tiao tel me d truth or I vl put u in jail 😛 lol

  100. carron

    It is .. I have heard like that somewhere oreo .. like how many coats did u put on nails or something like that just like the paint on walls

  101. Laura

    Byeeeeee ranvir gud night And sweet dreams hope to c u tomorrow if not advance easter wishes

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    bye didu (sry didu, but I will read story tmrw),oreo (advance happy easter mollu 🙂 and plz don’t get ill again , saru (i can never b angry with u dear 🙂 ) and bhai ( thank you bhai for ur amazing questions, and adv a nice happy easter 🙂 )
    Bye guys !!!
    Bite the bed bugs if they bit u and most importantly
    ” miss me ”
    LuV u all , take care 🙂
    bye ammyyyy……

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    ok nutz gud nyt laura a ques fr u yaar & othrs also who r hr til nw …. hw mny seconds r der in a year???

  110. Nutz

    Well, ya dats da solutn bt m thnkng dat tmrw i’ll b out whole, coz der’s a programme at schl tmrw. U knw na last few days i ws vry ill, n my body hs gt real weak nd i hvnt fully recovrd yet, so m wondrng whthr i’ll survive tmrw wdout sufficient amount of sleep

  111. Nutz

    Bt its true yar.
    I strtd da day by gvng chemistry xm at coachng, den went to biology tutn. Den returnd hme n frm dat tym to nw m on my phn wd u guys or gossipng wd bhai

  112. Nutz

    Bt da thing dats worryng me is dat aftr 2dy, i mean sunday again i hv 5 xms in 1 day, wen wil i read !

  113. Laura

    5 exams in one day god i would be dead but u r used to it nutz nutz nutz nutz u can do it easily dont worry

  114. Laura

    Jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack i hope u had a good sleep

  115. ♥♔sara♔♥

    guys I am bck & d ans is 12 bcz 12 months 12 seconds lyk 2nd jan 2nd feb etc etc

  116. Nutz

    Anothr pb is i hvnt slept last n8. I mean last n8 i ws awake da whole n8 studyng chemistry nd enjoyng ranvir’s show. Aftr dat i slept at 6:15am n woke at 7:30am, tok breakfast nd went to coachng n aftr. . . .i hv told b4

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    U see sara i came to chat with u when my sis was about to sleep now she woke up to study And i m still chatting here seeing this my sis is surprised

  120. Nutz

    Boardng, ha? Well den, gues nw u wnt hv to read maths aloud infrnt of granny! Hehehe:-D, sry, just kiddng

  121. ♥♔sara♔♥

    she told once wen she ws unwell she tld dat she cant take her grndma to hospital wid her bcz her younger sis wl nt stay alone & she vl nt cum wid dem too

  122. Laura

    Haha nutz but i will miss my friends in school And tuition And this dearest kyy site
    Sara i was talking about my cousin sister only

  123. Nutz

    Oo dat! Dat lil girl is oreo’s cousin, she’s quite small, forget her age,bt mst probably below 10yrs

  124. ♥♔sara♔♥

    oh ok ok dis means laura also going to boarding schl wil dey alow her to use net

  125. Laura

    Pinch u because u also like chahun mein ya naa from aashiqui 2
    Sara no i cant use net but i will chat with u during vacation

  126. Nutz

    Hey oreo, hw’s ruhi ? Aftr dat dy, she hsnt cm yet, remembr u had to cal her to cm to dis pg fr me! Hehehehe:-D,

  127. Laura

    Jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack jack still u didnt come friend

  128. ♥♔sara♔♥

    my fav sngs chahu main ya naa
    tum hi ho
    jeena jeena
    sooraj dooba hai
    chittiyan kalaiyan
    sawan aaya hai
    bas teri dhoom dham hai

  129. Laura

    Haha she told she will come tomorrow it was that day we started chatting for hours
    Ruhis parents r very strict wont allow her to use net she told she will try to come tomorrow afternoon

  130. ♥♔sara♔♥

    my fav sngs chahu main ya naa,tum hi ho,galliyan,jeena jeena,judai,sooraj dooba hai,chittiyan kalaiyan,sawan aaya hai,bas teri dhoom dham hai

  131. Nutz

    Such swt n funny memories.
    Hey oreo remembr ur early dys, u wr copyng sam’s cmnt n names. Nd carru ws confusd which cmnt is of whose, so once using werewolf name, carru cmntd nd u said, nw der’s a twist, interestng bt sam thought dat cmnt ws by u only n carru fooled him:-D

  132. Laura

    Aankon me teri from om shanti om
    All songs sara said except judai didnt hear it yet samjhawan

  133. Laura

    Haha nutz everything was confusing those days loved it i bursted out now thinking about it

  134. Nutz

    Hey remembr sound akka’s b’dy evng wen sam ws tryng to fool evry1. N poor sound akka said wat a gift guys, i nvr had expectd such an unique gift, its so much confusn. . . Hehehe

  135. Laura

    Haha nutz i will wake Every1 by bursting out
    Sound said i will always remember this birthday everything was confusing

  136. ♥♔sara♔♥

    guys u hav such sweet memories naa I wish d tym cums bck yaar so much of fun it vl br

  137. ♥♔sara♔♥

    guys u hav such sweet memories naa I wish d tym cums bck yaar so much of fun it vl be

  138. Nutz

    Oreo wd dat hope i ws here til dis long bt 2n8 i’m greatly disappointd, n nw my hope’s getng fainter too:-(

  139. Laura

    No they all will come soon it is because of small problems they r not coming they all will certainly come